The ugly feminist secret weapon.

Feminist Allison Hope reveals her secret weapon at XO Jane (archive):

…I had cracked the code on women’s dominance. It was invisible but had been there all along. Ladies, we can stink men into submission. 

Thank goodness New York City is so loud. I fart everywhere now. I fart in the grocery store to get the men behind me in line to back up a notch. I fart on the ferry to get men to take their goddamned arm off the back of my seat. I fart at the gym to get the sweaty men to move on over and not take the machine right next to mine. I fart on the street to get men to slow their roll and keep a respectful distance behind me and not encroach on my personal space.

 Humid days are the best because the fart hangs around longer…

Hope will no doubt be disappointed to learn that she isn’t the first to discover this particular ugly feminist weapon.  See also:

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  2. Hawk&Rock says:

    I have to call BS on this strident feminist’s claim to have so much trouble with men invading her personal space. I remember my first encounter with feminists when I was a 17 year old college freshman. I had wandered into a classroom for an evening class a few minutes early. The room was still occupied by a campus feminist group.

    While not a single one of them said anything overtly hostile or rude to me, the glares, the body language, the knowing glances shared between them made it instantly and absolutely clear that I was not wanted in that room, and that they did not like me at all. I immediately wanted out of that room and indeed left as quickly as possible.

    People who have normal abilities to read non-verbal cues know when they are not liked and not wanted around. I have no doubt that this woman puts out a hostile vibe to (most) men. It strains credulity to expect the reader to believe that all of them are spergy morons unable to pick up on it.

    Just more dishonest, boring tripe from the man haters club. Yawwwnnnnn….

  3. honeycomb says:

    I don’t think she needs to fart to get men to give her space .. her attitude would, and probably does, cause an automatic reflexive reaction to move further away.

    In fact I doubt the fart is smell that has everyone backing off.

    Jus Sayin .. maybe she should shower a lil more and use a breath mint.

  4. Boxer says:

    Gee… this is one classy broad…

  5. Bruce says:

    Is she kidding? Women are amateur farters. I could singe her friggin nose hair and my dad’s flatulence could probably kill her.

  6. feeriker says:

    Any woman who thinks she can best any man in the farting department is delusional. Mizz Hope must live a very sheltered life, even though she’s a New Yorker. That, or she hasn’t really ever weaponized her farts and gone head to head with a man. If she ever had, she wouldn’t have lived to have written that article. Her charred remains would have been long since buried (if you’ve ever seen the charred remains of mustard gas victims, you know what I’m talking about).

  7. Allison, Allison, you’re supposed to be strong as men, what is with the endless complaining? I know women, many, who started their own businesses, they’re SO much stronger than the men that work for them. What is your malfunction? Do you have Daddy issues? Real women don’t complain. Women have it made in this day and age, Allison. YOU have to fart to get by? I have no sympathy for you. Nor does anyone else, even if they don’t dare say it. Delete me now, XO Jane. I dared to talk back to dear, weak Allison. WHAT was I thinking?

  8. Flatulence is a clear sign of a poor diet. More evidence feminists hate women and want them to experience horrible metabolic issues, obesity, type 2 diabetes, depression, skin issues, etc. When you no longer consume a diet of nasty grains/starch, sugar, and colon destroying raw veggies, you no longer have gas. What a cause to have: destroying women’s health in order to repel men.

    What they would be horrified to know is the surest way to have men steer clear is to present yourself as unapproachable. It is a rare man who will encroach on a solid 9/10’s personal space. A well taken care of woman is usually an indication of a man who requires it and he’s usually not someone a man wants to disrespect.

  9. Peter Blood says:

    Check out the comments over there. Some good ones.

  10. jack says:

    I googled her picture, I’m not sure she needs to augment her repellent looks with gas.

    FATulence + flatulence.

  11. Lee says:

    This is just awful. Really vulgar stuff.

    She makes it worse by admitting it.

    It is a normal reaction to be embarrassed when someone notices you passed gas. To which you follow with an apology and/or pardon me.

  12. The Jack Russell Terrorist says:

    Here is a funny Weird Al parody of Celine Dione’s “My Heart Will Go On. Short just over 1 minute.

    This woman writer of the above post is obviously delusional to think that all these men notice her.

  13. Oscar says:

    The feeling’s mutual, so who cares?

  14. Mike says:

    You’ve come a long way, baby.

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  16. Sarah’s Daughter, please explain how raw veggies could possibly be bad? Just munching on raw carrots, celery, broccoli, lettuce, peppers, isn’t that some of the BEST possible things you could eat? All that fiber, bad for the colon? I just don’t see it. Look at all those low calorie vitamins and minerals…. how could that be bad? What because veggies make you fart? So? Everyone knows that the more you fart, the healthier you are.

  17. Red Pill Latecomer says:

    Back in grammar school, some of the boys had fart contests in the middle of class, to see who could fart loudest and longest. This was very upsetting to the nuns and to the girls, which, I assume, was part of the fun.

    These boys were 8 or 9 years old.

    Interesting that these “strong, SMART” feminists are on the same intellectual level as these boys.

  18. Red Pill Latecomer says:

    Anyone recall the old Howard Stern show:

  19. Centurion says:

    It’s gross, yes. This weapon of massive disgust (WMD) is especially effective if wielded by a fat feminist.

  20. mike says:

    Well, she looks like she should stick to just farting on her wife.

    Any girl who gets lured into these feminist blogs needs to triple check who they are taking advice from. An alarming amount are bitter lesbians who want to sabotage their life.

    Oh, look another article openly demonstrating standard view of husbands. “Stalk your exes in front of him “….i.e. search for your past alphas and proactively cuckold your loser beta husband.

    Seriously, any man who cares about his relationship should setup modem level website monitoring and see just how much bs feminist content his wife or gf is taking in.

  21. Jimmy says:

    That’s one angry, ugly woman.

  22. Spike says:

    I went to read the article at XOJ. It’s just sad. All of it.There is nothing kind, gracious, womanly, – about this woman. She may qualify for that stage that our kids (and we ourselves) go through when we are still very young and find such things funny. Then we grow out of it.

  23. Sarah's Daughter says:

    Sarah’s Daughter, please explain how raw veggies could possibly be bad? Just munching on raw carrots, celery, broccoli, lettuce, peppers, isn’t that some of the BEST possible things you could eat? All that fiber, bad for the colon? I just don’t see it. Look at all those low calorie vitamins and minerals…. how could that be bad? What because veggies make you fart? So? Everyone knows that the more you fart, the healthier you are.

    When we put something in our mouths, chew it, have it pass through the acids in our stomachs then through the bacteria in our gut and it still reaches the bowl unscathed – it is not something that should be put in our mouths. 🙂 The lubricant/mucous your body must send to the gut in order to fight off the assault of plant fiber on the delicate intestinal lining means absorption must come to a halt to pass everything through.

    “You’re not eating plants: you’re eating BACTERIA POOP”.

    Stopping or reducing dietary fiber intake reduces constipation and its associated symptoms

    In addition to scraping the tender gut lining, raw veggies can wreak havoc on the thyroid:

    But don’t take my word for it, do the research on yourself. For one week eat only fat and protein with a very low amount of carbohydrate and see how your gut feels. See if you enjoy not having gas and bloating. Then reintroduce a big salad full of raw veggies and pay attention to your gut and your BM’s. Digestion should never be painful. If it hurts, something is wrong.

  24. fish says:

    Yuck! Yeah…..not surprised that’s a lesbian.

    There’s more going on inside her than simple gastric distress.

  25. Sarah's Daughter says:

    For the week trial, make sure the protein source is just meat and a conservative amount of nuts – not soy. Don’t eat soy.

    Veggies should be fat delivery tools. Not your main food. Drench the cooked broccoli in butter/olive oil, some garlic and salt. Use the celery, carrot, and onion to season the slow cooked bone broth. Use the salad as a scoop for homemade, healthy fat dressing.

  26. Bruce says:

    I hope the next time she tries that stunt she sharts in her huge, white granny panties.

  27. Exfernal says:

    She looks like she has thyroid gland nodules. /totally amateur remark

  28. Bruce says:

    She’s no Lord Windesmear.

  29. new2redpill says:

    Biologically she is female but anyone who treats men that way is no woman.

  30. Tilikum says:


    But then again my dog farts too so maybe its a dog thing?

  31. Sarah’s Daughter,

    But don’t take my word for it, do the research on yourself. For one week eat only fat and protein with a very low amount of carbohydrate and see how your gut feels. See if you enjoy not having gas and bloating.

    Every once in a while I get into a Ketosis kick and do this very thing. My gut feels awful because I don’t have ANY bowel movements! Without any carbs (or a very low amount of them) and I don’t poop, ever. Everything just binds up in there, will not move. I keep thinking I need castor oil or something, disgusting.

    If I don’t eat raw vegetables, my blood pressure spikes. The raw veggies means no salt, butter, or anything that my body (and heart) do not like. So yes, I fart, but…. my blood just trickles along at 110/70 and that has just got to be good.

  32. Yup, looking at that picture, she is an ugly woman. On a scale of 1-10, she’s a 2. Its pretty obvious (to me) why she is a feminist and probably a lesbian. She is what she is because no man would have her. So of course, be feminist because no man will give her money of his own free will. And of course, be lesbian, because no man would ever touch her intimately.

  33. Sarah's Daughter says:

    You need to talk with Looking Glass. He’s been a Godsend helping my husband with his gut! I am blessed to not have digestive issues so ketosis and being fat adapted was a very easy transition for me. My husband, on the other hand, had some issues for the first few weeks. He can’t have more than 30g of carbs if he doesn’t want his sciatic pain to return so for him it was either fix the gut or go back on morphine and percocet for the pain.

  34. Boxer says:

    Dear Mike:

    What a hottie! Yum! I’d do about anything to smell those ass-gasses.

    Seriously though, this is what feminism is good for: It’s a self-segregation strategy for the lowest form of human life. The least intelligent, least attractive, and least agreeable members of our species (both male, female and manboobz) are shuttled off into their own area, where they abort their offspring and shake their liver-spotted fists at all of us “normals” for daring to enjoy life.

    In this regard, it’s as it should be.



  35. Why don’t people like feminism???

  36. Anchorman says:

    She already farts indiscriminately.

    She wants to find a way to make it “for the cause” so her “sisters” won’t tell shame her for doing it.

  37. theasdgamer says:


    Of course, the article is a spoof.

  38. Mark says:


    Good find Mr.’D’

    If I was standing in line at a grocery store?…..and that repulsive PIG farted in line? I would ask her…”did you just fart?…or is that the smell of your disgusting,disease ridden clam that I am smelling”???….Love to hear her response!…….what a loser!

  39. Gunner Q says:

    Bruce @ July 31, 2015 at 8:46 pm:
    “Is she kidding? Women are amateur farters.”

    Oh, absolutely. It won’t be long before Miss Toot meets Gas Company Gus. The ferry will need repainting and she’ll take the blame.

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  41. Bruce says:

    My dad’s an expert at crop dusting. He can disperse a crowd in no time. Just need to figure out where ugly feminists hang out.

  42. Yapoopoo says:

    What women really think of men: … -feminism/

    This comment was posted by an “anti-feminist” woman:

    “I hate to admit it but most of the younger woman here – including myself do not feel much empathy or compassion for men. Instead, we generally use men as a mirror to reflect our own vanity. And often we provoke their desires in cruel and capricious ways, simply for our own self gratification. Only our children can inspire a true feeling of love within us – at least if we have normal maternal affections.

    In reality, our primary interest in men is obtaining a life of comfort and security – both for ourselves and our children – which is why we still value marriage.And since younger men are becoming increasingly reluctant to marry, many of us are proclaiming to be antifeminists to help assuage their fears end secure a long-term commitment.

    Fortunately for women men’s sense of chivalry is still strong. Men are still eager to believe that women have a caring and unselfish nature. So by feigning compassion for men, we are likely to find a husband with good financial prospects, a husband whom we can always divorce if we become dissatisfied, while continuing to enjoy an affluent lifestyle.

    That I’m afraid is the real nature of women. Perhaps this page should be renamed “The myth of female beneficience”. And yet, even though I am revealing our inner motivations, most men will despise me because they prefer a beautiful lie to a painful truth. However, in spite of my selfish instincts, I have spoken the truth, fully aware that you shall only heap derision upon me.”

  43. Just Saying says:

    Humid days are the best because the fart hangs around longer…

    You know the funny thing is, I can picture this cow spewing out methane and thinking that it makes her some how more than she is – a frickin’ fat cow… No man wants to be around you – trust me, we would prefer not to see your gelatinous blubber shaking as you waddle down the street but we have places to go, and unfortunately, women like you cannot be herded into cells with other fat, useless women… So what do you do? Think that spewing out farts keep us at a distance? It’s YOU that keeps us at a distance, we don’t want to see you already. So unless you are an 18 year old, with a tight little body that we want to f**k – men don’t want to see you. Stop deluding yourself and face that you are already disgusting – you don’t have to do more to sicken men, you do it already…

  44. mrsmel63 says:

    I don’t understand women like this, and that’s an understatement, as in from another planet. Women of my generation would have had their heads explode before they would have broken wind in front of another female, including relatives, much less in front of a man. I go back so far, we didn’t even acknowledge that flatulence existed. I could only make this comment in public because I’ll never meet any of you! (Melanie, 53 yo, married over 30 yrs, to the best man in the world who is 17 years my senior) and the wisdom of every one of those 17 years’ difference was required for him to teach me that I’ll never completely understand him, in spite of being “woman who knows all”, but that’s OK, because he doesn’t need or want me to understand everything about him. In fact, he cuts through all my verbiage in trying to explain myself to him, with a pithy sentence of few words, which makes the light bulb go off in my head and astounds me with HIS wisdom, lol. He doesn’t read manosphere blogs-no insult to y’all, but he’s of a generation and place which simply didn’t go in for much analysation, especially of self, but somehow knew themselves better than we do, with all our navel-gazing. I had been reading about “alpha, beta, sigma” types, and was trying to explain the concepts to him, without splitting too many hairs, which makes him impatient. He interrupted my wordy explanation to say “Lead follow or get out of the way.” Sigmas ‘get out of the way’, societally speaking, in his opinion. We both immediately recognised him as sigma, though that means nothing to him, it means something to me in trying to understand him through categorisation, which is only useful in a broad sense, not in ever thinking I can know another person, even my husband, him being a man and me being a woman, on a complex basis through broad categorisation. He has told me before that his ethics and worldview pretty much crystallised at age 14, and he’s never deviated from what he decided was right and wrong, since then. His ethics don’t jibe with society’s, not even “Christian” society’s, but he’s stuck to them his whole life and never been a hypocrite about them, for better or for worse. I admire him more than any other man I’ve ever known, one level above my Dad, and strangely enough, they are very alike, in spite of my Dad living a more conventional life (staunch Catholic, had 10 kids, with my mother, his wife, they both wanted more but it went against Dr’s orders). My beliefs are fundamentalist Independent Baptist, my husband’s are Christian, as far as he’s ever told me what they are. He says that his beliefs are his own private business, beyond that, and all I can do is respect his words, and pray that he’s going to heaven, and try to be a godly wife, in example most of all-words (nagging) would just make him close his ears to me.

    Don’t really know why I’m telling y’all this, unless it’s that hamster thing y’all have spoken of, being proud of my husband is reflected “glory” on me, lol. Either way, I’m proud of him, for being his own man his whole life (and he had to begin being a man at 14, to support his mother and family once his father was too ill to go out on the shrimp boats anymore).

    I have a telling-amusing, from this distance of time-anecdote to share, but I’m hesitant, because it occurred in a time and place and with people to whom the “feminist agenda” were foreign words, and it could easily be misunderstood amongst younger people who grew up in that milieu, even if they didn’t consciously accept feminism. It tells how my husband, early in our marriage, made me understand that he meant what he said and said what he meant, when I had a bad habit of interrupting him when I didn’t think it was important (often not being in a position to judge whether it was or not). This post is already long, even for a wordy female 🙂

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