The ultimate affront to cartoonish chivalry.

It is bad enough that we force women to join and even lead our military in the real world, but this has gone too far:


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  2. Patrick Albanese says:

    “The best man for the job is a woman”.

    And yet the woman of the year is a man.

    I don’t see how we can undo this mess. Society needs a CTRL-ALT-DEL.

  3. Mad Arab says:

    It has been set in motion. This must play out.

    All the betas will defend this. They will take their daughters to the movie. Now we will have all of those strong independent types filling the ranks of the military and not the offices. And the betas will support the effort.

    Eventually the war, in whatever fashion it may occur, will hit. Then the purge.

    Big Hero 6 had the same girl in it. The fast, capable, smart and mouthy one.

    Men… Real men, stay away. Protect your self and those like minded.

  4. kurtcop says:

    That’s depressing. As a kid, I loved these games. They had the right level of you, the main character, being a bad boy rebel, that is cheesy and extraordinarily sarcastic, yet oddly very good at what he does (most people did not suspect that, but he showed them all wrong and gained the respect of literally everyone through the series).

    The sarcasm was very good through the series. Seeing this honestly makes me sad.

    I’m glad I went into development – I’ll hope to combat some of this.

  5. Bee says:



    Please send me your report of the errors in Steve Arterburn’s book, Everyman’s Battle.
    Thank you,
    beework at comcast dot net

  6. feeriker says:

    Sadly, this raises no other reaction/emotion in me than “what took them so long?”


    What’s needed is a complete scrub of the civilizational hard drive and a complete reinstallation of the civilizational operating system Unfortunately, I have ZE-RO confiddnce in the notion that there are any civilizational OS packages available that aren’t rotten with malware and other forms of malicious code.

    Any time now, Lord…

  7. yamanous says:

    @feeriker – agreed.
    In times past, it was certainly possible to reset a country. However, for the first time in human history, ALL countries worldwide are affected by this nasty plague. The only reset possible at this point is Jesus coming down from the clouds and pwnage. The banks ARE too big to fail, and this feminist madness will not stop because it simply affects too many people (uhh…the whole world..). May the Lord come soon. Very soon..

  8. So wait, the movie is called “Ratchet and Clank” but it’s about a female hero?

    Makes sense if you’re a degenerate like Triggly Puff.

  9. Minesweeper says:

    I watched the vid, very disappointing, ratchet has been dropped down to something needing rescued by a girl. So why would boys ever play this again ?

    This is the author, is anyone surprised ? :

    Youtube’s algorithm popped up this one which I found interesting:

    His daughter really dosn’t like him at all, its for good reason the bible specifies that elders should have respect and be on good terms with their wife and kids. After all they see you the most. If your kids despise you then you shouldnt be leading.

  10. What they can’t make happen in real life, they have to render from Hollywood (“they” being the left). The bad part is the fact that young minds can’t really suss out the difference between a fictitious ideological fantasy and reality.

  11. The sad thing is that they can’t make a Ratchet & Clank movie that’s actually about Ratchet & Clank

  12. The Other Jim says:

    The truly sad part is that lots of people including lots of men are going to be killed before these utopian beliefs are truly abandoned. This is the problem with Utopianism is all of its forms, that in order to create utopian on earth many must suffer, including being killed. If 10,000’s(or 100,000’s or 1,000,000’s) have to be sacrificed on the way to create Utopian, so be it. It’s not just murderous Communists like Pol Pot’s utopian Year Zero scheme of moving everyone from the cities to the rural Killing Fields anymore. For the Utopian Multi-Culturalist if 10,000’s of women and children have to get raped by Muslims to create their Muti-Cultural Utopia, oh well. If countless men must die to create the Feminist’s Utopian military, oh well, that’s worth it, isn’t it?

    There’s no way I’d let my son join the military at any time in the near future with these amoral Utopians leading it.

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  14. Jed Mask says:

    Ouch! I can’t even BELIEVE THAT! I grew up playing these games and just look how “cheesy” FEMINIZED, BETAIZED and EMASCULATING this mess is. Man!

    For those that played the “real” Ratchet & Clank games you know the ones rated “Teen” before they got “watered down” in quality at the E10+ rating…

    Wow… the indoctrination starts from the CHILDHOOD to the ADULTHOOD… Smh… I already don’t go to the movies of wicked, cesspool Hollywood as a born again Christian and already knew from the early showings of the commercial “Ratchet & Clank” would be “screwed up” if it was made into a movie…

    Just like Star Wars ever remarkable thing Feminism touches becomes FILTH.

    How could any serious “boyish boy” even like this trash?

    It’s a mess. I’m in prayer for all deceived souls at the moment… Amen.

    ~ Sincerely,

    Bro. Jed

  15. Boston to Providence says:

    It’s expected that there will be pandering to women when there’s money to be made, and when there isn’t pandering, there will be hell to pay, either from nags, or from executives that care about the viewership of nags. They’ve just shoehorned a female into the plot it so that they could make this demographically-directed pitch and sell a few more tickets. It’s a shame that there can no longer be anything that’s just for boys, but this is just one head of the hydra. We have to choose our battles, which are best fought through the manner in which we live and lead.

  16. What, are cartoon men too afraid to serve their countries? We have to enlist cartoon women to do it for us? The state of men in this country is so bad we have to resort to vaguely feminine pixels to issue the daily suggested dosage of manup?

  17. Sometimes, it takes a woman to get the job done,…

  18. Looking Glass says:


    Seriously, how is it possible to f-up one of the simplest stories. Oh, and ignore one of the main characters.

  19. Urban II says:

    I grew up on these games not too long ago.

    It’s depressing that anything and everything must bow to the wonder of WOMYN, but sadly not surprising.

  20. feeriker says:

    Seriously, how is it possible to f-up one of the simplest stories. Oh, and ignore one of the main characters.

    Fucking up the arts and sciences is part of the nihilist feminist philosophy and one of its principal goals.

  21. Hells Hound says:

    The truly sad part is that lots of people including lots of men are going to be killed before these utopian beliefs are truly abandoned.

    The truly ironic part is that this utopia could be swept away with ease tomorrow.

    Women would have to say “we reject feminism, we will no longer vote for any politician who supports it, no longer watch any movie or commercial which promotes it, no longer read any columnist or journalists who argues for it”. To their husbands and boyfriends they’d have to say “I’ll break up with you unless you reject feminism and start acting like a patriarch, and I’ll reject any advances from men who support feminism”.

    That’s it. That’s all it’d take. Feminism would die instantly that very day. Not one drop of blood would need to be shed. Not one dollar would need to be spent on political action. Not one hour of activism would have to be expended by MRAs. That’s all it’s take: words. Because, whether we want to accept it or not, that’s the real power women have.

  22. rugby11 says:

    Good lord…

  23. enrique says:

    Speaking of chivalry, and is if to perfectly prove Rollo and Dalrock’s points about the feminine imperative:

    “The former secretary of state and Democratic frontrunner told CNN’s Jake Tapper that she’s had experience dealing with men who’ve gone “off the reservation.” ”

    That’s right men. You better know your place (standing with a serving towel draped over your forearm, ready to serve women).

    Btw, isn’t her use of “reservation” a triggering dog whistle ?

  24. Anon says:


    The truly ironic part is that this utopia could be swept away with ease tomorrow.

    Not the way the human brain is presently wired.

    Not one hour of activism would have to be expended by MRAs.

    That is already the amount of activism they do, so no change.

  25. ecojosh1 says:

    Every franchise is now being turned into a girl power franchise. It’s only a matter for time before Hollywood remakes The Lord of the Rings with Gandolf as an idiot who has to be rescued by a female wizard every ten minutes.

  26. Xylyl bromide says:

    When men sit down society falls apart…If men stop viewing Hollywood junk then women are left to support it and if Oprah’s network or Lifetime is an indicator of women centered programming. We don’t have to worry about it long.

  27. enrique says:

    “Women touch each other all the time, with hugs, holding hands, closer body contact, and smaller “personal space.” Men shake hands. Really good friends might, at best, punch each other in a loving way, do a careful “man hug,” or even swat each other’s buttocks, if it’s during an approved masculine sporting event.”

    “It is the constant physical contact in BJJ which I think is one of the most powerful and influential experiences driving the BJJ experience. Many people today are starved for physical contact. It is a sad fact that many people go through each day, experiencing a few handshakes as perhaps their only experiences of touch from other people.”

  28. Spike says:

    This entry is just another of a long list of “empowered female hero” movies. It looks like indoctrination starts early with “Brave” and “Frozen”. It moves on to “Star Wars”, “Mad Max Fury Road” and even a few esoterics like “Fired Green Tomatoes”.
    Continual bathing in this psychological sewer gives us successive generations of women who won’t cook, clean, raise a family, or Heaven forbid, help a husband.
    The numbers say it all:
    Average number of children per Western woman: 1.6. Average for Muslim woman:3.5.
    Average divorce rate for Western woman: 35%. Muslim woman: single figures.
    Average financial consumption of household income Western woman: 75%. Muslim woman: 35%.

    In the clash of civilizations, who is going to win?

  29. Well, that will certainly bring in the millions of women who are into movies based upon video games. Good advertising tactic!

  30. seventiesjason says:

    I have not seen a movie in the theaters since “Cowboys Versus Aliens” a few years back and I was not expecting any “oscar” performances” but just a fun ol’ fashioned movie good guy / bad guy movie. It was worse than that. It was about as good as “Snakes On A Plane” in fact, it was worse…….

    Have not given Hollywood a dime since, and I don’t plan to.

    Like every movie for kids today like this…I am sure there will be some sort of hip-hop breakdown song during it as well. Thank goodness the preview spared us that.

  31. greyghost says:

    did you post “dog whistle”

  32. SirThermite says:

    Helps put it all perspective- men adopting chivalry like they’re titled medieval knights are as delusional as women pretending they’re entitled Disney cartoon princesses. How’s that working out working for anyone?

  33. Modernism says:

    It seems Sony turned R&C into a story about a couple of strong empowered women, their cat, and a dildo.

  34. Don's Johnson says:

    If I may, I’d like to go off on a tangent:
    As alluded to earlier, this is about invading and converting a male space and sanitizing it for female consumption. Women control the purse strings when children’s entertainment is involved. As Rachet and Clank has been watered down from it’s earlier edge and snark, it must also be sanitized of it’s male hero’s journey.
    Rachet and Clank WAS about the duality of man. Rachet is the scamp, the “id” as Freud would put it, or simply the instinct of a young boy. He is foolhardy and a leap before you look type character.
    He is tempered by Clank, the ego, cold calculation in the face of danger; reserved and thoughtful.
    Rachet and Clank together team up to take on challenges, and show the player that you need both id and ego to navigate life. Sometimes going in guns blazing will work, but other times that will get you killed, and a more thoughtful approach is needed.
    Throw in Quark, who is the comic relief but a contrast to Rachet and Clank. He is a well known “hero” but the player comes to find that his reputation doesn’t match his character. Grandiose, self aggrandizing, and when push comes to shove, cowardly. Constantly looking for external validation, Quark is narcissus; Hero in name, and wishing to be seen as one, but it is about reinforcing his self image rather than self sacrifice. It is no accident that he is all bluster, and the true heroes the opposite. A good lesson for kids that reputation is what people think of you, but character is what you think of yourself; and sometimes undeserving people get the praise, while real heroes go unnoticed.
    But I digress.
    Now it seems that like much of the media, this tale cannot stand without a nod and cap tip to the Female imperitive.
    This is simply another case of Rollo’s “male space” piece. Female only spaces are needed and encouraged, while male spaces must be co-opted and made palpable for female solipsism. One other possibility is that this is done to make it digestible for the moms and female children and make an almighty dollar, which may be the case, but doesn’t change the original point and might reinforce it.

  35. patchasaurus says:

    The noted mouthy attitude of these female heroes is the one thing women can perform in real life. Unlike the movie characters, they can’t come up with clever strategies, can’t operate equipment and vehicles skillfully, can’t outrun or outfight or out maneuver. They can, however, have a smart mouth and haughty attitude like the heroine, but it doesn’t come across with the clever retortes and witty barbs the moviemakers write in, it’s just ugly sarcasm. In fact, if you ever take a look at female profiles on dating sites, one of the most common “qualities” they list for themselves is “sarcasm”, like we’ll enjoy that in our mate. Hard Pass.

  36. Jim says:

    Because, whether we want to accept it or not, that’s the real power women have.

    They only have the power dumb ass male pussies are willing to give them.

  37. ray says:

    Read yesterday about a British woman, her husband and grown son vacationing in Thailand. Thailand is one of the most easygoing places in the world. Very polite people as long as you don’t get out of line and do stoopid. There’s a zillion Thais jammed together and they can’t afford to take offense at everything.

    Anyway one of the Brits bumped into some Thai guys, didn’t apologize, and got pushed down. Oh the horror.

    So the woman goes over and lectures the Thai guys, like she’s in Buckingham Palace or something, and then slaps him when she doesn’t receive the correct answer. That’s that and the result was all three Brits lying knocked-out in the gutter until the Authorities came to fetch them. Their bodies were so bloated (especially when seen next to surrounding Thais) that I thought they were dead. Turns out they just got KO’d, but the Brits are so fat, they LOOK like they’ve been dead a week.

    Doubtless after forty years of watching empowered females kick ass in the movies, TV shows, courts, government buildings, living rooms, and schools, this woman felt sufficiently liberated and empowered to Teach a Male a Lesson. Something she would have gotten away with in the West. Been cheered, probly.

    In Thailand, not so much.

  38. enrique says:

    Ray, thanks for that update, I didn’t bother to click when I saw that headline a few times in a few places. So some uppity white bitch from the UK tried to lecture a normally polite, civil Thai, and got KTFO. Good. Ya, Thailand is considered the “Italy” (as in the old, lovely Italy) of Asia. People are easy going and polite from what everyone has told me. Good.

    Has it been angled by the Western Media, as they mount their white horses, as “just another example of Westerners assuming equality for women while in international, diverse areas of the globe”. Can’t see her being blamed by ANY typist for the Western Media.

  39. feeriker says:

    Read yesterday about a British woman, her husband and grown son vacationing in Thailand.

    I was long under the impression that, among westerners, American women were the most arrogant, crass, entitled, insensitive, rude and downright obnoxious tourists when traveling abroad. Then, after spending several years living in Southern Europe, Turkey, and the Arab world, I regularly began to encounter British female tourists. They made American women seem like the pinnacle of cultured sensitivity. Truly odious creatures.

    This story from Thailand doesn’t surprise me at all. If anything, the Thai men were still being too polite by leaving this woman’s thrashed carcass in their street to pollute it.

  40. ray says:

    Hi Enrique yeah when I saw this OP, first thing came to mind was those brits in the gutter. Like I said I thought they’d been dead awhile but no, just Standard Western Bloating. :O)

    The Thai drunk in the black shorts is the instigator; got the bottle still in his hand. First he accosts another Thai headed in the opposite direction. In the East you must go ‘around’ these types, the persistents, always keep moving and NEVER stop unless prepared to incapacitate them, or get incapacitated.

    So the Thai guy gets away, and Black Shorts looks around for another victim, and finds the brits, pushing one down. Then everybody huddles while Mom reads the Riot Act to the criminal elements of Thailand, including a slap, just like back home. Thought they were on Waikiki with the Beach Police yonder.

    In Thailand the biggest insult is touching a stranger above the shoulders, as the head is considered the ‘sacred’ part of the body, and the feet most ‘dirty’. Thai people take this stuff VERY seriously, especially if they’re drunken thugs looking for fights, who just got slapped by a great white blubbershark in front of his fellow scumbags. A blubbershark who can’t wait to delight in the empowerment of Ratchet and Clink when she gets home.

    If you’re this arrogant and stoopid, you deserve to be lying unconscious in the street, too bad you woke up. As for Black Shorts, he’s worth a few million in lost tourist revenue to the monarchy, so my guess is, his current career is over. Cheers.

  41. “just another example of Westerners assuming equality for women”

    But she was treated with equality. The guy who punched her didn’t hold back because she was a woman, he treated her like he would treat a man. That’s equality! Hope she enjoyed it.

  42. Looking Glass says:

    Reviews are in for the movie: it’s atrocious. Funny, that!

  43. feeriker says:

    If you’re this arrogant and stoopid, you deserve to be lying unconscious in the street

    Especially if you’re a visitor to a foreign country and act like a stoopid, arrogant, disrespectful asshole.

    This woman got off easily. Had she done what she did in several other parts of the world I’ve spent time in, she wouldn’t have lived to regret it.

  44. Moses says:

    Thoughts on Rollo’s video of the male Marine kicking the crap out of the female “Marine”:
    – White knights immediately grab the Marine who mistakenly thought it was his job to be aggressive
    – The enemy will be meaner and aiming to kill, not knock down
    – How many of our white knight soldiers will die in combat situations protecting or carrying female “soldiers”? (Darwin at work?)

    Utter insanity. This, and the transgender restroom hysteria is truly indicative of our society going off the rails. It won’t last. Nature abhors a vacuum.

  45. seventiesjason says:

    Was watching a rerun of the TV show “Cops” tonight. Female officer in Miami first officer on scene for a domestic dispute involving two BIG burly men over a woman………female officer can barely subdue the crazy woman, the backup officer arrives (some master-race looking guy, straight off an A&F ad). Gets one of the big burly dudes down and cuffed. BOOM. He was on the ground, and hoofed up quick. QUICK. The other burly dude takes off, cop chases him down thirty to forty YARDS. Pulls him down. Cuffs him. He gets back to the female cop, and she’s still wrestling with the crazy woman. Master-race cop gets the crazy woman on the ground in one second, female cop then cuffs her.

    You life may indeed be on the line and I am not going to trust a “quotas” and what is “fair to women” when it comes to my personal protection of the police, fire department or armed forces.

  46. kaminsky says:

    The British lady who gktfo wasn’t assuming ‘equality’, she was assuming gynocracy. Anglo female derangement is glaring when they go to Asia or Latin Am or EE and try to hamster away their 80 percentage point smv plummet after a simple 4 to 16 hours of (eating) sitting in a plane.

  47. greyghost says:

    One more thing on the tourist in Thailand. I almost couldn’t believe what I was seeing when she hauled off and slapped the guy. After that they all got their collective asses kicked. That last kick to finish off mom was something. PS they where really fat too. laying on their backs with their bellies up in the air with no where to go but up and on display.

  48. ray says:

    “This woman got off easily. Had she done what she did in several other parts of the world I’ve spent time in, she wouldn’t have lived to regret it.”

    What I thought. It was a very public place, and Thailand after all, so these three got off comparatively easy, for such severe mistakes. That slap would be a big no- no across most of Araby too. With fewer witnesses around, well . . . .

    Western media (Medea) of course went with Savage Unprovoked Attack in Thailand. Same media that glossed over and conveniently forgot what triggered the populist aspect of ‘arab spring’ — a female government official, in Tunisia no less, slapping the face of some godforsaken male street vendor who didn’t have the proper permits to sell his five moldy grapefruits that day. And here we go again, on much smaller scale, but same lesson, consequences. There are consequences for such willful humiliations, macro or micro. Over-protected populations living in cultural bubbles aren’t prepared for consequences.

  49. Opus says:

    A few facts about Thailand:

    Population of about sixty-seven million in an area about three times the size of New York State. A murder rate about four times what it is in most of Europe (or white America) . I haven’t seen the video but my little brother went there, got scammed twice and on the second occasion had a gun pulled on him. The best looking women in Thailand are men (or so I am told; I have never left the first world) – not much point being a tranny if you are built like a brick-layer.

    Had a Thai at school; son of some Air Vice Marshall; big guy, never understood a word he said. One of the saddest sights I see is aging or elderly white men with Cash-on-delivery Thai-Brides forty years their junior. It is not just the elderly however; a mid-twenties guy who worked in a local bar had one, and had she been white she would have effortlessly clocked-in as an 8. He, however, a figure of fun, for everyone knew that had he been competing against his peers for native women he would have done well to scrape a 5 – and clearly could not do that. The pecking order seems to be: former-Soviet, Latino, east Asian (though Japanese seems acceptable) and then everything else below that. Every one wants a white woman (ask any black dude).

  50. Kaminsky says:

    “One of the saddest sights I see is aging or elderly white men with Cash-on-delivery Thai-Brides forty years their junior.”

    Really? Sounds like the male imperative to me. Even a guy on Dalrock has a knee-jerk ‘sad’ response to some guy following his natural, male imperatives. The FI runs deep. It takes years to really exorcise all of it.

    Those ‘sad’ old guys in South Asia are very seriously redpill on a scale that puts us keyboard larpers to shame.

    Some 70 year old flying a fat bird at the FI, living in a shack on the beach, swimming every morning and barbecuing shellfish in the early evenings, smoking stogies in the setting sun, hitting some single malt and chewing on his young wife at night is straight up RED PILL. So no one respects or admires his male imperative choices….all the more redpill cred is due to him.

  51. Opus says:

    I am afraid that I have to disagree with you Kaminsky. These guys – no matter how cute the women – are losers, about to be taken to the financial cleaners. Guys with options do not marry Third Worlders; old men do not have options.

  52. Kaminsky says:

    Well we disagree respectfully. I know what you mean. I know the trained social appraisal of these kinds of guys we’re discussing. The hometown dope picks up a hot 19 year old Filipina when he’s 45. Everybody has a laugh behind his back, rolls their eyes and just KNOWS what went down, snicker, snicker (like good little FI-trained bitches btw). The old high school qb golden boy is on his 22nd year of marriage with his wife who turned into a planet. He laughs the loudest at the hometown dope (who’s distracted by the nightly lingerie smokeshow and who can hardly GAF). I know that whole scene and how everyone reacts.

    But I thought that trained, FI-lens response was what we’re trying to tear down. “Loser” is just cultural shaming language. It shouldn’t apply to a harmless, private man, legally chasing his own imperatives and getting some pleasure out of life. He’s focused on what he wants, not what’s expected. That right there could serve as the definition of redpill. I admire those crusty old stogie smokers on their island in the Phills, eating lobster and spending the evening with a 20 year old on his lap. That’s redpill, warts and all. It doesn’t always come with comfortable, universal, all-points approval.

    Whether they get taken to the cleaners or not is another issue.

    And no, I’m not one of these kinds of guys (yet).

    Also, I think you’re overplaying the ‘third worlders’ thing. We’re not talking about plate lips. A lot of Indonesians, Filipinas, Thais, Chinese and Vietnamese are really decent, cool women.

  53. greyghost says:

    I concur. A red pill man doesn’t seek approval. He does as he wishes for himself. Ironically the hold the line for the good of civilization bunch have enabled and supported this madness to the point we are at today. Not sure it was this article or the previous article someone posted a video on Spain. The men their have carefully made a strong rope and even built a gallows used by the FI to hang themselves. To top it off they willfully volunteer to step into the noose. Men to be proud of and emulate.

  54. PokeSalad says:

    Yeah, I remember all those times I saw a older man with a 20-ish smokeshow on his lap, and thought, “what a loser!” and went home to my version of Lindy West.

    But for the grace of God, go I.

  55. nnate says:

    Kaminsky said: “I admire those crusty old stogie smokers on their island in the Phills, eating lobster and spending the evening with a 20 year old on his lap. That’s redpill, warts and all. It doesn’t always come with comfortable, universal, all-points approval.”

    Seconded. Red-pill is not a moral code. It’s the state of mind when a man see’s things for how they actually are, and makes himself his mental point of origin. When you make yourself your mental point of origin and begin to act on it, you begin to develop alpha mindset. Some will choose use the knowledge for good, some for sin.

  56. Opus says:

    I am surprised that my views here are not generally accepted. I don’t want to flog a dead-horse but even so (and it is a pity I do not know how to link because this is up on Youtube) I would like to refer y’all to a sketch from the TV series Little Britain where Dudley Punt takes his Thai bride TingTong Makadangdang (a ladyboy) in his Austin Allegro to visit his brother (and his brother’s newly installed Russian bride Ivanka, an eighteen year virgin – or so she says) at a camping site in Belgium. I at least find it irresistibly funny and thus commend it as worth seeking out.

    Now I come to think of it, as recently as last Friday night my photo was taken with a former Soviet – I had my left arm round her left shoulder and my right arm was holding up her mini-skirted left leg. She was wearing thigh-high boots. I’d also like y’all to see that.

  57. tz says:

    Such gives me hope.
    “Hi, I’m Corporal Peggy, here to confiscate your guns”.
    “Come in…”
    muffled bang.
    “Hi, I’m Debbie, have you seen Peggy?”…

    Most preppers have not considered how useful fuming Nitric acid can be.

  58. seventiesjason says:

    My Aunt is from Thailand. My uncle married her in 1965 when he was in the USAF at the base near Ubon. They just celebrated their 51st wedding anniversary. Their marriage was not a “I’m the man, you serve me” it was a lot of work, but I concede their marriage has held.

    Let me tell you, nothing yells louder than an angry Thai lady with a thick American-accent in the morning when she is upset! My uncle was the “leader” of the house, yet my uncle NEVER crossed her inside the house when it came to decorating, cleaning, or guests visiting. She kept the order in the house. My aunt is a woman from a different time in Thailand. A time when the poverty rate was much higher, she grew up in home with no plumbing or electricity. She still tells me that when she first came to the USA in 1966….she could not wrap her mind around EVERY store was filled with stuff, food……consumer goods. She could not believe that EVERY store was filled. It’s no big deal to us now, or even back then…..but to her, this image was a stark one to her compared to Thailand in the mid-sixties.

    My Aunt broke it down with me about Asian women years ago. Here is what she said:

    *Chinese lady sneaky
    *Vietnam lady will murder you in your sleep if she mad
    *Japanese lady will sleep with your best friend
    *Korean lady always angry. ALWAYS angry!
    *Hmong lady? Fifty year-old man, marry 12 year old girl in that culture. You think okay??!! NO!!!
    *Thai lady? Thai lady always nice. Thailand land of smiles!

  59. Kevin says:

    The ad is just an effort to “appeal to girls” – a stupid effort because I bet boys play these games 10:1 or more and boys are the target of the movie. My boys have finished the game (it’s fun but pretty short) and were begging me to see the movie. But if they saw that ad their response would be vomit and pass on the movie. Everything’s got to be ruined by feminism until no boy is left that can just be a boy and enjoy being the hero without some feminist trying to turn it into a pointless effort to pander to girls.

  60. ray says:

    Opus — ‘old men do not have options.’

    Speak for yourself. No problems over here.

  61. The Other Jim says:

    Sorry Opus, Little Britain isn’t that funny, it’s just ghastly to watch. Now, Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehorse, they’re funny. His ‘Blonds of a Certain Age’ skit still cracks me up as it’s pretty much what I do for a living;

    As for the rest of what you’ve written, somewhat true. Most of the men going to the red light districts in Thailand(& Asia) are typically crusty, old British/Australian men, Muslims practicing ‘Muttah'(Temporary marriages which allow for prostitutes), and Japanese men. My advice to any man thinking about doing this sort of thing is go to these places during the daytime. The makeup and red lights cover up so much. You’ll see how wretched these women have become especially with drug use to numb the pain of what they’re doing.

    From what I’ve seen in doing business in Thailand(& Asia) for the past 8 years a lot of Swedish and German men(usually between 25-55 years old) travel across the globe just for the prospect of a serious relationship leading to marriage with a Thai woman. That’s quite a damning statement about how anti-male the women and society in Sweden and Germany are. Even travelling to Thailand and Asia, there’s no guarantee. The risk of being scammed by a Thai woman looking for a green card/citizenship in the West is a serious enough of a risk that any man thinking of that route needs to keep his wits about him. If you’re dating a Thai girl and she starts pressuring you about marrying her and going back to the West, then dump her. The best way to deal with this risk is, whether true or not is to state you’re settling in that country for good. If she sticks with you she’s serious. If not, she’ll move on to the next poor schmuck. The best bet for a Western man looking for a relationship with marriage potential is to stick with the more modernized cities and locales of Asia like Singapore, Hong Kong, and even Bangkok. The poorer the background of the woman in question, the more ruthless she can be. At least that’s what I’ve encountered.

    The Kathoey issue in Thailand is actually quite damning too. As a general rule, if you meet a really pretty girl in Thailand, whose make up and clothes are really done up well, is 5’6″ or taller, and sounds like she’s got a frog in her throat, then do yourself a favor and trust but verify that she was always a girl. Just google ‘Poy Treechada’ for one example.

  62. Anon says:

    I thought it was well-established that whether a country is first-world or third-world has entirely to do with the brilliance of the MEN of that country, and women are, on average, no different in their basic psychology. Women are wired for responding to gina tingles while extracting resources. A first-world woman is not ‘more evolved’ in any way, given what we see in terms of feral females in the West.

    Putting aside the fact that Thailand is not a ‘third-world’ country by any means. It has about the same prosperity as Eastern Europe…

  63. Isa says:

    @opus More of an issue of the type of woman they end up with. If it was a nice divorced lady in her 30s that worked somewhere other than bar street, much less likely to be a scam. Usually the schmucks end up with a chick that is running 3 different men at the same time until one is stupid enough to marry her. Then she uses him to support her extended family back in Thailand.

    My business partners were recently in Thailand for “vacation”, and I recieved an interesting field report. The man who can pull 20yos at fat and 60 back home wasn’t impressed. He decided to chat up all of the bartenders who didn’t go with customers and ended up having them all dancing around him for about $50 including free drinks every night. Even bought a girl at a sketchy bar for the night merely to piss of an Australian as he didn’t like how he was treating her, i.e. Starting the beating early. Just gave the girl the money and sent her home, because as he says “I don’t need to pay for something I get for free”. His conclusion, a bunch if fat western losers paying for a girl they could never get at home because they have no game.

  64. Kevin says:

    I should add that girls have been in every game in a major role after the first if I recall correctly. The demasculating advertising for the movie is new. Girls being sidekicks is not. Girls have never been playable in the series – even in All-4-One in which you had 4 choices. Even then they did not bother making one a girl.

  65. Opus says:

    @The Other Jim

    Two nations separated by …

    That Harry Enfield sketch is pretty funny, but the reference to Banksy and the Sloan Ranger, is surely a little bit too English specific to at least appeal generally to Americans.

    There is Little Britain U.S.A. (same characters, same actors, same set-up, though the two naked jocks do not appear in the English version – we have instead the obese Bubbles de Vere always losing all her clothes) and I was wondering which of the two versions – or both – you had seen to find it ghastly.

  66. Rollo,

    That’s such a no win situation. You’re a misogynist for saying women have no place in combat, but you’re a bully or worse if you give women what they ask for.

  67. kaminsky says:

    That British sketch you mentioned sounds like it fits into the FI with the precision of a Swiss watch. I’m sure the attractive foreign women are portrayed as laughably stupid and evil and of course the male is ludicrous. That is pure FI.

    And the discussion is going full binary too. Like meeting a young foreign woman
    means going to the most wretched, depraved meth-brothel in Pattaya. Since binary reactions are the subject, I have a feeling someone will hit me with “You’re just one of those guys who pedestalizes snd idealizes foreign women AWALT. Just another guy with yellow fever!” But idealizing foreign women is not my point. My point is that a young woman who showers, can be seen in a bikini and who mostly stays quiet would add much more to a man’s life than 95% of Western women these days. And I mean a man who has at least some awareness of his own imperatives, not a guy sweating over the approval of others like life is just 80 consecutive years of middle school ‘cool or cast out’ angst. Mostly my point is that Western women really have become this terrible. The physicality alone is enough for a mic drop. But add in the loss of femininity, solipsism and contentiousness and it’s so incredibly egregious. Those losers who ‘can’t get a woman back home’ are possibly just pulling a fast one on the FI. They should be celebrated.

  68. JDG says:

    Those losers who ‘can’t get a woman back home’ are possibly just pulling a fast one on the FI. They should be celebrated.

    I wouldn’t say we’re pulling a fast one. I would say that many of us are just being practical. Most of us “losers” could have settled for a Western woman, but seeing the writing on the wall we chose not to. In my experience the critics of the foreign marriage market aren’t speaking from experience or statistics.

  69. Kaminsky says:


    I should have put ‘losers’ in quotes as you did. It wasn’t originally my label for guys who seek foreign wives. Someone else started that further up in the thread and it’s pretty much the default cultural label dictated down to us by the FI overlords. It’s not what I think as I am one of the so-called ‘losers’ long term and quite happy about it.

  70. Men just can’t say “No” to women. Women are driven to co-opt everything men create.

  71. JDG says:

    Kaminsky, I was following the conversation and knew what you meant, and I thank you. I appreciate the clarity your comments have demonstrated in this matter.

  72. Spike says:

    Off topic here Dalrock, but you might know that it was Orthodox Easter this week.
    RT News reported it:

    it it interesting that in the Orthodox Church every woman in church HAS HER HEAD COVERED.

  73. PuffyJacket says:

    Women would have to say “we reject feminism, we will no longer vote for any politician who supports it, no longer watch any movie or commercial which promotes it…”

    This is true in a sense. The average woman is not much a “true believer” of feminism (or anything, really), and will change sides when made to experience even a tiny fraction of its costs. They will leave feminism as quickly as they found it.

    Manginas, of course, are a different story. Their pain threshold is enormously high.

  74. PuffyJacket says:

    Opus seems to be forgetting just how unfuckable the women of his country are. There are just not enough such pretty, feminine women to go around.

    That men resort to importing brides points to the loserdom of the WOMEN of that country, not the men.

    Hopefully Opus is not projecting here…

  75. Anon says:

    That men resort to importing brides points to the loserdom of the WOMEN of that country, not the men

    Opus appears to be a whiteknight nationalist. His opposition to feminism is only up to the point where there is a risk that a British man might take a foreign bride. No! He can’t have that! British women must have priority no matter how bad they are!

    This mentality, of course, is why feminism still continues. The nationalist would rather deprive the men of his nation, than the women. That position, of course, takes considerably less courage than actually opposing feminism..

  76. Kaminsky says:

    Opus hasn’t been that extreme imo. It was a good discussion. We should all pitch in and get him a ten day trip to Phuket.

  77. Opus says:

    I am perfectly happy to remove the word loser – it was just short-hand for less successful.

    It is as you all know hopeless to explain a joke – the joke ceases to be funny and dissolves into incoherence; even so, to suggest that the Little Britain joke was in support of the F.I. is I would suggest rather stretching a notion beyond what it can happily sustain. I thus explain: Dudley Punt is overweight, balding and presumably on a minimum wage job and lives in an apartment of the sort you see in old British films portraying the working class, somewhere in South London. It may well be that English women are in the main awful – be that as it may – but Dudley sends abroad Cash-on-Delivery for a Thai bride. Ting Tong shows and she is definitely not what the brochure promised (being short and fat) however her oral skills win the day and he allows Ting Tong to stay the night. He then discovers that she is not a woman at all and orders her out. Once again she persuades Dudley to keep her. The car I mentioned, an Austin Allegro (thirty years old) is the butt of jokes and the colour is awful too, but for their honeymoon Dudley crosses the English channel to stay with his unnamed brother at camping site in Belgium. The unnamed brother (as physically unappealing as Dudley) has, unknown to Dudley, a new wife. He has, he explains traded the old one in for a Russian who is clearly neither eighteen nor a virgin, in fact, it transpires, that she is a Porn Actress. He explains that Russian brides are the best these days ‘but Dear!’ (expensive). Four Hundred Pounds in fact; that is to say about Five hundred dollars.

    One of the things I like about Little Britain is that I recognise a fair number of the comic characters. I am not entirely sure however whether you have the equivalent of characters like Carol Beer or Vicky Pollock so I am not entirely sure that even with the two male actors assuming American accents (isn’t Hugh Lawrie good in House!) the series will translate into Americanese – and it may be that even the American version is aimed essentially at Britain rather than America. Correction: Bubbles de Vere is, I see, in the American version.

  78. DeNihilist says:

    Weekend box office, not bad, but definitely not great –

  79. DeNihilist says:

    Waiting for the wimminz ghostbuster to debut. think it will be in the top 3, but feel it will dissipate very quickly.

  80. mikediver5 says:

    My wife is a Filipina who is 27 years younger than me. I am in the top 1% of income, I am educated through a PhD, and have had several successful careers. When I married this very nice, slim, and IMO beautiful woman I faced all the stereotypes being discussed here. My six sisters all assumed that she was a gold digging green card seeking woman of questionable morality. She was instead a very serious Catholic 25 year old virgin who lived at home with her patriarchal family. Try finding any woman of marriageable age in the west who is a virgin. I had hoops to jump through, but they were put up by her family, not by her. I had to spend a week living with her family, and being interviewed by a dozen aunts and her mother, before I was given the green light to date her. All dates were chaperoned, as was only the norm for properly brought up young ladies. They were not happy about the prospect of my moving her out of the country. We have been married almost 8 years, and things keep getting better. I may even have gained more than grudging acceptance from her mother.

    Recently we were at a BBQ party at the beach house of a friend of my wife and I was with a group of men married to, or in relationships with, Filipina women. The discussion turned to how much money each was sending back to take care of each woman’s family. When It came my turn I said none. They couldn’t believe it, and argued that this was impossible. Then the Filipina friend of my wife walked in and said that what I said was undoubtedly true; as my wife’s family was quite well known, and they were all professionals; doctors, lawyers, college professors, and politicians. The hardest adjustment my wife had was when she first arrived. She was shocked that she would be doing yaya (maid) work. She had always had servants, and couldn’t wrap her head around having to cook, clean, and do laundry. Now we are planning our retirement to the Philippines and she is adamant that she will not have servants, as she has become Americanized and wants her privacy (and a washing machine, dryer, and dishwasher).

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