We’re the real feminists.

The thing that struck me the most about Texas politics after moving to the state is that Democrats focus the bulk of their efforts on convincing Texas voters that they are the real conservative, and their Republican opponent is the fake.  For just one example of this, in our recent election for Governor Democrat Wendy Davis tried to get to the right of Republican Greg Abbott on the issue of gun rights by supporting open carry. It was of course a ruse, and she has since come out and stated that it was.

Republicans (not just in Texas but nationwide) use a similar strategy regarding feminism.  “We’re the real feminists” is the standard Republican claim.  You can see this with Jonah Goldberg celebrating Glorious Feminist Progress, and with Gavin McInnes here*.  In fact, this formula is so common that very few would even notice it.  Republicans claiming to be more feminist than feminists is SOP.  If you are a Republican, it is what you do.

There is however an important difference between Democrats in Texas claiming to be the real conservative, and Republicans everywhere claiming to be the real feminists;  the Democrats (and pretty much everyone else) know this is a ruse to get elected.  Republicans are serious when they claim to be the real feminists.

See Carly Fiorina’s recent campaign video (H/T Cane Caldo):

Ladies, look at this face! And look at all of your faces. The face of leadership. The face of leadership in our party, the party of women’s suffrage. The face of leadership in your communities, in your businesses, in your places of work and worship. Ladies, note to Democrat party:  We are not a special interest group, we are the majority of the nation. This is the face of a sixty one year old woman– I am proud of every year and every wrinkle.

*H/T anonymous_ng

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  3. The funny thing is, that they actually believe that they’re fooling everyone — when the only people that they’re fooling are the “true believer” idiots, who are willingly fooled. “Useful idiots”, anyone?

  4. JRH says:

    Admit it, Dal, you just wanted an excuse to link to McInnes’ awesome sarcastic rant.

  5. Damn Crackers says:

    “We’re not sexist!”
    “We’re not racist!”
    “We’re not homophobic!”

    By playing in this frame, the Republicans have already lost. They are merely the Democratic party of twenty years ago. Although, this attitude explains the popularity of Trump.

  6. benfromtexas says:

    I’ve got to agree 100%!!!!

    Trump’s rise is because of the Republicans pandering.

  7. Eidolon says:

    It’s been funny watching people get so upset about Trump’s statements and lack of apologies for them. Like the guy who called Obama a Muslim the other day.

    What Trump gets that they never seem to is that by apologizing, you’re not just accepting that someone else thought you were wrong or offensive, you’re saying you think you were wrong and/or offensive too. If they call you racist, and you apologize, you’re admitting that you agree that you are a racist. That’s why the label sticks.

    Trump is right to ignore the outrage. Notice how each instance dies away quickly while he continues to move forward. Because he doesn’t apologize, he shows that he doesn’t accept the accusations. He either denies the charges, or doesn’t care about them. Sometimes he even restates the “offensive” statement! It shows he rejects the other side’s false characterization in a way that no apology could.

    This is what’s needed, and it’s generally what the left does. When a Republican politician does something that even looks kind of bad, the party purges him immediately. When a Democrat politician keeps 100 grand in a freezer or is convicted for corruption as a judge or looks the other way while his boyfriend runs a prostitution ring out of his house, he get reelected no problem.

    The thing that Trump is showing is that you can openly advocate right-wing positions on issues, but you have to be willing to take the heat and not apologize for everything the media complains about. You don’t have to pretend to be better at implementing left-wing ideas, but you do have to stand your ground when they pretend that if you just apologize they’ll forgive you for being on the right.

  8. Dale says:

    @Eidolon: The inability to admit that you were wrong or to apologize isn’t some grand strategy on the part of Donald Trump, but rather the tell-tale symptom of a narcissistic personality.

  9. admitit says:

    While it can appear the same, unable is different from ‘chose not to’

  10. http://therationalmale.com/2015/04/30/the-political-is-personal/

    I’ve given this example before, but if you put Gretchen Carlson and Rachel Maddow on the same show and confronted them with red pill truths and Game-awareness they would eagerly close ranks, reserve their political differences and cooperatively fight for the Feminine Imperative.

    This is the degree to which the Feminine Imperative has been saturated into our western social fabric. Catholic women in the Vatican may have very little in common with Mormon women in Utah, but let a Mormon woman insist the church alter its fundamental foundational articles of faith with regard to women in favor of a doctrine substituted by the Feminine Imperative and those disparate women have a common purpose.

    That is the depth of the Feminine Imperative – that female primacy should rewrite articles of faith to prioritize women’s interests.

    Religious doctrine, legal and political legislation, cultural norms, labor and economic issues; all are trumped by the Feminine Imperative. All have been subverted to defer to the Feminine Imperative while maintaining a default status of victimhood and oppression of women and women’s interests necessary to perpetuate that covert decentralized power base.

    It doesn’t matter what world view, ideology or political stripe the opposition holds; men, masculinity and anything contrary to the feminine-primary social narrative will always be a common enemy of the Feminine Imperative, and both liberal and conservative will climb over one another to throw the first punch if it means defending women and defending the feminine social order by proxy.

    This is why anything even marginally pro-masculine is vilified in mainstream society. Anything pro-masculine is always an easy, preferred target because it’s so hated, so incorrect, in a feminine-primary context that it can unite people of hostilely opposed political and ideological differences.

  11. Eidolon says:

    Some guy says Obama is a Muslim, and Trump ignores it. Next day, the media complains that he should have repudiated that statement or else it’s as bad as saying it himself, even though he never did such a thing.

    The typical approach is to apologize, even though you did nothing wrong and aren’t responsible for random things random people say. This lends credence to the idea that you did something wrong. The correct approach is to ignore the accusation or make fun of the person making it.

    We can never retake our culture or our faith from feminism without the willingness to do and say things that everyone in the media and most of the wider culture will say is offensive and evil, and not back down. We need to say things like “women shouldn’t have the vote” and “feminism is an evil, anti-civilizational force and we need to return to patriarchy” and “don’t date or marry sluts” and then not back down when the shrieking starts.

    Trump is giving a good example of this. Being a narcissist helps enormously to do this, I’m sure, but nevertheless the apologies he has refused to give would have been stupid and needless apologies anyway.

  12. michael savell says:

    Which is why,of course that Feminism will always come out on top until other women start to get suspicious of it’s intent towards them.Men are far too combatative to stick to a goal,they wish to question things every inch of the way which means they never talk with one voice.

  13. desiderian says:

    What is needed are men with the courage of their convictions.

    Trump at least has the courage. The corporate establishment (R and D) has neither.

  14. Spiralbinder says:

    Dale needs to read Vox Day’s “SJW’s Always Lie” for why it’s important to NEVER apologize in the face of SJW bullsh*t, posturing, and faux-outrage. Trump knows the technique quite well.

  15. Dale says:

    @admitit: I hope I am wrong, but Trump seems like a classic case of narcissistic personality disorder. Ignore that fact at your peril. If so, you might as well be giving the nuclear football to Kanye West or Kim Kardashian.

  16. greyghost says:

    so what that is what the position takes. how could anybody be worse than what we have.

  17. modernmathetes says:

    Let’s not forget this gem.

  18. modernmathetes says:

    But she doesn’t play the gender card, even thought she was let go from HP because she is a woman.

  19. enriquesufi@gmail.com says:

    What’s wrong with being Muslim?

  20. Cane Caldo says:

    That bit about Wendy Davis is amazing. It should be hung on the neck of every politician and pundit who supported her, for the rest of their careers. If one supports open carry (I do) then it just seems like one lie who told to get elected. But to the anti-gun crowd (who actually believe open carry puts guns in the hands of murderers) she was willing to arm murderers to get elected.

    Here are the facts of the Republican candidates: Trump is a clown, but the other candidates are jokes.

  21. Joe says:

    Cruz is the guy I want. He’s bold – has taken on Republican leadership repeatedly (political suicide in this climate) and won, he’s rock ribbed libertarian/conservative, and he’s a skillful politician. Red pill? I’m not sure, but I think he’d give some of the issues raised in RP circles a fair evaluation. They’d probably resonate with him.

    Trump is okay, he’s courageous alright but I haven’t seen much in the way of plans to fix problems. Simply opposing problems isn’t enough, contra Hamlet, so it makes him seem like a great talker but maybe not a great future president. Kasich, Walker, Rubio – they know most of the right policy things to do, but I’m not sure they have the balls to do it. And Fiorina, despite the Hey I’m A Chick reflex, would probably do okay, but I don’t thin she’s really in the running for POTUS but for VPOTUS. She’s still got bigger balls than Jeb!, or Huckabee.

  22. Women are so successful, that the entire world has bankrupt itself pandering to their awesomeness. Seriously, that’s freaking progress! Who else can brag over that sort of power?

  23. Imagine this women against Hillary for the Presidency? Lord, make it so! That would be amazing!

  24. Was Fiorina the person who whined about being put in charge of a struggling company, saying they just wanted to make a woman look bad?

  25. feeriker says:

    But she doesn’t play the gender card, even thought she was let go from HP because she is a woman.

    Carly was canned as CEO of HP because the already-stumbling company’s performance took a complete nosedive on her watch. If she wanted to play the “sex/gender card,” the only honest approach she could take at this point would be something along the lines of “You see? Women as incompetent CEOs can trash a company just as effectively as the men can!”

  26. easttexasfatboy says:

    Trump is the only one that can fight and WIN. I’M from East Texas, and we know Cruz. He’s a good man, knows his biz like no one else, but he just ain’t electable nationwide. Plain fact. You see, get between Trump and something he wants……he’ll stomp a muddy hole in you. It’s a visceral type of knowledge, that you learn as a boy as you fight. Cruz ain’t got it. He’s too goody two shoes. We have to have a real straight up fighter, the kind of fellow who has made his bones. Trump has explained that situations change in a fluid environment, and he will not say what he’s going to do until he faces the problems.

    Trump is a real world doer, not a political poser. Think hard about that. For example, Islam isn’t compatible with western societies. Open facts bear that out. Another fact is that western perversion is anathema to your average Moslem. Future violence will bear this out.

    Obama is muslim. He was raised as a child in it. Once you become muslim, you can never go back, especially as a male. Trump had nothing to add, as it’s common knowledge.

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  28. Gunner Q says:

    Trump can win, maybe, but he won’t be good for America. Our main problem is a gov’t that refuses to obey the restrictions on its power. If Trump has spoken for limited gov’t then I haven’t found it yet.

    Constitution Party!

  29. Watching Trump is like watching the Red Pill come to life writ large. Oh sure he could still implode but it is damn fun to watch.

    Dude is a bona fide unapologetic Alpha. Pursuing his mission in life; Check. Doing it HIS way: Check. Rich, confident and successful: Check. Doesn’t give a flying frack what people think of him: Check. He keeps getting a pass and despite the catcalls continues to be very well liked. Tell me whats her fox news host didn’t get the tingles live on air.

    Meanwhile the Ree-pew-bicks pander and bend and bow and scrape like good little “nice guy” Betas. Their reward is to get gang piled if they stutter a word, then they put down their heads like true manginas and apologize abjectly. Nobody, trust me, NOBODY gets the tingles from Rubio, or Paul or Cruz. The only Re-pewbick who isn’t in a Dead Bedroom is Fiorina and that is just because her husband is unable turn her down when she bitch slaps him and bends him over the bed.

  30. Eidolon says:

    Didn’t mean to turn this into another debate on the merits of Trump (though I would say that his main issue, immigration, is pretty much the only thing that matters — a country full of white European types has a chance to vote the way right-wingers want; a country full of South Americans and Africans never will).

    My point is that what he’s doing in the presidential race is what will be necessary everywhere in order to restore sanity. People will have to say unpopular truths, loudly and without backing down. We’ll all need to start saying things that cause people to gasp in horror, and defend them.

    It’s scary, but I think this works better than people think. When they hear the gasp, people often get scared and dissemble. But if you stick to your guns and you’re willing to explain, you’ll do a lot more to get people on your side than most people expect. Trump has as high a rating with black and Hispanic voters as any Republican in ages.

  31. Dave says:

    What is with Obama’s obsession with homosexuality? Seriously, isn’t it going overboard? Obama persecutes countries which do not legalize that perversion called “gay marriage”, and threatens them with sanctions.
    Now, he wants to change every institution to become gay-headed and gay-friendly.


  32. Tam the Bam says:

    O shush, Tomassi, it’ll get you into trouble you know.
    ” a doctrine substituted by the Feminine Imperative and those disparate women have a common purpose.”
    We’ve been knee deep in it for years, Over Here.
    For instance, people think Red Jezza being inserted as tribune of the plebs by the more powerful and frustrated faction of the labor unions is a sign of Change We Can Believe In, but deliberately ignore his decades-old North London machine-politician fealty. Blairite continuity rote fraktion.
    Common Purpose;- mass immigration, complete surveillance, disarming and pauperization of hoi polloi, regulatory capture of production by the state apparatus, balkanization of what used to be coherent nations into easily administered regions/Länder.
    It’s just getting started in its overt phase. In the Balkans, as usual. Stay tuned, should be exciting.

  33. Former UK resident says:

    Tam the Bam speaks the truth. Google Amitai Etzioni for further enlightement.

  34. desiderian says:


    We’re too much of a democracy, and not enough of a republic, for a man like Cruz to win, short of a national emergency.

    That’s the dynamic that sunk Romney, though it didn’t help that he was a coward. Granted that Cruz is the farthest thing from that.

  35. desiderian says:

    “We’re the real feminists”

    If by feminists you mean the common usage of people who look out for the interests of women, then yes, Dalrock, we (you included) are.

    There is nothing women need more now than a good dose of Christian headship by a man who knows how.

  36. Anonymous Reader says:

    hope I am wrong, but Trump seems like a classic case of narcissistic personality disorder. Ignore that fact at your peril. If so, you might as well be giving the nuclear football to Kanye West or Kim Kardashian.

    How would that be different from the last 8 years?

    What is with Obama’s obsession with homosexuality?

    Gosh, I wonder. What could it be? A personal issue, maybe?

  37. Anonymous Reader says:

    Of course Republicans such as Jonah Goldeberg believe they are the “real” feminists, because it’s true. The 2nd stage of feminism – including abortion available “just in case” – is firmly cemented into the GOP at the leadership / donor / pundit / chinstroker level, even if not so much at the base.

    So what Goldberg and other chinstrokers are objecting to is 3rd stage feminism, where Title IX moves from being an “equalizer” to being overt discrimination against men (Goldberg’s wife, Jessica Gavora, wrote a book on that topic). All this “real feminism” means is whatever was radical 30 years ago is now not radical.

    It’s the same old same old socon /tradcon “sea anchor” effect, where the “conservative” seeks to “conserve” whatever was brainwashed into his or her head as a teenager. 20 to 30 years from now I’m sure it will be a “conservative” position to totally support homosexual marriage but to oppose polymarriage, for example.

    Yes. These socons are real feminists. Therefore they are part of the problem, not any part of the solution. Because they will always side with the feminists, and against civilization.

  38. Anonymous Reader says:

    Oh, and Wendy Davis lied? Golly, what a surprise. Her statement was not intended to be factual, it was just an emotional “boob bait for bubba” as Clinton used to call it. There’s a long tradition of female politicans in Texas putting on a little pro-gun show around election time that almost everyone except the zero attention voters knows is a cynical lie. Granny Annie Richards singlehandedly stalled legal concealed carry in Texas for years, but always found time in the fall to provide photo ops holding a shotgun…er….”hunting quail”. Friends of mine in Texas would run into some Perazzi moron in a gun store every single year who would insist “Why, Ann RIchards isn’t anti gun, look at this fine shotgun!”. Money doesn’t always track with intelligence…and you can fool some of the people all of the time.

    That last election is probably the last one in which a suburban, white, UMC feminist woman will be a credible contender for governor, or any kind of contender from the Dems. Demographics in Texas appears to be steadily changing.

    As I’ve noted from time to time we swim in feminism, if one is not actively resisting it then one is passively accepting it. Consider Jonah Goldberg – his wife evidently would not take his last name, she’s older than he is, he has more than once trotted out the tired White Knight cliche that “women civilize men” and he’s fully on board with all of 2nd stage feminism, with the exception of unlimited abortion – at least in theory. Obvious conclusion? Heck, yeah, he’s a feminist.

  39. Prof. Woland says:

    While I wish Trump would act a little more Presidential, the war-on-women meme was going to be used on him sooner or later anyway, the only surprise is that it happened in the primaries and by a fellow Republican. Hopefully he can learn from this when the real fight comes once Hillary is coronated. Her strategy will be exactly what Fiorina’s is, that is just say, “I’m a woman” and I will advocate for you. I would be curious to know if like Hillary, Fiorina has for even once advocated for men as a special interest group at the expense of women, since this is what she is implying men are. My guess is no.

  40. Scott says:

    Trump seems like a classic case of narcissistic personality disorder

    I have a little experience with this. 1. I am related to a former elected official and worked very closely with many other elected officials on campaigns, etc and 2. I am a psychologist.

    No one–absolutely no one gets as far in life as these top-tier types without having at least some Axis II pathology, particularly from the narcissistic criteria set. Trump is no different from Fiorina, Clinton, Cruz or Bush in that regard.

  41. Looking Glass says:

    Hillary isn’t a sure thing within the Democrats. They already abandoned her once for Obama. While Bernie Sanders shouldn’t be able to match the Clinton Machine, he’s a legitimate threat to her.

    Not that she shouldn’t be sitting in prison at the moment awaiting trial.

  42. Looking Glass says:


    You have to be pretty touched in the head to run for President. This is actually a known problem with her election system.

  43. Spike says:

    Technically Dalrock, husbands ARE the real feminists:

    The study in the article shows that both men and women who are married report better health within marriage by a huge margin compared to single, divorced or gay cohabiting men and women. This is true even when socioeconomic factors (i.e. wealth) is adjusted for.

    This is the latest on a long line of studies dating over 40 years that say that married women are healthier – mentally, physically, emotionally spiritually. If this is known, is it not in society’s interest to strengthen marriage, not weaken it? Why is it that State-sponsored feminists are pushing the opposite view?

  44. JDG says:

    Feminism is the norm. Those of us who are not feminists oppose it, all of it, from abortion all the way back to suffrage. We are the fringe. Those who support it, any part of it, are feminists and are aiding the destruction of civilization.

  45. Moses says:

    This is the money quote, below.

    Trump’s refusal to apologize to the clucking media reveals the weakness of mainstream conservatives.

    It’s all about frame. Trump owns and controls the frame. Other GOP candidates let the SJW media own the frame and define them. “Cuckservative” indeed.

    Trump is right to ignore the outrage. Notice how each instance dies away quickly while he continues to move forward. Because he doesn’t apologize, he shows that he doesn’t accept the accusations. He either denies the charges, or doesn’t care about them. Sometimes he even restates the “offensive” statement! It shows he rejects the other side’s false characterization in a way that no apology could.

    This is what’s needed, and it’s generally what the left does.

  46. Adam says:

    The other problem is that it keeps Republicans, who would be our fiscal conservatives, from addressing the biggest policy pushes to significantly expand federal spending http://mobile.nytimes.com/2015/09/20/opinion/sunday/a-toxic-work-world.html?referrer=

    How much will all this cost and who will pay?

  47. None of this matters. Republican/Democrat, all is ruled by feminism. Enjoy the decline, gents. It. Is. Over. Until the white/feminist culture that now rules is flushed (all those white women’s faces that are the “face of leadership”) by Islam, by the Hispanic hoards, this is what we have. The up-and-coming cultures are not impressed by the “faces of leadership” of scraggy old women. Who the Hell do these women think are going to defend THEM? The feminist hoard, these weaklings destroying those who would defend them, men that is, are going to be sorely disappointed. They are sealing their own fate, dooming their daughters by enjoying the trend of destroying the interest of men, in particular, white men who USED to defend them and were slurred and slandered for their trouble. Good luck with that in another ten, 15 years when no one stands to protect the “faces of leadership” against Hispanic and Islamic cultures that have no tolerance for the notion of weak women leading THEM.

    Now get this: on the very day Obama names an openly homosexual Army Secretary, he announces 100,000 “refugees” from Islamic states that behead homosexuals and enslave their women and have a doctrine that justifies raping children will be imported into the United States. Europe is now doomed with the ongoing influx from the Muslim/Radical Islamist hoard. Yet, Obama intends to allow 100,000-plus because we have to help with the “refugee” crisis. Hint: THESE are Obama’s people. Now, they are not feminist, how do feminists tolerate the import of 100,000 arch-enemies of feminism? Do they not know what that means? What the hell, gentlemen? Women are some leaders. They’re idiots if they don’t speak up. Me, I don’t care, it hastens the collapse of feminism, transgenderism and the rest, heterosexual men will be boss once again, but how do Feminists tolerate this amnesty of Islam into the United States? It makes no sense looking at the situation, the juxtaposition of Obama’s actions of the past 48 hours, from a feminist self-interest standpoint. How does Obama get away with it?

  48. Easttexasfatboy says:

    The way this all ends is in piles of corpses. That’s the way it always ends. Feminism has done this before. You know, ever since Eve.

    So, yeah, white feminist women are going to be slaughtered. Karma is very thorough. They destroyed the fighting spirit in men, and so there you go.

  49. Dave says:

    It is still my belief that feminism is far worse than Nazism, and I am not kidding. At least, in some sick way, Nazism respected human lives, even if only German lives. It respected families, femininity, and masculinity; and never attacked its own.
    Feminism on the other hand is a very malignant destructive force that attacks everything holding up civilization. It has murdered more babies than Nazism for sure, and maybe killed more people than any war ever fought. It destroys women, men, families, kids and every institution that stands in its path. It has made everything good its enemy, calling evil good and good evil.

    Isaiah 5:20King James Version (KJV)

    Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

  50. The JacK Russell Terrorist says:

    Carly Fiona. Hewlett Packard. Do the research. HP just announced massive layoffs. Carly ran a company that made good products into the ground. When Carly was pres., they started making junk. They are slowly getting better, but it will take years to recover from her reign at HP. Not to mention the perks she awarded herself at HP. Imagine her as POTUS. Not that she would be any worse than Barack Hussein Obama aka: The Long Legged Mack Daddy, Frank Marshall Davis Jr.

  51. greyghost says:

    Jim Christian
    There is a reason for having a guy run run the military.
    The whole reason for women ,gays in combat units is to create losers beholden to evil. The biggest threat to he “ismist’ is the heterosexual family man not going along and the military is a huge concentration of armed and capable. They want to break that up. Political loyalty is the new merit and what we are seeing before us is how it is done. I don’t mind those are shitty troops and the marine corps just openly said so. How motivated would a normal man be fighting in a unit that is full of people that hate him so the government can have the power to make that same man a second class citizen. All the while making sure he knows he is a racist, sexist homophobe. The elite are just trying to make a loyal to them force not some patriotic men fighting for constitutional
    principles. http://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2015/sep/11/military-coup-some-americans-would-vote-yes
    They need to fix that. Get those minds right. The whole point of diversity and ism’s is to remove the dog in the hunt emotion. as soon as the spirit is broken you go from ideals to just getting your far share and then they own you. Elites will always consider people that can grow their own food make their own clothes etc. threats. Even though they are the most civil people the country has.

  52. Just Saying says:

    Democrats focus the bulk of their efforts on convincing Texas voters that they are the real conservative

    Someone once told me, “You know how to tell if a Democrat is lying? If he’s talking he’s lying. The thing is they don’t know they are lying they have done it so long they think it’s the truth.” I never forget that – doesn’t mean that the Republican is telling the truth either – but at least it gives you a starting point.

    Trump represents sanity and people who are tired of all of the victimization crap, and people looking for slights. That is why people like him – he doesn’t apologize because YOU took offense where none was meant – he calls you and idiot – which is accurate. And people like that. Personally, if I could take a baseball bat to all of the “victims” I would – show them what it feels like to really be a victim. I’m just glad to see that the “silent majority” is waking up – of course the Democrats have been importing more and more of their lying ilk from elsewhere to destroy this nation – that is what they want, the destruction of this nation. Obama has done a great job along those lines…

  53. Mariah8 says:

    Feminism is a repackage of nazism, just more effecient. I think it is a stretch to say the Nazis respected families, they encouraged women to be home focused and breed but the results were owned by the ” Fatherland” not the family and they actively encouraged activities that broke down traditional family structure, i. e. Send your daughters to nazi summer camp to get knocked up.

  54. Viidad says:

    Joe: “Cruz is the guy I want. He’s bold – has taken on Republican leadership repeatedly (political suicide in this climate) and won, he’s rock ribbed libertarian/conservative, and he’s a skillful politician. Red pill? I’m not sure, but I think he’d give some of the issues raised in RP circles a fair evaluation. They’d probably resonate with him. ”

    Bankster wife. Bought and sold. Case closed.

  55. Two thoughts:
    1. Fiorina is taking some criticism for playing the woman card. See, for example, the end here: http://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2015/09/15/will_fiorina_fall_into_trumps_trap_128089.html It is mild but will grow if she continues to do this in a national campaign.
    2. The Texas Dems are posing, but the Republican feminists are not. In fact, there has been so much manipulation and fracturing of the term, that it is ripe for a strategic taking. (And I’d really like for the “little women of Marxism” to become a term like “useful idiots.” I’m aiming big.) http://thefederalist.com/2014/12/04/lets-not-throw-away-feminism-lets-reclaim-it/

  56. “[H]ow do Feminists tolerate this amnesty of Islam into the United States?”

    I suspect their mindset in that case is: better them than those evil, patriarchal Caucasian Christians.

    As Apollo Creed once said, “Some folks need to learn the hard way.”

  57. Looking Glass says:


    Feminists have little trouble rationalizing & justifying the industrial slaughter of their own children. The leaps of logic needed to accept Islamic murders don’t take much.

  58. mrteebs says:

    So Jonah Goldberg’s wife didn’t take his last name. Doesn’t that tell us everything we need to know?

  59. easttexasfatboy says:

    Until they are the stars of their own personal beheading video. And no one cares to save them. ISIS could really reap the recruits here if they start on the feminists. Folks aren’t going to believe the cheers.

  60. Ghost and Glass,
    I’m attuned to the performance issue of women in the military. Hell, my old ship USS Nimitz is tied up in Bremerton at roughly 3/4 strength owing to too many ship’s crew without a pre-filed deployment plan in their service records laying out what happens to the children of the single mothers if the ship COULD sail. The squadrons of Naval Air are in the same fix. The children, what to do with the children. Today, as we speak, we bomb Syria and Western Iraq from the long stretch of the Persian Gulf and Indian Ocean (1000-1700 miles) when we could (except for the aforementioned children) bomb them from the Mediterranean coast of Syria. The logistics of the mission don’t bear inspection, but then, what to do about the children. The cost of the good girls of Naval Aviation to the mission is unspeakable, everyone knows the cost, but jobs for girls before the good of the mission. We may as well carve up a half-dozen carriers except where would the little sweethearts report to work every morning? a nuclear tied up pier side is an expensive office building just to provide a few jobs for the girls of the US Navy. The situation is same-same for formerly-deployable units of the USMC, various and sundry special forces units and now the SEALs and submarine service will become hamstrung with single mothers and their children who cannot be brought along for the ride. And of course, their spots in the military workforce were at the expense of men who in fact were trained at great expense to, well, deploy.

    But again, I mustn’t digress. One wonder how feminists of Europe and the U.S., so attuned (I’m using that word again) to the slightest of “slights” directed toward the mess feminism has brought our societies, could sit idly by and watch the ultimate in “rape Culture” be welcomed in. Read Fred Reed (www.fredoneverything.org) sometime. The minorities of the United States including the Muslim sector is responsible for 6400% higher rate of rape than white men. Who gets credit for rape culture? White men. So, I long ago retreated to a position of “tohellwithit-ism”. It is my personal (but no means unique) reply to feminism that considers me the enemy. I celebrate the caliphate and all that it might bring, if nothing else, to me, a sense of vindication and of course, the end of feminism and the alphabet stew of sexual depravity of which were are beset of late. I always was a selfish bastard, as my ex-wife. She’s the fatty in the third row.

    You’re right, Ghost. They lost me and my loyalty. Hey, maybe my ilk and I (did I say that right? Oh, no matter), white males of military service and industrial production and loyal father, son and brother (and divorce-raped ex-husband), maybe I AM the enemy. I accept that. I’ll resist no further in politics. You spend your life, I’ll spend mine, we’ll see who was correct right-quick as they say down South.

    Peace, Out.

  61. jonakc1 says:

    cruz is hardly rp
    he could not even tell his wife to live with him for couple of years
    as he had to support her career…

    cruz’s marriage is not that different to a gay marriage
    there is no male or female…

  62. ray says:

    Good. Title included.

  63. Marriages of convenience are common to the political crowd. See the Governor of Virginia. The wife’s corruptions trumped the Governor’s, but he went to jail, she didn’t, or less so. See Bill Clinton and Hillary. Only reason she was SecState is because Obama believes in keeping his enemies close. All Obama has to do now to ensure the insertion of Liz Warren into the Democrat process is appoint an “Independent Prosecutor” and dig into the Hillary email servers. With Hillary gone (she OUGHT to go to jail), Joe Biden and Liz Warren will be the ticket, not necessarily in that order. Al Gore and Tipper. Soon as Al was gone forever, humiliated in 2000, Tipper left him. Remember the gross Al/Tipper kiss in the 2000 Democrat Convention? Phony as the day is long. Women today hang with their men until prominence and and attention flees. The jury is out on Tom Brady and Giselle Bunchen. Me thinks when Brady isn’t the QB of choice for the Patriots, in spite of all the attention, wealth, fame and favors over the years, dear Giselle will hit the road on Brady and take his kids with her. But wait! SHE has more money that Tom. We’ll see if the courts treat Tom to Giselle’s money the way they would treat Giselle if HE had more money. But then, I’m a political sage, born and bred in DC. What do I know, anyway?

    It is a screwed up world. Feminism owns all of this, baby. Bring on the Caliphate. And soon. I will not resist. WHERE is that prayer mat?

  64. jonakc1 says:

    you say tradcons/repubs etc pretend to be feminists
    they actually are feminists


    here is a blog of a man praising his wife for refusing to follow his career plan
    and grudgingly attending his church…

    these days in conservative circles , they seem to be taking their ideas of what a Godly wife is from Job’s wife!!

    Imagine if Moses’s or Isaiah’s wife told them to stop doing what they were called to do!!!
    that they refuse to support their husband!!

  65. Here in the West, it’s all routine. They aren’t haaaaaapy.

  66. “You can see this with Jonah Goldberg celebrating Glorious Feminist Progress, and with Gavin McInnes here*.”

    McInnes’ article, unlike Goldberg’s, is a brilliant work of satire.

  67. bookooball says:

    Don’t hate the player, Dale.

  68. bookooball says:


  69. Bruce says:

    They, including the Christian right, do this with racism all the time.
    “We’re the real anti-racists. The democrats are racists. Black abortion, etc.”

  70. Kevin says:

    Trump has all the same pathologies that make Obama a horrible president, without the smooth delivery. Its just that he is “our guy” so we are going to tolerate it. I find the whole thing odd. In the end voting is an emotional activity for a huge portion of the population. People are mad about being ignored, Trump taps into that. He will be crucified in the general is my guess. He would be a slightly better president than Hillary as he is not a criminal, but politically they believe most of the same stuff.

    Its a crazy world with everyone trying to out feminist each other.

  71. BradA says:

    That is more true than you acknowledge. Some people who get a free pass are far more racist and intolerant that those who are frequently chastised for that. Are you really saying otherwise Bruce? Want to back up that claim if so?

  72. The Question says:

    I like Gavin Mcinnes; he’s done a lot of work exposing the harm feminism causes women. But even he falls prey to a line of thinking in which men are held accountable for the fallout in women’s lives when they make bad choices.

    2:55 in this video he chastises men for dating women during their peak fertility years and then dump them, rather than propose and marry.

    This of course ignores the unpleasant fact that it is the women who choose to remain in a relationship with men in which there are no expectations of long-term commitment. The women could insist they get married, and if not then leave and articulate those intentions with any man they date. They bring it upon themselves by intentionally entering into relationships with no permanent commitment because they too want the option to ditch their boyfriend in case a better options present themselves. The biological differences, however, means that when men are dumped at 29 by their girlfriend the consequences are far less severe.

    I know Gavin’s trying to help, but this doesn’t help prevent women from making these bad choices. All it tells them is that if they end up childless and single at 30 after their boyfriend of three years breaks up with them, it’s not their fault they wasted their prime fertility years, because it was the man’s job to “man up” and propose when it was the best time for her to get married and have children.

    What we’re seeing here is the existence of tacit, implied responsibility on the part of the man in a relationship to ensure the woman does not suffer for her poor decision-making, even if it comes at his expense.

  73. Jeff says:

    That is because EVEN in a christian marriage a wife CAN SAY she’s submissive, but in reality that doesn’t mean the husband is HER authority otherwise she would be open to discipline for her lack of holding to her responsibilities and allowing him to hold her accountable as she DOES him by default.

    Purple Pill men seem to get everything, but this simple fact: Patriarchy works, and works well for men and women. Christian Patriarchy works extremely well for both. This is to say if they are holding to the values that God has commanded. Purple Pillers STOP right at the moment that could HOLD both genders accountable. At current, men are not only held accountable for their own decisions, but also for the miss step, miss guidance, and mistakes that women make. This goes for those circumstances that men are not even involved in or for that matter told to step aside. Or when women fail.

  74. new anon says:

    This was highlighted on Rush Limbaugh’s show today.

    The caller (who came across as a pretty intelligent guy) said he had worked in big corporate America for a long time, and that Fiorina’s is following the corporate diversity playbook. He thought it may be so ingrained in her, after spending so many years in corporate America, that she may may not even realize what she is doing.

    Dalrock, it may be worth finding a transcript of Rush’s show and posting that part for discussion. It really hit the nail on the head. While Trump and Carson seem to be going pushing back against PC, Fiorina seems to be immersed in it.

  75. Anonymous Reader says:

    While Trump and Carson seem to be going pushing back against PC, Fiorina seems to be immersed in it.

    Well, sure, because Fiorina is a creation of feminism, 2nd stage feminism. She is to feminism as a fish is to water. Her record at HP was simply abominable, engineers were singing in their cubes when she left. Without feminism, Fiorina would never have been CEO of anything larger than a craft store, IMO. She’s there to give the Republicans some cover with regard to the “war on women” charge, maybe, but it won’t work in the longer run.

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  77. infowarrior1 says:

    “Conservatives” that tell of being the true feminists tell us all we need to know about their cuck nature.

  78. infowarrior1 says:


    He who does not have works does not have faith. Likewise a wife that says she submits yet rejects her husbands authority is lying.

    Submission is an attitude followed by action.

  79. Dave says:

    Imagine if Moses’s or Isaiah’s wife told them to stop doing what they were called to do!!!
    that they refuse to support their husband!!

    Actually, Moses’ wife nearly caused his death because she would not allow him to circumcise their son in obedience to the Lord’s command. Circumcision was far more than a mere ritual; it was a sign of God’s covenant with Abraham and his descendants.
    God subsequent showed up in anger, and wanted to kill Moses because of his failure to obey. This forced his wife to do an emergency circumcision for their son, throwing the foreskin at Moses, all the while showing her disapproval. Talk of an thoroughly insubordinate wife. And she was a daughter of a Priest. Go figure.

    Now it came about at the lodging place on the way that the LORD met him [Moses] and sought to put him to death. Then Zipporah [Moses’ wife] took a flint and cut off her son’s foreskin and threw it at Moses’ feet, and she said, “You are indeed a bridegroom of blood to me.” So He [God—most likely God’s angel] let him alone. At that time she said, “You are a bridegroom of blood “– because of the circumcision. Exodus 4:24-26).

    Isaiah married a prophetess, so maybe he was lucky

    And I went unto the prophetess; and she conceived, and bare a son. Then said the Lord to me, Call his name Mahershalalhashbaz. Isaiah 8:4

    It looks like some of the Patriachs had not-so ideal wives:
    Abraham’s wife laughed at God’s promise, and lied about it. See Genesis 18:12-15
    Job’s wife encouraged him to blaspheme against God, thereby committing instant suicide. Job 2:9

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  81. Driver says:

    Good points regarding some of the stances that men need to take…..especially today, to make the changes needed.

    Don’t date sluts.
    Don’t date (or wife up) a woman who already has kids.

    Back when, women were very careful not to have kids out of wedlock because it was bad for her (and the kids, long term). No man wanted to take on a woman who not only had kids but fucked how many men (and how often). This used to be the measuring stick that was used to find a decent woman (to wife up) but that has all been washed away thanks to feminism.

    Men need to get back to square one. Avoid women with kids (walk away) and if you know she’s a slut (too many rides on the cock carousel) then take a pass. It’s the only way that we’ll get back to having any quality women. (side note: besides, not many of them can cook for shit and too many of them can’t clean or don’t clean their own place).

  82. Jim says:

    The Republiturds are leftists. They only look like they’re on the “Right” because the Demoidiots are so far left that they’re almost next to Lenin.

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