First she wanted a wedding, then she wanted a divorce.

Her story would be cliché if her now ex husband wasn’t a pirate ghost.  From People Magazine Woman Who Married 300-Year-Old Pirate Ghost Announces Their ‘Marriage Is Over’

Eventually, Teague said the two even started having a sexual relationship—but she wanted more.

“Growing up in Ireland in my era, you were taught that if a man bedded you, he should wed you,” she said. “I knew from my research that spiritual marriage was a thing, so it was more me that wanted to get married than him—he would have been happy like most men with just sex.”

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  1. Nick Mgtow says:

    Before reading the article, some sharing that might catch the eyes of the community!

  2. Nick Mgtow says:

    The couple wed in a private ceremony on a boat in the international waters off of Ireland, where the marriage would be legal.

    Teague hired a medium for the ceremony, so Jack could say, “I do,” making the union official on paper — and since Jack couldn’t put on a ring, Teague held a candle that the ring was placed on, which symbolized Jack.

    The world shows a slug face when Japanese men wedd their dolls, but the modern nowadays women can make sham marriage to their own delusions, yet, they’re not locked not called INCELLES…

    So many complacency with women’s delusions and lack of real investment in institutions like work, family, marriage…yet, men are the blamed ones…

  3. Lost Patrol says:

    Old Jack puts the lie to the idea that hot girls are attracted to bad boys. An actual pirate, and the best he could do is that woman and her five kids? Sad.

  4. Will S. says:

    Reblogged this on Will S.' Random Weirdness Blog and commented:
    Well, since her marriage is a crazy sham, so is her divorce. Guess in this case, in that narrow sense, it isn’t especially frivolous, :laughing: .

    I notice, in the People story, that her ‘Haitian’ pirate ‘Jack’ looks a lot like Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow, in the painting shown… Inquiring minds want to know: did she catch her pirate ghost husband Jack bedding another woman, as he had ostensibly bedded her before their marriage? 😉

    And who will officiate the divorce? Will she have to go out to international waters again to have it done? Questions, questions; no doubt we have to wait for her book deal and talk show appearances for answers; I wait with bated breath! 😉

  5. Brian K says:

    Who wants to bet that before she divorced Jack, she cucked him with a 9th Century Viking ghost? You empower women, and they just go batshit crazy. Is toxoplasmosis to blame, or is it just that The Evil Patriarchy™️ put societal mechanisms in place to curb women’s natural insanity?

  6. The Question says:

    This got me to finally put a finger on a huge problem in churchian culture.

    When women in general do stuff like this, it is never considered to be reflective of women in the church. But when men in general do things, pastors and spiritual leaders have no qualms making generalized statements that lump all men together.

    This is how we get the whole projection of Harley McBadboy behavior onto Christian men, while Christian women were never lumped in with the same mothers who read 50 Shades of Rape – I mean Grey. “You can’t generalize” and “not all (fill in the blank) are like that” are arguments always used to defend women, not men.

  7. dragnet says:

    what the fuck did i just read?!

  8. earl says:

    Well if a 300 year old pirate ghost can’t even keep a wife…what hope is there for the rest of us?

  9. Hazelshade says:

    @Lost Patrol
    Lol!!! Don’t do it to ‘im like dat!!!

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  11. stickdude90 says:

    Since a 300 year old pirate presumably doesn’t have any income of his own, I hope he goes after her for alimony.

  12. Red Pill Latecomer says:

    She’s smarter than she seems. Article describes her as a “Jack Sparrow impersonator.” I assume this is a publicity stunt for her “impersonation” business. People magazine? Just look at all the free publicity she got out of this stunt.

    I wonder how much money there is in being a professional Jack Sparrow impersonator? Clearly she doesn’t want a normal job, where she’d actually have to do some real work.

  13. American says:

    It’s nice to know there’s one man left the government can’t rob to reward a female for leaving him.

  14. Frank K says:

    I wonder how much money there is in being a professional Jack Sparrow impersonator?

    Someone told me that they no longer have staff who dress up as Jack Sparrow at Disneyland, because some women would flash the Jacks (as in bare their breasts in public).

    I have an old family video (transferred from Super-8 film to a VHS tape) of a family trip to Disneyland in the mid 1960’s. What stands out in the video was how people were dressed. Many, if not most of the men wore suits and ties, and the women wore dresses (I think it was winter). They were also thin.

    Fast forward to the present at Disneyland. Almost everyone is fat, covered in tattoos and dresses like slobs. And now the “ladies” expose themselves right in the middle of the “Happiest Place on Earth”. I wonder what Disneyland will be like in another 50 years? Will everyone there be a transsexual and/or a homo and be nude? The way things are going, that doesn’t sound too farfetched. Of course that assumes that our civilization won’t have collapsed by then.

  15. ChristianCool says:

    America has become a huge freak show.

    That is what “Reality TV” really is: a freak show. And every idiot out there wants to imitate the weird behavior they see on TV,

    Started with Jerry Springer, whom my brother used to call “the man announcing the end of America is near”.
    Then it was “hook-up shows” (Blind Date, etc) with freakish outcomes, then Cheaters, then MTV moved from music videos to freak shows, then Jersey Shore, then Jackass, then Real Housewives of some God-forsaken place, then Naked Survival, now people are marrying animals, ghosts, and themselves.

    Again, America has become a huge freak-show.

  16. Red Pill Latecomer says:

    Here’s a woman who never wants to marry. She just wants a divorce. (From Woody Allen’s Love and Death (1975)):

  17. Marquess of the Main says:

    Notice none of these hos ever ghost-wed Mr. Smee.

    I bet he doesn’t even get cat-called by the parrot.

    It’s nearly 2019, people: we need to be woke to involuntary celibacy.

    End Sexual Privilege and Toxic Hypergamy now: Intimacy Equality for all. Carnal Justice for deckhands, barnacle-scrapers and dogsbodies.

    #smeetoo #alwaysabridesmaid #poly-roger

  18. Spike says:

    Apart from the obvious scamming, this is a disturbing trend.
    Sex with demons.
    This article is on the end of a long list of very dubious spirit -sex encounters that women have taken to the press expecting to be taken seriously:
    -The movie “Ghost”, where widowed Demi Moore has a romantic relationship with dead husband Patrick Swayze beyond the grave.
    -31year old woman weds a tree
    -Pop artist Kesha maintained that she had “sexy time” with a demon, but it wouldn’t go away so she had to get THAT part of her body exorcised
    -A woman who confessed to “relations with over 20 ghosts” married a poltergeist

    There are many more examples available. Were I an atheist I would laugh and think this is kooky.
    As a Christian, I would say we are having an epidemic of demon possession and that is disturbing.

  19. Opus says:

    Call me racity racist but one of the things I have learned in life is to avoid Irish women.

    A post-wall woman I once met at a party whom I do not believe to have been Irish told me that in a former life she had been the handmaid to the Egyptian Queen Nehfrettiti. No, I had to explain, if I had had an earlier life I could not recall it and moreover I doubt I would have been hob-nobbing with royalty.

    Sad delusions.

  20. Magneto2975 says:

    She rejected God, which means she embraced the other team. She gave herself to be influenced and possibly possessed by a demon. This isn’t a new thing in Church history. Hopefully she will repent, which is the reason God allows these things to happen.

  21. feeriker says:

    Until now females who acted in this manner were whacked repeatedly with a thin stick until they regained their senses

    What size/type of “stick” does society apply collectively to the heads of its women when very nearly ALL of them have been rendered nutcases by feminism and toxic permissiveness?

    Clearly she doesn’t want a normal job, where she’d actually have to do some real work.

    Anyone who has ever had to deal with women in the workplace knows that this is true of nearly all of them. Their ideal situation is to have scammed their way into a position where they can pretend to provide a service while making maximum money and exercising maximum authority while fobbing off all actual work and responsibility onto the nearest hapless man. This particular nutcase appears to lucked out by finding a sufficient number of other well-heeled nutcases willing to pay her to entertain them with her craziness.

  22. Farm Boy says:

    I wonder if she liked it when he got a woody and “Shivered me timbers”

  23. RobJ says:

    Her actions were rational. She only decided to divorce the pirate ghost after she discovered that he WASN’T the secret billionaire hunky handyman she thought he was.

  24. Anon says:

    When I was a kid, a common smart ass kid remark was “if you love it so much, why don’t you marry it?”

    This was a manifestly prepubescent nonsense joke because it was always applied to inanimate objects and other things everyone knows you can’t marry

    “If you love Cheetos so much, why don’t you marry then?” Is no longer a stupid joke for 10 year olds.

    And people wonder why the rise of hard right traditionalism is ascendant.

  25. Vektor says:

    With marriage, even to 300 year old pirate ghosts, women are the first to want in and the first to want out.

    That crazy bitch better not have got a tax deduction.

  26. Sharkly says:

    So, my wife who is still frivorcing me, was off at church today I presume. It has been close to two years since she has given me insult filled begrudging starfish sex. Her church pastor has been informed of this all via e-mail. I still have not got a reply back. I was not aware of the availability of “ghost sex”. Do you suppose her church could hook me up with a spirit sex partner, since they refuse to ask my wife to keep her vow? It is my due, and their obligation, if they aren’t interested in doing What God Almighty set them up to do. Perhaps I should send them an e-mail with this request. Any thoughts?

  27. Jim says:

    What in the actual…? Hopefully this is just some kind of gag.

  28. Paul says:

    Did she get half of his pirate treasure?

  29. Jean says:

    Spike, I agree with you that this is demonic, but I’d even settle for labeling it mentally ill. Not exactly the type of thing to glorify with an article…

  30. Brian K says:

    @Jean I think a lot of things that get labeled mental illness these days are likely demonic manifestations. I think a lot of things that used to get labeled mental illness but are now trendy, like the trans stuff, is also demonic.

  31. Swanny River says:

    They would tell you she wants to have sex with you, but can’t, because you don’t have the right aroma, per Doug Wilson. So once you act right, she’ll be ready for you, so for now, she has to Ghost you, so Ghosting for you, but no Ghost Sex.

  32. Mychael L Klajic says:

    During these times of strangeness and uncertainty, please take refuge in this moment of normalcy. Take care, Dalrock readers.

  33. mgtowhorseman says:


    Latest from our old friend Jessica Valenti.

    Dear men , feminism needs you.

    View this collection on

  34. Spike says:

    Jean says:
    December 16, 2018 at 3:50 pm
    Spike, I agree with you that this is demonic, but I’d even settle for labeling it mentally ill. Not exactly the type of thing to glorify with an article…

    Jean: The Bible, I believe, makes the distinction between mental illness and demonic manifestation. David, for example, when he was on the run from King Saul, went to live among the caves of the Philistines and he acted mad, and they thought he was mad. in the Gospel of mark however, Jesus confronted very real demonic possession.

    I would say that the lines between the two are getting blurred today. Catholic priests in Italy have reported that they are being asked increasingly to perform exorcisms, and this is the ”canary in the coal mine” of demonic possession.
    As hallucinogenic drugs – which both the Bible and the counter culture agree have a spiritual component to them – become more popularly used, the gateways to the occult world are being explored by more and more people. Mystics would say their minds are being expanded, but Christians would warn of demonic possession in association with drugs.
    The of course we have hapless psychiatrists who attempt treating both the demon possessed and the mentally ill solely on a materialistic basis. They report studies telling us that ”schizophrenia diagnosis has increased in a manner proportional to marijuana use…”

  35. Spike says:

    mgtowhorseman says:
    December 16, 2018 at 10:02 pm
    Just saw Jessica Valenti’s vile trash article. Thanks for posting.
    Question for Ms Valenti: can you substantiate ANY of the claims you make? 4 in one sentence:

    -“The most openly misogynistic president in history”
    -”A suspected sexual abuser elevated to the Supreme Court”
    -”The wage gap bigger than previously thought”
    -”Women are being killed for saying no to men”

    Further, it isn’t clear what we get in return for ”being outraged” for women’s sake. From what I can tell, all men will get is more angry outraged Jessica Valenti clones who will make his life more miserable.

  36. Red Pill Latecomer says:

    I just discovered this British freak, Juno Dawson — a tranny and children’s author.

    He looks like a freak. Seems to have had much plastic surgery. Eyes like those of an alien. Weird overly sculpted nose. Masculine neck, despite his claim of being a woman.

  37. feeriker says:

    Her church pastor has been informed of this all via e-mail. I still have not got a reply back. I was not aware of the availability of “ghost sex”. Do you suppose her church could hook me up with a spirit sex partner, since they refuse to ask my wife to keep her vow? It is my due, and their obligation, if they aren’t interested in doing What God Almighty set them up to do. Perhaps I should send them an e-mail with this request. Any thoughts?

    They’ll probably tell you that she is entitled to a ghost sex partner because you failed her as a husband due to … well, reasons. But if you seek even so much as a peek at a female image, living or dead, you’re an adulterer.

    I wish I was being tongue-in-cheek here, but I’m quiet serious.

    I truly don’t know why we even dignify these organizations with the label of “church” anymore.

  38. Red Pill Latecomer says:

    Schools will now teach that boys can also have periods:

    School children will be taught that “all genders” can have periods in new sex education lessons, in a victory for transgender rights campaigners.

    The advice to teachers was approved by Brighton & Hove City Council as they try to tackle stigma around menstruation.

    The new advice follows a council report which said: “Trans boys and men and non-binary people may have periods”, adding that “menstruation must be inclusive of all genders” …

  39. JRob says:

    Ann Voskamp, Christofem author much beloved by hamsters everywhere, has already been there, done that, cashed the royalty checks:

  40. Opus says:

    I’ve got an idea Red Pill Latecomer. Suppose we agree that boys cant actually have periods, not having a womb, which is nobody’s fault (not even the Romans) but boys have the right to have periods. It is symbolic of the male fight against oppression.

    I should explain that Brighton is regarded as the gay capital of England and that part of it known as Kemp Town has twice the average number of Homosexuals (i.e. one and a half per cent or so I read) – they paint the buses and police cars rainbow coloured just so the normal people (nearly ninety-nine per cent) learn to worship their new masters. My late brother lived in Hove (actually) and his next-door neighbour was a Tranny – and she had a girlfriend! Nothing queer about Trannies.

  41. Warthog says:

    Speaking of fiction that mimics reality – If Dalrock runs out of subject matter, there is always Forrest Gump. Forrest is the faithful beta male in love with Jenny since childhood. Jenny rides the carousel, while Forrest does various things becoming independently wealthy. Only then does Jenny decide to marry him, now that she is dying from AIDS. She presents his son to him, and then dies. Except, was the kid really his son?

  42. Liz says:

    “I wonder if she liked it when he got a woody and “Shivered me timbers”

    LOL! 😆
    Bet she fell in love with his first words to her, “Yo, Ho! Yo, Ho1!

  43. feministhater says:

    Latest from our old friend Jessica Valenti.

    Dear men , feminism needs you.

    Dear feminists,

    No. Go fuck yourselves with a pitchfork and die.

    Warmest Regards

  44. JR says:

    Klajic, thank you.
    Sharkly, I know of no Church that has not sold out to the feminist spirit, including those that still officially hold the pastorate for men only. I enjoy confrontations, so going to a local PCA is for me fun; adn a chance to push back darkness a little bit. But I give them no money, nd there are times I wish I could go somewhere and just relax; perhaps even be fed. I am truly sorry for your situation. Just keep in mind that what you have gained in Christ far exceeds any frustration you have with your “wife” (if she can be called that). Praise Christ for what you do have and focus less on what she has deprived you of with the approval of the Church. Perhaps if you become truly happy WITHOUT her, when she realizes your happiness does not depend on her, she may come back.

    In a sense I half agree with Wilson here. Her sin should not be an occasion for you to grumble against God. Where I disagree with Wilson is what to do about her behavior. Stop chasing her, stop having sex with her. Shut down and interact as minimally and as coldly as you can.

    The Bible has an entire book dedicated to sex in marriage. Read what to do with your wife in Song of Solomon 5 and do it. 17 or so years ago I had problems with my life (she was spending too much money). After Christian counselors proved ineffective in their emphasis to communicate more I went to the Bible. In the Bible I learned that the best tool for a man is to stop communicating completely. If your pastor does not give a satisfactory answer, leave that Church and make it publicly clear why. Let EVERYONE know your wife is depriving you of intimacy. Women are subject to peer pressure, use it against her. Publicly shame her AND the pastor, then walk away. I am certain that if enough men stand up in the Church and refuse t go along in private misery things would change. As it is I am the only man in my Church that routinely does. Everyone knows shaming me is of no use whatsoever, which is why a few other men come to me in private, thank me, and ask me not to stop going. Less “love” more Truth and open defiance. It needs to start with YOU Sharkly.

    It is time for men to have chests.

  45. feministhater says:

    Women want to work and to stay at home, marry and divorce, have no string attached sex and commitment…

    What do they want?! Fried Ice!
    When do they want it?! Now!
    What do men want and need? Who the fuck cares, amirite!? Lol!

    You have to walk away, you have to let it all burn to the ground. Let them perish amidst the flames.

  46. GregMan says:

    Oh, well, she did RESEARCH. Well that makes this all plausible then.

  47. Lost Patrol says:

    Women want to work and to stay at home, marry and divorce, have no string attached sex and commitment…

    Every time I get what I want – it’s not.

  48. Anonymous Reader says:

    Jessica Valenti’s hysterical screaming fit has a few interesting aspects. It’s another example of the derangement that recent events have induced in the coastal elites. There are things that are clearly false (“wage gap!”) being pushed as true; denying the reality of cold numbers is deranged.

    Basically she’s outraged that all beta orbiter men failed to leap up and bark on command during the Kavanaugh clown car fiasco. This is good, because the more feminists publicly melt down over Beta failure, the more obvious it will become that they live and work on the backs of their Beta orbiters.

    It will become obvious to increasing numbers of men that nothing they can do for certain sectors of the female population will ever be good enough. If “nothing’ is ever good enough, then eventually nothing is what they’ll get…

  49. ray says:

    General interest —

    “D.C. proposal would let police take guns from people accused of domestic abuse”

    I’ve been watching this Assumption-of-Male-Guilt conditioning percolate through the culture lately. Busy busy satans! The NBA apparently now fires players who merely have been accused of DV. Because attempting to restrain a Holy American Female is the most horrendous of crimes! and must be punished with or without evidence.

    Likewise —

    An ALLEGATION made by a female is enough for Femistan. lol Put that Perp on the streets! Special Victims Unit, making Amerika safe!

    Link source for DC article:

  50. As for her collecting alimony/spousal support from Mr. Pirate, have fun lady, try to collect the proceeds from that Spanish galleon he canon balled off the coast of Colombia. Modern day Spain has already asserted ownership, which has pissed off the locals something fierce.

  51. earl says:

    Women want to work and to stay at home, marry and divorce, have no string attached sex and commitment…

    Yes we know…they want fried ice.

  52. earl says:

    Basically she’s outraged that all beta orbiter men failed to leap up and bark on command during the Kavanaugh clown car fiasco. This is good, because the more feminists publicly melt down over Beta failure, the more obvious it will become that they live and work on the backs of their Beta orbiters.

    Feminism was built on the backs of beta orbiters.

    Suddenly the fish are getting panicked they have no bicycles anymore.

  53. Sharkly says:

    Swanny River, feeriker, JR,
    Thanks for the understanding. In the past 16 years my wife and I have been to way to much pastoral counselling. There were only one and a half out of nine pastors that were close to giving Bible based advice. The rest all gave advice based off of Feminism in contradiction to what the Bible clearly teaches. And even the one and a half who gave Bible based advice, felt it necessary to tell my wife to obey God, while not telling her to obey her husband, in everything, also. Maybe they were thinking “baby steps”, but it would have been nice if they had taught her what the Bible says, and backed me up in that regard. I know the stuff where she is defying God, is bad enough, but she needs to quit her interpersonal rebellion also, and I don’t see what they think sugarcoating the Bible will accomplish, besides pissing away God’s true standard of righteousness. Lord knows they do backflips trying to find crap to sling at me, to somehow blame my wife’s wickedness on me.
    Amongst the bad advice; One told my wife not to have sex with me until “she really felt like it”.
    Another told my wife to divorce me and get a restraining order.
    One pastor refused to counsel us any further when I told him I didn’t agree with the book he was going to use, and asked him to counsel us directly from the Bible.
    And, even the ones who sided with me, had to express their deep regret and distaste for having to side with me. LOL Apparently they feared God enough that, God and I were able to corner them into it with the Bible verses on marriage.
    What a sorry state, that even the best pastors can’t support a man in his God given headship without first making clear that their personal desire would be to wipe that headship away if they could. Deceived fools! Cucking for Satan! They drag men, made in the image of God, down far below women. Self-hatred isn’t humility brothers! It just is another way of reviling your Creator who made you in His image.

  54. freebird says:

    I’ve reviled my creator enough I think I made him in my image.
    It’s all between the ears isn’t it.
    Nothing dead ever came to life,including married sex life.

    BTW the cops are your wife’s friend,not your yours.

    I was stoned AF in a dollar store the other day.Wearing Walmart Issue faded woodland pattern cargo pants,a torn black tank top,and a 1970’s issue mil surplus woodland camo shirt-jacket that had NO name,insigna or any military patches.
    Any MAN would have known I was an unshaven bum and not a military member,so I was surprised when the 7yr old Mulatto girl came up and left a hit-and-run comment:


    Fuck me that felt so wrong.
    Now,”honoring service members” has just become another Virtue signaling BLEATING
    from the oh-so-stupid-populace.
    Screw Murica, right in it’s homosexual ass.

  55. Brian K says:

    Feminism really has infected even the most conservative church bodies. I attend an LCMS Lutheran church. The LCMS does not allow female pastors, will not allow active homosexuals to join, and is famous for taking sola scriptura to an extreme. My pastor encourages concealed carry in church, and has gone on rants against socialism. Still, in our bible study on Colossians yesterday, he twisted Paul’s dictate that women are to submit to their husbands while men are to love their wives into mutual submission. I wish I had spoken up. His wife and daughter were in the study, which may have had something to do with it. His oldest sone was there too, though, and he needs to here God’s truth, not politically correct lies.

  56. Paul says:


    I’m very sorry to hear about your situation. I have therefore also warned for men to go into counseling. In itself it is not bad, but many counselors will not agree with a red-pill position in the first-place, and might turn into your enemy, or at least an ally with your wife. It’s especially hard to be in a church where you know you will not be supported. In such a case you’re basically on your own.

  57. Sharkly says:

    Now,”honoring service members” has just become another Virtue signaling

    Not to me. I do it because the leftists around here still are not honest enough to admit they hate our country to the point of wanting our military to be defeated. It is a public way of honoring servicemen and pissing off leftists while they can’t say a thing back. FWIW I wouldn’t do it for a “servicewoman” I believe they’re mostly a drag on our military. But I love to honor the bravery that servicemen represent, it is a way of honoring the masculine and disciplined young men of the military, over their bitchy, whiney, do-nothing, generation.

  58. RedPillNoob says:

    Now that she’s divorced, she can sue the following five generations of his family for owing Spousal Support. After all, how was SHE supposed to know he was such a DEADbeat….

  59. ChristianCool says:


    I wonder if you have a legal case against this “pastor”. Did you have a legal agreement (contract) for his counseling services? If you hired this minister for “Biblical counseling” and he screwed you over and you PAID for the service and your married got worse base don his advice… yeah…. might have a legal case. I am NOT one for Christians suing Christians, but this seems like a pretty serious break of his pastoral duties and obligations as a counselor.

    Any pastor telling you to divorce and get a restraining order has almost certainly breached the contract, unless serious criminal conduct on your part existed.

    I am stunned at this “advice”…. but should I really be? It feels like the world has gone completely crazy.

    You are correct, humility is NOT self-hatred and self-loathing. Men have been conditioned in The West to feel guilt andf to submit to everyone/everything, from “societal norms” to the legal trap called Marriage 2.0 to catering to a woman’s most absurd and capricious whims to a police State created and funded to repress them. As long as men capitulate to this system, women will continue to behave as such.

    Then poeple wonder why so many dudes are going MGTOW. 🙄

    Sounds like you need to talk to a lawyer about suing these “pastors”. They are screwing you over bigtime and may have actually hurt your marriage even more! This is almost like calling a “suicide prevention hotline” and the guy on the phones “What? You are an idiot! Drop dead!”. 🙄

  60. ChristianCool says:

    @Nick Mgtow says: “Women want to work and to stay at home, marry and divorce, have no string attached sex and commitment…”

    Truer words have never been spoken to me as of this week. 🙂

    One of my friends said this to me, will never forget it: “She is not yours, not even for the night; it is just YOUR TURN”! 😮

    Again, true (yet sad) piece of wisdom from a master player I was friends with during my senior year of high school with.

  61. Sharkly says:

    Thanks ChristianCool,
    No, I do not ever pay for pastoral counselling. Especially not beforehand!
    It really should be as easy as telling a wife; “whatever you’re in disagreement about, submit in that thing, and submit in every other thing until you are in full unity with your head. reverence him above all other men, as your Lord, and be a fit helper for his fleshly need. Don’t complain again to the church against your Lord, while you yourself are refusing to serve your role that God created you for. If your husband is asking you to murder, rape, or pillage, let us know. Otherwise submit to him meekly and pray to find grace in his eyes.”

  62. BillyS says:

    I know some PUAs don’t mind being one of many, but that is very repulsive to me. I would rather not have a “hot” woman than to be one of a chain to have her sexually.

  63. ChristianCool says:


    Glad you did not pay a scoundrel “Christian” pastor to tell your wife to divorce you and get a restraining order. 🙂 That is the most asinine thing I have ever heard from a Pastor supposedly trying to keep marriages together! 😮

    I agree with you that the only reason my marriage worked so well was not only because I learned early on as a teenager how to manage women and their tantrums/whims, but because she was a rare woman that wanted me to guide our household decisions. I said this before, if I had to find a woman like my late wife again in this crazy time in our country and culture today, I would have to have a miracle happen. Such women are extremely rare in life. I know statistics and odds, that is why I simply refuse to marry again. The chances I could end up with a “Christian b!tch” that faked her way until the day after the wedding are extremely high. And I won’t put up with it, so as the Apostle Paul says “better such men do not marry” and that we believers were called to live in peace (paraphrasing).

    What is your situation with wife now? Did you ever get a new lawyer? Are you still doing Pastoral counseling? Any GOOD advice from such ministers?


    That is what being a PUA is all about: they are running game on many women all the time. They KNOW they are one of many. My friend who was a master PUA (before this whole thing even existed online) would to say so all the time. Check out master PUA Chateau Heartiste, He is totally clear about that.

    I find it disgusting as well. If you ever get attracted to a nasty woman/whore/reformed hoe, do this trick: ask yourself “how many dicks have been in her mouth… 50? 100?”. Better then a cold shower, dude! LOL 😀

    I married a woman 1 point down from me in looks because she was perfect in every other way. She was still beautiful, not “hot” but beautiful (huge difference). Paid off hugely for me. I was extremely happy

    As time went by, she lost probably another 1/2 point due to female aging, but she remained in incredible shape, perfect make-up everyday, great clothing (nothing revealing, but pretty and tasteful)… she was a beautiful woman all around. It would hurt her and anger me a lot when people (mostly women from her office) would say things like “who she totally married up” or “why is that guy with her”. When that happened I would say out loudly around these people, while talking to others pretending I did not hear the nasty comments about my wife. I would say “man I would be the luckiest men alive if I get to spend the rest of my life with this wonderful woman here” and pull her close to me and kiss her openly. She loved that, of course. And her friends/co-workers loved I said that and would respect her even more.

    These nights I would get all the fun I wanted from her and she would “work extra hard”. Just a tip. Charm goes a long way.

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