She needs more men!

Badger writes about a woman at a dinner party who recently tried to enlist him in her friend’s quest to keep her dating hopper filled with new men:

“Do you have any normal friends for my friend to date?”

Vaguely confused by the hasty presumption that I was a dating sourcer, but detecting an opportunity for a silent manosphere laugh, I replied “you’d have to tell me more.”

“Well, she’s been dating guys from OKCupid and says she just can’t find any normal guys there.”

Now I was irked. It would have been one thing if she said her friend worked long hours with all women and just wasn’t meeting men, or had had trouble getting back on thecarouselhorse after a breakup. But she’s swimming in men and is striking out wildly. And I happen to know that a significant portion of the young men in my city are on OKCupid, so I know there’s a few good fish in that pond.

As Badger points out, the woman is presuming quite a lot in expecting a stranger to fix her friend’s dysfunctional dating strategy:

The fact that she saw me as a possible conduit for her issue of the day smacked of a combination of megalomania and an appeal to the male instinct for problem-solving – “maybe you can help me fix this!” Expecting me to leap into the coat closet and re-emerge in my Captain Save-A-Ho suit, ready to line up cannon fodder for her chica amiga who couldn’t generate her own romantic sales leads.

What strikes me even more is the widespread denial of the larger issue.  Once a woman sets out with a strategy other than one and done marriage, she all too often becomes a ravenous beast with a need to constantly fill her hopper with more men.  Most of these men will be either outright rejected or (worse) added to her stable of beta orbiters.

Strip mining machines are typically stuck for life in the very pits they create.  While younger prospectors are starting up in rich ground, as a strip miner for men ages she ends up forever reprocessing less and less promising tailings.

Eventually nearly all of the most promising ore has been lost forever in an unintended environmental impact or has been snapped up by more astute miners.  Even if she does come across a promising nugget, the years and hard mining operations have taken their toll;  her battered sluice box can no longer even slow down most nuggets, let alone retain them.

This is why if you come across a site focused on single women (or single mothers), there is a never ending obsession with feeding the hopper.  More men.  More men.  Must find more men.  Anyone and everyone is enlisted in the obsessive task of devouring through mountains of men in an attempt to relive the glory days of their early mining experience.

To be fair, the constant need for new romantic prospects isn’t limited just to choice addicted women in today’s Sexual Marketplace (SMP).  Those men who find themselves repeatedly in the first 2-3 stages of the strip mining operation have little choice but to look for new hoppers to throw themselves into.  Some men have figured out the business of dealing with strip miners, and deliberately set out to play the role of hookup, fling, and (as part of a soft harem strategy) boyfriend.  A much larger group of men unwittingly end up playing the role of forever scraped aside top soil, beta orbiter, and the sucker who chivalrously pays for dates with the miner while she has sex with rockbanddrummer for free.

But either way there is a critical qualitative difference.  Those men who are setting out for a life of sexual variety are very honest about the moral and practical reality of their choice and the continuing need for new ore in the hopper.  They aren’t pretending to be seeking the one, and therefore don’t need to lie to themselves and others about the nature of their operations.  As a result, they are able to come up with effective strategies to keep operational costs down and efficiently retain as much of what they are seeking for as long as possible.

It is worth noting that the entire process is often mistaken for something more quaint due to the denial at the core of the operation.  Strip miners work hard to associate themselves with the romantic image of their grandmothers and even sisters who spent a few years in their late teens and early twenties carefully panning for a husband.  Finding a proper husband is no small task, and many women still quietly take this seriously.  They understand that devouring mountains is counterproductive, and instead work to locate rich areas to prospect and carefully sift to avoid discarding the prize or falling for the flash of fools gold.  They don’t attract the attention of the much more visible strip miners because they aren’t devouring mountains, and when they think they have found a good prospect they aren’t about to tip their hand to other miners.

Wise prospectors also understand the vital importance of holding on to their gold once they find it.

Bagger 288 panoramic image licensed as Creative Commons by Martin Röll
Gold in pan image licensed as Creative Commons by Dennis Garrett
Rockbanddrummer term coined by Deti.

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  1. Anonymous Reader says:

    Plus, as Badger’s experience makes clear, once a strip mining operation has dug itself into a hole in the ground, rather than consider any possibility of error, instead the request is made to be transported to a new location – not by the strip mining machine’s own power, but by the kindness of strangers.

    “Do you know any normal men” == “Can you please move my strip mining machine to a new location?”

    Well, golly, what man would fail to fall all over himself to meet that demand…

  2. okrahead says:

    Ah, at last I truly and fully understand the term “gold digger.”

  3. El Bastardo says:

    Man, I after reading this; I can’t even call them “gold digger.” I can only call them “earth mover.”

    For that is all they made themselves good for. How they think everyne should struggle to become the doctor who takers her off the market and “soothes” all her needs after a lifetime of digging other males body parts is beyond me; I doubt they understand it themselves?

  4. okrahead says:

    Gold Digger by Thomas Helmig

    I’ve got scars

    I’ve got scars from the inside and out

    And I’ve got trouble, oh yeah

    Whether alone or in a crowd

    Oh Lord can’t you see the light inside of me

    There is a lady in my bedroom

    She’s digging for gold in a silver mine

    She’s giving her heart out to the heartless

    She’s trying to walk circles in a straight line

    She says that she loves me like a woman loves a man

    I’ve got shame

    I’ve got shame bigger than Peru

    And I’ve got jones, yes I do

    Higher than Katmandu

    Oh Lord can’t you see the light inside of me

    There is a lady in my bedroom

    Lyrics provided by

    Source –

    Read more:

  5. Athor Pel says:

    Here’s another analogy for you.

    It’s like a fisherman asking a fish where all the fish are, while eating some fish.

  6. tspoon says:

    her battered sluice box…

    Sorry to lower the tone further, but I have to admit I chuckled.

  7. 22to28 says:


    Ya, it took me a moment to realize “battered sluice box” was a mining reference.

  8. mackpua says:

    She trying to imply she’s socially dominant, & used to higher class ppl, ie richer players corporate geniuses brain sturgeons

    Normal to a woman usually means as unambitious as her, but she still wants to retain her special princess card…

    This is similar to when women say im a female something …


    I’m a female gamer, I’m a female truckdriver I’m a female trashcollector… which always seems to end in pls give me extra privileges & shld be in awe at being in their presence

    Of course this is what I refer to as pre-empting they’re entitled to resources & social superiority, even though they’ve done anything to deserve any

    Pre-empting is an old hynotic trick, which women are skilled at

    They simply preempt they’re entitled & weaker beings ie betas fall in line

    Setting up a presumption of entitlement is one of the bigger guns women bring out when they think they’re not in the presence of an alpha player etc

    Add a layer of victimhood & you have the perfect crime millions of women inflict on betas worldwide on a daily basis

    Of course pointing out by the age of 25+ they should have the feminine know how to keep a normal man by now ….

  9. and eventually the strip-miner becomes the old prospector- broken down, hunched over and miserable, destined to sleep in the unfortunate (and lonely) bed they made.

    I must also note the excellence of “her battered sluice box”

    dang that’s funny. You know, I don’t think they realize that there is such a thing as too many miles on that old thing. They aren’t Hondas. Men KNOW when they encounter worn-out equipment. Their buying temperature declines accordingly. Women think they hide their sexual histories easily.

    Not true.

  10. Reminds me of a fraternity song we had back in the early 80’s :
    Lyrical er, genius, as it goes

    first one there she up and said ….
    mine’s as big as the sea
    ships sail in
    ships sail out
    they never bother me

    That’s the more innocent line of the ditty

  11. TMG says:

    Don’t forget the extensive subsidies she gets from the beta provider Government to subsidize mining operation so she can be “choosy.”

  12. FuriousFerret says:

    ‘I’m a female gamer’

    This is a recent trend that I have thought about. A good strategy by women. Go niche.

    I don’t think they know what they are consciously doing but by going to communties that are traditionally dominated by undesirable men they are significantly upping their own value.

    Take the ‘gamer girl’ trend. Decent looking women but not really hot women are getting into video games/nerd culture. The reason I believe is that when a 6 enters the nerd culture, the lack of attractive women makes her a straight up 10. Attention goes through the roof and she is a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model in that circle. An army of beat orbiters surround and worship her.

    However, I think the real reason to enter this circle is that in any kind of group even in nerd culture, there are alphas. The alphas might have different personality traits and tastes than the standard frat boy alpha, but he might be extremely good looking and/or have strong frame. Think about it, most musicians and actors were in interests considered nerdy and outside the mainstream. Johnny Depp was probably thought as extremely weird when he was a youth.

    Because these nerd alphas aren’t in the mainstream club and preppy scene, he is often not aware of what his true value is. The 6 actually has a good chance to get LTR from an alpha whereas in the mainstream scene she is up the creek without a paddle. It’s a brillant strategy. One if I was a woman would straight up exploit.

  13. MackPUA says:


    I play mmo’s time to time, whats hilarious is hearing bitchy women pulling their usual entitled crap over the mics, & then getting bitch slapped by the rest of the males

    Entering a niche environment guarantees a niche response … lol

    Theres plenty of alphas in video-gaming, probably more so then other hobbies, as its essentially virtual hunting for men & requires extreme alpha traits, such as ruthless strategy, trigger reflexes & brute force

    Physical skill even virtual always attracts alpha’s …

    Women enter niche environments for leverage, but they always befriend the top players or leaders

    Whats even more hilarious about mmo’s & games like sims, is the amount of gifts & sucking up women get, even though theyre virtual characters …

    For example in EVE the mmo, plenty of women in there bragged about how easily they could get free cash & ships anytime they wanted

    Videogames pretty much prove the vast majority of men are clueless betas, enabling women who spend most of their lives begging & stealing from men & screwing over men

    Fortunately our society isnt run on clueless betas, its run by alphas & upper-class beta’s, & upper class women, who manipulate clueless betas, far more skillfully then any gold-digger …

    Only the privileged upper class, now practise traditionalism, while the super rich practise polygamy & mistresses & concubines

    Of course wealth is relative to inflation, the middle class are really the serfs, the dirt poor compared to the super rich

    Technology has a way of covering up the real poverty & the real status in a society

    A 30k a year, is the equivelant of renting out of a straw hut or hovel in the middle ages …

    Video games & mobile phones exist to cover up the incredible poverty & under-education, most men & women have been brainwashed to accept as success …

  14. FuriousFerret says:

    ‘usual entitled crap over the mics, & then getting bitch slapped by the rest of the males’

    See that’s an intresting aspect of technology right there. On xbox live, if a woman is playing something like Call of Duty and she speaks over the mic, all sorts of guys harass her or try to virtually hit on her in a condescending way.

    However, in the real world, these same men would either play all sorts of nice beta game on her or not have the balls to approach. I doubt any of these guys would talk shit to her like they do on xbox.

    It’s like men know inherently that we shouldn’t supplicate to women so when they are anonomous they revert to that behavior but in real life they simply don’t have the balls to act that way. By the way, when they are talking shit it’s still absolutely horrible juvilenie game but they are certainly not acting in a nice supplicating way.

  15. M3 says:

    Thank you for this. Awesome post and will make a nice segue into my next one about confidence, and why women are actively destroying it in the majority of men with their strip mine operations, leaving only the hardest stones and rock laden dirt capable of doing damage to the bucket wheel left to smash the whole operation.

    To which you will hear the lament… “ALL TOP SOIL ARE ASSHOLES”

  16. Badger says:

    Thanks for the great extension of my launching-pad post. One item of discussion: it came up on my post that the woman may have been trying to hit directly on me, using a ventriloquist-dummy “friend” as a pretext for bringing up the topic of dating. I didn’t think so because (a) she was sitting next to her boyfriend and (b) I was at the dinner party hosted by the woman I was seeing. Whatever the real frame, I wasn’t biting, mostly because I am dismissive and contemptuous of women who have that attitude of “there are no good men/all the guys I meet are jerks/where can I meet a normal man?” It usually telegraphs an attitude problem.

    “Once a woman sets out with a strategy other than one and done marriage, she all too often becomes a ravenous beast with a need to constantly fill her hopper with more men.”

    This is something I don’t think is conscious – as much work as Dalrock has done exposing how the serial-monogamy fantasy is sold to women, I don’t think they sit down and strategize about it. They are just following the cultural trend, what “feels good” at the moment, and the lack of pressure/encouragement to couple up. There’s such a culture of “dating for fun” that they don’t have to decide to date for fun, it’s just what they think happens.

  17. Looking Glass says:

    On the phenomenon of “I am a Gamer Girl,” The Onion covered that eight years ago.,1169/
    Woman At ‘Farscape’ Convention Has Dangerously Inflated Self-Image
    May 12, 2004 | ISSUE 40•19 | More News

    BURBANK, CA—Paulette Osley, 24, a moderately attractive fan of the Sci-Fi Channel series Farscape, had her self-image inflated to dangerous levels during the three-day ScaperCon 2004, according to Pepperdine University professor of psychology Wes Martin…

  18. 22to28 says:


    ‘Thank you for this. Awesome post and will make a nice segue into my next one about confidence, and why women are actively destroying it in the majority of men with their strip mine operations, leaving only the hardest stones and rock laden dirt capable of doing damage to the bucket wheel left to smash the whole operation.

    To which you will hear the lament… “ALL TOP SOIL ARE ASSHOLES”’

    I hear all this bitching about women having “women’s intuition” and how much smarter than men it makes them, but apparently the one thing their special “intuition” can’t help them with is not picking loser guys.

    All hot young ladies start life with the assumption that they deserve the most attractive of men, never realizing that statistically, the most attractive (and therefore most desirable of men) was also the least likely to feel the need to continue the relationship with her after popping her cherry (or engaging in the subsequent several shags).

    Sure, the top soil was full of assholes, but you chose the field based on your baser of instincts (the measure of how wet your panties were).

    It guess it sucks that the socially awkward dudes that would have been dedicated to you for life (and given their nerd side, would have learned to get you off better than RockBandDrummer McFuckBuddy) just didn’t make your vagina drip adequately.

    Thanks to first, second and third wave feminism, you didn’t have to listen to your father when he disapproved of your first couple boyfriends (of course he didn’t, he knew your best interests better than you did), so you have nothing to blame more than your own youthful ignorance and stupidity.

    Congratulations! You’re old and alone.

  19. sunshinemary says:

    “battered sluice box”

    No, but seriously, I love this because it shames loose women, and it has just occurred to me that I have to amend something I wrote here awhile back. I said that women were (and should be) the primary purveyors of slut-shaming (laughing at sluts, excluding them, gossiping about them when they can hear, etc.), and that men were not the source of slut-shaming, but it occurs to me now that there was (and should be) one area where men play a critical role in slut-shaming: the generation of dirty-slut phrases. Women can’t subtly imply that another woman’s vagina is too big/too dirty/too smelly from sluttery, but men absolutely can. There is no way to insult a woman and shame her more deeply than to imply that her vagina is disgusting. I guess that is why feminists are wild to “reclaim” words like slut in order to remove all shame. But there is just no way feminists could reclaim a phrase that implies a slutty woman’s girl-parts are like a battered sluice box. It is just way too humiliating.

  20. 22to28 says:


    “This is something I don’t think is conscious – as much work as Dalrock has done exposing how the serial-monogamy fantasy is sold to women, I don’t think they sit down and strategize about it. They are just following the cultural trend, what “feels good” at the moment, and the lack of pressure/encouragement to couple up. There’s such a culture of “dating for fun” that they don’t have to decide to date for fun, it’s just what they think happens.”

    I’d have to agree. Any accurate study of female social psychology should demonstrate conclusively that not much thought or contemplation goes into decision-making. Most of the thinking is focused on rationalizing it afterwards. Women (and typically men as well) are propelled towards specific behaviour by the “everyone’s doing it” attraction of groupthink sluttery.

  21. MackPUA says:


    Brilliant observation …

    Men are conditioned to supplicate to women, through social cues, ie theyre relative social status to how much value she gives him …

    Men respond accordingly to her feedback … of course media, culture, exploit this trait to sell junk to men … ie cars, monogamy, feminism, & other equally useless crap men get conned into for the sake of raising, maintaining their status in society

    Women are technologically inept, as they dont have a culture of excellence or education

    Technology has a long history of enabling men to bitch slapping women … ie any appliance which breaks down, or the pill, which you could argue bitch slapped women into the stone age …

    Anyway without the social cues to turn men into raging manginas … how many men do you see coming to the rescue of girls in a call of duty match or an mmo? none …

    Men turn into real men, even raging manginas if the social cues are switched off, ie a mic

    Technology is the great equaliser, & destroyer of social cues & social reinforcement

    This is THE most important aspect to remember of technology, it destroys social cues & social reinforcement, it alienates & insulates men from the society of women

    Without the social cues, without the social reinforcement, without the tribal hierarchy ,,, all betas turn naturally into alphas

    Betas are only betas as long as there is a social structure to oppress them as being betas

    In the exact same way traditionalism needs a social structure, the only reason we have betas, is because there is a social structure which artificially socially reinforces the creation of betas

    All men are alphas, until theyre put into a social hierarchy

  22. Johnycomelately says:

    This may apply for hot women but there is a common manosphere misconception that all women at all times are hit on by men and they go through men like handkerchiefs.

    I know reams of women that have never or very rarely have even been approached by men, it’s something thats not mentioned because they’re too ashamed, they’re the female equivalent of male virgins.

  23. Ceer says:

    Great Post. I read Badger’s original a few days ago. The woman wasn’t wrong to ask for help. She simply asked for the WRONG help. Many women have a particular problem where they feel they shouldn’t invest in a man’s development. To them, men should appear like magic with all the charisma of prince charming to sweep them off their feet from day one. Real life doesn’t work like this fantasy sold to women.

    What would be the best advice for women looking to avoid the strip mining? Should it include the woman helping to train multiple men in the SMP so they have greater value? Should it include teaching women about what normal men actually look and feel like? Who should do this teaching?

  24. FuriousFerret says:


    I don’t know man. You have to be like a 1 – 3 to not get hit on. If you are an obese woman, you’re out of the game. Chubbsters and below, getting hit on left and right.

    Well, I don’t know if 4 -5s get hit on directly, like have active game run on them a lot. But in terms of tons of beta dudes making soft low risk passes, like a dozen a day. By greater betas and alphas, you’re right, they don’t hit on these women.

    In fact from my experience, 4 – 5s if you are in their rountine will actively try their pathetic girl game on you and try to chase the man. Women don’t seem to understand the concept of leagues when it comes to the men they want. I think the old advice that men should pursue if for this very reason. When a woman chases a guy, it usually means that guy is at least 2 or more points above her and the end result is either rejection (which they can’t handle nearly as well as men) or pump n dump. Of course when the mainstream says don’t chase, they don’t even have this frame in mind, it’s put out as that you should wait for your alpha. Idiots.

  25. electricangel says:

    her battered sluice box can no longer even slow down most nuggets, let alone retain them.

    Oh, man, is that funny. I wonder if she’d ask me to get my rocks out of her trommel?

    My wife does NOT understand why I love Gold Rush. The funny thing is, this is the ONE show that I have found men from an extremely wide range watching and loving. The heroic quest, the tangle with unforgiving nature, the band of brothers, the sacrifice for family: this is instant appeal, and it strikes deep and ancient chords in men. The number of men in my SWPL city who’ve expressed a desire to leave it all behind and go gold mining in the Yukon still astounds me. If it weren’t for Todd’s ridiculous beard, which I hope he loses the bet and has to shave this year, that show would be perfect.

  26. an observer says:

    “I don’t think they sit down and strategize about it. They are just following the cultural trend, what “feels good” at the moment, and the lack of pressure/encouragement to couple up…”

    Is this another free pass for wonen to claim victimhood once they attain cat lady status? Either they are responsible, culpable adukts, or they can remain legal children.

    If a high status boyfriend infers influence amongst women, the conclusion is obvious. They are doing this consciously. Whether they admit it is a separate issue. Lying to others is easy. So lying to themselves should be second naturel

  27. krakonos says:

    Furious Ferret is right. Plus even 3s are approached regularly. Only 1s have a real problem.
    Haven’t you got this message from women? It would explain a lot. Because translated into proper English it is: “I know reams of women that have never or very rarely have even been approached by [really hot / alpha] men, …”. Now it makes much more sense, doesn’t it?

  28. Hf says:

    Batteredsluicebox walks?

  29. BC says:

    The problem with women claiming to have never been approached or claiming to know women that have never been approached is that… betas are (sexually) invisible to women.

    Ergo, when a beta approaches a woman (and you can bet that betas are the only ones approaching those sub-average women), not only is their approach indirect and guarded out of fear and insecurity, but in most cases, except when they play the ‘creep’ card, the women do not recognize it as an approach because, to repeat for emphasis… betas are (sexually) invisible to women.

  30. Opus says:

    Actually, I wondered whether her, ‘do you know any normal males for my friend to date’ addressed to Private Man was an – oh so subtle – hint to Private Man himself that he should ‘step up to the plate’ and take on the war-pig that this unnamed, unseen, woman, who could not attract ‘normal’ men obviously was, but Private Man, either misread the cues or chose to assume that he was not the target.

  31. finndistan says:

    The strip mining operation reminded me on how for many women on the caroussel, it is not how many men they slept with, but how many they rejected which determines their sluttiness.

    The hamster has no limits.

    On strip mining, why should my ore be put in service of the operator a machine that has years of tear and wear on it, and has not been serviced due to the operator’s denial of there being wear and tear with every rock that goes through the machine’s conveyor belt?

    Btw, chose operator rather than owner, as it seems more apt.

  32. dhurka says:

    “This is something I don’t think is conscious – as much work as Dalrock has done exposing how the serial-monogamy fantasy is sold to women, I don’t think they sit down and strategize about it.”

    I disagree with that. My previous girlfriend dump the boyfriend before me because – he wouldn’t go swinging with her. I have sat around tables with drunk women discussing how their current man was not for marriage but for fun. When age of marriage gets discussed the twenties are always for fun and games and inappropriate men and partying. I don’t know how much more deliberate a decision could get.

    I think what you are seeing is women who have reached the appropriate age in their mind at around thirty. By that time they are ruined so can’t get a successful relationship. But ask yourself how many would accept a proposal in their early 20s. How many would turn down a night with johnny depp or whoever their favorite celebrity is? If a woman would accept that offer they are dating for fun consciously. They may not be very knowledgeable about the consequences but they know exactly what they are doing.

    I’d also join the pile up on johnnycomelately but I think its been said. Personal testimony from a man who has approached women well below my SMP value, both at closing time, but also for relationships when my confidence was shot.

  33. freebird says:

    They never consider farming,that is to say,*helping* to put in the ground work to raise a crop.
    The strip mining machine is free,the fuel is free.

    They sure don’t care about the ore because they never worked for it.
    They would care about a harvest,but then again poaching is so much quicker.
    Note:All of this involves a serious lack of work.
    Princess is entitled to have it all just handed to her.Because she’s princess.
    Ok.actually because she’s holding a powerful and addictive drug that lures in her prey.

  34. Metanoia says:

    I was watching a documentary on Zulus and how they drink a special potion to make them invisible and it reminds me of the female serial monogamists, who think that because they are in a “relationship”, there is no sexual or emotional baggage being accumulated. All that sex is “holy/sacred”, and so when they break up and find themselves single, no damage whatsoever has happened to them!! The virtuous serial monogamist bangs each “boyfriend” hundreds of times, unlike the slut who has sex with a guy only a couple of times before going their separate ways.

  35. Tam the Bam says:

    Those online dating sites are carts full of reduced items parked at the sexual supermarket’s checkout.
    Battered cans of who-knows-what, labels half ripped, and stuff nobody bought in the first place, maybe the odd bottle of soda with the cap crudely taped back on.
    Have a good rummage, make sure nobody you know spots you, and don’t pick up anything swollen. Watch out for signs of being poisoned, and if all else fails just feed it to the dog.

    Poor old Johhny. Not ganging up on you mate, but if a girl is anywhere near a 7+, she”ll have had it made known to her in no uncertain terms since age fifteen, at the latest. Even girls from strict religious families (including the Darth Vader cosplay crew, as in the UK at least they have to attend some sort of co-ed school, unless they’re very, very rich).
    Unless they’re anchorite nuns living on some remote rock in the ocean, “meeting men” will not ever have been a problem.
    So they’re either out-and-out child-frighteners, flagrant and obvious run-the-hell-away nutters, or .. liars.
    Unless .. by “normal men” they actually mean Slightly-Less-Than-Perfect-Apex-Alphas-Seen-From-Afar, as the rest are not even recognized, except as barely human serving-beasts.
    Go on, test them. Fix her up a date with some honest, constantly employed, reasonably well-mannered, ripped young guy off, say, a construction site and watch them curl up in puking horror if a LTR, or anything more than a quck is suggested.
    The “incompatibility” bat will come out and be plied round your ears toot sweet.

  36. FuriousFerret says:

    I don’t even understand how OK Cupid can even work for guys.

    I do know some guys use it as a hunting ground and have refined their OK Cupid game but most men it just seems like the rawest deal that was ever created.

    First off, by the very fact a guy is posting to an online dating website is demonstrator of low value. It simply fails pre-selection. Modern day women want to believe that this guy has other women interested in them but he has chosen her. She wants at least the illusion that this guy isn’t actively looking for a lady, because if he is want’s wrong with him?

    Second, women’s value is upped to the stratosphere given all they have to do is make a profile and get carpet bombed by messages for tons of guys.

    Third, how does game even really come through on OK Cupid? I would think you have to at least be in the top 20 percent in looks for them to even your message.

    OK Cupid in my opinion for the vast majority of men is a sucker’s game.

  37. The Right Hon. Msgr. Fred Flange says:

    I know Badger was certain the woman wasn’t hitting on him for herself but…
    was she angling to fix him up with her friend directly? Expecting like he would eagerly blurt, “welll howz about meee? I’m NORMAL MAN.”

    Which does not invalidate his point. Makes it more pungent actually; her assuming he might be so supplicant as to “Volunteer” himself for the French Kiss Foreign Legion.

  38. meme says:

    @dalrock, your a funny man …………….

    This is subjective experience as im 29 and i can see the woman i know in the vicinity panic as the wall approaches.It’s just to way to easy for them to say im just not happppyyyyy and walk away as another will parachute into the drive way because she’s “the victim” no part was played by them in the relationship failure what so ever, She may be seeking a husband but what is bringing to the table for it to be worth while? I just find it quite funny that all woman seem to think that a man of good-character will be willing to wife them up, no ither scenario has been played out its just a given…….
    There will be plenty of decent men of good character who will end up wifeless and childless due to the paradigm shift and even tight game a six figure salary wont help some. Several i know of and they have accepted this… It s a shame the women just cant see this perspective

  39. Looking Glass says:

    Evolution of Gamer Girls 1995 to 2012

    1995 – “lol look at loser anon and his vidya!”
    1996 – “lol look at loser anon and his vidya!”
    1997 – “lol look at loser anon and his vidya!”
    1998 – “lol look at loser anon and his vidya!”
    1999 – “lol look at loser anon and his vidya!”
    2000 – “lol look at loser anon and his vidya!”
    2001 – “lol look at loser anon and his vidya!”
    2002 – “lol look at loser anon and his vidya!”
    2003 – “lol look at loser anon and his vidya!”
    2004 – “lol look at loser anon and his vidya!”
    2005 – “lol look at loser anon and his vidya!”
    2006 – “why won’t anytone give me attention?”
    2007 – “The cake is a lie XDXDXD”
    2008 – “Girls can play games too ya know!”
    2009 – “I’m a grrrrrl gamer!”
    2010 – “Girls are just as good as guys pretty much”
    2011 – “Videogames are sexist”
    2012 – “videogames must cater to our needs”

  40. I don’t even understand how OK Cupid can even work for guys.

    With online dating, you gain in convenience and numbers what you lose in physical proximity. You can filter out your deal-breakers — if you don’t want a single mom, filter out the ones with kids. (They mostly tell the truth about that, but don’t assume they are about things like smoking and drinking habits.) Or rule out all the “curvy” ones right from the start. Some will use phrases that are major red flags, like “Where are all the decent men?” Others will write so poorly and unimaginatively that you can tell you should pass them up if you’re hoping for someone you can ever have a conversation with. In short, you can scan through a bunch of women a lot more quickly than you could vet them in a bar by approaching and asking them questions.

    Once you narrow it down to the ones you’re interested in, it’s true that by writing to them you’re showing a certain neediness, but not necessarily more than a guy who approaches in a bar — and less than a guy who offers to buy her a drink in a bar, if you do it right. Make your message witty and short, don’t supplicate, and only write once. Keep it casual and maintain outcome independence. You thought her profile was interesting enough to say hi, but that’s all.

    Your other option is to put up a profile that’s alpha and interesting enough to get women to contact you. Since OK Cupid is free, they can contact you without paying, so some will. Most won’t, because they’re getting so many messages from guys that they don’t need to look. So you’ll mostly get huge ones, ones way older than your age range or an obvious mismatch in some other way, and foreign scammers. But if you get some real possibilities, you didn’t have to go to much trouble to get them.

    Ultimately it’s a numbers game: you can put yourself in front of a lot of women, and approach many desirable ones, in a short time with little effort. But only use it for that; don’t get lulled into an online relationship, because more often than not you’ll be an emotional tampon for a woman who’s not really looking (many, many women on those sites have a husband/boyfriend to some extent, and are just scouting for something better and soaking up all the compliments). Move it to real life right away, and if she balks at that, you know she wasn’t serious. Next.

  41. Primer says:

    The whole nerd/gamer girl phenomenon is not only a niche dating strategy, but an attempt to invade a male space and get in on some male pride. Gaming used to be purely male because it was so nerdy and weird and now it’s overrun with “rad” gamer girls.

  42. Anonymous Reader says:

    FuriousFerret, I’m pretty sure that everything you write about OKCupid is true. The answer to your first question is simple, yet subtle: What makes you think that men are supposed to get any benefit from OKCupid? Forget the advertising. Look at the structure.

    Women and alpha men running OKCupid/online game benefit from the site. Ordinary beta men do not. Like so many other social structures, it appears that OKCupid basically provides women with sexual access to men who are “Apha enough”, and naturally provides a minority of “Alpha enough” men with access to women. Beta men, and women who aren’t on the carousel, do not benefit.

    Feature or bug? Accident or design? You be the judge.

  43. FuriousFerret says:

    I don’t even agree that it’s alpha men.

    It’s good looking men that benefit from OK Cupid. How are you supposed to run game without having your physical presence felt with all the body language, tone and context.

    Good looking men does not equal alpha men by a long shot.

  44. MPK says:

    Just for balance, as a single man in my 20’s and early 30’s I always felt that I needed a better supply of women. The women I already knew did not meet my stringent criteria. The ones who were physically fit and attractive had some personality flaw. The ones with the good personality were not physically fit. Or there was always some other issue. Looking back on that period I was the one who was strip mining. I had a slew of one date wonders. After being married for 23 years, I reflect on some of those women I dated – once – and would have many of them over my current wife if I could go back and do things again. In fact, the very first girl I had the opportunity to consider was introduced to me by her dad. That girl was georgious! But I was working on my engineering degree at a prestigious university and she either had no degree or only a two year associates degree from some no-name college. So I never pursued her, figuring I could easily do better after I graduated. Well I could have, but my criteria became even more stringent then, andno women, no matter how well qualified she was, as long as she was only a human being, could meet the criteria. I finally wised up and settled for a more or less normal female. So now my wife, who is a wonderful lady, but in dire need of a lot of work in the gym, has no more academic or other professional qualifications than that first girl, who is still a looker after 4 kids and 9 grandchildren! ‘Serves me right for turning up my nose at her the first time.

  45. jack says:

    No Rings for Sluts applies.

    The only revenge available to men is to refuse these women access to our attention and our finances.

    True, the socialist culture we live in strips away a single man’s income in order to finance single mothers, especially those who sluttily became pregnant at an early age.

    Part of me actually hopes we are headed for a complete and total societal and financial meltdown, because the brunt of a fallen society will be borne by the shiftless and stupid females that voted it into existence.

  46. BSKillet says:

    her battered sluice box can no longer even slow down most nuggets

    I see what you did there…

  47. Rock Throwing Peasant says:

    FF, I had fairly good results from OKC. At first, I did all the things the staff at OKC suggested. Complete bust.
    Same pics, different approach. My profile was what I wanted and didn’t mention anything about me. Much better results, as far as volume and dates. The quality is lower than I liked. Inflated sense of ranking with the women.

  48. M3 says:

    Rereading this post made me think of the cellphone analogy again. All the girls throwing the phones to the floor and keeping only the ones that still operate. All the smart phones with their quadcore processors and delicate antennae will not survive the shit test, no matter how much gorilla glass they have.

    But those damn ‘brick’ phones, those dumb analogue phones will survive. But those phones are only good at making phone calls (jackhammering self gratification).

    Women deserve the orgasms they get. 🙂 i make sure to avoid entitled skanks who could be pumped and dumped. I don’t do pump n dumps. It’s not in me. So instead i leave them to their fate of faking orgasms while i look for a woman worthy of a mindquaking orgasm. All you need to do is let the excavator bucket do it’s thing and cast you aside.

  49. MackPUA says:

    Its more of a cottage idustry scam to screw over middle aged women for subscriptions & spam

    The fact is semi-normal women, ie fuckable …. have healthy social circles & hordes of beta orbiters to negate the need for online dating

    It’s women who dont have social circles, who turn to online dating

  50. slwerner says:

    MPK – ”Just for balance, as a single man in my 20′s and early 30′s I always felt that I needed a better supply of women.”

    Okay, I’m sorry, but I have to ask…are you being serious here?

    Now, it’s no secret around here that there are some men (perhaps 10% of men) who can actually be so “choosy” with the scads of women willing to date them.

    But, your story seems well outside the norm of typical experience for young men.

    For one thing, you must realize just how rare you are. I mean, seriously, an engineering major who could not only get a date with a real flesh and blood woman, but who could even get dates with attractive ones. That alone puts you well within in the top 0.1% of all engineering majors

    Thus, your rather high “alpha” status would have set you far apart from the typical young man, who has few enough serious dating opportunities that he is highly unlikely to be so picky a “strip-miner” as you self-report to have been.

    Yes, some men are able to be highly selective out of the vast array of woman available to them, but the anecdotes of those rare individuals don’t really proved balance relative to the sheer number of women who engage in such strip-mining of men.

  51. MackPUA says:

    MPK is right, for most men theres a serious lack of decent women

    Theyre repellant personality flaws, entitlement & bitchy attitudes make most women unfuckable…

    Only players or men experienced with women, pump & dump women despite their flaws, regular men with options simply reject them

  52. earlmook says:

    A lot of women these days need to get a HEART and QUIT insulting men!! Men have had it with so many single women these days being so damn bitter, p*ssed off at the world, blaming men for a lot of things. Women would be irate, fuming and down right disgusted if men did this to women, if men constantly openly bash women all the time, blame women for everything and insulting women. This is exactly why there needs to be REFORMED MARRIAGE LAWS and it’s thankfully actually picking up state by state to change Marriage Laws to make it much more difficult to get divorced and actually WORK on marriage. So many single women these days are like phtttt on marriage, or actually have the tenacity to think that divorce is something “cool”. The eff is wrong with you women that think like that??? SERIOUSLY????? Instead of blaming us men for screwups, blame yourself first your probably need to seriously examine yourself and PUT THE BLAME ON YOURSELF, not others, not men but YOURSELF, BLAME YOURSELF for your eff ups!! Marriage is not a bad word nor is SETTLING!! Men remember quit well when women would constantly complain about men not wanting to SETTLE, now it’s the complete opposite, women are the ones these days b*t*hing about SETTLING and complaining about there aren’t any good men. Yes there are PLENTY of GOOD/GREAT MEN. You want to know a secret women!!! It pretty damn simple, you know those men for example a guy at a bar standing around having a drink, waiting for a friend or something and he’s not “exactly” sure what to say to you and when he tries to strike up a conversation with you you instantly (without any thought, or without giving him any second of a chance) you instantly deny him cause he didn’t know “exactly” what to say that was most likely a good guy that you rejected. For a lot of single women they need to get their heads out of their butts and get into reality. Your men are not going to be this superstar god of a guy that’s not REALITY!!! Single women quit holding out for that “false” fantasy non existent so called “perfect” guy. There is no such thing as a “perfect” anything.

  53. deti says:

    I’m really late to this thread.

    I’m glad to see F**kbuddy Rockbanddrummer get a shout out. Good for F**kbuddy.

    Dalrock, I think this is a case of another layer of the onion being peeled back. You touched on this at Badger’s. There is the “show” a woman puts on for men, and then there is what is really going on behind the scenes.

    The show consists of the woman primping and preening for dates and men in general, while complaining about the dearth of “good men” for long term relationships and marriage. They also complain that all the men want is sex, and about pump and dumps, and men being “afraid of commitment”. Women at large make the point that they really just want one thing, one small, simple, tiny little thing: they just want to date some good men and find a good relationship to get married to a “normal” man so they can have good babies and live a good happily ever after life, and “gee, is this too much to ask, fellas?” There was a post at called “ask me out on a damn date” which is a good example of this. (

    The complaints amount to “You guys need to stop messing around and start getting serious and ask us women on some real dates where we actually GO somewhere and DO something fun or different or interesting where we actually TALK to each other and GET TO KNOW each other so we can maybe sorta have a Real Meaningful Relationship and not a hookup or a booty call or “time for hanging out”. I mean, come on you guys, let’s get our shit together so we can, like, you know, get married and stuff.”

    But what’s really going on behind the scenes, without the women even really knowing it, is that some of them have their own little strip mining operations. The speed with which they act requires them to barrel through dozens or hundreds of men. They see so many they have to make snap decisions about them, so many of them are chewed up and rejected with a cursory look, or are transformed into beta orbiters.

    I saw somewhere I think at Crime and Federalism a long time ago, where Mike CF said something like “you think men run game? Your average woman is running game and spinning plates like you wouldn’t believe.” This is akin to what he was talking about, I think.

  54. Cultural_Expat says:

    Brilliant! thanks!!

  55. deti says:


    “Enough attractive women have let me read their text messages (often encouraging me to post the more beta texts to this very blog) that I can only conclude that most of you men have no idea how attractive women operate.

    “In your mind, you meet a girl. You make a connection. Perhaps you make out with her. You feel sparks. You can’t wait to see her again. Without trying to seem overeager, you wait a day or two before texting her. You are buzzing.

    “In your mind, this girl can’t stop thinking about you. She felt the chemistry. Plus, you made out. This is a good girl! Certainly she doesn’t make out with random guys all of the time. No. She is special, and since you kissed her, you are special, too. She is no doubt waiting for your text.

    “In real life, this girl is exchanging text messages with dozens of other men. Even if she remembers you, her attention is divided among more men than you can imagine. In between texts with you, she’s texting several other men. She’s going on dates with other men. She is letting men buy her dinner, drinks, and clothes.

    “When she sees you or texts you, she makes you feel special. But you are not. You are just another guy standing in line at the deli counter, waiting for the girl to call out your number.”

  56. ybm says:

    Its not really complicated. Its mostly manosphere boilerplate to be honest Deti:

    Women want options when their value is high, commitment when it is lower.
    They want hookups when they want them, commitment when they don’t.
    They want sex when they want it, resources when they don’t.
    They want bad boys when they want them, betas when they don’t.

    The thing is, that they expect all of this, while men are expected to have no options about value/commitment, sex to only occur on a woman’s terms, and no sex, commitment, and be stripped of their resources when they are withheld.

  57. Anonymous Reader says:

    Deti, the cynic in me increasingly regards all shaming language or criticism of men by women as nothing more than projection. Thus that whine at TheFrisky is nothing more than a plate-spinning carousel riding strip miner who wants to be moved to a new location. That’s all it is.

    Women complain that men “won’t commit”, but who files 60% to 65% of divorces? Who files the majority of false DV claims? Who uses children as a crowbar to pry money out of someone else? Who marries the state? Who bears 40% of all children outside of a marriage by choice?

    So who is it that has commitment “issues”, eh? Shall we move on to greedy, materialistic, shallow, and so forth?

    Badger was far too kind. He could have suggested to the woman in question that surely her friend can find a good man. All she needs to do is simple: Just Be Yourself.

  58. Opus says:

    I have just learned (courtesy of The Third Programme) that 40% of us meet our future spouse at work. Assuming this unnamed woman works, then what she needs is a new job, with new opportunities, and indeed I always see the woman who changes jobs on a regular basis as being essentially strip-mining businesses for men. Only yesterday I was suggesting to a friend that women go out to work to ‘find a banker’ – rather forgetting that he is himself a Banker who met his wife at work – no wonder he seemed uncomfortable with my view. Why, (rhetorically) if (as I assume she does) she works, does she need to visit OKCupid? Is she desperate? or has she worked her way through the business?

  59. Tam the Bam says:

    slwerner says: “Okay, I’m sorry, but I have to ask…are you being serious here?
    Now, it’s no secret around here that there are some men (perhaps 10% of men) who can actually be so “choosy” with the scads of women willing to date them.
    But, your story seems well outside the norm of typical experience for young men.”
    The past is a foreign country, old chap. They do things differently there.
    As far as I can make out, he just about dodged under the front edge of the horrible fate of today’s young men, facing entrenched, legally codified female ascendancy and delusions of grandeur.
    Our man finally got hitched about 1989, in his early ’30s (not the ’30s, but still, a heckuva long time ago; certainly feels like it, particularly in the right knee). Coulda been kicking them out of bed in the morning since Led Zep’s 4th or 5th album.
    He might even be older than me! Now git off my lawn.

  60. The Real Peterman says:

    “I know reams of women that have never or very rarely have even been approached by men, it’s something thats not mentioned because they’re too ashamed, they’re the female equivalent of male virgins.”

    No they aren’t, because if they actually got off their lazy rears and approached some men they could find companionship. The male virgin, on the other hand, approaches women over and over and never gets anywhere with any of them.

  61. MackPUA says:


    This is exactly why the MRA needs the gaming community, men getting decimated by women leveraging girl game, while men sit around cluelessly blaming frivolous divorce, the legal system etc.

    Yes those things will effect you eventually & serious repercussions, but do they affect men immediately as being strip mined?

    It’s one of those hidden chapters, most men simply dont get about women

    Women are designed to destroy men, they see as biologically unfit

    This is a constant running theme, in the dating & SMV place, it’s no coincidence

    The spinning plate effect MikeCF refers to is close, but he doesnt grasp why women pull this crap …

    Mobile phones & smart-phones, & the hordes of men women deliberately string along, are long term strategies deliberately designed NOT to filter out men …

    But to ensure they do not reproduce

    The biological imperative for women is to ensure the unfit do not reproduce

    Attention whoring & stringing men along, ensures those men become emasculated & blue balled to the point they become unfit to reproduce

    The spinning plate effect, the strip mining, the hundreds of text messages, the hundreds of calls, ensures those men NEVER get to date or see another for months at a time …

    Whats REALLY happening is, hundreds of inexperienced men, getting rejected & never having the courage or ability to talk to another woman for months, because they thought she was the one …

    This is essentially the life of a man without game …

    The damage these attention whores & strip mining women do is almost incalculable …

  62. an observer says:

    No rings for sluts. Close the mine. Bring on the sex bots!

  63. Dalrock says:

    Off topic but not entirely, my latest answer at Yahoo Answers: Gradual Visitation for a 3 year old?

    Should I get a twitter feed for stuff like this?

  64. Bully says:

    I was one of those inexperienced men until my mid-late 20s. I was raised as the uber beta provider, and it was only when getting into the dating meat grinder that I suspected something might have been wrong. I’m fairly high up on the IQ scale and was an extremely early adopter on computers/internet (early-mid 90s) so I was the poster child for being the dateless wonder. What a dehumanizing existence to be beholden to the rules as a beta orbiter the few times I tried to reach out to a woman and then being further scolded for following them.

    Now that I am acutely aware of how biomechanics play out, having learned game, having hit the gym, and getting my career off the ground, my friends say I am ‘quite a catch’, and I am finally experiencing success with women. but after the way I was brought up, I have absolutely no problem refraining from marriage out of pure spite.

    Bitter? Yes, probably, but you don’t reap the rewards of stock by purchasing it near its peak.

  65. Bully says:

    Also, re: videogames: Watch women’s opinions turn sharply when it becomes more widespread that you can now make non-trivial amounts of money playing vidya.

    Even with a full time job and other commitments, an astute gamer can make several extra thou a year just selling items for real life money in Diablo III (yes, there is a HUGE market for this) hardly enough to live on, but perhaps enough to be a huge deal at the lower-mid income brackets (30-60k)

    I’ve already heard several women nudge their gamer SOs with not-so-surreptitious comments like “Hey, why don’t you play that instead and bring home some more bacon for us..”

    feminine imperative uber alles.

  66. ybm says:

    Dalrock says:
    November 19, 2012 at 9:35 pm

    I think you are doing a very good thing here, taking up the mantle many of us do, spreading MRA memes in non-manosphere sources. For example, a simple one or two line response and a link to a website like ‘weddedabyss’ ‘dont get married’ or ‘compendium of misandry’ is a supremely effective way of spreading the message. Posting on yahoo answers reaches far more people in any given day than any poster campaign could hope.

    I encourage you to continue doing so, but I would think you would do ‘work’ for the MRA by simply adding a single link to your comments, one of your choosing of course.

  67. greyghost says:

    Dalrock and all I have been on yahoo answers quite a bit. Have a few best answers. I also comment on the Yahoo articles. And have been called a bitter loser at leaste once.

  68. Opus says:

    Another mining disaster:

    I have been following a blog which has recently comprised a series of old love letters. These are the facts:

    A woman marries in her early twenties, and promptly divorces. She spends the next decade ‘not trusting men’ [read: riding the Alpha Carousel/prick teasing]. Aged thirty-five on an exotic holiday [somewhere in North America] she meets a single man with his own house and business and four days later they are engaged. The next day but one she returns home and begins correspondence with her intended prior to moving to North America. Eventually despite her constantly assuring him that she loves him he puts a tricky question to her in a letter. She must have realised that sooner or later she would have to answer this question. The question, of course, is, why should marriage to him work out when the first one didn’t. You can tell he is beginning to get cold feet. We all know the answer (fading looks, baby rabies etc) but she cannot say that of course. First she has to explain how love for him is real (even though she hardly knows him) whereas love for her first husband wasn’t quite the real thing (without any fault on her part). She skates over that with some stuff about how she would have fully loved if.. but… but now she is certain… and then (in true victim) mode – yes you know what she is going to say – she explains that her first husband made her unhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaapy. So far, no surprise, but then (and I had not seen this before) she ices the cake by adding, that not only did he make her unhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaapy but he did it on purpose as he gained perverse satisfaction therefrom and was not therefore a normal person. [subtext: you had better not make me unhappy or I’ll say the same about you.] Meanwhile convinced that he will marry her, she says she will not answer his question as to how heavy she now is – she has been putting on weight since their meeting – as all that matters is that he can get his arms around her – I should think not – what arrogance! I suspect that this good lady is the one who enjoys making husbands unhappy as having married the first guy, she walks out on him to a life of cock-hopping leaving him to lick his wounds – but she is a good christian and has the support of her Pastor. Anyway, she explains, she was almost having a nervous breakdown such that a former neighbour hardly recognised her post-divorce – that women do so change their clothing, hair-style and make-up and that that is presumably why she went almost unrecognised is supposed to pass her fiancee by. He is a simple man (obviously keen for pussy) so that ruse works too. there may be more details anon.

  69. dorsey47 says:

    Dalrock, twitter could be a good means of sharing your activity. As of now, there is no real m-sphere presence on that site (that I know of). Twitter could be used for m-sphere commenters to link to their comments from other non-m-sphere sites.

  70. CoffeeCrazed says:

    How utterly appropos to the topic.

    Women as oilsands?

    A union facebook page declared “when corporate greed mixes with patriarchy…Another reason we need unions!” about the article.

    The union is probably concerned because it relegates the single woman to the status of being stripmined as opposed to being the stripminer.

  71. Mikediver says:

    I think a better analogy than strip mining for women’s dating and mate search methods would be hydraulic mining. This technique used high pressure water to strip hillsides of all soil, and washed it into streams and rivers through seives and sluces that filtered out the gold. It left behinda barren and wasted landscape unable to support any life. It also polluted the rivers, silting up the navigable channels, and killing off fish. It was outlawed pretty much everywhere long ago. It was much more distructive than mere strip mining; which at least has the potential for remediation.

    What women who have options are doing today is ruining many men for any type or relationship while they are “searching” for the one (when they feel ready). The “landscape” left behind is ever increasing numbers of men that have had it up to here with women, and who will never commit to one, or have anything but a pump and dump relationship with one, ever again. This is the bed women are making I hope they enjoy sleeping in it.

  72. Farm Boy says:

    With power comes responsibility. These women don’t seem too keen on the second part.

  73. MackPUA says:

    Cross-posted from the spearhead, as it reinforces Deti’s post …

    I posted this in response to EW whining about men getting wise to women’s hypergamy … ie strip mining, or as Mikediver puts it Hydraulic mining operations … lol

    “Heres a FUN FACT

    The vast majority of men ARE NOT PLAYERS, or skirt chasers

    But, its the vast majority of WOMEN ARE PLAYERS, which is WHY THEY ARE HYPERGAMOUS IN THE FIRST PLACE

    If any woman can go into a club & hoist her skirt, it makes the VAST MAJORITY of women players

    WHICH IS WHY they dont value marriage, which is WHY they initiate the majority of divorce, & the WORST aspect, why they abort their unborn & deprive men of their 2 year old boy for years on end

    IF a woman can pick up a guy anytime she wants, IF she has hordes of men sexting the crap out of her phone, She is going to act & behave like a player …

    You’re sister, you’re mother, grandmother, wife, they were & always will be players

    Girl game, ie screwing over men, is a MAJOR part of a womans culture …”

    I know we like to blame feminism, but as Ive stated before, feminism stole from women INCREASINGLY exercising their ability to extract resources, NOT because of feminism

    Feminism simply took credit for women, who were blazing a trail of screwing men over

    Yes, its the laws enabling women to pull this crap, but it was ORDINARY women looking to screw men over, not feminists who pushed for those laws in the first place

    Feminists like everything else, simply took credit

  74. FuriousFerret says:

    Also, what it seems like is that they using love antibiotics on the male gender.

    They use poision to kill off the betas which works wonderfully however they forget about antibiotic resistance which breeds super bugs. So by using love anitbiotics they are creating super betas. Most betas get crushed up and wither away, but the super beta survives and becomes their worst nightmare the pump and dump player mascrading as their natural alpha. Since they have been tried to be killed by love poision the super beta cares nothing for these would be romance murders and ultimately destroys their prime by stringing them along and playing the same games that they play but are way better at them.

  75. an observer says:


    Great yahoo answer. Love the casual tone.

  76. greyghost says:

    That behavior from women is feral and normal and always has been. What feminism gets credit for is making that behavior normal for a civilized society backed up with force of arms under the law. Social custom and rule of law in a civil society was a check on feral behavior. Feminism over the course of a century have fully removed those civil checks and now we are moving to caveman style checks on feral behavior with civil society slowly deteriorating right before our eyes.

  77. mackpua says:


    Those behaviors are actually abnormal, as it is abnormal to have a society without checks

    The argument for hard wired & biology doesn’t work for me, as it’s society & man which keeps primacy in check

    It is our prerogative to keep women in check, we are the social customs & social traditions

    How do you think those social customs & traditions get started? By men ebedding the values of their times for future generations

    Either we brazenly draw line in the sand now, or millions of men women children suffer later

    Either we abrasively state the truth as only men can, men’s vulgarity & abrasiveness are crucial to prevent the truth from turning into a fad font women

    We are not only fighting feminists, but also women trying to water down the MRA & game

    Sunshine Mary’s already demanding we don’t blame women for hypergamy, if women don’t maintain the societalchecks in place, it is women’s fault they are hypergamous

    We don’t over come biology or hard wired instincts through psychology, we over come biology through shaming women & maintaining the societal checks our biology is trained to tribally respond to

    Either we hold women accountable & maintain the societal checks or we don’t

    We HAVE to keep the pressure on women, women WILL respond & perceive the pressure as a societal check

    It is the only thing women understand, societal constraints

    Women don’t respond to weakness, they only respond to acts of strength

    Hence the strip mining theme….

  78. greyghost says:

    You have nailed that one MackPUA. Sometimes I feel like I am all alone in that thinking. Too many beople think that feral behavior has a rightful place in a civilized society. Even dressed it up real nice with words like empowered, liberated, enlightened, equality,my favorite is independant, oh yeah almost forgot strong.

  79. mackpua says:

    I really don’t mean to hog this thread, but this concept dalrocks brought up covers so many subjects …

    It’s important to understand it’s men who maintain the customs & traditions of a society, not women

    Customs & traditions are always in a state of flux, but it is always men who maintain them

    What prevented men from organising & defeating feminism wasn’t just a consensus of manginas & feminists

    Men naturally group & support information, not other men

    As men are a logic & knowledge based biology

    The vast majority of public spaces were actually men only areas

    It was those men only spaces which allowed men to organise & maintain the customs & traditions for so long

    With the men only spaces no longer there, men had no way of communicating the critical information for their communities, in order to keep their families and relatives from morally decaying

    Remember this was a time before the telephone

    Essentially the government along with feminists destroyed men only spaces

    Men only spaces were responsible for men getting the vote

    Men effectively had No way to communicate for 50 years

    It is important to understand there are no revolutions without men only spaces

    The manosphere is the resurgence, the reboot, the revolution, the return of customs & traditions ONLY men’s spaces are capable of bringing

    Which is WHY it is important to keep women out, not out of spite, but out of agency

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  81. Ambergis says:

    Made me laugh. The chart/diagram – what have you – is ridiculous. Nevertheless true to an extent. However you look at it.

    OKCupid is Myspace for people who don’t use Facebook and miss using Myspace. In my experience. It’s also where one can find the easiest lay – picking & choosing according to your every whim. Hot girl? Click. Insert a few words. Do something else, or carouse the window’s display of the Western Red Light District, & repeat. Response? Oh, you forgot you had an OKCupid. Command a few suggestions. Reply’s? She’s already leaving your house the next morning – at that point. That’s how easily corruption satisfies the American Middle Class’ Boredom: type shit into a box, watch as human beings flock to you, and receive gifts & pleasure via your magical ability to do nothing for something in return.

    OKCupid is where ex-girlfriends find ways to behave naughtily in reaction to their indecision concerning the soon-to-be ex-boyfriend they don’t feel is “the one” that they return to after what dalliances are provided by the amount of men who message them in relation to the nature of her photos (and how they message her in relation to how capable they are of pretending to not have just looked at her first two photos).

    Yup. And it’s a lot of other things. But I won’t go into detail about it.

  82. Martian Bachelor says:

    She needs more men?

    They’re already on top of that… OK Stupid is on the way out ’cause now there’s “The Gaggle” – advanced techniques for fabulous women to accumulate large assemblages of friendzoned beta orbiters. :>

  83. ybm says:

    Women today seem to look at a character like Scarlett O’Hara and think: Jeez why does she let all these guys walk over her?

    And the sad thing is, they really, truly believe Scarlett O’Hara was the hero of Gone with the Wind.

    Not to mention that the majority of women in the anglosphere today are WORSE.

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  86. John says:

    “This is why if you come across a site focused on single women (or single mothers), there is a never ending obsession with feeding the hopper. More men. More men. Must find more men. Anyone and everyone is enlisted in the obsessive task of devouring through mountains of men in an attempt to relive the glory days of their early mining experience.”

    I tested this assertion and found the following forum for single mothers:

    No mention of finding more men.

    This is pretty much what I’ve come to expect from this site and other “manosphere” sites: lots of very strong assertions in line with a very bleak and cynical worldview that simply isn’t in line with reality.

  87. Looking Glass says:


    A forum with less than 10 comments per month, with a heavy self-selection bias and a completely random part of the internet, with no understanding of the SMP complexities nor attempt to even use some of the sociological data available.

    This is what I come to expect from people who can’t make proper arguments, but will be bothered by someone that makes a strong statement with valid reasons.

  88. John says:

    Look dude, I didn’t select it or anything. Dalrock made an empirical claim. I was wondering if it was true. So I googled and looked on the first non-spam-filled forum I could find for single moms. The claim wasn’t true.

  89. tweell says:

    John, how do you manage to use the Internet, with a demonstrated IQ like that? A forum that is all but moribund proves Dalrock wrong? I’d call it the exception that proves the rule.

  90. John says:

    I don’t see why we should expect a moribund forum to be different than a non-moribund one, if what Dalrock says is true. But feel free to find counterexamples.

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  95. Alexander says:

    Wow. Lots of stuff I agree with. Some I don’t.

    I’m still single about nine years now, after exgf threw me out for a bloke who she thought was “better” than me. I lasted 7 years with her. He lasts barely 2 years with her. She came back and wanted me back. I refused. I have not seen her after her fourth and final visit, which she brought her kids along to shame me and maybe guilts me into going back. I refused. They was not mine anyway, legally. Sure, I loved those kids, but I have no claim over them, and her behaviour and stupidities taught me a lesson. If I want a good woman, I’d better not rush into no quickie with no woman!

    So I bides my time, work on myself, study stuff, and never let no woman tell me what to do and what to think. So far I ain’t met a woman yet. Most are just, instinctively, awful. After learning the hell of my exgf, I can recognised the potential hells of most women I meet out there. I simply ignores them and moves on. No touching, no kissing, no try outs. I am not interested in try outs.

    I’m looking for one who have SELF CONTROL! None meets my criteria. My exgf was drug addict whoring around behind my back, while I was working my arse off making money for her use… fucking greedy cunt. And she came back and expected me to go back to her? How stupid she was. I ain’t seen her for nine years now, and good riddance. I don’t give a shit for women, and how they plays their games. More and more I recognised that for my happiness, I’d best stay single and content with my lot in this life. I make plans, projects, fix and build stuff, and try to save up and be independent and never fall into no damn traps with any bitch on heels.

    This strip mining, or better yet, the hydraulic strip mining that women players, hypergamous, women do, that hits a chord. Exactly what most women I know does the same shit. That goes for mum, too. I don’t fall down and cry how stupid women can be, I think hard, and it all fits. Women, mum, sister, aunts, etc are all the same, always out for themselves, they don’t care about men, sons, husbands, uncles, grandfather… it’s all “me, me, me” selfishness that satan LOVES… it’s a deadly wedge that breaks families up, brought bitterness into children’s lives, and the girls grows up and COPIES their mothers, even when they KNOW their mothers did BAD by them, they STILL do the same SHIT their mothers do. MOST boys grew up fucked up. The few that woke up, thought about it, went out and find answers, the few wises up and won’t play that game that women wanted them to play at.

    We few men, the happy few, band of brothers, we go our own way, we don’t let women dictates to us, we are MEN, not woMen, nor WoMyn, or any crap like that. We are MEN, made in the IMAGE of OUR God the FATHER, (not MOTHER), God the SON, (not the DAUGHTER), and God the HOLY GHOST!

    We’re MEN! We are naturally MUSCULINE, or until some bitch destroys that by emasculating boys so far gone that they grew up effeminate, not knowing the damage that was done to them. Sad. But we have our jobs, we teaches OUR masculinity to our sons, our brothers, our men friends… we don’t have sex with each other, man! That’s not what we’re built for. But believe you me, women are making men have sex with men, and I KNOW, it gives them SATISFACTION and EVIL GLEE to watch men have sex with men, wether by consent or by force. Disgusting, I know. That’s why, I think, looking at all this, I wonders, “WHY?” “Why this? Why that?” And in asking questions, we feel the instinctive answers that comes, and we find sources that confirmed it.

    Men are for women, and women are for men. Yet… women seemed poisoned by the well of satan and his stupid lies, that “women are goddesses” and yet we KNOW that women are SINNERS just the same as we MEN are! But women, how vain and BLIND they are, refuses to face the TRUTH head on, they’ll twists the truth around to suit their own ends, and such are the evil of women all over. But the few, oh, so few, women, who are truthful, honest, etc (I wonders if they really do exists?) recognised that they ARE evil and are SINNERS and DO wants a real man not a beta ones, whatever that means, and DO marries a good Christian man, and are always together and never do wrong, and puts Jesus FIRST in her heart as they both do. How rare this virtuous woman is! A gem, as God says!

    But today’s women, the vast majority of them are so useless, we’re better off not touching that rotten flesh, for fear of contracting poison of some kind. Better to use a tool like Fleshlight, or RealDoll (if you can afford it), and thus save your sanity and wallet from the nightmares of today’s infested poisonous women!

    I have forgotten what it’s like to hug a woman, to taste her lips and skin, and everything. I only been one woman, an older woman by five years, who was on/off with me since I was 15, when we met. She was stringing me along, keeping me from other women, so I’d not know the qualities that I should have been seeking. She was clever. But I got clever after many years, piecing together clues, and finding answers. Did you know that she gets headaches if I discusses heavy stuff? Clue! She was worthless! I should have known better. I wasted my life with her, from 27 to 34, seven years of my life, for HER! Greedy, gluttonous, vain, slutty, BIG cunt of a whore! 7 years and I only managed to get her off three or four times! I had to GUESS how to make her cum! I had to figure it out by reading her mind! Damn stupid woman! This was BEFORE all those books about how to turn a woman on, how to make her orgasm, etc. I had to figure it out on my own, and she wouldn’t give me no clue. That’s NOT sharing, that’s not helping each other. It’s a dominatrix-and-slave crap, the very thing I HATED. I wanted a normal couple life, not this horror life with her, being told to fix this or that, being told that I was not good enough, on and on and on. A freaking nightmare.

    I learned my lesson.

    Any other woman wants me, I’m putting her to the TEST. If she don’t measures, up, she’s OUT! Done with, BYE BYE!

    I AM choosy, that’s how a REAL man is supposed to be doing, carefully SCREENING women to find that one GEM, not the loose-boxes-messed-up-by-300th-dicks-who-knows-what! That GEM would be a virgin, clean, honest, trustworthy, and capable of some semblance of love, if possible. I choose the right woman to be mother of my kids, not just any woman will do!

    I sticks to my rules, policies, and plans, for my life! No bitch will tell me I must abandons this or that, in favour of her whims! I don’t give a SHIT for her whims! Today she’ll feel this way, in a few minutes she’ll change her tune, or tomorrow! That’s the way women are. They’re NEVER commit. No wonder most women of the world are shit. They’ll believe in idols, in flights of fancies, in all sorts of silliness, and dumb shitty religions that don’t do anything good. So FEW actually recognises that MOST religions are of paganish, idolatry, nature. Disgusting! I seek that one woman who KNOWS and UNDERSTOOD these and rejects them out of hand. Who actually seeks ONLY Lord Jesus, and nothing else. Not image, nor statues, but the REAL thing, the WORD, that is what REAL Jesus IS! The WORD!

    I lost a good friend a while ago. She was catholic. She believed God is listening to her. She don’t understand that as Lord Jesus have died and rose from the dead, the old way of God washing our sins away is finished. It’s actually Jesus who we are supposed to be going to, not God. John 14:6 KJB makes this point very clear. But my friend refused to believe it. She rather believes her catholic “bible”… (sighs). She didn’t want to understand that there’s one true bible, and many false bibles. I did my research, and found many wanting. Many churches are not REAL churches, and thus are full of poisons, ravening wolves, and the like. I refused to go into such cesspools! Thus I lost my friend. It doesn’t matter. I pray she’ll come to her senses and find Jesus soon. I doubt she will. She’s old and fixed in her ways. We met online and we never met each other, as she’s over there in UK and I’m in Australia. We had good chats, laughs, etc. Even an online romance before I repent and stops that. She was a good friend. But I won’t give up TRUTH for her false things. That’s the way it is. If I did, I’d compromised my soul, and I won’t do that for no woman! Jesus is NUMBER ONE for me, to me. The world, I do not seek the world, I HATE the world. I HATE religion. I have FAITH and BELIEF in Lord Jesus. And I seek a woman who thinks the same as me. I know now, no such woman exists. Most women today are worshipping themselves, in this world, in money, in looks, in racking up how many men they can have sex with, have babies with, have destroyed, too. They are spiritually DEAD. They are not worth my time, nor you men should waste time on them. Give them the brush off. If they would clean up their act, but I doubt they will. If they’d understand, but I doubt they will. They lives in their fantasies, and thinks that’s reality. Too bad they didn’t understand what Jesus said about them, that they should HEED us, listen to us, follow our guidance, of not being led away like silly captives from our homes into the cesspools out there.

    All I have to do is go on porn sites, look at women, and I can see their eyes, delighting in their sins, and yet they have the GALL to say they do not wrong. Jesus WILL punishes them. Of that, I have no doubt. Sure, I loves them, but I refused to be destroyed by them. They are akin to children, mindlessly doing stupid things for the sake of the moment, for the sake of cheap thrills, for the sake of momentary excitements that don’t last long.


    Reading all these, I realised why I still have the need inside me to find love. There is no love in this world anymore. Women are incapable of love, and they will NEVER find love, unless they REPENT and submit to JESUS! and they NEVER WILL! As long as they KEEPS on rebelling against AUTHORITY that we men are naturally born to be.

    We men, we happy few, we need not be worried about these vast majority of loose, unworthy, women, the worthless ones. No worries!

    We can wait, if need be, forever, to find a good gem quality woman. She exists, it’s just a matter of waiting. That’s all. Most women are so far lower than gem quality, they’re invisible! Ha ha ha!

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  99. Sarah says:

    Maybe women who are late 30s or early 40s should date men who 10+ Years older. Instead of demanding men your age date you. Would be easier all round because no one is going to find you attractive because you tell them to.

    Stop chasing younger men and acting like a tit. Nothing worse than a middle aged woman “living it up” drinking, screaming, raucous laughter, karaoking and messing about with young men… They are only using you. In the eyes of a young man, there is nowt easier than a mature slag. You have a warm hole and thats all he wants.

    There is no second youth. There is Youth, middle age – which begins at 30 and old age which begins at 55..

    If you have children, you should seek men who have already got children and have no desire for more. Same goes for women with no children. Going for men who want or maybe want children are not gonna wanna be with a 40 year old.

    Forget the top 20% of guys. 100% of women want these men. They are not gonna pick you. Yes i know some of these guys will try and hook you up for a shag but that’s all they want. By 40 you should already be aware of who is out of your league. So many women do not know. They allow themselves to be used.. The hamstring continues..

    If you are online dating you should meet every half reasonable guy because you never know. People can become more attractive when you get to know them…

    Stop just thinking bout “what’s in it for me?” Because he will be thinking same thing -Do not ask intrusive or annoying questions about his x wife or kids – Do not bore the bejayzers out of him with talk of your job, kids, friends, exes.. etc…

    If you are frivorced, you must remember that he is frivorced too. You may have to go the extra mile or 2 convincing him that you are worth taking on. You may get rejected point blank.Even men who have never been frivorced don’t like frivorced women. Sympathy for his brothers. Men are more loyal to each other like that – we just pretend we are…

    Be aware of your fading looks. I know you “look 15 years younger and are hot”. No you ain’t! You look your age, you are your age and you are no longer hot ( if you ever were) don’t matter how good you look, the scaffolding can collapse at anytime..

    I am probably wasting my time. You won’t listen, you never do.

  100. “Stop chasing younger men and acting like a tit.”

    Did you mean “tot”? If not, you’re probably one of the good ones.

  101. feeriker says:

    “Even men who have never been frivorced don’t like women who have already frivorced at least one previous husband.”

    One small error fixed, just for clarification. Other than that, solid gold.

  102. JF says:

    Powerful metaphor. This was very competently written.

  103. minime says:

    I have 3 boys who are in their late teens and one is 20. I’ve told them don’t get married. The laws and the life long drivel fed to women from the time they were old enough to get out of diapers until the day they get married have this feminist poison pumped into their heads.

    Chance are very high that she will divorce you because “she is unhappy and feels trapped” Even though she makes as much or MORE than you do, YOU will pay child support and she will get half of everything.

    Marriage in USA for man is a losing proposition today.

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