Scott is back.

I’m very pleased to see that Scott and his wife are back, at their new blogging home Morally Contextualized Romance.  I’ve added them to the blogroll, and you might want to stop by their new site and check it out.

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  3. Scott says:

    Hey there. Thanks for the link back!

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  5. Scott, old USS Nimitz flight deck rat here. Enjoyed rummaging through your latest blog. Was nice reading of real family, sounds like you have a sensible and wonderful bride. Mine was bossy feminist all the way, wasn’t haaaapy, divorced me, and she wound up with the wretched simp she was meant to be with all along. Some men just won’t bend to it, I guess I was one of them, although my faults were legion. Through the many years, I spent most weekends and many weeks continuously with my daughter as she grew and frankly, I think without my ex in the mix during my time, I was able to instill values and sensibilities in her she never would have gained with her uber-feminist mother alone. At 23, graduated with degree, married to her college sweetheart from a great family and prosperous beyond all of her friends, she is settled and quite different politically from the harpies. Proud Papa I am, I can die happy someday. May you and your bride make it through these troubled days so you may experience a similar victory in behalf of your kids in spite of the ravages of feminism, political correctness and the damnation of others for making value judgments of what you will and will not tolerate. It’s a tough old world out there.

    Looking forward to more entries in yours and your bride’s new “shop”. Cheers to you and yours.


  6. Neguy says:

    OT, but Mark Driscoll’s current twitter image is interesting:

  7. Trust says:

    The posts on apologies was good. It did remind me of a session in the “Love and Respect” seminar. “Love and Respect” was a great seminar and fair to men, but Dr. Eggrichs made a statement that “apologizing to a woman is an aphrodisiac.” Women nodded and nudged their husbands, but the statement was nonsense and shows even an expert and one of the best marriage instructors out there still didn’t fully comprehend the dynamics of female attraction. Then again, neither do women.

    On a side note, speaking of “Love and Respect,” one amusing thing about the seminar is how many wives marched their husbands into it thinking it was about showing love and respect to wives, and were absolutely floored that they were counseled to change their behavior too. Part of the rebellion.

  8. Stryker says:


    I find those type of pics disgusting, where the woman is breaking the fourth wall and the man is focused on the woman. See it all the time in engagement and wedding photos. It’s like the woman is sitting there saying look what I got, a man wrapped around my finger…probably not the most Christian perspective to have, but it is the impression I always get. I made sure the photographer didn’t get any pics like this during my engagement/wedding.

  9. Anchorman says:

    Women nodded and nudged their husbands, but the statement was nonsense and shows even an expert and one of the best marriage instructors out there still didn’t fully comprehend the dynamics of female attraction. Then again, neither do women.

    It is because people often confuse elements essential for compatibility with elements essential for attraction. A Leader wants to build a sense of compatibility but isn’t the slightest bit concerned about attraction. A husband most definitely has to account for attraction and repeated mea culpas and groveling, especially when it’s relatively minor and forgettable error, dries up attraction like alum.

  10. Anchorman says:

    That pic is an old one. Every time I see that couple pose, I see a man who will always place his wife on a pedestal.

  11. BradA says:

    It has been stated here many times, but women like many things in a man they are already attracted to. They are not necessarily attracted to those things and may even be repelled by them, but they like them in context and often don’t see the difference.



    I was thinking more about out discussion on the Victoria’s Secret poster and your 9 year old son in another thread. I would be curious to know what you thought would be appropriate to say about that.

  12. elovesc35 says:

    Interesting, I’m in the middle of reading that book by Eggrichs

  13. Scott says:

    Thanks for all these nice comments. Brad– I think you have convinced me to write a post about it, since we didn’t really finish the discussion.

  14. Spike says:

    I quite like the title. Since morals and context have been taken out of romance – leaving romance bereft of anything good in the process – it’s good to hear this combination!

  15. Oscar says:


    Glad to see you blogging again, brother.

  16. BradA says:

    That sounds good Scott.

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