Bombs away.

Frequent readers of Vox Day will already know about the move by Social Justice Warriors to turn Science Fiction into a SJW fiefdom.  Today Vox and the Dread Ilk are fighting back, with a book bomb:

Today we are Book Bombing the three suggested novellas from the Sad Puppies slate. These are novellas that the Evil Legion of Evil thinks are great, and should be considered for fancy awards. No gimmicks, no BS, just awesome stuff.

How a Book Bomb works is that we try to get as many people to buy them off of Amazon in the same day. Because they have a rolling average best seller list that updates hourly, this causes the book to move up the list. The higher it gets, the more people outside the Book Bomb see it, and check it out too. Success breeds success, and best of all, the author GETS PAID.

I took Vox’s advice and ordered One Bright Star to Guide Them.  For a mere $3 I get to check out John C. Wright’s writing and help out a good cause.  If you think you might be interested, see the full post over at Vox’s blog.

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20 Responses to Bombs away.

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  2. Dalrock says:

    Looking at the Kindle top 100, I noticed that number 8 is “Prick: A Stepbrother Romance”. Talk about a manosphere special…

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  4. BradA says:

    I had already purchased one of the books, but I have not read it yet, so I won’t write a review. I bought the other two to help out and will read them at some point soon.

  5. C H says:

    You can hardly go wrong with John C. Wright. ‘Count to a Trillion’ was a blast.

  6. “Frequent readers of Vox Day will already know about the move by Social Justice Warriors to turn Science Fiction into a SJW fiefdom.”


    That is like writing, “Frequent readers of The New York Times will already know about the move of JFK to put a man on the moon.”

    lzzozzloz mzgz lzlzzozoozlzl

  7. Gunner Q says:

    Is it possible to buy a Kindle-version ebook, open it on a PC and print it out? My technophobia won’t let me own a reader.

  8. Viidad says:

    @Gunner Q

    You can download a free app to read Kindle books on your computer. Or simply use Calibre to convert it.

  9. Fiefdom? More like another outpost in an evil empire.

  10. Gunner Q says:

    Thank you, Viidad! I’ve been eyeing Castalia House for a few months… time to give this a go.

  11. Steffen says:

    Since no one here has mentioned it yet, Tom Kratman’s novella, Big Boys Don’t Cry happens to be excellent, and well worth purchasing. It got an actual emotional response from me, and left me reflecting on the flaws of humanity.

    I believe that the blog post said they’re offering it for free. Don’t miss out.

  12. BradA says:

    ‘Count to a Trillion’ was a blast.

    And it is only partially complete!

  13. Viidad says:

    @Gunner Q

    No prob. I started buying Castalia House offerings last year… then couldn’t stop. I’m actually enjoying sci-fi again. Seriously good stuff.

  14. A Lurker says:

    Vox writes: “Jews are neither Europeans nor Christians, neither are they Muslims, so they need to get the hell out of the way and stay safely out of the way of the coming wars. Too many of them have caused too much damage to themselves, to Europe, and to the USA by idiotically encouraging third world immigration in a foolish attempt to protect themselves against Christians who never had any intention of harming them.”

    He is linked to in the sidebar. What say ye?

  15. PokeSalad says:

    Ordered all three. Happy reading!

  16. Viidad says:

    @A Lurker

    Are you upset about Vox’s concern for the Jewish people?

  17. PA says:

    “He is linked to in a sidebar. What say he?”

    In a post about SJWs, an SJW shows up.

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  19. “Awake in the Night Land” is his masterpiece. “Bright Star” is good, but not my favorite by him.

  20. Earl says:

    I guess feminists think that you have to be a feminist in order to comment on women, or else you’re a sexist privileged bastard; and in order to comment on Jews you must be…


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