Give the gift of mindshare.


I noted the creation of Infogalactic, a wikipedia fork a little over a week ago.  I’m not aware of a more promising venture to take on the SJW thought police than Infogalactic.  It is quite simply huge.  Infogalactic starts off as good as Wikipedia, and is rapidly becoming markedly better than Wikipedia.

I’d love to take on the SJWs!  How can I help?

The Infogalactic home page lists several ways you can help:

How to Support

Infogalactic is a private corporation supported by donations and advertising revenue. For information on how to support Infogalactic, please see the relevant page. Please note that Infogalactic is neither a charity nor a foundation, and donations are not tax-deductible.

But there is another way you can help, and this is simply by using the superior Infogalactic instead of the inferior Wikipedia.  Mindshare is crucial when it comes to forks.  This is why I’ve added Infogalactic to my blogroll.

But most of us don’t go first to Wikipedia and then search for information.  Most of us go to a search engine and the search engine points us to the information we want.  Because Wikipedia has more mindshare, today Google, Bing, etc will point you to a page on Wikipedia instead of Infogalactic.  But there is an easy fix for this.  There are now browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox which will auto forward you to the equivalent page on Wikipedia:

Thanks to Blake Roussel, you can now make sure that you’re always using Infogalactic instead of Wikipedia, no matter what links Google feeds you.

INFOSEXTANT is the browser extension to automatically change Wikipedia links to Infogalactic.


Chrome (updated version):

Opera version coming soon. Brave integration coming soon.

Help yourself and help a good cause, by taking a minute now to ensure that you get better information in the future.  I’m using the Chrome extension and it is pretty cool to watch a Wikipedia link automatically redirect to Infogalactic.

Edit:  There is now an extension for Safari:

Safari users now have an extension that will redirect Wikipedia links to Infogalactic. Download it here. I am also informed that extensions adding Infogalactic as a default search engine option will be available next week.

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15 Responses to Give the gift of mindshare.

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  2. rugby11 says:


  3. Lost Patrol says:

    It works!

    Installed the FireFox version. Light up a wiki link and it redirects to Infogalactic. Some subjects come up blank. Is this because Infogalactic does not yet have content for said subject?

  4. The “INFOSEXTANT” is just a great name for a browser add-on. 🙂

  5. Major Styles says:

    Interesting…and a nice practical recommendation to stemming the tsunami of SJW lies.

  6. Leiff says:

    Verified this extension from github will work on Mac/Safari:

    Use this string as source:

    and this as destination:

    in the settings once its installed.

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  8. Opus says:

    I am pretty confused: for a test I went to Infogalactic and typed in the name of someone who is surely beyond controversy and did likewise at Wikipedia, and yet whereas Wiki has 109 footnotes Info has only 101 – I have not attempted to work out which eight footnotes are missing from Info or why. The two pages to a cursory glance otherwise look pretty identical.

    It’s not just SJW’s: I have it on entirely reliable authority that if you attempt on Wiki to alter a certain page which I won’t otherwise mention it will be changed back within minutes: that suggests to me that GCHQ and its American equivalent are notified having special access to Wiki and when someone ceases to follow the narrative they deal with the heresy by restoring the approved (and utterly implausible, I might say) narrative.

    I tend to think that SJW’s exist because they are getting encouragement and approval from their teachers – they are merely the shock-troops of the elite.

  9. @Opus:

    Correct. But as the elites are extremely short-sighted (seriously, Hillary has destroyed everything she’s touched, just because you can buy her off doesn’t mean she’ll help), so the SJWs can easily turn on them. However, the SJWs live by their funding, which the Elites can cut off.

  10. Jacob says:

    When Wikipedia is gone, as it surely must if Infogalactic delivers as much as it looks like it will, the planetary information core will be controlled by a private corporation. Sounds ok now, but what about tomorrow, when market imperatives take over? Pay-per-view? Subscription? Competition for the truth?

  11. dhanu says:

    Thanks Dalrock for the tips on how to auto-redirect Wikipedia links to Infogalactic. There’s one small thing I’d like to point out. When a link on a Search Engine Results Page is clicked, the search engine registers that click and each such click goes on to increase the popularity ranking of the original link in the search engine database, thereby enhancing its rank. Thus, while the user is being redirected to Infogalactic and ‘consuming’ the content from there, the popularity is increasing for Wikipedia, which makes it harder for Infogalactic to reach to the first pages of the search engines. A better approach would, therefore, be to copy the Wikipedia links and manually replace the starting part with that of Infogalactic to visit them. Of course, at times when you’re busy, letting the browser extension do its job is okay.

    With time, as Infogalactic hopefully starts to rank better in search results, this approach would be less needed. This is a big goal but one can always hope.

  12. Opus says:

    @Looking Glass

    SJW’s always turn on their own.

  13. astrapto says:

    So does anyone have any real examples of Infogalactic articles that are better than the corresponding Wikipedia article? “Giving mindshare” is useless if we can’t see it in action.

  14. KP says:


    Infogalactic is a fork of Wikipedia. Starting out, all the content is the same (and that’s why some of the pages might load fairly slowly the first time they are accessed.) But be patient, change is coming.

    But here’s a good example:

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