A Crypto Fashion T Shirt suggestion.

Vox Day’s Crypto Fashion is having a sale this weekend:

Crypto.Fashion is having a post-Thanksgiving sale this weekend. Everything, including Arkhaven and Dark Lord Designs, is 15-20 percent off.

Vox and I aren’t known for sharing common tastes in T shirts, but I’ll offer a suggestion on the odd chance that he likes it.  Last week my wife was reading about a black feminist blaming white women for being footsoldiers of the patriarchy.  She commented that she would love a T shirt declaring that she was proud to be one of said footsoldiers.

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  1. Days of Broken Arrows says:

    Point taken about the shirts.

    But I want to address the “accusations of white women as footsoldiers of the patriarchy and the phrase “white women gonna white.”

    Since when are white women expected to vote against their own interests? Why are they expected to renounce their fathers and/or husbands and sons because of some undefined goal of “uprising” by self-styled minority leaders?

    Minorities complain about white saviors. But it seems to me that’s exactly what they’re looking for with these calls.

    You want success? Stop whining to whitey. Build your own communities, create your own innovations, and forge your own ideas. All of this should be embarrassing to any minority with any pride.

    Finally, I’d then recommend looking at the living conditions of those around the world who lack a strong “patriarchy.” Then I’d wonder why so many of them want to come to the U.S.

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  3. Sharkly says:

    You want success? Stop whining to whitey. Build your own communities, create your own innovations, and forge your own ideas. All of this should be embarrassing to any minority with any pride.

    This has already been tried where they were from; Africa, Latin America, Southeast Asia, Etc. It was a relative failure. So recommending that they keep trying it, is not helpful. You should be encouraging them to take on the ways that have worked best for us. They should be told to try to assimilate our best qualities and customs.
    As minority groups they would normally live at the mercy of the majority, and thus they must appeal to the majority with their ideas, if they are going to gain any traction and affect society as a whole. However we live in a crazy country where the minorities boss the majority around.(tyranny of the minority)

  4. Spike says:

    Patriarchy = A hierarchy of competence.
    Don’t black women want competence in their men? Competence in the society around them?
    Obviously not.

  5. Nick Mgtow says:


    Student Loan Debt Adds Up to Singleness

    Not everyone racks up $100,000 in student loan debt. But I have seen a clear pattern among my female mentees. (I know these things because the girls tell me. The guys don’t.) At 18 they decided to go to college because their parents did and that is what everyone else does. They never even considered not going. They never thought about not taking out the student loans. After graduation, they found a job in journalism or at a libertarian or conservative organization in Washington. Going off to Europe for a year was out of the question. They had to start paying off their $50,000ish (give or take 10K) student loan debt right away. If they are frugal, they can pay off the student loan debt in five years. At which point they are ready for the next phase in life, marriage and children.

    But then there aren’t any guys. Normal ones, that is.

    And those young women happy enough to meet someone can then wait a long time for a ring. I follow the Facebook posts of many of my former mentees. One recently celebrated her sixth anniversary at a libertarian organization. She has had a “boyfriend” for three years. Three years? Three years after I met Janke we were married with a new born.


  6. ray says:

    Git yours fast! Don’t get left out! Every day is (((Black Friday))) in Teddie’s Town!

    Christian Dalrock pimping ‘Dark Lord Designs’ tee-shirts. But, uh, fighting feminism, something something. Yeah, that’s it. lol

  7. Gunner Q says:

    Ray, can’t you notice an olive branch when you see one?

  8. …black feminist blaming white women for being footsoldiers of the patriarchy. She commented that she would love a T shirt declaring that she was proud to be one of said footsoldiers.

    Hahahaha, heck yes I would wear that.

    Actually, Mrs. Dalrock’s suggestion is brilliant marketing. Remember that whole “anti-feminist“ thing that happened a couple years ago? Women were falling all over themselves on social media to post pictures of themselves with their little “reasons why I am not a feminist“ signs. And women love to buy clothing… Vox could make a mint selling these T-shirts so that women could post pictures of themselves on social media wearing them.

  9. ray says:

    Gunner Q —

    Olive branch? From who to whom?

    I see no olive branches, I see more Fabulous Dark Lord self-promotion, with Dalrock abetting.

  10. JRob says:

    @Nick Mgtow Nov. 25 3:22 A.M.

    Great find! One “fix” the boomer author suggests takes even more money from us boys to yet again give Punkin’ her safety net and allow consequence avoidance:

    Putting student loan debt in the bankruptcy laws is certainly one necessary policy change. It would allow millions of young people to escape debt slavery. It would also force the higher education system to start pricing education according to its real worth

    Lovin’ the logic! We can add this to the list of forgiven student loan debt programs paid for with artificially inflated higher education costs and bilking the taxpayer.

    This is the next bubble to pop and crash onto our heads.

  11. BillyS says:


    The modern credit system is really bad. A regular jubilee (as in the OT) would be a much better practice. It would also help reduce the ability of people to get into debt slavery, an overall good thing for society.

    Is our society really ahead with so much of the work today being in the finance sector?

  12. JRob says:

    Good point. I’d counter with this: the kinship system Israel had, 2-4 generations, to make the jubilee help protect their land/livelihood, is moot. Grrllz frivorce and run off with assets and waste them. A modern jubilee would benefit a few Western idiots for a short time, so they could get into debt again.

  13. I believe that crypto.fashion is independent of Vox Day’s empire. But they do take suggestions. Maybe Dalrock could start his own t-shirt line through them?


  14. BillyS says:

    True JRob. Solid families are also necessary for a stable society. We will get back to that eventually, but the road there is not going to be nice for any of us.

  15. Luke says:

    First, a de facto student loan jubilee is coming in any event; in the coming super-depression (that IMO will last >10 years easy), those won’t get repaid.

    I would support an intentional student loan jubilee, to be sure. It would have to include these components to work IMO:

    1) It is one time in U.S. history only.
    2) There are NO more loans, ever, for non-STEM/nontrades classes (not just majors).
    3) The only loans are for not just STEM/trades only, but ones with economic potential.
    That means NO Marine Biology, Oceanography, Nuclear Engineering (unless someone is in NROTC), Astronomy, even Biology.
    4) The only future loans (beside being STEM/trades) would have to be taken at schools which have admin/teacher levels near what was average in 1950.
    5) Oh, and the Ivy League would be excluded from any participation.

  16. Luke says:

    Oh, and I’d add these:
    6) Loans are at least in part given out by the actual majors (not just by departments), so Petroleum Engineering would have plenty of repayers, while Industrial Engineering, not so much, when fewer repayments occurred.
    7) Degrees could be repossessed for nonrepayment. This would have to be irrevocable to work well.

  17. JRob says:

    Agreed Luke.
    Perhaps the SL crisis will mimic the S&L crisis of the eighties and cause such changes. I seriously doubt it, the FI and its legislative/judicial enablers will go down with the ship in lieu of saving society and causing widespread bad feelz.

  18. JRob says:



    Directly from behind enemy lines. I won’t research further as they’ll blame men I’m sure.

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