New book by F. Roger Devlin

F. Roger Devlin contacted me and offered me a copy of his new book Sexual Utopia in Power: The Feminist Revolt Against Civilization.  Since it is only $3.49 for the Kindle version I’ll buy the ebook instead, but I appreciate his kind offer.  Either way I look forward to reading more of his work, having only read parts of Rotating Polyandry and Its Enforcers what seems like a lifetime ago.

Here is the Table of Contents from the Amazon page:

Introduction: The Facts of Life

1. Sexual Utopia in Power
2. Rotating Polyandry—& its Enforcers
3. The Female Sexual Counter-Revolution and its Limitations
4. Home Economics
5. The Family Way
6. Back to Africa: Sexual Atavism in the Modern West
7. The Question of Female Masochism

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30 Responses to New book by F. Roger Devlin

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  3. hoellenhund2 says:

    This is apparently an anthology, nothing more. No new content. Having said that, his works are indeed valuable, and one of the scholars who provide theoretical foundation to this corner of the internet. I think books like these will comprise the most important legacy of the ‘sphere.

  4. Will S. says:

    I see, in his preface, he was kind enough to mention both you and us. 🙂

    Mentioned in print: our blogs have hit the big time! 😉

  5. Jeff says:

    Bought it. It’s very much worth having these works together in one book.

  6. Dave says:

    All mainstream literature about sexuality is like blind men describing various parts of an elephant, while “Sexual Utopia in Power” provides a full dissection of that elephant with all parts correctly labeled and explained.

  7. The Tingler says:

    Unrelated question for you guys. Everybody knows the stats on female-initiated divorce, but does anyone know the stats on who initiates break-ups of non-marital relationships, from dating to engagements? Is it even possible to study something like that?

  8. ATC says:

    Here is an article that states that “The Feminine Mystique” actually helps people be better Christians.

  9. ATC says:

    @The Tingler
    That was just in the news.

    Also of note: Self-reported Democrats are more likely to act in a vindictive way after a breakup and are more likely to “truly regret” relationships they have been in.

    Press release:

    Full results:

  10. Tingler,

    but does anyone know the stats on who initiates break-ups of non-marital relationships, from dating to engagements? Is it even possible to study something like that?

    There is no reliable data on that because that is entirely subjective. A marriage contract broken is entirely objective, a very easy thing to measure from a data standpoint. But if you ask a typical man and woman (who are just dating/seeing each other/involved/engaged) what their relationship status is, you could get any number of responses from that couple. Any data points here, I would not trust them.

  11. Opus says:

    I am delighted to say it is also available at – the hardback – for Twenty Three Pounds sterling and so it is now on my Wish List at Amazon. I have more than once read 1,2,4, and 5 but 3, 6, and 7 will be new to me.

    This gives me a chance to pick up on what I was writing on the previous thread about Harold Owen. Perhaps I should say how I first heard of Owen – who is not by the way related to Wilfred. A copy of his play Loyalty was inscribed by the author to my late Grandfather. Loyalty although very well written is (to my mind) just about the worst play I ever read; for – premiered in 1917 at the St James’ Theatre, London (raised in the late ‘fifties) – it is a (post The Somme) pro-war play, Belgian babies being bayoneted by the ghastly Hun and our hero – minus an arm – lost in the trenches – never needed the damn thing anyway – marrying the left-wing press tycoon’s daughter, and with his million a year income from a recently deceased Aunt standing for Parliament in Mid-Surrey (will-you-believe) on a pro-England ticket as an independent and wins – and this at the time that same England was running the largest empire ever known. Along the way the local peasants revolt and surround the Newspaper Baron’s country house but they are seen off by our hero with some Received Pronounciation – oh, the Newspaper Baron’s son volunteers and is shot whilst surrendering – did I mention the German’s were ghastly? The critics hated it; the public loved it and although its run ended after three weeks a subsequent (and presumably last ever) performance at the request of and before Her Late Majesty Queen Alexandra and her daughter took place at the Theatre Royal, Haymarket some six months later the lead role on all occasions being taken by none other than C.Aubrey Smith.

    Women Adrift (but obviously not in life-boats as this must have been published before the R.M.S. Titanic’s meeting with the iceberg) is however, as I said first rate. I particularly liked the part where Lloyd George – not then Prime Minister but in the Cabinet and in favour of Women’s Suffrage addresses a meeting of women held at the Albert Hall but twice has to sit down because of the caterwauling from a couple of hundred women – but he was on their side!! As Steve Moxon observes in his book, the behaviour of the suffragettes was so bad that this hindered rather than assisted their cause. Elsehere, I was reading – came across a newspaper article in fact – that one night before WW1 a female armed with the appropriate house-breaking equipment broke into the home of Colonial Secretary W.V. Harcourt with the intention of murdering him. The court, refusing to see her as a political prisoner, sentenced her to two years hard labour. Where I am, the Cricket Pavillion was burned to the ground – on a whim – destroying in the process records of Cricket in the County going back over a century which are now lost forever. Freud had a lot to say about female Hysteria and the suffragettes seemed to exhibit that malady, making the ridiculous Slut-walkers and Matress-girl look comparatively restrained.

  12. BradA says:

    The Kindle price was quite reasonable.

  13. Dura del Almiras says:

    Did anyone read the recommendation quotes in the Amazon description? I think Devlin trolled Cowen:

    “I believe the author is evil.” – Tyler Cowen

    Haha, I can’t wait to read it!

  14. Bee says:

    I have already read many of these essays online. But, I am buying a copy to show appreciation and honor to the author.

  15. A Regular Guy says:

    “Also of note: Self-reported Democrats are more likely to act in a vindictive way after a breakup and are more likely to “truly regret” relationships they have been in.”


  16. hoellenhund2 says:

    It’s not terribly surprising that Cowen’d say that about him. After all, Cowen is a bourgeois economist belonging to polite society. He’s blue pill, and he has to be. If you deny blue pill dogma, you’ll be thrown into the virtual Gulag, whether you are high status or not. That’s simply how it works.

    Moreover, Devlin’s insights probably seem too extreme and inconceivable for someone leading an ordered, comfortable upper-class existence in some isolated suburb. Women in those environment have higher than average intelligence, future time orientation and are trained from childhood to have high self-discipline and to prioritize beta traits when seeking out a mate. The world Devlin describes, where feral females bring about social ruin, might as well be another universe.

    On a different note, Cowen probably shares the mainstream belief that the underclass can thrive if it simply pulls itself together, goes to college, learns new skills etc. Devlin, on the other hand, makes the argument that the widespread social dysfunction keeping the underclass in perpetual poverty is the result of social engineering and cultural Marxism. It’s not surprising Cowen dismisses him. It’d cut too close to the bone to entertain the thought that he might actually be right.

  17. BradA says:

    Many people are poor today or live on the edge financially because of their own decisions. How many struggle to live well below their means and build for the future? I know I do not and I am not as successful as I should have been because of that.

  18. electricangel says:

    Will buy a copy in thanks to Devlin. The language, the clarity of thought, I remember all of it. Thanks for the pointer, Dalrock, and congrats on your mention in the foreword.

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  20. MarcusD says:

    A German man took revenge on his ex-lover by sawing everything they own in half and selling it on eBay

    Breakups can be messy — especially when your jilted ex-lover owns a saw.

    A German man supposedly took revenge on his former partner by slicing everything they owned together in half, the Daily Mail reports.

    The man used a range of power tools to divvy up various furniture and electronic items, including a couch, an iPhone 5, a TV set, a teddy bear, and even a car.

    You can watch the massacre on YouTube, posted by user “Der Juli.” A caption under the video reads: “Thank you for 12 ‘beautiful’ years Laura !!!!! you’ve really earned half.”

    Interestingly, feminists are complaining about which half his ex is getting.

  21. Don Quixote says:

    A captive audience:

  22. Luke says:

    MarcusD, about that divorced German guy:

    If she gets half his stuff in the divorce…

    It’d only be fair if he got half her housecleaning ability and half her ability to satisfy a man sexually. If those were, say, 16 hours a week and 6 times a week, respectively, then she should owe him 8 hours of housecleaning and sex 3 times a week (in perpetuity, since she’ll perpetually have taken half his stuff), as equitable wife alimony.

    Hey, fair is fair.

  23. Retrenched says:


    “Moreover, Devlin’s insights probably seem too extreme and inconceivable for someone leading an ordered, comfortable upper-class existence in some isolated suburb.”

    People like that only see young women when they’re wearing their “good girl” costumes – when they’re sitting in church on Sunday, waiting tables, maybe working a register in the mall, someplace like that. But men like krauser, Roosh et al know what those girls are really like when the costumes come off.

  24. The Tingler says:

    Thanks, ATC, pretty much what I expected.

  25. Dale says:

    @The Tingler
    >does anyone know the stats on who initiates break-ups of non-marital relationships, from dating to engagements?

    This may not provide the kind of information you think.
    For example, I had two relationships where the woman wanted to marry, and I broke off both.
    This could be seen as proof that I just wanted to have fun, and as soon as things got serious I ran off, as a typical cad.
    In both cases, there were serious issues I identified to her, but she refused to deal with them. She wanted me as I was, as I apparently was already good enough that she desired to make the situation permanent. She however, was unwilling to make the effort to mentally/emotionally accept that she needed to change.
    To be fair, the first woman tried to deal with one of the two items I identified, her weight. But she later reaffirmed that she had the right to be fat, and I should just accept that.

    I think the pre-marriage phase is for determining if the two people are suitable for marriage. Then also if suitable for each other.
    When one or both of the two people prove unsuitable, does it matter who recognizes this fact and refuses to go further toward marriage? Since this takes maturity and a willingness to do what is emotionally difficult, for a long-term benefit, I would expect men to be the ones who end serious relationships more that women. Attitudes of delayed gratification, suffering now for benefits later, etc.

    Totally agree. Especially as she gets alimony to “maintain the lifestyle to which she became accustomed”.

  26. BradA says:

    I wish the book didn’t start with all the evolutionary claptrap though. I don’t buy it and it doesn’t fit reality, it is just lots of “just so” stories. His points would have been fine without that part.

  27. pukeko60 says:

    Ordered… the essays may be evopsych, but one can critique him. Which is more than one can say about much of the current progressive theocrats who run our academy.

  28. The Brass Cat says:

    You can read all of 4. Home Economics here:

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