Stepping away for a while.

I’m going to turn on comment moderation now.  I’ll be back in a week or two.

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13 Responses to Stepping away for a while.

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  2. we’ll miss youzzozoz!!!!

  3. Tomasz G. says:

    Have fun, Mr Dalrock – everybody needs to have some rest from time to time.

    I seriously think we need to start backing up the valuable writings of the Manosphere.
    For example – I followed one of your commenters (“The Futurist”) to his blog, and the
    post was linking to a number of entries on another blog (“The Spearhead”) – which I remember
    seeing some 2 years ago, but now it’s gone.

    The harpies can attack any time, and by many possible vectors (hosting provider, spouse, hacker attack), and the losses can be tragic. The only problem is, the comments are usually also very valuable, but they change over time, even some time after the article was published.

    We have to think about our sons, younger brothers and pals. Hopefully there is some free speech on the Internet, but we should “trust and (damage) control”.

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  5. justdoit says:

    Come back soon…

  6. PokeSalad says:

    appropos of nothing….

    “Pope says ‘environmental sinners’ will answer to God.”

  7. alcestiseshtemoa says:

    Greetings, Dalrock and friends. I have dropped by to announce that after some deliberation, and misfortune (e.g. Locked by police and stayed in a hospital), that I have chosen to become a Catholic Christian in Europe after confession of sin and request for salvation. I am also praying for my family. Cheers, Dalrock and have a great time.

  8. alcestiseshtemoa says:

    May God and the blessed Virgin Mary mother of God be with us.

  9. Oblivion says:

    Come back……

  10. Oblivion says:

    I cant remember the post about women breastfeeding and how men shouldnt look and be ok with it. here’s the link for you.

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