Government check dad.

From Captain Capitalism:

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30 Responses to Government check dad.

  1. Yeah, exactly right.

    But the single moms don’t give a damn. Just give them the money. That’s all they want and they want it NOW!

  2. wolf says:

    Lol… why do men laugh cause it’s true.

  3. Keep the funny and true stuff coming. We all need comical diversions.

  4. UK Fred says:

    We have two alternatives, laugh or cry. We may as well laugh at the whole situation while it lasts, because it it contains the seeds of its own destruction.

  5. thehaproject says:

    Exactly, ibb – moms who mooch off the govt. teat don’t give a damn about their kids (even if they think they do).

  6. Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM) says:

    Government check dad is the Frankenstein of hundredsz of thousandsz of Beta Boyzs taxpayerz zllzzolozozzozzol

    See the ingenious Federal Reserve capitalized on the base feminine instinct for alpha fuckkzzk and beta buckskzkzk and they created an entire welfare state/divorce machine/man-hating realm around it all.


  7. Nice “red-pill” P.S.A. @Dalrock!

    When I was growing up, every P.S.A. (public-service announcement) was as “blue-pill” as you could get… My, how the times have changed!


  8. bluedog says:

    Not the the biggest fan of captain cap myself, but bravo just the same. Clap clap. Not bad. Poignant even. +1

    The only improvement I’d add is to have the check coming from the state child support clearinghouse rather than the SSA.

  9. greyghost says:

    Mothers don’t care because the child is a meal ticket an leverage and power over his father.

  10. BradA says:

    Sometimes. I suspect many haven’t even thought of the implications of their actions. My wife and I were just discussing one daughter-in-law. She has separated (temporary they say, but I am skeptical) and she is still doing nothing that we know of to help figure out why my granddaughter is so far behind the curve in speaking, etc.

    I believe she is more concerned about herself and thus doesn’t even see the problem, even though it is right in front of her. (Not having complete sentences at 5, etc.) Autism runs in my son’s family (not mine, as he is adopted), so that could be the cause.

    Many parents fit the Biblical admonition that they really hate their children, because they won’t discipline and train them. She never could do that either, so falling short on pursuing the truth here is not surprising, though it is disappointing nonetheless.

  11. infowarrior1 says:

    Socialism. Running out of other people’s money since 1922.

  12. @BradA

    Since August 24th is St. Bartholomew’s day, you should pray to him in the Communion of Saints for his intercession on your family’s behalf.

    St. Bartholomew is one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus and the patron saint of neurological diseases.

    Best regards,


  13. BradA says:

    That would be one of the things I disagree with the RCC on. I find that Jesus is quite enough to pray to and rely on as my intercessor, though pray away if you wish to do so.

  14. It’s not only the RCC’s belief, of course. Liturgical tradition, to include the Litany of the Saints, is found in “high chuch” Protestantism.


  15. And… As one learns more about Holy Tradition, one sees that the real difference between Protestants and Roman Catholics is not as much in the way of doctrine or ceromony, but the importance of papacy and bureaucratic inventions like indulgences.

  16. This whole hypergamous welfare schtick is hilarious

    She’d get alot more cash marrying a guy & divorcing his ass, then living off welfare …

    Hypergamous whore’s obviously dont do much math or counting … then again when you’ve got a whole society structured around team woman, math becomes patriarchial oppression …

    Pedestalisation is a womans math, how many beta orbiters, how many guys to supplicate

    How many men can she turn into mangina’s & white knight pussy beggars, how many men can she damage before she hits the wall …

    Thats the extent women have empathy for men …

    The life of a hypergamous whore, a laundry list of excuses guaranteeing a barren womb …

    When these bitches arent churning out dyslexic, autistic bastards in her 30’s, she’s spewing out thugs & gangbangers in her 20’s

    Of course its easier for women to exploit exploit dyslexic handicapped retards … its what they do best … which is why there’s an epidemic of retards born to 30 year old women,

    Churning out gangbangers & thugs in their 20’s guarantee’s men ready to prey on beta’s, so women dont have to …

    This is what happens when women dont know how to trigger the alpha traits in a man, by respecting & honoring him …

  17. Btw we see this all accellerated in the black community

    Black women churning out millions of autistic dyslexic men, barely able to read & write, so black women have easy to exploit men

    Black whores churning out gang bangers & thugs, preying on men, so so black women dont have to …

    The icing on the cake in the black communities is the 70% abortion rate

    A child has a 30% of survival, if the infant isnt strangled or choked by a black woman, in an abortion clinic …

    Black women, killing off their own children, to keep the money they steal off men …

    So much for civil rights …

    So much for black noble savages … so much for the hypergamous herds of savages we call women …

  18. Single Mom is still a very reliable heart string tug for charities , lets say around Christmas time, Angel Tree stuff…..”she is a single mom of 5, working 2 jobs, etc.” and the wallets come out.

    It was one of the first overy symptoms I experienced after red pill dosing. When Id hear those things I would ask people for the back story. It universally pisses people off. WHAT? You animal! Do you not realize this is SINGLE MOM

  19. greyghost says:

    What is happening in the black community is slowly occurring in all of the west. The black community doesn’t accept for a few vocally at least sees it due to it being wrongly said to be racism. There is a guy on you tube Tommy Sotomayor that does videos on the subject. Very “R” rated, For those effected by the idea of making love to all of her openings before marriage try to get past yourself and your pure souls and get a good idea of how feminism and welfare can destroy a community. Throw in liberalism and the lie of racism along with politics designed to maintain a status quo to keep a voting block and we have death by slow bleed.

  20. Feminist Hater says:

    Also in the making. “Alimony Cheque Husband” and “Child Support Payment or Prison Time Dad”

    Brought to you by “We the People” cause we all know, standing up to tyrants be hard en sheet!

  21. @rmax
    ” This is what happens when women dont know how to trigger the alpha traits in a man, by respecting & honoring him …”

    Thank you.

  22. whatever says:

    Many parents fit the Biblical admonition that they really hate their children, because they won’t discipline and train them. She never could do that either, so falling short on pursuing the truth here is not surprising, though it is disappointing nonetheless.

    Yeah, discipline is the problem. Because when you have someone younger, smaller, weaker, and stupider than you who is completely dependent on you for survival controlling them is a real problem.

    Very difficult.

  23. Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM) says:

    single motherhood is destroying communities

    the welfare state was extended to middle and upper class, so as to destroy (bernankfiy) society:


  24. Michael says:

    I thought most of the money came from the father… not the government.

  25. Martian Bachelor says:

    ^^^^ Yes, that was the genius of the mid-1990s welfare “reform”, which I saw Rick Santorum on the tube (still) taking credit for not too long ago — offloading gubmint created liability from itself onto Men.

    There’s nobody in this corrupt system representing Men, so it was a slam dunk.

  26. Andy says:

    He’s one for you:
    I live in Australia and, as we run head-long into the Federal Election (thank god the extremist Feminist redhead is gone) I looked up the background of some of my candidates and saw this:

    Kerry Arch is the candidate for the Family First Party in my local constituency.
    She is a SINGLE MOTHER who is campaigning for a party whose platform is about TRADITIONAL FAMILY VALUES.
    She is a woman who kicked her husband out of the family home, but had him still pay the mortgage along with child support. She admits as much in her own webpage:

    The whole point of the Family First party was that it recognised that intact families were missing out on government funding while groups like single mothers were soaking it all up.
    Admittedly, divorce is not always due to the fault of the woman, but Kerry’s story clearly wasn’t like that.
    Call her out about it about the hypocrisy and get slammed for hating on single mothers. I don’t hate single mothers, I just think that an organisation that is supposed to represent and advocate for intact families shouldn’t have a single mother BY CHOICE as its representative.
    Doesn’t matter much anyway, because it’s very much a safe Labor seat, although I suspect that the integrity of the alternatives may have something to do with it.

  27. @greyghost

    Thanks for that recommendation for Tommy Sotomayor, that guy is awesome

    If christians werent a bunch of cultural worshipping pagans, this guy is exactly what a REAL preacher or pastor looks like …

    Dicks like earl & other christians, use concepts such as sin, to cover up their hate for real righteous men …

    All christians & morons like earl have is their fake morality, instead of having real values & ethics, like us real righteous men, who value the truth & justice …

    Make no doubt, we are righteous men with values, this is WHY we criticise women, & hate the effects of women on society …

    We give a crap about society, fake religious moralist morons like earl are the problem ….

    Again thanks to greyghost, A REAL righteous man with ethics & morals, unlike morons like earl …

    Take NOTE christian’s THIS IS WHAT a REAL minister of god looks like …

  28. I meant to put up this video … for some reason the previous url resolves to the playlist …

  29. @rmax

    You are so messed up, boy. Your videos don’t even work!

    Go to church and then we’ll talk. Fairweather “Christian”…


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