He’s seen this movie before.

Picking up where I left off yesterday, the headline at the Sun reads:

Turpin dad was ‘mythical cult leader who made his wife and 13 house of horrors kids worship him in deeply Christian sect’, lawyer claims

Yet despite the sensational claim in the headline, the quotes in the article don’t back up the assertion.  From the quotes provided, the lawyer (Rodriguez) didn’t claim that the father was the leader of a cult. What he said was that in some cases this is what has happened:

It’s not clear what motivated the Turpins to live a secluded life with their large brood or what went on in the house.

But parents convicted in similar cases exerted control over their children though intimidation, psychological and physical coercion, and frequently possessed their own belief system, claims Attorney Ambrosio Rodriguez.

He said: “They develop a kind of cultish doomsday type of religion where the father becomes this mythical leader and the mother and children’s duty is to serve the father.”

Like I did in my post yesterday, Rodriguez is speculating. While I pointed out the evidence so far that strongly suggests the wife was in charge*, Rodriguez is basing his speculation on past experience:

“I’ve seen this movie before,” Rodriguez said.

“It’s going to get more creepy and make our skin crawl. And at the end of it, we’re all going to be asking the same question: ‘How did this happen in front of us and no one noticed?'”

The article references a case Rodriguez worked in the past, where a Christian pastor abused five children. However, the case they offer to bolster the claim that it must have been the father abusing the wife and children doesn’t fit the pattern. In the movie Rodriguez saw before, the perpetrator was a woman, and there was evidently not a man around to blame her actions on:

Rodriguez was a longtime Riverside County prosecutor who sent Jessica Banks, a pastor and mother, to prison for life for beating, starving and drugging her five adopted daughters, who were kept locked in her garage.

H/T HoseB

*Which would not lessen the father’s guilt.

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14 Responses to He’s seen this movie before.

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  2. earlthomas786 says:

    He’s seen this movie before

    But apparently forgot a major part of the plot line.

  3. Chad says:

    It really is amazing how “Blame the man” is the kneejerk response. I watched an analysis of the Jordan Peterson/Channel 4 BritFemSpigot interview done by Scott Adams where he talked about how the interviewer was “hypnotized” and experiencing so much cognitive dissonance she’s incapable of hearing or grasping the meaning of what Peterson was clearly saying to her. In this case, this prosecutor has, indeed, NOT seen this movie…but he HAS in his head because that’s the narrative and he’s hypnotized by it.

  4. feeriker says:

    More evidence that anything published by an MSM outlet is tripe and trashcan fodder unworthy of any thinking person’s attention.

  5. feministhater says:

    Guilt by association. Even worse though, it’s guilt by thought, think the same thing as a abuser, rapist or murderer and you’re a abuser, rapist or murderer.

    This has been done before though. If society doesn’t like something, they link bad people or actions to it; and then state that anyone who exchanges in it, is a bad person, whether they exchange in bad behaviour or not.

    Homeschooling has always been attacked in such a way. After all, you’re removing your child from the state’s indoctrination systems and that is bad.. mmkay..

  6. Brian K says:

    Jessica Banks, a “pastor.” Always beware of pastors who don’t understand 1 Timothy 2:12.

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  8. Jack Russell says:

    Only in Coo-Coo Stan, aka Sweden. This woman is more concerned over the “refusegee” than her own daughter. The daughter ran away to her father’s house. Wonder if he will get custody now.

  9. Anon says:

    For those who had any doubt about how women are hurtling on the path towards obsolesence :

    Feminists demand that only scientific research that furthers feminism be pursued.

    The precision to which female psychology is diametrically opposed to the principles of a free, advanced, and enlightened society is just uncanny.

  10. honordads says:

    How is any of this “Christian”?

  11. patriarchal landmine says:

    past experience ie more speculation.

    it’s eating itself.

  12. Heidi says:

    More speculation, from Time:


    “The co-conspiratorial nature of the crimes implicates both spouses equally, and they have been charged accordingly. Initial suspicion, however, will likely fall mostly on the husband as the initiator. The seven-year age difference between the two is not terribly much, but it would have seemed bigger when they married 32 years ago. He was also the principle wage-earner in the household, which creates its own kind of power disparity.

    “’It may just be that she drank his Kool-Aid,’ says Finkelhor.”

    However, “Not all experts would be so likely to give Louise Turpin even a small pass. Elizabeth Skowron, a professor of counseling psychology and a research scientist at the University of Oregon’s Prevention Science Institute, says that in her group’s work, mothers are very often both the perpetrators and initiators of abuse. The NCANDS data backs that up, with 70% of victims mistreated by the mother, the large majority of those times without the participation of the father.” (Emphasis mine)

  13. Opus says:

    It reminds me of the following shocking case:

    I like to keep up with the latest in new music and so as he had not crossed my musical path for a while I googled a certain Austrian composer. I was much shocked to learn that he had imprisoned one of his female pupils in the basement of his house. Reading further, however, I learned that not only was the young woman quite happy to be locked in the basement and just occasionally allowed out for lessons but that she had signed an agreement (Venus in Firs-style) itemising the terms of her interesting relationship with her teacher. The only reason it came to light was that the police were called in because the composers ex-wife or mistress (bitch) was out to do him wrong. Nothing queer about Hans Ulrich von Bose.

    This, I suspect, is more common that one might expect.

  14. James K says:

    The Sun is a dreadful rag, run by Rupert Murdoch, that is never taken seriously. It is well known for making stories up (e.g. “Freddie Starr Ate My Hamster”), sometimes with the help of publicists such as the disgraced (and now dead) Max Clifford. A Murdoch employee was charged with bribing public officials in the UK, but was acquitted by a jury, even though at least one person had already been convicted of receiving the same bribes! The acquittal stymied legal attempts to bring the Murdoch organisation to book. For good measure the organisation is suspected of collusion with corrupt police officers and organised crime. There is at least one murder, of Daniel Morgan, that is not only unsolved but insoluble because the rot goes so deep.

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