Bombing Damage Assessment

Many thanks to all who joined in Monday to make the book bombing run a huge success.

At the link above Vox Day offers an excerpt from the book, titled:

FILE 8: The Six-Foot Chickens

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15 Responses to Bombing Damage Assessment

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  2. Damn Crackers says:

    Sen. Al Franken. And they say Sen. Kid Rock would be a joke…

  3. Some Guy At Work says:

    Extremely bluepilled thread over on None of these old feminists will tell him that his wife is cheating. “My wife just left me”

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  5. Son Liberty says:

    Some Guy At Work says:
    July 19, 2017 at 2:59 pm

    Extremely bluepilled thread over on None of these old feminists will tell him that his wife is cheating. “My wife just left me”

    God has been clear since the start,

  6. American says:

    @Some Guy At Work July 19, 2017 at 2:59 pm: I’m not a Catholic; however, the Vatican has been “at war” with a large number of U.S Catholic women organizations since 2008 because these organizations began to rebelliously reinvent Catholic theology to be more leftist to conform with their personal politics. They were advocating for homosexuality and lesbianism, abortion, feminism and the redefinition of patriarchy to a feminist model, etc… to varying degrees.

    “Although the Vatican’s initial investigation was closed in December 2014 involving 341 female orders comprised of 50,000 women, the Holy See has singled out [fifteen] remaining communities for further inquiry.” See:

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  8. Gunner Q says:

    Impressive! The Manosphere has muscle.

  9. Novaseeker says:

    Extremely bluepilled thread over on None of these old feminists will tell him that his wife is cheating.

    Yeah that thread has been going on for a few weeks now. It was clear from the first post she was stepping out on him. Of course no other woman there would ever encourage him to see that, and it’s foolish to expect that. Unless they have a specific vendetta against the specific woman in question (which isn’t going to be the case in that situation of an internet thread), women will instinctively support the woman in a conflict with a man, including encouraging the man to overlook obvious signs of her misdeeds, to not act in his best interests and so on. Happens all the time, really.

    As for the nuns, since Vatican II significant portions of the nuns in the US have been a de facto fifth column in the Catholic fold, advocating feminism, women’s ordination and gay/lesbian rights. Pretty much went 180 degrees in the opposite direction when Vatican II happened, and the nuns who didn’t like that generally left the orders (many did that in the 70s and early 80s), which left these orders with mostly aging feminist (and often lesbian) nuns. There are other orders which are newer and more traditional, and they actually have quite a few young nuns in them, but the ones that are dominated by older nuns are often mostly feminist at this point.

    Orthodoxy hasn’t had the same issue with nuns, probably because it never had the army of nuns that Catholicism did (at the peak), and it also never had something like Vatican II.

  10. rugby11 says:


  11. Scott says:

    OT They keep coming up with this stuff faster than you can write about it.

    I suspect this has much less to do with white than it does women. I am a 6´3″ white male. I have discovered that in public spaces women expect me to move out of their way to let them pass. Especially if they are traveling in a herd. Many times I continued my path and stop just before colliding with them. They continue on and are often disturbed or angry because they collide with me.

  12. g2-cdb27520fb49967abcc1c55ca90a2fef says:

    Because of the success of this book, Castelia House is moving up the release of Lawdog’s next book, Africa Stories. August 10, IIRC.

  13. American says:

    He’s not going down without a fight:

    “Barbara Blatherwick is still [eagerly] waiting for Brian to pay her alimony. On paper, Blatherwick v. Blatherwick is a triumph for her. The reality, she said, is despite the enormous judgment she is back working in a retail store, like she was in the early years of her marriage, earning a little more than minimum wage.

    ‘I have a 200-page court document that says I have an entitlement to a settlement, but until Brian is willing to write a cheque, I have nothing. I haven’t won anything. I’ve lost more. I’ve lost everything.’

    Brian hasn’t written that cheque. He insists he can’t. If he is to be believed, there is irony in why: He has no hope of complying…”


  14. Dan Horton says:

    (off topic)
    I’m really interested in Taleb (Black Swan, Anti-Fragile), and have been thinking a lot of the premises of his upcoming book Skin in the Game, which is judging people not based on what they say but based on how affected they are by the outcomes of what they say. So for instance, economists have no skin in the game as they suffer no risks from their predictions being wrong; or journalists: all predicted 98% chance of Hillary winning, and yet all still have jobs. Thus, both these groups you can label as frauds.

    So these thoughts have been circling my brain, and I know it’s been brought up many times here that the preachers are siding with / aiding feminism because their congregations are mainly women now, and thus they would have to take great risk to run counter. I think Taleb calls this reverse skin in the game, which is just as threatening to being truthful.

    And that got me to think about preachers and if the whole setup with the congregation supporting a preacher and thus the preacher being afraid to stir the pot being simply wrong from the foundation. I thought about Paul in the Bible defending himself by saying he asked for no support and was supporting himself by tent-making (although I don’t know if he received support from other congregations?), and then I thought about all the prophets being hated, and Jesus, too, in his hometown. And so I believe that you simply cannot have a preacher who will speak the truth at all times and also be financially dependent on those he is speaking the truth to.

    These thoughts led me to think about tithing and its biblical basis. I had always felt a little uneasy with tithing when seeing the money going towards bigger and better buildings, pointless mission trips and other materialistic wastes, and then as I came to my ‘dalrockian’ view of the church I became even more disgusted with supporting the churches, as I now believe they do more harm to families than good.

    So yesterday I started googling and reading sermons on the biblical basis for tithing, and, man oh man, was I surprised. All the sudden you have preachers going deep in the OT and even into the Law to justify the practice. And the ones who say we live in an age of grace now so the law for tithing is irrelevant, would still continue and say we should use the law as a baseline for 10% (“I couldn’t imagine a believer giving less than was commanded the Israelites”), and that Christians should be giving much much more.

    I can’t even imagine a preacher going into the Law when discussing anything regarding male/female relations. Heck, for the most part they won’t even go into the epistles, or if they do they only do it to completely warp the meaning. I might try to find some fun examples to post later, but I’m sure you guys get my drift. It’s just so apparent how skin in the game and cultural pressure determines a preacher’s theology more than anything written in the Bible.

    I just keep falling further and further out of the Matrix. I’m so disillusioned with the church now that it’s laughable that anyone would think that’s where God’s building his kingdom. I’ve been here over 4 years, though I rarely comment. Thank you, Dalrock and Community. You guys really are the light in the darkness.

  15. Gunner Q says:

    Hey, Scott, are you okay? You took your website down rather abruptly.

    ” I have discovered that in public spaces women expect me to move out of their way to let them pass.”

    It’s not you. Women also expect traffic to move out of their way. For your Friday pleasure:

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