Free book download on Amazon today and tomorrow.

Samuel Solomon’s book The Altar is available for free download today and tomorrow on Amazon.  I haven’t read it so I can’t offer an endorsement, but it does sound intriguing.  If you read it please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Just wanted to let you know that my book, The Altar, is FREE today and tomorrow on Amazon. This is the smackdown I promised for Fireproof, and it’s loaded with manosphere points, scripture, and its a really good story.

The official description:

Daniel Kirk and his wife Chelsea, on their way to a marriage retreat cruise, are hijacked and find themselves adrift in the ocean, landing on an unknown and mysterious island. Their marriage on the rocks, and their lives at stake, they must fight for survival, and fight for each other. With the world stripped away, and their hearts broken, they must face each other, face God, and a mortal enemy that would destroy them.

Here is his website.

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  1. CL says:

    I read about half of his book, The Gypsy Queen, and it was pretty good. I was going to do a review but I just can’t seem to finish novels anymore. He definitely has a flair for adventure writing so I don’t doubt it’s a good read for those who like that sort of thing.

  2. k says:

    A great book! He tells a story of how a broken relationship can be restored in a Manosphere way =)

    I knew and felt the characters as they struggled, as they *learned*, and as they grew. It is a powerful story.

    The symbolism and metaphors were excellent! I loved how Samuel shared the story of redemption and restoration. It is a truly beautiful story!

  3. Rico says:

    “Daniel Kirk and his wife Chelsea”

    I’m assuming those names aren’t by coincidence 🙂

  4. Jacquie says:

    Thank you. It’s been on my wish list, now it’s in my kindle.

  5. Wow, thanks man! I really appreciate it! I’d love it if you guys can leave a review on Amazon if you get a chance to read it =)

    This story really turned out great, and I think red-pill folks everywhere will love it. It’s my hope that it might introduce red-pill thought to the masses in a palatable way. I hope it will catch hold in the community at large as a rebuttal to Fireproof, as it shows what the bible *really* says about marriage.

    I’d love to have a discussion here or on my blog with any readers who have questions or comments.

    Please avail yourself of a FREE copy to call your own, and check out my other stuff as well, if you please. If you don’t have a Kindle, there’s a app for that- right on my site! Thanks again Dalrock, and all you guys, for extending your kindness and wisdom here so generously.


  6. The Continental Op says:

    I really wish you the best, Solomon, but something needs to be done about those squealing breathless chick-ish reviews at Amazon. I’d suggest anyone here who reads it give a level headed review.

    I don’t have time. I have about 100 books in the queue.

  7. I welcome the level-headed reviews. It’s really hard to get people to leave reviews at all!

    Feel free to grab the book anyway. If it takes off maybe it will rise in your queue =)

  8. Thanks for the headsup, will download it and post a review!

  9. tickletik says:

    To samuel

    Its good, but you have an awful habit of leaving a dramaric sentence at the end of your chapters. Dont do it again man.

  10. El Bastardo says:

    Sounds cool, and like something we should do before anyone can file divorce papers. LOL just kidding.

    Will look into it.

  11. Charles says:

    I’m not even finished with the 2nd chapter and already I get to see how ridiculous an entitlement princess looks in a survival situation.

  12. Tiger says:

    Wow, this is amazing. Finally, a way to sell the red pill to women; packaging it up inside “female porn”. No offense; it is like turning the Gospel into crack cocain. Oh hell, my analogies are really off today. But, I mean, it is pure genius. Take the romance novel, something most women love, and use it to feed them the truth of relationships. Amazing. I hope this novel does better than 50 shades of gray.

  13. Guardial says:


    The Solomon Reborn (aka Solomon’s Lost Gold, aka Solomon II), is gone, with the note,

    “[i] is no longer available.

    The authors have deleted this blog.[/i]”

    [D: See my update/note here.]

  14. taterearl says:

    Halfway through…I probably would have read the whole thing last night if I didn’t have to go to sleep early in the evening. I know it’s a good book if I try to read the whole thing in one setting.

    Plus I do like the emphasis on how guys are at a disadvantage when it even comes to church.

  15. @Guardial- different Solomon. I liked that guy’s stuff though.

    Thanks all. Your feedback is highly valued =)

  16. Cail Corishev says:

    I’m about halfway through, but I’m impressed so far. I’ll do a review at Amazon when I’m finished. Some of the red pill stuff seems a little on the nose, but that’s probably because I’m so familiar with it and looking for it. I’d be interested to see how women who aren’t aware react to it.

  17. Legion says:

    Roosh and others had a meetup in DC recently. I wonder if there was some decision for several of them to close their blogs. I also can’t get to archives on Danger & Play.

    Getting a Kindle soon, I’ll try to download the book tonight Samuel.

  18. CoffeeCrazed says:

    Thanks Samuel – on second chapter so far. I’ll endeavor to review.

  19. cnp says:

    Dalrock and other Red Pill Christians,

    A few of my Christian friends are marrying and asked me if I knew of any pre-marital counseling that would be suggested in the Red Pill community. I told them that marriage would probably be advised against in this community, but if any Red Piller has some suggestions, I’d love to pass it along to them.

    [D: Welcome. I would point them to: Interviewing a Prospective Wife]

  20. Thanks everyone! Reviews and feedback are vital to its success.

    @Cail Corishev- I want to help those women understand things they aren’t even hearing in church, in a way that is appealing as well as irrefutable. I wanted to show how truly beautiful a woman could become, as she embraces these truths.

    Still FREE today, folks! Grab it!

    Tell your friends, too, ok? Anyone that might benefit- link ’em up!

  21. @CNP- my book would be excellent pre-marital reading.

    I used to teach pre-marital classes at church, and was a certified counselor there.

    Dalrock’s link also rocks and is a must-read.

  22. an observer says:


    Have downloaded and will read during commuting time next week.

    Violet collar was an entertaining read. This sounds promising, too.


  23. Random Angeleno says:

    Good book. But women have to be receptive to the possibility they might see themselves in Chelsea’s shoes. Really cannot tell the truth to a woman who won’t hear it. Chelsea certainly fit that bill at the beginning and it takes some extraordinary circumstances to get her to come around. For those men without access to such circumstances, how does one combat this in the Christian red pill way? Athol and Dalrock are a start, true, but Athol is an atheist, and Dalrock doesn’t spend a lot of time on the nuts and bolts though his post regarding “Interviewing a Prospective Wife” is excellent reading.

    One more: will there be a sequel showing the couple taking their new-found mojo through the real world they’ve been rescued back into? Perhaps another full-blown crisis? Or does Samuel think these characters have done all they can for him?

  24. CoffeeCrazed says:

    Good lord that Chelsea chick sounds like my last girlfriend. Eerie.

  25. CoffeeCrazed says:

    And interesting that she characterizes our relationship falling apart starting just about the time I became aware of redpill thinking.

  26. Dan says:

    I loved how you subtlety included references to various churchianity teachings in the book–especially the Joel and Kathy “lower the boom” reference. Awesome book!

  27. @ Random Angeleno

    They ARE in her shoes, at all times. A desperate and wretched condition. Near death. Near dirt. The entitled princess needs to get real on this. God matters. Her words and deeds matter. Helping her keep her eyes off the world and her mind on higher roads could help. If she doesn’t know, teach her. The narrow path is the only way.

    As for how to present this to them, if it is for your girlfriend/wife, there are a couple key things that could help-

    -be an upstanding dude. To be admired, we must be admirable. He needs this, and she needs to feel it for him, especially to quell hypergamy tendencies. Be a Man. Have a spine. Have your act together. This gives credibility to your teaching.

    -Create a pattern of her feeling attraction for you. Bottom line, this does facilitate you exerting leadership with her, and is a catalyst for intimacy and bonding, which is part of a man’s preservation/protection/provision element for a wife. Just as leadership is.

    -just as much as you take responsibility, take authority. If she can’t abide it, she can’t abide. They come together, and they go together. If you do wield authority, wield it well and wisely. If you get the first 2 points down, this one follows nicely.

    As far as how to teach women in general, I don’t know, entirely. The rogue hamster is elusive and cunning.

    Maybe write a book? =)

    Srsly, thanks for reading, man. I don’t know about a sequel for this. I am working on another project that means a lot to me at the moment. I intend to do some subsequent books after that, but I don’t know about this one. If a good premise comes to me, I’ll explore it. Until then, let’s hope this book does some good out there.

  28. @Coffee- I have a feeling there’s a lot of guys around here that would hear her snotty tone echo across their own memories…

    Writing a snotty EAP… well… let’s just say I’ve done my reasearch LOL

  29. platinum missus says:

    I’ve just bought the for my kindle for android. (I’m reading it as I serve customers 🙂 ) I think its time I get a Samsung tablet or kindle quick!!!

  30. platinum missus says:

    I meant “the book”……. I really need a phone with a bigger screen. problems of the first world.

  31. Tiger says:

    I started my ex-wife read it last night. This morning, there is a certain laughter in her voice; she isn’t being her normal bitter and demanding self. I asked what she thinks of the book? She had a desultory complaint; she said there is “too much repetition” of the material on faith and renewal. She used to be a professional writer. She said “it is ok for someone new to the topic, but for Christians it is old hat”. Still, she has gotten halfway through and is continuing to read it, so, her complaint must be minor. I think it is pushing some of positive buttons in her brain.

  32. Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM) says:

    Nice work solomonz!!!! you ga have taletntz!!!

    i am working on a novel too

    it starts with

    it was a dark and horny night zlzozolzolzozoz

  33. Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM) says:

    it was a dark and stormy night and even though she was married she ventured forth with no fear with the lord as her shepherd lzozzolzo

    but then i though i would make it more modern:

    it was a dark and horny night and even though she was married she ventured forth with no fear with the lord as her shepherd lzozozozo

    but then i though i would make it even more modern:

    he was a dark and horny knight and even though she was married she ventured forth with no fear with the lord as her shepherd lzozozozolzozozoz omg zlzoozozoozolz

  34. Well done, Samuel Solomon. We were just having a discussion on Roissy about the importance of fiction to the cause. Fiction has a disproportionate effect on the culture, especially when it originates from a subculture saturated with non-fiction. The next stage is to fictionalize this niche world and animate its alternative ethos within the imaginations of men and women. That’s how rumors form mythos, men become legends, and cults go mainstream.

    The West was built on the cogitation and reportage of Solon, Herodotus, Thucydides, Socrates, and Aristotle, but such essential prose came alive to the hoi polloi only through the dramatizations of Homer, Hesiod, Plato, Aeschylus, and Aristophanes. The greatest philosopher of the human condition was an Elizabethan playwright who personified ideas through iambic pentameter. Which is why would-be revolutionaries like Machiavelli, Nietzsche, and Ayn Rand, after years of polemics, eventually tried their hand at direct myth building. Jesus laid down commandments, but he taught in parables. We learn through analogy, especially on the mass scale.

    The storytelling tools available to us are unparalleled by an order of magnitude — self-publishing, cheap high-def video, surround sound, photoshop, CGI, exponential collaboration through connectivity, instant worldwide distribution — but our stories have never been more superficial. We’ve got plenty of first-rate PUA practitioners and second-rate game philosophers. But what we truly need is a mythologizer. We have 10,000 self-styled Don Juans but not a single Lord Byron, much less a Mozart writing Don Giovanni.


  35. CoffeeCrazed says:

    regarding the value and impact of fiction, I am sure I might have gotten something out Ayn Rand essays, but the Fountainhead really grabbed me. Made it all make sense.

  36. Random Angeleno says:

    Samuel Solomon as a Christian red pill myth maker? Dunno if Samuel aspires to that, it’s clear he follows his own muses wherever they take him, but the job is definitely open.

  37. I’m willing to give my readers what they want, if they make their requests known =)

    I really only like to write things that I am truly moved to write. I don’t just want to crank out a bunch of junk for its own sake. This story, The Altar, was inspiring for me because I had been contemplating a story like it for years, and when it came around in my head once more, with all my manosphere knowledge, it clicked together promptly. The process was personally intense for me, but a real thrill. I wrote the Altar in 6 weeks. This book idea wasn’t even on my radar, two weeks before I began it.

    I write red-pill thinking in various forms in all my fiction, but it’s expressed differently.

    My books sales are doing well so far, but until I have an overwhelming reader response on a particular issue, I will continue to follow my heart on which project I take on next. I’ve got 8 more books that I’d like to do, and if I get to do them all, I’m sure more will pop up.

    I just hope the good Lord gives me enough time to say the things that are on my heart, and that the body of work that endures is a blessing to people.

    and that perhaps the pen really is mightier than the sword.

  38. TMG says:

    I have a friend who is a psychologist. She is not a dummy, she is very well-traveled and cultured, and while she is feminist she is nice and fair to men.

    She was also quite hot about ten years ago, though probably too petite for some men’s tastes. But of course, she squandered it on serial monogamy and one-night stands. She had a particular fetish for members of heavy metal and punk bands.

    In 2009, she declared that she was going to stop dating regularly until she met “the one.” And as I follow her on Facebook, I got to see manosphere memes perfectly validated in reality, with squeaking hamster noises as a soundtrack.

    Now, she just turned 38, and the hamster squeaking is like a tornado siren, punctuated with “All the guys I want to date are TAKEN or GAY, and all the guys interested in me are CREEPY LOSERS. I am looking for THE ONE, and I won’t settle for less!” Also, with the occasional “I want a FAMILY!” Of course my main thought is, good luck even getting pregnant with that womb close to striking midnight.

  39. TMG- might not want to tell her about how much the risk for Down’s syndrome goes up when a woman has her firstborn after age 35.

    It’s sad, how cruel feminism is to women (as well as those who would love them)

  40. 8oxer says:

    Samuel: I just finished your book. I found both the content and the style excellent. A real page-turner (or kindle tapper, if you prefer the literal). I’m not religious, and as such there were a few parts toward the end I skimmed. The depiction of the typical hypergamous American skank in the Chelsea character (toward the beginning) was brilliant. You really got into the head of the character and explained the thought processes well.

    I don’t want to give away too much, just saying thank you and urging my brothers (and any sane sisters who are reading) to buy and peruse the text for yourselves. There are important lessons in there for everyone.

  41. Tiger says:

    My ex wife is bogged down in the scene where they fight the dragon. She says it is “laborious”. But she has agreed to finish reading it. But it is slow slogging for her now.

  42. Tiger: I hope she finds the journey worthwhile in the end =)

    8oxer- thank you sir! I appreciate your reading. I really tried to give the element of thought process and understanding all the depth it required. It was a real challenge! I’m really glad you enjoyed it.

    For all who have read: Please do leave a positive review on Amazon real quick if you can. It helps the book succeed there. Thanks so much!

  43. Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM) says:

    Fifty sort yearz ago i have heard da rumorz dat a women would choose a husband like so:

    she would sat earound a date arounsdsz a little bit

    and den she would let a man kissz her if he had a monyez and a job and wasnice

    and den she would marry him and pledge to stay with him through sickeness and health till death do us aprtz

    she would beocme a loving mom and grandmother and be honored and loved and rememebrered

    today it goes like dis

    da girlz are told to touch lotsas cockas and ride da cock caroulsel early and oftenz

    in fact, in fornt of the lotsas cockas carosel they have a sign “MARRIAGE THIS WAY STEP RIGHT UP AND HOP ON!”

    den she progreses on a heroic journey whereby she gives 14 hanjobz nineteen bjs sexes a dozen menz and letsz many get her buttholez zlzlozozozoozl as she knowsz dat jeuss will forgiv her for her butthextcual transgressionsz as jeuss was a frogiver they told her in church.

    den, after she ahs been deosuled and bthorurghouly beenrnakaifiedz, she is ready for modern marriage, whcih conssist in giving her best sexual years to otehr menz and then making up for it by seizing her husnabdz chcildrenz and proeprty, detsroying teh fmaily and transferring his asstessz to da bernanek state.

    the modern preacher milslez and says, “yes yes it is the will of th elord lordy lord that many men sezied your ass so that now you shall seize your husband’s assets and transfer them to da corproate lawyer chidlcare state dat is banuprting outr country via physical and metaphorical buttoccking and doeuslsinzgzz lzozllzo”

    sorry about my speelingz eveoryene but i gotta go r run on a date and don’t have time to speelcchecx tyhsi one time pelacse forgive me WWJD? he would forgive da GBFM’s speelling trnansgressiosnzz zlzolzlz

  44. Martian Bachelor says:

    Good one GB4M.

    They do all come across as whores who got royally short-changed by their last customer, and are now bound and determined to make up the past-due in full with penalties and interest on the next lucky guy in line.

    Mencken had a short section, The Lady of Joy, which suggests America can’t even make a half-way competent whore anymore.

    Hey, how about this minor edit?: …she ventured forth with no fear with the lord as her hamster lzozozozolzozozoz omg zlzoozozoozolz

  45. From an unknown female reader on Amazon:

    “This book has inspired me to examine my own relationship with my husband and my Lord. What a powerful tool to draw couples closer to each other and their Maker! It should be required reading for every married couple!!”

    If we can get this book out there, maybe we will get more women to reconsider their perspective on their marriages, and maybe save some families!


    Click the little orange “like” button too, on Amazon. It helps the book’s visibility.


  46. Charles says:

    Stupid, stupid reptile. If it had only cooperated with the humans, taking advantage of the differences between the humans and itself, it would have been much better off. Also, since it wasn’t the main antagonist, the story needn’t have suffered.

  47. Got my first churchian hamster leaving a review over there LOL

    I’d sure love some more positive reviews =)

  48. Kyle In Japan says:

    I finished the book today and thought it was quite good. I posted a review on Amazon. I might’ve gotten it for free, but hopefully this helps to get the word out.

  49. Thank you Kyle. I appreciate that! Every review helps!

    thanks for reading!

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