Taking a break.

It will most likely be several more days before I can get another post out.  In the meantime I’m turning on comment moderation and will free held comments early next week.

March 25th:  Turning off blanket moderation.  I’m not sure when I will be able to write up a new post though.

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14 Responses to Taking a break.

  1. jf12 says:

    Spring fever abounds here.

  2. Cautiously Pessimistic says:

    Given what we pay for this service, I feel I must protest this lackadaisical attitude of yours.

  3. Retrenched says:

    Enjoy your break. Though by the time you see this it will already be over I guess.

  4. Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM) says:

    lzozooozo we understandzethz! trying to pass game off as chris8tianty takes a lot of ebenegery and you must be tiredzz! even da lord had to rest on the 7th dayz, and He wasn’t tryingz anything as monuemental as da desutruction of Western Civilziationz zlzoozozozooo Godpseed! I mena Gamespeedz! zlzozoozozoz

  5. En-sigma says:

    was watching frozen the other night with the kids and I discovered that not only do women rule the world without men, women are the only ones who can save each other. I also discovered that men live in the woods with animals, and sleep on the floor in barns until needed and pick their noses and eat it.

    Yay, kids movies….

  6. entwyf says:

    Looking forward to the return of posts. So far what I’ve read on your blog has been a godsend.

    I am a sixty-year-old never-married woman. I know, I hear my culture, including parts of the Christian subculture, screaming: how can anyone over forty still be alive, and how can a woman who has never been married even be considered human?

    I had given up on marriage until a fifty-year-old twice divorced man entered the picture recently.

    Since then, two sets of very real, feminist-influenced misperceptions, bad decisions, frustrations, etc., have been hanging over the emerging relationship while everyone I know (including my very, very old-school pastor) has encouraged me toward a relationship with this man.

    At this point, since the biological urge to bear and raise children has ceased for me, proceeding glacially and prayerfully and while leading the useful life God has put in front of me is probably not the pathological, unempowered display of ineptitude my culture AND the Christian subculture proclaimed when I was thirty. But I can’t shake that paradigm, and trying to find a paradigm that would allow me at this point in my life to be genuinely hopeful, gracious, and grateful–however things turn out–it’s a toughie to say the least.

  7. Longtorso says:

    For your commenting pleasure:

    Bill Gothard’s sexual coercion is a feature of Gothardism
    …Our congregation also included some folks who didn’t think the church’s teaching on the role of women went far enough. Among them were a handful of Gothardites — people who followed the strict nonsense of Bill Gothard’s “Institute in Basic Life Principles.” They believed that the relationship between husband and wife was basically the same as that between a king and his subject. Gothardism also placed daughters under the totalitarian reign of their fathers until the day they married someone else, at which point they traded one king for another….

  8. Lion says:

    Everyone needs a break sometime. Enjoy your break Dalrock. Hope to see you here again soon.

  9. Is Ms Erikson trolling us?


    “I say I want a nice guy, but instead I’ve been picking the challenging ones. The ones that don’t love Jesus, or the ones that say they do but don’t mean it. The workaholics, the underachievers, the closeted gays, the ones that aren’t over their exes, or the ones that only text at midnight after a few drinks — I’m not making excuses for you anymore.”

  10. MarcusD says:


    I saw that and was thinking she’s just joking around. But on reading it again, it’s almost as if she’s serious.

  11. MarcusD says:

    Aborted babies incinerated to heat UK hospitals

    The Nazi’s used to mercilessly beat any poor Jew who referred to the victims to be burned in the ovens or pits as victims. They were told that they were to call them “rags” or “wood” or “dreck.”

    The Left is the Left is the Left.

  12. MarcusD says:


    If, as these advocates say, women can do everything men can do, why can’t women succeed by the men’s standard naturally, or even with result-specific training? This is where WIC advocates cut to commercial and cry discrimination. That’s their playbook. The feminists and their lackeys have been doing it since women were fully integrated into the military branches and academies, resulting in overall lower standards and reduced combat readiness. Doing the same to put women into the combat units on a false narrative of equality will have even more disastrous results.

  13. Opus says:

    @Marcus D

    I do wish the story would remain constant. Gas Chambers or Ovens which is it? When I was young the latter but now the former. I am not quite sure how you burn in a pit. Cremation is very popular over here for all ages and not just with babies and Jews.

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