The smirk is the defense.

Commenter Roger wrote:

THOT has the connotation of a woman who appears to be a whore, but is not necessarily a whore. The phrase “over there” suggests that she is being judged on her appearance and public behavior, rather than her bedroom practices.

The practical consequence of this distinction is that calling a woman a whore is potential slander, unless you have some actual knowledge of her sexual practices. But you can call a woman a THOT based on her appearance and outward behavior.

The practical appeal of THOT over ho isn’t legal protection from a slander suit.  The benefit is the smirk.  If challenged you aren’t calling the woman or women in front of you a ho, you are talking about that ho over there.  And if you can say that without a smirk, you don’t understand the humor of the situation.

The same is true for sloot and slooty.  A few years back my wife told me about hearing the term (neither of us had heard it before) in a retail clothing store.  A 19 year old salesman had used the term slooty to describe a piece of clothing his female manager picked up off the rack.  His manager objected;  he wasn’t slut shaming, was he?  He replied with a smirk that no, he said it was slooty, not slutty.  With that his manager’s expression changed from a frown to a smile.

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  1. Damn Crackers says:

    No offense, but if she’s not a virgin or widow when you marry her – guess what she is!

  2. Damn Crackers says:

    We’re all Hosea now.

  3. Damn Crackers says:

    I got thrown out of a NYC bar for calling a hat on a girl’s head from the opposing team’s head as a “cunty” hat. Should I have said “coonty?”

  4. earl says:

    No offense, but if she’s not a virgin or widow when you marry her – guess what she is!

    And guess what you are…the next turn.

  5. Nick Mgtow says:

    Roger wrote:

    THOT has the connotation of a woman who appears to be a whore, but is not necessarily a whore. The phrase “over there” suggests that she is being judged on her appearance and public behavior, rather than her bedroom practices.

    Kids, let’s listen to what the philosopher has to say about thots

  6. Scrutiniser says:

    Sorry; this comment was meant for the “golden” thread.

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  8. Nick Mgtow says:

    I know you like stats on marriage Dalrock

    “Smock and Manning examined how a cohabiting couple’s relative economic contribution influenced their transition to marriage. Men’s favourable economic circumstances accelerated marriage and reduced the likelihood of separation. The higher the man’s annual earnings, the greater the likelihood of marrying rather than continuing to cohabit. Having a college degree increased the odds of marrying by 150 per cent. Again no patterns emerged in response to female earnings. The odds of marriage could be predicted from the men’s economic characteristics alone.

    Bertrand, Kamenica and Pan found that it wasn’t just the man’s income which was crucial to marriage formation but the relationship between the husband’s and wife’s income. They found that among the couples where the wife earned more than the husband they were both less happy in their relationship, and there was greater likelihood of divorce. They found that marriage rates declined as the probability that men earned less than women went up.

    A massive statistical project looked at how trade shocks affected marriage through their impact on manufacturing employment. It showed how a decline in male income resulting from a loss of manufacturing jobs increased the rates of cohabitation, teenage pregnancy, out-of-wedlock births and reduced rates of marriage. The same report also showed how a decline in the female wage increased the value of the male wage bringing about an increase in rates of marriage and marital fertility, and a decline in cohabitation and teenage pregnancy”

  9. News from the front lines: the economics of camgirls: exploiting hapless betas for profit.

    “Maximizing Your Slut Impact: An Overly Analytical Guide to Camgirling”

    “If God didn’t want them sheared, he would not have made them sheep.”
    — Calvera, bandit leader in the movie “The Magnificent Seven” (1960).That’s false, of course. Being sheep is a choice. God has nothing to do with it.

  10. drifter says:

    This is amusing, and pardon if this has already been shared, but there’s that word again:

    “Used goods shouldn’t have requirements like that. Dream on, thot.”

  11. Opus says:

    I intend to retire to the country; meanwhile I live in the centre of town. Last night on hearing a ruckus I went to my window to get a better view and to understand what it was about. A group of young females with one squarking at the top of her voice: “I am not a whore I never slept with…” I couldn’t catch the name of the male. This repeated a number of times until it broke up. The accusation of course not coming from a man but from one or more women.

    To women (around here) the term whore or slut remains kryptonite.

  12. Charles says:

    The girl who wrote that “maximizing your slut impact” blogpost is complete porn star cliche. If you read the rest of here site – and it is interesting – you learn that she grew up in a deeply authoritarian fundamentalist protestant family, and that her narcissistic father emotionally and physically abused her. She’s deeply damaged, is completely alienated from her family, and is clearly behaving in a way that is meant to cause her father maximum pain..

    She’s made quite a bit of money prostituting herself, because she does it with more personality and panache than most sluts who are pretty trite and boring, and has semi retired to do art projects and psychedelics in an attempt to heal herself psychologically.

    There’s an interesting post where she talks about falling into unassisted trance states that she calls “the eye finding her” that sound like they may be demonic possessions. She also can’t seem to keep a boyfriend around.. funny, that..

    Two take aways from all this: love your kids; don’t abuse, humiliate or beat them; treat them with kindness and respect. Also, rationalistic, nominalistic cultish fundamentalism sucks. It’s a house of cards that you see getting blown over again and again. The girl keeps on saying she was raised Christian. No child, you were raised in a culturally and intellectually retrograde sociopathic authoritarian cult of arrogant virtue signalers with no humility, and probably little kindness.

  13. Nick Mgtow says:

    Dear Dalrock. I found info of this on a German Blog. Dad Mannermagazin.

    Before, never heard of it anywhere else.

    Affirmative action warship ends in disaster.

  14. Nick Mgtow says:

    More on affirmative action, girl power women can do what men do. More on the Norway catastrophe, and some Sweden topic I read too later, if I find it.

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