Valentines for the pearl of great price.

Fitting for our times, I saw the following Valentines Day cards at a local supermarket:


Dump that zero and get yourself a hero!


I also saw this card, which is a sign of our full acceptance of the Duluth model:


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  1. BillyS says:

    I am sure the cat went to the store and bought that too….

  2. Heidi says:

    Jokes can be very revealing. The cat ones are just sad, though. I can’t imagine buying one for myself and then opening it up–“Thank you, Boots! This makes me feel so loved!”

    This set of valentines isn’t quite as sad as the Father’s Day gifts given to the “sperm donor” child from his stuffed animals, though. Women–now, hold your breath, here–women in the U.S. actually have quite a lot of agency, shocking to say. Children have very little, and a child screwed over by his mother such that he was deliberately deprived of his father has been gravely injured.

  3. info says:

    On the other hand this is Epic:

  4. Paul says:

    “Sometimes I wanna karate kick you in the face”

    Is that card acceptable for men to give to their girlfriends, or is it only acceptable for girlfriends to give to their boyfriends?

  5. Swanny River says:

    I have the same question. I assume it’s only for women to give, and that assumption is what Dalrock is interpreting as acceptance of the Duluth model? I can only think of acceptance of the DM in a more literal way, “I will only be egalitarian in the way you agree to. “

  6. Dalrock says:

    @Swanny River

    I have the same question. I assume it’s only for women to give, and that assumption is what Dalrock is interpreting as acceptance of the Duluth model?

    Right. This is one of those things everyone knows. We don’t even think about it. The Duluth Model is not about stopping domestic violence. It is about power and control. If women abuse men, according to the Duluth model because they are fighting back against male oppression. This is why police departments have to have mandatory arrest policies, and have to be heavily primed to see the man as the aggressor.

    The card isn’t contrary to Duluth, it is the embodiment of Duluth.

  7. DR Smith says:

    @ Dalrock:

    It gets worse – wait for it – “Galentine’s Day” :

    If if that is bad, then what is worse….oh, I don’t know, how about the new latest cultural marxists socialists sensation called the Green New Deal, which of course features the ever popular but not even really mentioned Universal Basic Income (UBI). If any man did not think there was not really a war on men, then what else would this be needed for, except to allow all the unmarried unemployable men to live…until of course they remove, too.

    My how far the west has fallen; China or Russia are starting to look better and better all the time….

  8. Scott says:

    In practice, if you are facilitating a DV batterers intervention group (Duluth) you must modify the delivery of the model if it is a women’s group.

    The model itself cannot engage with a narrative where the woman is the aggressor.

    A number of approaches to this problem exist but all fall short of the basic premise of the model — namely that all intimate partner violence emanates from a socialized (learned) patriarchal model.

    There is no way to process a woman’s rationale for starting a fight under that rubric.

  9. Anonymous Reader says:


    A number of approaches to this problem exist but all fall short of the basic premise of the model — namely that all intimate partner violence emanates from a socialized (learned) patriarchal model.

    Never was true, but in the Current Year it is becoming absurdly out of touch with reality.

    Excerpt. Italic emphasis in the original.

    Previous surveys have revealed near-parity between men and women in their rates of partner violence. But the most recent survey reveals a surprising shift: Men now are 31% more likely to be the victims of overall physical violence during the previous 12 months – 3.8% among men versus 2.9% for women (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey: 2015 Data Brief – Updated Release, Atlanta, Georgia. 2018. Tables 9 and 11. ) :

    Girl Power has led women to believe they are invulnerable, looks like.
    Or to put it in Boomer terms, “The times, they are a-changin'”.

    By the way, the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) comes up for reauthorization this year. VAWA was enacted in 1994 as part of the general Anti Violent Crime Act (AVCA), and it is a prime source of Federal funding for the Duluth protocol at the state and local level.

  10. Keith says:

    Dalrock- Do you ir any readers have a suggestion to those men who are now over 40 years old and even 50 years old who waited, put themselves out for availability, joined online dating and church dating groups but never were chosen and will likely die alone? I think we forget the victims of feminist rebellion are fatherless single parent kids and low status men. You can reply to me by email as I just see this issue ignored in the church.

  11. Scott says:


    I’ve been saying since 2004 that those same sex stats put the lie to Duluth presuppositions but old habits die hard.

  12. Anonymous Reader says:


    The article I linked to is pretty well sourced. In particular the section on partner violence between lesbians is (a) no surprise (b) completely demolishing to the whole “learned patriarchy” concept. Women’s idea of “how to be a man” is always just a cartoon image…

    I think that Duluth stopped being a presupposition and transformed into some sort of cult 25 – 30 years ago. The belief is independent of facts, it’s true because it is true, or ought to be true, or something like that.

    We’re not discussing science, not even social “science”, it’s quasi-religious. Cult members don’ t like people who point out their cult is fake.

    I dunno what it will take to bring any reality to the Duluth cult. At the very least, all the old feministas who were 20-something back in 1980 need to get out of the way somehow. They are like pagan priestesses, or druids, or something in their absolute, dogmatic, rejection of any evidence that contradicts their faith.

  13. Damn Crackers says:

    Can we follow the Mohammadan’s lead and imprison anyone who celebrates this non-religious, satanic holiday?

  14. Damn Crackers says:

    Can we follow the Mohammedan’s lead and imprison anyone who celebrates this non-religious, satanic holiday?

  15. Anonymous Reader says:

    Funny you should mention it…

    Who apparently lived in the 3rd century. So information about him is really sparse and often contradictory.

    There are many other legends behind Saint Valentine. One is that in the 3rd century AD[citation needed] it is said that Valentine, who was a priest, defied the order of the emperor Claudius and secretly married couples so that the husbands wouldn’t have to go to war. The legend claims that soldiers were sparse at this time so this was a big inconvenience to the emperor. Another legend is that Valentine refused to sacrifice to pagan gods. Being imprisoned for this, Valentine gave his testimony in prison and through his prayers healed the jailer’s daughter who was suffering from blindness. On the day of his execution he left her a note that was signed “Your Valentine”.

    But really, the relevance is right here in the first paragraph of the article.

    Saint Valentine (Italian: San Valentino, Latin: Valentinus), officially Saint Valentine of Terni,[2] is a widely recognized third-century Roman saint commemorated on February 14 and since the High Middle Ages is associated with a tradition of courtly love.

    Where’s my surprised face when I need it?

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  17. Oscar says:

    Off Topic: Finally! Truth in advertising!

  18. feeriker says:

    It gets worse – wait for it – “Galentine’s Day” :

    Truth in advertising demands that it be renamed “Vagintine’s Day.”

  19. feeriker says:

    Oscar says:
    February 11, 2019 at 1:42 pm

    She is of course proud of this description.

  20. feeriker says:

    For those of you have been corrnered/hectored/shamed/nagged into having no choice but to “feed the dragon” this Thursday, here’s your perfect gift:

  21. Red Pill Latecomer says:

    Can we follow the Mohammedan’s lead and imprison anyone who celebrates this non-religious, satanic holiday?

    I would prefer returning the holiday to its Catholic roots.

    As with Christmas and Easter, our media has secularized the holiday, dropping the “Saint” from it.

    The only time I ever regularly hear “Saint Valentine” is in reference to the Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre. I’m guessing that’s because the media loves to associate a Catholic Saint’s feast day with a mob hit.

  22. Spike says:

    Oscar February 11, 2019 at 1:42 pm
    Off Topic: Finally! Truth in advertising!

    One of my younger office co-workers once said to me, ”80-90% of us have Herpes. It’s really no big deal…”
    I replied, “Until your child come out through that same birth canal.”

  23. Sharkly says:

    I came to hate Valentine’s day with my wife. I’d do my best to be extra romantic and top the year before, and my Intimacy Anorexic wife would do her best to shit all over me for my efforts, to prevent any emotional intimacy from occurring. Then she’d pick a fight, and then because of the fight she had picked, claim that she didn’t want sex, but She’d agree to be a starfish, while telling me I didn’t deserve her starfish sex. Probably because she knew normal people had sex on Valentines day, and she wanted to portray herself as normal, while completely controlling the situation to insure the sex was devoid of any intimacy. It is only recently that I put all the pieces together. I now realize that romantic situations and occasions trigger the hell out of those who fear intimacy, they can get downright mean and nasty just because they anticipate you’ll make an effort to connect with them. This year will be better. We will have no contact, and I won’t get told how my romantic efforts were all wrong. And since I don’t have a card giving cat, I’ll get the holiday off this year to relax in peace for once.
    Proverbs 21:9 It is better to live in a corner of the housetop than in a house shared with a quarrelsome wife.

  24. Oscar says:

    @ Spike

    Most newborns get the virus from their mothers at the time of delivery; however, there have been cases of newborns contracting the virus before birth (Infectious Diseases of the Fetus and Newborn Infant, Remington, J. And Klein, J.). Some babies contract the virus after birth through an infected adult – perhaps by a kiss from someone with a cold sore.

    Some newborns who have been infected have skin or mouth sores or eye infections. If the infection is localized to these areas, the baby can go on to grow and develop normally. There is, however, a real danger that the infections can spread to the brain and internal organs.

    That’s a big price to pay for a little “fun”.

  25. Heidi says:

    @Spike: Most of us have HSV1, AKA the virus that causes cold sores. Genital herpes–which can, as noted above, cause huge problems for newborns–is generally from HSV2, and the number of people with it isn’t close to most of the population.

  26. Anonymous Reader says:

    People who have HSV1 eruptions such as cold sores might want to give serious consideration to taking the antivirals that are available. There appears to be a link between HSV1 infection and dementia.

  27. BillyS says:

    Isn’t it kind of late if you already have it?

  28. Spike says:

    Heidi says:
    February 11, 2019 at 6:53 pm
    @Spike: Most of us have HSV1, AKA the virus that causes cold sores. Genital herpes–which can, as noted above, cause huge problems for newborns–is generally from HSV2, and the number of people with it isn’t close to most of the population.

    Sorry Heidi: I didn’t give the context. She did mean HSV 2, since she was justifying her ”freedom” while I (married at 24, still so 30 years later) would regret my ”confinement” and ”self-imposed oppression” (No. I’m not making it up).

  29. Jean says:

    I’m pretty sure my daughter isn’t aware of the political overtones and the “correct” way to celebrate Galentine’s Day. She and her other unchosen, unwanted female friends get together on February 14th and go out for dinner, just to have something fun to do that day.

  30. Heidi says:

    @Spike: Not surprised. People will distort anything to justify their own poor choices.

  31. Jesus Rodriguez de la Torre says:

    HSV 1 often occurs in genitals and HSV 2 often can occur in the mouth. However, they almost never become recurrent out of their “preferred” spinal cord neuron body roots. Also HSV 2 often recurs on the skin of the buttocks rather than the actual genitals as where it “thrives” is the sensory nerve nuclei of the lower spinal cord and not at all on the genital skin itself. Antivirals are extremely effective, cheap and remarkably free of side effects. I prefer prescribing the older direct drug acyclovir despite the increased frequency of dosing as in my experience it works better than the prodrug “equivalent”.
    As to cats, this is a fascinating subject. Toxoplasmosis is a protozoa that changes the behaviour of mice. When toxo invades the brain of a mouse, it turns off the fear circuits and the mouse does not run away from the mouse. Since toxo completes it’s reproductive cycle in the cat, you see why this is so. Now, what it does to the human female brain is not absolutely known because such experiments would be unethcal. However, the mammalian female response typically involves a measure of fear (except in the Hyena). Now see this:
    I would say that perhaps cats serve women by alleviating them of the fear that drives their sexual need for a protector, provider and leader (making choices involves some fear).
    Given that male sexual promiscuity is enabled to some extent by a lack of fear, I think by spreading toxoplasmosis cats may indeed be a favorite tool of Satan just as the old tales (OK, that’s a stretch).
    Oh yes, there is MUCH to be learned from God’s first revelation: nature.

  32. Dale says:

    A few thoughts.
    If the man is already 50, then he should consider what benefit he expects to receive from marriage. Each man is different, but suppose he is one whose ability to sexually perform has degraded. He may have a significant desire for sex, but if he is not going to get sex as often as desired, whether due to sin on the part of his wife, or inability to perform on his part, then this should be considered when evaluating the value of marriage.
    Similarly, if he is 50, what kind of woman can he get? A 23 year old? A 45 year old? If she is that old before they even start marriage, what value does she offer? Her fertility and beauty are already mostly gone.

    Assuming he still wants marriage, even with the reduced value the aged new-wife offers, his inability to get a wife in his current pond does not mean he is unable to get a wife. He should try a different pond. At that age, he should be debt-free, so he should be able to take 3 months off and go to a non-feminist country, to look for a wife there. Those countries also have a very low cost of living. Therefore, other than the airplane tickets, the “vacation” will be low-cost. Language barriers are not really a barrier, when you have two people who want a relationship together.

  33. ray says:

    Dale —

    You go outside the anglosphere seeking a wife, you best believe that language is a barrier. Wanting a relationship and love-conquers-all is bad counsel. You best understand the culture/people you are visiting, the spirit attached to that nation, and its laws and customs. Otherwise you are asking for trouble.

    If you’re gonna marry a girl from a foreign land, you better be prepared to spend your life with her in that nation. I’ve seen folks do it successfully, but it is uncommon, because most anglo men desire to return to their native nations.

    Bring her back to the U.S. and she will be conditioned to feminism within a few years. Females are highly social and collectivist. There are exceptions but it’s risky; returning her to Fem-Central USA means you will now be a husband living under American marital jurisprudence. Not good.

  34. Hugh Mann says:

    Oskar – Ella Dawson is about 26 now, still young, slender and not unattractive. But it won’t be that long (although an unthinkable lifetime to her) until she’s in her mid-30s, and her friends will be having babies and paired off (and divorcing 10 years later, but that’s by the by). Then, unless some Chinese EMP weapon has zapped all of Google and Amazon’s cloud servers, her “bravery” and “courage” may come back to bite her. A history of casual encounters and STDs might seem daring at 23 but will be pretty sordid at 37.

    Maybe we’ll live to hear her ask “Where Have All The Good Man Gone?” or read her sad story at Jody Day’s Gateway Women (for the childless “not by choice” aka childless “by several bad choices”) site.

  35. Dale U says:


    Thanks for the caution. But I know language is not an insurmountable problem, as my wife barely spoke English when we met. To be fair, I could speak Russian reasonably well, but at least initially, we did use computer translation for some conversations.
    I am aware of the concern that a wife will change, once exposed to our toxic laws and women. In my year with her however, she has shown great character, so I am confident for the future. Plus, she does not actually like to socialize too much; she prefers to be with me, which is great 🙂

  36. Opus says:

    I know little of St Valentine. There are many other Saints worth venerating. I propose therefore that on his day – April 29th – we should celebrate that Roman Martyr and Saint,Torpez. Some traditions see him, a Centurion, as a victim of The Emperor Nero whereas others see him the victim of a ship-wreck, washed ashore on his tiny raft where now is the town in southern France named after him as St Tropez. Can it be denied that Tropez is the patron Saint of skinny-dipping and thus the godfather of the sixties sexual-revolution. This 29th April send to your secret love – the woman you want to get naked – a card in honour of St Tropez.

  37. Isabelle says:

    Valentines Day is pagan. Just like Easter (vs Passover / Easter comes from Ishtar and has nothing to do with the biblical passover ) or Father’s /Mother’s day .
    Pagan feasts celebrate the flesh (us humans) . Biblical feasts celebrate the Lord .
    If it is true that fathers and mothers have to be honoured and marital love/sex is celebrated in the Bible ( Song of songs , Proverbs 5:18) , nowhere does the Lord state that a special day should be devoted to these things . Therefore these days do not belong in a true church of Christ.

    Notice the red hearts that decorate Valentine day’s cards : they testify how much this feast is female-dominated . The hearts and the red colour ( that can be related to menstruation) perfectly fit the woman/wife worship lukewarm Christians are devoting themselves to in this post feminist era of deception , spiritual errment and moral corruption .
    Notice also the predominance of red hearts in so many eras nowadays (not just romance) : commercials , special events ( song contests , charities etc..) , dating web sites etc… This heart symbol is supposed to represent “love” but this kind of “love” is deprived of the Truth . It is the sort of corrupt feminized “love” that Satan is handing out to this Western world which is worshipping the feminine. And it is bitterer than death.

  38. BillyS says:

    You mean Ishtar Day?

  39. Anonymous Reader says:

    Here is data from 7 years ago regarding HSV-2:

    Anti-herpetic agents reduce recurrence of herpes simplex-2 (HSV-2) symptoms but do not completely block subclinical shedding of virus, even at high doses, researchers reported.

    The anti-herpetics tested were acyclovir and valacyclovir.

  40. American says:

    St. Valentine was a Christian martyr and reasonable man but his memory and legacy became corrupted with Geoffrey Chaucer and his circle in the 14th century when the tradition of courtly love flourished.

  41. Opus says:

    I am a big fan of retail archaeology but Clinton’s Cards is still there in my local and clearly dying Mall. This morning (St Valentine’s Day) an entire wall was dedicated to remembering this otherwise forgotten Saint. I can report that I could not find any cards of the type shown in the OP – we are not as progressive as Texas. I did however find one with a picture of that distinguished Coloured Gentleman Mr K. West with the message ‘I love you even more than Kanye loves himself’. Passing the Ann Summer’s also in the Mall I noticed that all the lingerie and sex toys were Red but decided that that was probably the case every other day of the year. Some of their stuff I could not even work out exactly what it did or was supposed to do. I was also in (((Tesco’s))) where as one entered were a display of cards and Roses and other flowers – an overpowering of red, red, red. Nothing for me in the Mail.

  42. bcelliott says:

    This was my Valentine’s Day gift to my wife this year–a commentary on the holiday. Though she remarked it seemed a bit passive-aggressive, she appreciated the originality and effort at craftmanship. I have a pretty good wife.

    “A Valentine’s Remonstration”

    On Feb. 14 we celebrate
    a holiday all husbands hate.
    One-way the street; narrow the gate.
    Men bring their gifts; their women rate.
    To prove their love and thus placate
    their wives requires them to prostrate
    like Don Quixote—celibate,
    unless their offerings captivate.
    Men bravely smile, cooperate,
    Spend all their cash, ingratiate
    while, sotto voce, imprecate
    Saint Valentine, that dumb prelate.
    But men forget Val could relate—
    Like them, was tortured; met his fate.
    “I’m yours,” he wrote, then lost his pate.
    Men lose their minds each year this date.
    So wives, do realize that your mate
    tries hard to get you something great.
    And please be sure to not conflate
    true love with commercial mandate.

  43. Paul says:

    We don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, never have, but are noticing it is being pushed forward more and more.

    Today my wife jokingly told me she bought herself a plant, because I didn’t give her flowers, turns out it were kitchen herbs she bought for preparing dinner, she does have a sense of humor.

    Later today I received a text message from her that my Valentine’s present had arrived; turned out it was the plunge saw I recently ordered. LOL.

  44. ray says:

    Dale U —

    I’m glad to hear this about you, and wish you continued success in your marriage.

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