To the heroes of Father’s Day.

Today being Father’s Day I thought I’d break my blogging hiatus to honor the real heroes of the holiday.

I’m sure you already know who I’m thinking about.  That’s right, single mothers.  I’m not talking about widows or the rare exception to excuse #6.  I’m talking about the ever growing number of heroic women who have children out of wedlock as well as their slightly more traditional sisters, women who marry before having children and then bravely expel their husband from the home of his children.  In honor of Stanton’s heroes, I bring you Kerri Zane at the Huffington Post’s 5 Ways for Single Moms to Celebrate Father’s Day.

Proudly embrace your mom and dadness. Single moms by decision, or because Dad’s ditched the scene, don their breeches and stilettos every day. Today is no different, except you get to honor the amazing both part parents that you are! Round up your village to join in the celebration, put on your daddy cap, and fully own that you get two special Hallmark holidays.

Besides, in addition to being both mom and dad, large numbers of single mothers also provide a steady stream of father figures to help their children grow up happy and well adjusted.  Why settle for just one dad when an enterprising single mother can provide dads by the truckload.  The lucky children of single mothers are frequently treated to a veritable parade of father figures!  Fortunately these enterprising single mothers don’t go unrewarded for their keeping the hopper full of almost like dads.  As Ms. Zane explained just a few months ago jumping from one sex partner to the next is one of the 5 Reasons It’s Better To Be A Single Parent:

Married couples may have more sex, but it isn’t nearly as much fun. While they constantly have to “spice it up” in the bedroom, the nature of being single and switching partners does all the cooking for us. We tease, experiment and explore the bawdy awareness of every new lover. Researchers at the University of Pisa found that testosterone levels, in both men and women, make the sex hotter during the first two years of a relationship.

Edit:  You may also enjoy this site my wife found full of fantastic gifts for single mothers on father’s day:

Edit2:  Donal Graeme has a post inviting you to share your church’s father’s day sermon here.

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  1. I’m sure the Children are thankful for all the sacrifices their dad-moms are making in searching for the best conditions in which to raise them into adults. So noble and pure are their intentions, that I’m filled to bursting with pity for them right now, bordering on disgust.

  2. Erik says:

    Shouldn’t this be posted in “Satire”? It seems to be only posted under “Stanton’s Heroes”.

    [D: Thanks. Fixed.]

  3. Deep Strength says:

    Ah yes, this. I posted this comment on donal’s blog, but pretty much the same thing happened at my church day. See point #2.

    1. In the bulletin where there is usually an encouraging story from the mission field there was instead 10 tips on how men can better communicate with their wives including sharing feelings, opening up, taking her out on dates on demand, etc.

    2. At the initial part of the sermon, the head pastor stated that this sermon is not just for the the father and wife, and single fathers….. but ALSO for the single mothers who are acting as fathers. WTF?

    3. The sermon itself was actually pretty decent but more on the Father’s love and not actually on the man up portion. Of course, the corresponding mother’s day sermon was a circlejerk for women including giving out flowers at the end.

    I can’t tell whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing, given that there wasn’t really anything man-up wise which was nice. But compared to the limited amount of “love” that fathers can give their families compared to the Father’s love for us… well, you get the picture.

  4. donalgraeme says:

    I would walk out mid-sermon/homily if I heard that kind of crap Dalrock. Practically the only day in the year given over to men, and then to pull something like that? I still don’t get how people can deny the existence of the feminine/female imperative.

  5. donalgraeme says:

    Also, for anyone interested in telling their own Father’s Day horror stories, I have a post set up at my blog to do just that.

  6. shadowofashade says:

    Deep Strength:
    The sermon I went to today went along the same lines as your sermon. I objected to several things however:

    1) We started out with several good songs acknowledging the majesty of God. The last 2 were basically “Jesus is my boyfriend” worship songs that made me gag. (e.g. In the final song I walked out (did not try to make a scene, but just couldn’t stand it anymore).

    2) The sermon topic itself was confusing. The main theme was the Father’s love for us, but listening to the sermon was like trying to eat an extremely boney fish. It seemed to me that he was all apologizing for the message that he was bringing; that we would run him out on a rail or something. I really thought that the time that the speaker’s wife brought up a cup of coffee in the middle of the service was more instructive than most of his sermon.

    Overall, however, they did not give credit to earthly father’s but that the sermon was more of “let’s all band together to learn about the Father”. I’m not saying that God isn’t important and shouldn’t have been the focus, but they didn’t nearly give all the ‘shoutouts’ to the father’s as they did on Mother’s Day.

  7. Longtorso says:

    …For one thing, in the American legal system, men have absolutely no say in the reproductive decisions of the women they impregnate. What’s more, as Dr. Helen Smith argues in her new book “Men On Strike,” men are responding to a culture that’s hostile to them. “Most men are not acting irresponsibly because they are immature or because they want to harm women,” she writes. “They are acting rationally in response to the lack of incentives today’s society offers them to be responsible fathers, husbands and providers.”

    I think that’s an overstatement. But, as Smith notes, courts almost always favor the mother in child custody and child support decisions. Revealingly, the federal government spends $5 billion a year to enforce child support (usually from fathers) but just $10 million to enforce visitation rights (generally on behalf of fathers)….

  8. donalgraeme says:

    Thanks for the link, Dalrock.

    [D: You are very welcome.]

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  10. Joel P. says:

    shadowofashade says: We started out with several good songs acknowledging the majesty of God. The last 2 were basically “Jesus is my boyfriend” worship songs that made me gag. (e.g.

    What a disgusting, blasphemous song. “Jesus is my boyfriend” is exactly right. She sounds like she’s singing to a lover…of the eros variety, not agape. Gross.

  11. Cathleen Collins says:

    Here’s the latest short story in Greg Swann’s Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Willie series, which describes the best Father’s Day present a wife can give the father of her children: Take the guns off the table!

  12. Cautiously Pessimistic says:

    Local church sign: “Happy Father’s Day to our wonderful [church-name] fathers and father figures!”

    No idea what the sermon was about. I’ve already left that church.

  13. Jesus is my boyfriend?

    We’re talking about the Almighty God, creator of the universe. He ain’t nobody’s “boyfriend.”

    Would that pastors would teach the Full authority and power of the Godhead. There is a reason people need to be in “Fear and trembling of the Lord.”

  14. thehap says:

    I knew I shouldn’t have clicked on that YouTube link, I just knew it, but I ignored my instincts and did it anyway. Blast you.

    Dalrock, your satire/sarcasm was so thick/amazing, I thought I was going to have a seizure. Well done. Today’s Father’s Day service was surprisingly good. The only time mothers were mentioned was to point out that children emulate and follow their fathers more than their mothers.

  15. Ton says:

    I walked out of church on Fathers Day and vowed never to return some years back. Wonder how many men did the same today?

  16. Hannah says:

    Shadowofshade – that song was truly blasphemous – I have read similarly horrific ‘lover Jesus’ poison in my search for the truth of ‘homosexual christianity’ acceptance. Truly ghastly.

    Our church (Calvary Chapel) doesn’t do either Mother’s or Father’s day sermons – a mention in the notices and then straight on with the next verse/chapter/book following on from the previous Sunday.

    We used to go to a church that was right into the whole celebrations programme – I found an email message from the pastor to promote Father’s day from a couple of years ago:

    “Hi Church
    It’s Fathers Day this weekend and I truly hold Fathers up there as legends, especially Fathers who become Dads. I guess any male can become a Father once he is of age to reproduce, but the real pillars are the DADS who stand by, stand up and stand on the principles of protection, covering, love and a meek spirit.
    It’s these Dads (and Mums) who have taken their role with a heart to build family and community that make our world a better place.
    This, and the men and women who raise up children and invest into the next generation, is truly worth celebrating.”

    Yeah…. imagine hearing a pastor say that about women!? …’especially Mothers who become Mum’s.’ WTF?! Meh.

    We also used to go to Hillsong Australia, and I had a look to find one of their Father’s Day messages online. Guess what, there aren’t any! Plenty of Mother’s Day ones, and possibly another piece of the puzzle here (yet another thing to research in my ‘spare’ time!)
    I am so grateful that I never went to any ‘Sisters’, ‘Girlfriends’ or similar indoctrinating conferences – have a look where they’re headed…. it never ends.
    Meanwhile, although there’s an abundance of links to ‘Sisterhood’ connections at the Hillsong website, I couldn’t find ONE for boys/men/fathers. Not one.

    The modern church empathises with women with total abandonment, forsaking men altogether.

    “…the night cometh, when no man can work.”
    John 9:4

    They’ll never see it coming.

  17. Lisa in Vermont says:

    Our church honors moms and dads the exact same way. On Mother’s Day and Father’s Day they stand up and the congregation prays a brief prayer. Then, the church passes out devotionals. Today, my husband got one that combines a daily Scripture verse with a daily hunting tip (this is Vermont, you know).

    Then, it was on to the pastor’s message, which had nothing to do with Father’s Day (it was basically an admonishment to spend more time in prayer).

    On a sadder note, my daughter’s preschool decided not to celebrate Father’s Day this year. For mother’s day the kids made pretty flower pots and planted marigolds. For Father’s Day they did nothing. They didn’t even make cards.

    I asked the director about it and she said that celebrating Father’s Day has caused emotional distress in past years. Quite a few kids have no contact with their dads b/c they’re being raised by single moms and a few have two mommies.

    Gosh, I can still remember making homemade cards and construction paper ties for my dad. Have things really changed that much in the past few decades?

  18. infowarrior1 says:


    The very thought of hillsong raises bile in my throat.

  19. infowarrior1 says:

    @Lisa in Vermont

    May god bring about a revival soon. Otherwise such nations may suffer the fury of his wrath.

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  21. donalgraeme says:

    “Gosh, I can still remember making homemade cards and construction paper ties for my dad. Have things really changed that much in the past few decades?”

    Yes, yes they have. I do not know how to describe it other than as this: The West is falling apart before our very eyes.

  22. BradA says:

    Jesus suffered the fury of His wrath. We will just suffer the results of sowing to the wind, and reap the whirlwind….

    Anyone who argues differently is free to believe as they wish, but does not really grok the incredible price Jesus paid.

    Our results now are purely our own. And we are going to reap a mess.

  23. Opus says:

    Using Father’s Day to applaud women for now having to be Fathers as well, is, I must say, a little like Counsel for the Defence in mitigating for his client who has just been convicted of murdering his Parents, seeking compassion for his client on the ground that his client is now an Orphan.

  24. Opus says:

    I see that ‘Jesus is my Boyfriend’ has a mere 236 views on You Tube (almost certainly all redirected from this blog with the exception of the artist and her Mother). This is nothing new: previously Jesus has been White, and thus anti-semitic (Renan) Pacifist (Tolstoy) The Honourable Member for Galilee South – Labour Party of course (Muggeridge) and more recently Homosexual (Tatchell).

    Blasphemy was until recently a crime in England. As recently as 1926 a man was sentenced to six months hard labour for calling Jesus a clown, but shortly after its abolition Blasphemy was effectively reinvented so that although one can be as rude as one likes about Jesus one may not say anything rude about Mohammed (may God be pleased with him). I assume that there is no crime of Blasphemy in America but that free speech reigns. You are thus very fortunate, so don’t get too upset by the song, which is really not that different from the attitude of certain female Catholic Saints such as Therese of Avilla.

  25. Don’t forget the herioc single mothers like my ex-wife who unilaterally decided “I want a divorce. I will not try to make it work, I will not go to counseling. I simply want a divorce. I cannot be talked out of it.”

  26. Martian Bachelor says:

    They should give out Bobblehead Jesuses at church for Non-Fathers Day, now that those blasphemy laws have been repealed.

    And Bobblehead Marys when appropriate.

    The modern church parodies itself in so many ways.

  27. Michelle says:

    Reading Kerri Zane’s 5 Reasons Its Better to Be A Single Parent was very disturbing. This was my first exposure to the Huffington Post. Ignorance was bliss. I was happier when I was uninformed and did not know this existed.

    This woman has the title of “Single Mom Adviser and Healthy Living Expert.” It is very embarrassing to know that men read this and draw conclusions about what women think. I honestly don’t want to believe the vast majority of women embrace this drivel.

    The only comfort I can find here is that less that 2300 people “liked” her missive and less than 800 “shared” it through social media. There were also a lot of women who posted dissenting comments.

    I didn’t want to believe it. I’ve been fighting acceptance for days, but it is sadly clear to me now: Women are in trouble – there can be no question about that. But perhaps we are at least drawing a line in refusing to swallow this dreck en masse.
    I fervently hope so!

  28. Tam the Bam says:

    Martian, can you fix them up with teeshirts of the Shroud of Turin?
    You know, the ones where it’s printed inside (and upside down), so’s it’s over the face when you pull the front over your head, IYSWIM.

  29. Rock Throwing Peasant says:

    My church had a good sermon. It started “rocky,” but he brought it home well.

    Mother’s Day is there. Father’s Day will be loaded shortly. I wasn’t sure how both would go. They didn’t pedestal moms (iirc) and the pastor for Father’s Day seemed to need closure or something. I braced for the first part, because he looked like he was on the “dads need to get it together” path. After a bit, he got to the meat of the message, which was different.

    I went to my previous church a few weeks ago. It’s gone. Had a female guest pastor providing the self-esteem scripture, which had the faces beaming.

    Ah, well. All is going incredibly well in my world. God provides and is ever faithful. Ever the “dad,” despite our constant sins.

  30. cynical optimist says:

    @rock throwing peasant
    You deleted your blog chief???

  31. feeriker says:

    Hannah said:

    Our church (Calvary Chapel) doesn’t do either Mother’s or Father’s day sermons – a mention in the notices and then straight on with the next verse/chapter/book following on from the previous Sunday.

    WOW. A church that stays on message, that maintains continuity in the presentation of the word, and that apparently, if I read you between the lines, stays on message. There just might be hope for the world after all.

    Does your church acknowledge any other secular holidays? If not, that’s another encouraging sign. I don’t know how things are in Australia (never went to church during my brief visits there), but here in America one would think that secular holidays (Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Veterans Day, in particular) were holidays mandated by the Bible itself for all the lavish pomp and attention focused on them, almost always at the expense of actually preaching the Word.

  32. Casey says:

    @ Michelle

    I appreciate a red-pill woman, your numbers are in short supply. Please bring some of your sisters along from the awakening.

    Thank you for seeing that what is being espoused as knowlege/advice/girrrrrrllll power, is in reality (as you said) drivel.

  33. Anonymous Reader says:

    I went to my previous church a few weeks ago. It’s gone. Had a female guest pastor

    One of the major, major warning signs of churchianity…

  34. Rock Throwing Peasant says:

    Yes and no. The posts are archived.

    I’m mid divorce. She wanted to leverage the posts against me. She clipped here and there and sent them to the custody evaluator. I pulled them down because I was going through a particularly rough time (it was the start of the holidays), but had the presence of mind to archive them. Probably should have done all that “maintain frame” stuff, but tell that to a dad who faces holidays without his sons, pile of debt, and living in a single room that serves as bedrooms for three, kitchen, living room, computer room. Even then, though, God provided. That room was small, but it was in a house of love (my friend’s house).

    For my first meeting with the evaluator, I gave him a free copy of my book. She made it out like it was all about her. I told him that anyone who reads it sees 80% of it is male self-improvement, guided by Scripture.

    Six or so months later, the evaluation is wrapping up (didn’t start until Feb). I feel VERY confident joint custody is on the way. My oldest son recanted the abuse allegations to the therapists and the evaluator. He now wants to live with me full time and wants nothing to do with her. She contends I brainwashed him, but I had him two nights every two weeks and it was always supervised.

    My career, once stuck in neutral, is poised to take off in the next six months.

    I plan to buy the three unit I live in (other units are not occupied).

    I once used game when we first split and it went well. I’m now practicing the methods of my book (based on elements of game, but Christian-based and not sex driven) and achieving higher quality results. I intend to revise my book and provide it free of charge.

    Somewhat unrelated, my youngest won his second baseball championship. Back to back champs. This year was far tougher. They finished with a losing record but made the playoffs. Once in, they turned it on and charged through. They won the championship and still ended with a losing record.

    The older son had some problems and the ex and I dealt with them cooperatively. He’s in a better place and, despite a limited schedule with me, I made sure the time was epic and masculine. Die Hard series. Taught him to shoot pistol and higher powered rifles. Smoked BBQ. swimming. Fishing. And hugging. Yes, I have a 12 year old that re-started giving his dad hugs.

    Not a bit of the above is a lie.

    How great is our God?!

  35. feeriker says:

    The modern church parodies itself in so many ways.

    True story here. I swear.

    The churchian franchise outlet I attended for a few months up until a year ago (before my soul screamed “STOP IT!”) actually served communion wafers one Sunday morning with “I [heart] Jesus” etched on them.

    Yes, I know; I had to hold it up to the light and look at it for several seconds to be sure my eyes weren’t deceiving me. They weren’t. The people sitting on the one side of me were visibly annoyed that I displayed such a double-take and was holding up the service. I quickly put the wafer back into the plate and passed it on. I also skipped the faux wine too, afraid that after the exposure to the “bread” that the contents of the cup would be Grape Nehi or something similar.

    I asked the branch manager (a.k.a. “pastor”) about this after the service. He said that their supplier just started offering these and that since they didn’t cost any more than the usual wafers, the leadership decided to “give them a try just to make things interesting.” It was the last time he and I ever exchanged words.

    The following Sunday was “Tenth Anniversary of 9/11” service. I walked out after 15 minutes and never went back.

  36. Rock Throwing Peasant says:

    AR, it’s why I left. She did a guest pastor gig months before. I talked to the pastor and said the church’s statement of beliefs has nothing about female pastors. He said it should be updated. We exchanged respectful emails, citing Scripture, and I bid adieu.

    I went back one week because I didn’t want to drive to my church. She was behind the lectern. Rather than walk out, I decided to hear it out and not immediately dismiss. She gave the sermon you’d expect. I walked out and will never return.

  37. feeriker says:

    I talked to the pastor and said the church’s statement of beliefs has nothing about female pastors. He said it should be updated.

    He might as well have said “the Bible needs to be updated.” Scariest thing about that is, very few in the congregation would probably either argue or refute it.

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  39. Highwasp says:

    “Not a bit of the above is a lie.

    How great is our God?!”

    “He” apparently kept you from lying – so that’s pretty dang ‘great’ – hey?

  40. OK whats up with the post above? Is someone’s ex plotting destruction?

  41. Empathologism,
    I don’t think that at all, if you were talking about Highwasp.

    Highwasp, the reason I felt I needed to write it is because I went through a dark time, kept the faith, put in the work, and found His Word was constant and everywhere I looked. I still read the blogs. I see the backlash. I am just saying I was jumped by the system, took the Red Pill, hit the heavy bag, prayed, and I am on the other side of the tunnel. The view here is good. I will edit the book, clean up some of the mess, give guys far more help with greater Scriptural influence to be stronger, and ensure the steps I provide are achievable by the average man.

    I thirsted for closeness to God. I fell far short. I sinned. Even as things grew darker, if He asked me to walk across the bar and talk to a guy slumped over his drink – I went. Often. I still do. I scraped to save to get a better place and He asked me to give to a church. What could I do? This wasn’t just a feeling. He told me to empty the savings and give it. I did. It didn’t miraculously replenish. But I never regretted it.

    I do not deserve His blessings. I will find ways to help others. I have to do it. The blog will be back, to the delight of all three readers (thanks mom!). I will try to help dads, especially divorced dads, develop the Christian model for the children to follow. Practical lessons, too. Want to stimulate the development in toddler boys? Obstacle courses in the living room. Design them to force him to learn cross dominance. Or use simple math. Why not teach boys to use an abacus? Physical manipulation and motor skills to learn abstract concepts. I have ideas brewing.

  42. Hannah says:

    “WOW. A church that stays on message, that maintains continuity in the presentation of the word, and that apparently, if I read you between the lines, stays on message. There just might be hope for the world after all.
    Does your church acknowledge any other secular holidays?”

    It certainly stays on message which is so refreshing… just two weeks ago the pastor was up to Timothy and the verses on women remaining silent in church. It was wonderful to hear the simple truth being taught instead of an intellectual feminised version that moderates God’s word to fit into today’s society. Wonderful but not wildly popular …. our church has maybe 100 people in it?! A vast majority of men (3/4 maybe)… Maybe part of the truth remnant.

    We’re in New Zealand so only Easter and Christmas to avoid here for us. We just don’t go to those days at church. My husband and I don’t do the pagan festivals anymore – instead celebrating the Feasts of the Lord as described in Leviticus…. Passover, Day of Atonement etc.

    Being freed from the traditions of man is a real eye-opener 🙂

  43. Katie says:

    I am a Christian single mother. I just found this site today and will say I find it refreshing despite the harshness towards “harlots” such as myself. What I find refreshing is finding a group of Christian men who are brave enough to call the sin in this world “sin” and to point to its devastating effects.

    I will be the first to tell you I am sinner – that my actions (not only those that resulted in the birth of my son) do not always reflect the hope I have in Christ. But more importantly, I am forgiven. I agree with you; single-motherhood is glorified in our current culture. We use our fear of being politically incorrect or hurting others feelings as excuses for not reaching out to our brothers and sisters with the love of Christ to show them how their actions are destructive. I am tempted by pride to believe that I can do it myself. But this is sinful thought. By the Grace of God, I have been blessed with a job (yes -I “don [my] breeches and stilettos every day”) that makes it possible for me to care for my son, a family that loves us both, and a God that is there for me when the loneliness seems unbearable. I don’t consider Jesus my boyfriend- at all – but I do cling to the forgiveness and hope I have in him.

    God never intended children to be raised by one parent. I will raise my son to understand this. But I will also teach him of the Love God has for both his mommy and for him. A Love that was big enough to cover my sins (present and future), his sins, and the sins of us all. This is the Gospel that we need to be sharing with single mothers. Not “God condemns you,” but “God condemns your sin but loves you despite it.” We should be bold in both our love for sinners and our hatred of sin. Thank you for this site and the prospective it brings.

    [D: Welcome Katie.]

  44. BradA says:


    That sounds really good. I keep toying with the idea of putting some of this concepts into a solid book that would be useful to Christians, but the muse hasn’t hit me enough yet. I think a balance between the extremes would be very helpful for men to learn how to live in a godly manner. I do find it ironic the number who claim to follow Christ and yet who reject His commands to fellowship together, among other things. I am going through my own struggle with the latter because finding a good church is hard for many reasons, not just red pill stuff.

  45. Ed says:

    I found the content of this blog to be difficult to read at first. The satire is so thick it made for a tough slog. I like you all are willing to call sin sin. I wonder if you do it when you don’t have the anonymity of the blog. Of everything I read Katie’s post was the most understandable, the most honest, and the most moving. Katie, you have a gift for putting your feelings and thoughts into words that are filled with truth and hope. It is definitely a more Gospel centered and winsome way.

  46. Rock Throwing Peasant says:

    Concern troll is concerned.

  47. Martian Bachelor says:

    feeriker – that was hilarious about the wafers; what’s next, sugar-coated? Gluten free? Ritalin/Prozac infused?

    We could probably make millions.

    “I died for ewe!?” – The KLF

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  49. feeriker says:

    @Martian Bachelor:

    I wish it was a joke, but it wasn’t. And this was a Baptist congregation, the last congregation on earth I’d think would have pulled something so tasteless and juvenile (although in retrospect it shouldn’t have surprised me). It –actually, the pastor’s response to my complaint– was the back-breaking straw that had been preceded by a whole series of lighter ones, things that should were screaming at me to “GET OUT, NOW!” in ever-increasing volume. Unfortunately, my characteristic patience and open mind told me I should give them another chance. Clearly I should have listened to my earlier intuition and left long before.

  50. Zenu says:

    “Proudly embrace your mom and dadness. Single moms by decision, or because Dad’s ditched the scene, don their breeches and stilettos every day. Today is no different, except you get to honor the amazing both part parents that you are! Round up your village to join in the celebration, put on your daddy cap, and fully own that you get two special Hallmark holidays.”

    If I was a pastor- I would say- single mom’s – those of you who kicked out your spouse or boyfriends- you are whores and you need to get right with God! Stop taking money from the government- basically robbing the tax payers of our hard earned money. Young men stop willingly having sex with whores and making yourself man-whores and live a godly lifestyle. Women stop divorcing your husbands for no good reason and submit- if you don’t change your ways you are doomed! I don’t want to be in your shoes on judgment day when God asks you why you robbed from your husbands and your children. You stole money and time and love from your husband and kids for your own petty selfish and childish ways- You doomed your children to a life without love and the ability to make it on their own. If you are even saved at all- which I seriously doubt you are- then your bed in hell will be terribly grim indeed! Turn back to God will you still can- sinner!

    No this would not be a welcomed message but it is one that needs to be given.

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