It may be a while before I can write up a new post, but fortunately there is always plenty of excellent content around the sphere.  Feel free to suggest posts you think I or my readers would find of interest in the comments.

Sunshine Mary has a new post up discussing cutting husbands and fathers off at the knees with another amazing Mark Driscoll quote:  Can a wife respect a husband who is an idiot?

The Social Pathologist has a series of interesting posts considering the differences between National Socialism and Communism from a sexual hierarchy perspective.  Start with A Man’s Socialism and then see his follow up posts:

  1. Alpha Socialism.
  2. The Right Left
  3. Alpha Socialism II: Swole Hitler
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  1. sunshinemary says:

    Thanks for the linkage, Dalrock!

    If I may leave a link for interesting reading from slightly outside the sphere, a gentleman named Chris blogs at Quit Playing Church: What’s wrong with the American Church? and has an interesting essay up, Mothers are awesome, Fathers can do better. He writes:

    Why does it seem perfectly fine to give so much praise for mothers on their day and not tell them to be better? Why do we use Fathers Day to challenge fathers to be better? Why do we tell mothers they are wonderful, but not tell them that they need to be better mothers and wives? Why can’t we do the same for both on the respected days, either appreciate them and/or challenge them both?

  2. slumlord says:

    Thanks for the link love.

  3. Hope to see more from you soon Dalrock.

  4. An article about some Catholic Bishops considering getting out of the civil marriage business. I’d like to find more info on this so that i can lend my support however i can.

  5. @Liberty, Family, and Masculinity:
    I would like to see our laws changed so any two people can make up their own marriage contract, even if they are gay. This way Christian believers can agree upon whatever they want, with even a prenuptial being non-revocable after the fact by a family judge. To me this libertarian approach would at least benefit Christians, and men who are on the very losing end of the state marriage contract. Of course homosexual marriage would be unhealthy for the community at large, but our culture is going down that path regardless. I am curious what others think of this idea??????

  6. ballista74 says:

    I would say that most of the problems (but not all) inherent to modern marriage are because the State has gotten intimately involved (need to do a little reading and then finish typing up part 2 tonight). You can track a large number of the things that the manosphere talks about to this very thing.

    If you look historically, The State has had no business in marriage and literally has no business to be involved in marriage in the first place. Many men and women have been married in the sight of God and lived as husband and wife for thousands of years without governmental approval and involvement. The State has gone way beyond its legitimate function into replacing God and replacing the husband within the marriage and assuming his rightful authority over his wife and the marriage.

    That is a big solution to the problem right there (not the only thing that’s required but the first non-negotiable). Get the government out of marriage (except as a civil arbitrator as it always was historically in the case of Biblical fornication/adultery). One really didn’t have to have the “contract”, just demonstration of consent and intent – there’s a ton of folks that are married in the sight of God who aren’t acting like it for this very reason. But for today’s day and age you have to draw up a contract. Make it completely devoid of State interest and have the parties agree to it if they wish to be married. If there are Christian denominational interests (either in the parties involved or the venue), make an approved denominational contract (even call it a covenant to be perfectly honest) in line with Scripture. But no governmental intrusion – the contract is to be observed as written with complete freedom on the part of the participants or the venue to agree to all the terms.

  7. Pingback: A Proper Framework for Marriage. | The Society of Phineas

  8. deti says:

    Check out Free Northerner’s weekly Lightning Round.

  9. Social Tags says:

    Check this out. Leave comments!

    Check this NYTimes article out. It discusses women’s lack of desire for long term mates. Apparently they are trying to create a “desire” pill to allow women trick women into thinking their beta is an alpha.

  10. greenlander says:

    One of the things that is interesting to me is this: what is the endgame of all this? Anyone that can do math can see that the welfare state and feminism will come to an end, sooner or later and one way or another. When that happens, the status quo will fail to be viable. But what will emerge on the other side? And how long will it take? 10 years? 50 years?

    A. Stagnation and crony capitalism (e.g. Ukraine)
    B. Civil war (e.g., Bosnia)
    C. Militant socialism (e.g., Hitler)
    D. Stagnation and recurring socialism (e.g., Argentina)
    E. Patriarchy (not sure what a good example is without going into the past)
    F. Fundamentalism (e.g., the Arab world)

    It is halfway off-topic for your blog, so I expect that it isn’t an interesting question that you’d take on. Or perhaps you’ll surprise me…

  11. mackPUA says:


    Its clearly c, minus the fluffiness of hitler’s charisma & rowsing calls to nationalism

    The internet & the police state allows everyone to become their own socialist dictator …

    Social dictatorship by the worlds smallest government sponsored violins, everyones a hero, everyones a snowflake, everyone gets to get their cake & eat it

    The crumbs of socialism to protect the minority, in order to oppress the majority

    It just makes it easier for us PUA’s to bang hot chicks, as having a penis becomes almost as taboo as logic & reason & wearing clean underwear to the airport, to thwart TSA patdowns …

    Two week old underpants, the ultimate TSA deterrent … a cunning plot to subvert marxists everywhere … coming soon to an airport near you …

  12. Casey says:

    Hi Dalrock,

    How about doing a column on the disparate ways women with pre-existing children approach a marriage? (i.e. expectations laid out on the would-be husband regarding those children)
    How women with no children approaches marriage with a would-be husband who already has children. (Again expectations laid out regarding the children).
    I expect that in the former scenario, women would ‘demand’ a man treat her children as if they were his own.
    In the latter scenario, I see women time and time again display ‘stepmother syndrome’. i.e. euphemism for being a total bitch. (Wagging a finger, proclaiming those aren’t MY children/responsibility)

  13. RJ says:

    How about ‘The emasculated male’ ?

  14. Luke says:

    Vascularity, same-sex “marriage” (like “canine cat”, an oxymoron, whatever any gov’t decrees) is a bad thing for real marriage. It’s akin to letting known nonservers in the military prance around with high awards for valor, successfully claiming respect and rewards for things they never did or will do. It antagonizes and demoralizes the real achievers, of whom there are never enough.

    Homos have always had the same rights as straights, or normals, to marry. They just find someone of opposite sex willing to marry them, have sex with them, and only them, for life. If they don’t care for that, well, marriage clearly isn’t for them, at least not until they get successful reparative therapy and get their malfunction fixed.

  15. @Vascularity

    I agree. One of the main reasons for government to force people to keep their word, aka do what they said they would do, aka fulfill their obligations, aka live up to their contacts….is the loss of opportunity costs incurred by the innocent party. Promising “till death do us part” and then not fulfilling the promise, deprives the other party of the opportunity that they could have had for a life long committed relationship with someone else.

    This is also closely related to Lochean Homesteading, because of the impossibility of separating your labor from it’s fruit.

  16. GT66 says:

    Beta males did this. Betas built the machines that now sail the oceans of space. Look at the earth. Ordinary men have lit it up. The manpower that it took to build and maintain all the things that are in this video and that make this video possible are mind boggling. And by and large, beta men did it. Let the women have their so-called “alphas.” I’d gladly trade all the women I’ve ever known for what this video represents.

  17. GT66 says:

    Men on Strike: Why Men Are Boycotting Marriage, Fatherhood, and the American Dream – and Why It Matters by Helen Smith, PhD.

    “American society has become anti-male. Men are sensing the backlash and are consciously and unconsciously going “on strike.” They are dropping out of college, leaving the workforce and avoiding marriage and fatherhood at alarming rates. The trend is so pronounced that a number of books have been written about this “man-child” phenomenon, concluding that men have taken a vacation from responsibility simply because they can. But why should men participate in a system that seems to be increasingly stacked against them?

    As Men on Strike demonstrates, men aren’t dropping out because they are stuck in arrested development. They are instead acting rationally in response to the lack of incentives society offers them to be responsible fathers, husbands and providers. In addition, men are going on strike, either consciously or unconsciously, because they do not want to be injured by the myriad of laws, attitudes and hostility against them for the crime of happening to be male in the twenty-first century. Men are starting to fight back against the backlash. Men on Strike explains their battle cry.”

  18. RJ says:

    Oh, here’s a good one..How about “Women are from Venus and Men are from Mars”? Never read the book, but heard constantly the ‘wisdom’ of it during the early-to-mid 90’s.

  19. Kate says:

    RJ: If I won’t be struck by lightning recommending a John Gray book here, I suggest this one:

    Its called “Why Mars and Venus Collide: Improving Relationships by Understanding How Men and Women Cope Differently with Stress.” It was my first introduction years ago to the brain differences between men and women. Yesteraday heard of this book by Chad Eastham that appears to be its equivalent for teens for anyone who is a parent: Guys are Waffles, Girls are Spaghetti.
    He has a bunch of other books that look helpful to young people

  20. koevoet says:

    The Social Pathologist articles are really good. If you have any interest in political science at all, they are a really good read. I don’t agree with every word of the articles (I personally think Nazism can be seen as a third position, making the left/right axis more of a triangle) but he brings up a lot of good points and using the alpha/beta dichotomy makes a few points easier to understand. A very good analogy, IMHO.

  21. koevoet says:

    Ton – there are some stupid people in this world.

  22. greyghost says:

    Dad let his girlfriend do that to his daughter. I saw the article and never locked at until you posted it up and man I couldn’t believe it when I saw “her fiance’s daughter” He let some bitch punish his daughter for violating the female imperative. “don’t be judgemental and get with the herd”.

  23. Casey says:

    How about an article on this hamster-rationalizing feminist.

    I guess I should be grateful, as this is a pretty good litmus test for refusing to marry a woman.

    Ladies, you do not get to parrot the words ‘tradition, tradition, tradition’ when telling your future husband the reasons why __(blank)__ needs to be this way for your wedding………and then subsequently ‘shit’ on the tradition of taking your husband’s last name.

    Seriously men, have this talk with your future bride WELL in advance.

  24. Casey says:

    @ Feminist Hater

    I just read that link to the article about late childbirths (or in this case, none at all)

    Once again Men are vilified for the terrible decisions of previously younger women. The single, happening, cock-hopping, 20-ish career gal is replaced by the withered, 40’s, career spinster……full of regrets. That weathered face says it all.

    Stopping short of ‘trapping’ a man into a baby, she does admit that she felt a strong urge to give that very advice (just get yourself pregnant, stop taking the pill). Nice, how many men have been trapped in such a way? Millions?

    THIS is what will bring about a fundamental fatal blow to Feminism. The utter abdication of the role of Fatherhood by Men. Can you blame us? You ladies abdicated your role first.

    Articles such as this one nauseate me, as it is chock full of the very selfishness, short-sightedness, hypocrisy, and ‘Man-shaming’ that has made Men take flight in the first place.

    Ladies, you know the role men should be playing better than we do…….right?
    I mean, come one…… could we poor simple men possibly know what is best for us?

    Best you girls take the lead, tell us men what to do, and we will joyfully renounce our rights as a person to be your ‘property’ and walking ‘wallet’ in perpetuity.

    Feminism……….”we want it all OUR way, ALL the time, right NOW, forever & ALWAYS”.

    Go screw yourselves. (But you still won’t get pregnant).

  25. here is a const benifit analysis of a HOE horizontal, orientated , entertainer to a EX wife. yes the laws and the world is stacked against men. I saw it first hand, I am glad women can fight in the infantry, no in the next war they can get drafted, treated as expendables and marched off to death just like generations on men have. also now that, that is the case all bets are off they get the same ribbing and dude will get from me. please enjoy this video

    terrence popp

  26. Casey says:

    This part of the above mentioned article is ‘pure gold’.

    “Men of my father’s generation would never have dreamed of telling their wives they could not have another child because they wanted more time to themselves. They just got on with it.”


    You have to go back in time 60 years to find a male role model that you feel fits the prescription for what ails you?

    Guess what? Men have to go back 60 years to find a female role model that fits the bill as well.

    Question: How old is the feminist movement?
    Follow up Question: Can you see a correlation?

    Now, picture the wailing, pissing, & moaning if a male author made the following comment:

    “Women of my mother’s generation would never have dreamed of telling their boyfriends they wanted to postpone family formation because they wanted more time to establish their careers. They just got on with it.”

  27. GKChesterton says:

    The feminist movement is several thousand years old at the very least. It just is currently ascendent and that dates back until somewhere around the 1920’s with a brief “lapse” over the 40’s-50’s. Anyone who tell you otherwise has never read any history.

  28. Anonymous Reader says:

    A. Stagnation and crony capitalism (e.g. Ukraine)
    B. Civil war (e.g., Bosnia)
    C. Militant socialism (e.g., Hitler)
    D. Stagnation and recurring socialism (e.g., Argentina)
    E. Patriarchy (not sure what a good example is without going into the past)
    F. Fundamentalism (e.g., the Arab world)

    Population dynamics and demographics have a big role to play. I have a difficult time with the idea of a civil war in Europe, because the population there is aging rapidly – pensioners are not likely to go raid an armory for rifles. So that take B off the table for Europe. In the US, I’m not quite so sure, it depends on how the colonization of California by Latin Americans plays out.

    I do not buy C for either the US or Europe again because of aging of the populace.

    E is too vague, and as for F – what kind of fundamentalism? Green? Pagan? Too much work for the modern population.

    That leaves A and/or D. Both Ukraine and Argentina have minimal population growth, or have slide into decline. In Argentina’s case, the Peronist party pretty much ran the country into the ground from 1948 to the mid 1960’s, and yet they still are a major party, if not THE major party. Note well what the Kirchners (Nestor, who died, and his wife, who has been carrying on) have done to keep their party in control of Argentina. They’ve looted pension funds, severely restricted holdings of any currency from outside the country, made it very difficult to legally move money out of the country (incuding currency-sniffing dogs on certain borders), just for a start. And they still win elections.

    Ukraine not only is corrupt and stagnant, it has a thriving feminist radical group, FEMEN.

    The wild card IMO is the growing pool of sons of single mothers, at the lowest economic level. Those young men could be the sans-coulottes of the 2020’s.

  29. Luke says:

    Anonymous Reader says:
    May 23, 2013 at 5:16 pm

    C. Militant socialism (e.g., Hitler)

    “Population dynamics and demographics have a big role to play. I have a difficult time with the idea of a civil war in Europe, because the population there is aging rapidly – pensioners are not likely to go raid an armory for rifles. So that take B off the table for Europe. In the US, I’m not quite so sure, it depends on how the colonization of California by Latin Americans plays out.

    I do not buy C for either the US or Europe again because of aging of the populace.”

    Tell the post-65s that due to a return to capitalism the U.S. will need to shut down Social Security and Medicare, and you’ll find out that the vast majority of them are actually socialists (as support for those programs would prove).

  30. Casey says:

    @ GKChesterton

    That lapse in the 1940s & 50s wouldn’t have anything to do with WWII would it?
    You know, when women would have had to pick up a weapon & march off to war to hold true to their B.S. ideals?

  31. mackPUA says:


    They’re aiming for c militant socialism, stagnation & recurring socialism is just the transition phase

    Femen couldnt have existed 10 years ago, if it wasnt for the steady march for militant socialism

    The media & the news are all full of militant socialism

    They dont need your investment funds & retirement pensions, they already have them … plus they can print whatever pieces of paper they want

    You cant use the economy as a factor, as they already have a monopoly on counterfeit currency ie the unbacked by anything dollar & euro … when its not backed by anything its a counterfeit currency …

  32. RJ says:

    Here’s another idea: “What is a beta-blocker?”
    Maybe a few ideas can spring up with such a title.

  33. RJ says:

    ok, last one. “The carousel riding days of today are the regrets of tomorrow”.

  34. INTJ says:

    Have you read about this study?

    It demonstrates the decline in sexual desire that women experience a few years into a relationship.

  35. greenlander says:

    @Anonymous Reader

    Population dynamics and demographics have a big role to play. I have a difficult time with the idea of a civil war in Europe, because the population there is aging rapidly – pensioners are not likely to go raid an armory for rifles. So that take B off the table for Europe. In the US, I’m not quite so sure, it depends on how the colonization of California by Latin Americans plays out.
    Ukraine not only is corrupt and stagnant, it has a thriving feminist radical group, FEMEN.

    I wouldn’t say that FEMEN is “thriving.” They get a lot of press because of their gimmock of attractive topless women. If “western-style” fat, short-haired ugly feminists pulled their western-style protests in Kiev, Ukranians would think, “why don’t those dumb chicks lose some weight and learn to dress themselves so they can get a man?”

    Femen also offends a lot of people. If you know many Russian/Ukranian people, you know that they have a huge respect for religion and tradition. So, they offended a lot of people when they took a chainsaw to some kind of Christian monument in Kiev.

    The Russians I talk to (I live in Russia) think that Pussy Riot’s scene (also referred to in the link above) last year in the church in Moscow was atrocious, and the participants deserved the prison time they got. The sympathy for Pussy Riot was in the west, not in Russia itself.

    The thing about feminism is this: it is backstopped by the welfare state. No welfare state, no feminism. In Russia, feminist can’t get a stronghold because the life choices of feminists (palimony, makework government jobs, government-mandated bureaucracy, etc) aren’t viable.


    Tell the post-65s that due to a return to capitalism the U.S. will need to shut down Social Security and Medicare, and you’ll find out that the vast majority of them are actually socialists (as support for those programs would prove).

    Yes, you’re right: those geezers will pick socialism. And those geezers vote! But no money is no money, and so the only way to fund these programs is to print money. Eventually, this will show up as low economic growth and high interest rates.

    I actually think that the young, uneducated minority masses are more of a force. As soon as their EBT cards and associated government cheese get shut off (or the real value devalued to the point that it isn’t useful), they won’t vote at all. They will be on the streets rioting.

  36. Dalrock,am i allowed to post here?I read your blog and find it useful.
    Dalrock,I am surprised after reading articles published in leading newspapers about shortage of unmarried men and about forcing men to marry single mothers and women above 30.Is the situation so bad that even national media has to shame and coerce men?Have men really gone on marriage strike?
    I think economics,energy and availability of paper shuffling jobs plays lot of role in success of feminism.It can’t succeed in poor Asian ,African countries.It can succeed only in EU and US,where too much excessive wealth from colonies makes everybody wealthy beyond expectation.
    The modern finance and actual government delivery mechanism helps feminism a lot.
    If US or EU ever start becoming poor,if they start losing their military superiority,if their govt bureaucracy start getting very corrupt,if the security situation in cities turns really bad due to weak govt,if job market for educated goes down and only jobs left are hard working jobs,if people are not able to move from city to city every 3 years and actually have to stay in one area for their entire lives,if crude oil and electricity starts getting expensive-expect reversals happening,
    When the 600 year old industrial economy slowly winds down,expect many socialist progressive policies going into drain very fast…It won’t even take 50 yrs…
    just my two words

  37. Casey says:

    Another ‘pure gold’ moment in the article link posted by Feminist Hater.

    “As we descended into bitter rows, he insisted we had counselling. The therapist told him off for wasting my time. ‘You can have children any time but your girlfriend can’t,’ she said. He stormed out.”

    “His last-minute change of heart, after promising to go through with IVF, was the final straw and we parted in extreme acrimony.”

    “Looking back, it was a bad relationship. I don’t know if any other woman convinced him to start a family, but perhaps it’s a blessing that we didn’t have children.”

    “But how many years did I waste with him, on a false promise?”

    LOOKING BACK, IT WAS A BAD RELATIONSHIP. You see, all she really needed was a moment to see that she was dating a bad man. She would have seen it if they had children too, and she would then send him packing, saddled him with copious amounts of child support (state sponsored theft by any other name), and taken 50% or more of his stuff as well (cash awards & prizes).

    Women simply DO NOT CARE that they have spent their most desirable & marketable years pissing away their SMV. They also do not care that men bear the substantial amount of the risk in a relationship of ANY kind where a child is introduced.

    Just another cock-hopping carousel rider, handing out ‘Man-Up’ cards when the time suits HER.

  38. Igniss says:

    “Women simply DO NOT CARE that they have spent their most desirable & marketable years pissing away their SMV.”

    But she is not like that! She started looking for a man to have children with when she was 29! Don’t you see how responsible that is? LZOOLZZZOLZO

    Of course, there are some women who really do start looking early (like at 18 or 20), but do it just by riding the cock carousel and hoping they get blind luck in finding a decent man. I have no sympathies for such women either.

  39. Outcast Superstar says:

    Hey Dalrock,

    If you need more material for another post or two I suggest you get the book Men On Strike by Dr. Helen Smith.

    In fact I did a three part review on my blog covering multiple topics, who knows this may give you an idea or two!

  40. Social Cream says:

    His basic ploy is argument by assertion to gain some sort of advantage over this mythical creature that does not nor has ever existed in great quantity by choice in the wild, that is, the voluntarily single, or unmarried even, male. The subtle/demonic central argument is that men want to be this way by choice. No such man has ever existed. It is true that some men, maybe even most men would want more than one woman to marry if possible, but that only assumes that these men’s survivial and replication value is high. Some of the greatest kings of Israel had harems. Poo-poo on you for having a high sex drive!

    His Great Mistake is to take a feminist scarecrow, that is to blame men first in everything, which is one of the central themes of feminism, and call it Biblical Doctrine. He is a heretic in this sense. Again, the flaming feminist anti-male effigy is to blame men first, specifically to assume:

    1. That men Christian, or non-Christian men even, do not want a good marriage.
    2. That men don’t want a good job or career.
    3. That men don’t want to be the leaders in their relationships.
    4. That men fill in the blanks ad nauseam insert feminist strawmen argument here in regards
    to the lacking motivations in men for whatever absurd and made-up reason >

    He simply does not establish good faith reasoning in his arguments in regards to the motivations of men.

    I could flesh out the details of this more and give more specifics, but my passion to argue with this Fool is not there. My only curiosity is to know what his motivation is to take such a foolish and extreme position? I can already picture dozens if not more, but am too taken with the Joy Of Life to bore myself by typing them out.

    He is a pitiful, miserly, and dim-witted creature indeed at best, and very likely a heretic and traitor to his own race of men. And though I am not a Calvinist (I am a Molinist), I used to respect them to some extent, because they where highly intelligent and “deep” in their presentation of theology. This guy, however, sounds like a wannabe frat boy.

    He is not manly. He turns church into a niggardly pissing contest and argues like an affected female–almost as if he was put up to it, by a harridan wife perhaps? Knowing the fruits of true manhood, I would feel castrated if I ever took on his mommy-whipped persona. If he really wants to be a hyper-male, then stand up to the satanic feminists! They are everywhere. Especially in the churches!! It would be liberating for him.

    It is nice to know that, other than me, some men do exist who have the ability to discern how foolish this Feminist Sheepherder is. I was beginning to think I was the only one left. But then again, I suspect that men as a race are much more interested in truth. Perhaps that is why God put them in charge most of the time. And like Rollo said, most women in church are fat and nasty physically as well as their passive-aggressive attitudes and many resent younger prettier women and try to dishonestly thwart their success. Feminism is just as hard on beautiful women sometimes as it is on men. I’ve been told I have a bad attitude for having these opinions. Lulz. Hillary Clinton, btw, was a very avid United Methodist church attendee even at a very young age.

    If you want a historical event to correlate with the divorce epidemic–it’s not what you think. It’s not the contraceptive pill, it’s alimony. Men stopped “manning up” when they had to pay up.

    A point that is missed by Christian feminists is that beautiful women are the primary selectors in the sexual mêlée. Hypergamy don’t care. Once the contraceptive technology was available, no law or cultural norm could stop, nor ever will stop hypergamy. So in a sense Driscoll does get it half right. Men are gonna have to Alpha Up if they want their women to stay loyal. I would like to find some common ground with people like Mark Driscoll if possible, but I’m not holding my breath. It’s not that the leadership in churches have gone crazy as much as the parishioners, the ones who fill the pews and pay the bills and the paychecks of the church staff, have already swallowed the feminist Blue Pill. I really don’t think there is much Driscoll could do if he tried. Mobs have always been stupid. Long live the Cowboy!

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