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I’ll be turning on moderation in the morning, and will probably be away through the early part of next week.

In the meantime, you may want to check out Wintry Knight’s post: What do pastors teach Christian women about relationships and marriage?

Larry Kummer also has a new post up titled:  Starting World War G: the gender wars

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  2. earl says:

    ‘Freedom is to be freed from’

    ‘Freedom is not being able to do whatever we want like our culture and society tells us. “I can do what I want” is a false freedom that only brings sin and death: Adam and Eve. Freedom in Christ influences us to take off the old and put on the new: to throw away the sinful desires of the flesh and to put on godliness and holiness.

    This freedom actually limits what we are able to do by placing us under the authority of the one who freed us. Yet, it paradoxically sets our hearts truly free.’

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  4. squid_hunt says:

    This is a beauty:

    Hi WK!

    Maybe women are reacting to Paul’s poor advice which may be his own opinions rather than God’s. To advise men to love their wives and women to obey their husbands is a nonsense. Men and women who marry should love one another. Decision-making should be a joint exercise even if one party or the other generally take the lead. Did Christ mean that the second of the Great Commandments apply only to men?

    Peace and love to all,


  5. squid_hunt says:

    How to turn your wife from a feminist to a traditional woman:

  6. Dalrock says:

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  8. American says:

    After reading “Starting World War G: the gender wars” by Larry Kummer, I was struck by how bad the landing is going to be for the “Taylor Swifts” (e.g. alpha carousel riders surrounded by exploited beta orbiters) when the super-STDs, which are resistance to every known antibiotic in existence, become the norm here in a few years. Nature will put females back in their God designed place. It’s just a matter of time now. After decades of watching Satan’s feminist rebellion against all that’s holy, I hope I live long enough to see it collapse.


  9. Dalrock, thanks so much for the link!

    squid_hunt: That Dinoconstant person seems really strange. I tried to get him to explain what separates good Bible verses from bad Bible verses beyond just his opinion. Like: was something wrong with the verse on historical grounds? I could understand someone saying, well, that passage about Jesus and the woman in adultery is not good, because it’s not in the earliest manuscripts.

    He didn’t seem to have any answer beyond.”I don’t like it”. Well, if you claim to be a Christian, then it seems to me that the Bible has to have some authority for you. Not sure how you can claim to be a Christian and just dump verses because you don’t like them.

  10. Niels says:

    Welcome back. Great job U do by this blog thks! I wonder if you have some insights about Janette Oke books a/o filme serie Love Comes Softly. I´ve just arrive to your blog and U did a sound biblical analisys on Fireproof and Corageous.

  11. pokesalad says:

    I found this quote from the “23andMe” CEO (from an interview in the NYT) illuminating (boldface mine):

    Q: The site uses your DNA to match you with other relatives in the 23andMe database. How often do you hear about people who discover they’re actually adopted or have a secret sibling?

    A: Every day. Every day. The nonpaternity average in this country is much higher than people think it is. There’s a good chance there’s an “Uncle Joe” in your family who’s actually just “Joe.” So everyone has a story like that; they just don’t necessarily know it. In the early days, we wondered: How are we going to handle this? And in some ways, I think we’ve helped normalize it.

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  13. info says:

    Check out this one:

    Anna says

    March 24, 2018 at 5:32 am

    “It teaches women that if they submit to their husband in even small things, they lose power. Men, by their very existence, are oppressors of women.”

    If you have to submit in all things, including small things, then it is a loss of power! How exactly can you have any power if you always have to submit to the will of another? If you aren’t allowed to say no, and aren’t allowed to make your own choices, then you have no power.

    I came from an evangelical background where women were reduced to domestic slaves in their marriages. Not being able to make choices for yourself or hold any voting power and authority in your marriage is toxic and abusive. There are teachings out there now coming from the “John Piper” group that tell men to even pick what the family eats every day and the socks that the wife wears for that day! The wife is not even allowed to choose the order in which she does her housework! It is pure tyranny masquerading as biblical “headship”. True leadership does not stunt the growth and individuality of another person. There is nothing cute about being bossed around by your husband.

    Ephesians 5 marriage advice is a bottomless pit for a woman. Every human should have a standard of boundaries and personal sovereignty, but headship teaching does not ascribe individual value to women, it keeps them at the mercy of their husband’s will no matter how unjust or unreasonable that will is. If your husband tells you to lick the floor, then according to Ephesians 5 22-33, you have to do it, since it says submit in everything. So you see, it really is not about leadership and caring for a woman, it’s about a man getting everything he wants. The wife is just a piece of property, the slave class of society.

    After investigating the horrors and abuses done to women in the name of the Bible for the past 2,000 years, I no longer hold to the inerrancy of scripture. Some of the forgeries ascribed to Paul in the Bible are at complete odds with the message of Christ and Pauls authentic writings. Thank God for feminism, it’s done more for the safety of women and girls around the world than anything Christianity has ever done. A religion whose book says in one breath to love your neighbor as you love yourself and then turns around and tells slaves to obey their Christian masters in everything! Talk about double standards, favoritism, and reverse psychology. What were Christians doing owning other people like cattle and exploiting them for personal financial gain? Yet, it was not the Christian extortionists who were chastened, rather the salve. The slave being told that now that he is a Christian he has to sever his Christian master even more than before, that even longing to be free was a sin. The same goes for women in those days, they were already subservient chattel, and the Bible came along to oppress them even more.

    You should study the early Church Fathers and see the effects the submission passages had on the world up till the last century. All the early Church Fathers hated women, they were all misogynists and spoke condescendingly of women and in turn, it affected the whole of society as the Church merged with the State. It finally cumulated with one million women mutilated and burnt alive during the witch hunts all done by the church, and those passages were used as justification. Ideas have consequences. When you have four or five passages in the Bible that make men superior and women inferior, horrible atrocities are sure to follow. It’s really no different than racism. Differences between men and women don’t fit in a black and white binary where one always leads and the other always follows, or where one always gets their way and the other always submits to the will of the other.

    BTW, Why is it that if you and your wife don’t agree on something, you believe you are entitled to always break the tie in your favor? In the real world that is called selfishness. Grown mature adults submit to each other. They each invest in the personal growth and empowerment of the other, and they each split up tasks according to gifting. Do yourself a favor and submit yourself to your wife when the occasion allows, she is just as wise as you are.

  14. squid_hunt says:

    @Wintery Knight

    I think the mistake becomes that first time you dismiss something in scripture. I’m willing to say I don’t understand what the text says, but if I assume the text is wrong, I’ve rejected the word of God and at that point, anything goes. I know that sounds dramatic, but I really believe it’s that easy. Step one always has to be assuming the Bible is accurate. You don’t go any farther in Bible study until you accept that.

  15. squid_hunt says:


    Men are the representative of God in the home. If men abuse that position (and they frequently do) it provides a skewed view of God to those under them. That in no way alleviates the woman from her responsibility to submit any more than an abusive government, also the representative of God, alleviates my responsibility to submit to it. This sort of nattering proves that feminism is 100% carnal selfishness just like all humanism.

    BTW, Why is it that if you and your wife don’t agree on something, you believe you are entitled to always break the tie in your favor? In the real world that is called selfishness. Grown mature adults submit to each other.

    In the real world, that is called order, authority, and responsibility. This person is just absolutely making things up to justify their own rebellion.

  16. Bee says:


    “Anna says”

    Where did you find this comment?

  17. Gunner Q says:

    “After investigating the horrors and abuses done to women in the name of the Bible for the past 2,000 years, I no longer hold to the inerrancy of scripture.”

    Somebody got a gold star in Womens’ Studies.

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