New addition to the blogroll; Society of Phineas

Ballista74 has been busy.  Check out his blog The Society of Phineas

Also check out Bskillet’s latest post over at CMD-N:  Why Hamsterbation Causes Blindness

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10 Responses to New addition to the blogroll; Society of Phineas

  1. sunshinemary says:

    Glad to see The Society of Phineas listed on your blogroll. The depth of Christian teaching to be found there is very helpful…it would be good reading for many pastors.

  2. FWIW I strongly endorse Mr Phineas as well, been reading it since day one

  3. JJ says:

    Will check it out. My blog is not exactly the same as that, although my beliefs are! I guess as the Lord Himself said “if you cannot be trusted with wicked wealth, who will trust you with true wealth?” I might be taking it out of context, but I want to take this system down on behalf of the family! The church won’t do it, we sure as hell know feminists won’t, so we have to.

    The more the merrier! Will check him out, and as I assume you have, will most likely add him to mine!

    El Bastardo-AKA the artist formerly known as JJ

  4. El Bastardo says:

    This is JJ, I also noticed my blog was going to an error page, fixed it!

  5. BenElazar says:

    As an orthodox Jew, it makes me glad to see others referencing the act of Pinchas (Phinehas). It teaches us that men need to act, sometimes in a zealous manner, when faced with evil. Men must be proactive in sanctifying God’s name here on earth. If not, we are simply bystanders (and perhaps even accomplices) in idolatry and debasement. A few details on Pinchas which you may or may know:

    – Pinchas background was not so noble. He was actually a grandson of an idol worshiper. However, by acting on behalf of God, he not only put an end to a plague by which God punished the rampant immorality of the Israelites (it killed 24,000), but was awarded the position of a Kohen (high priest of the Jewish people) by God. In other words, he got a major promotion.

    – Our Sages tell us that Pinchas’ ultimate reward was being transformed into Eliyahu ha Navi (Elijah the Prophet). Thus, he was granted an incredibly long life and will play a role in the ultimate redemption of the Jewish people. This long transformation from a man of violence to a man of peace is an important notion that must be addressed.

  6. ballista74 says:

    Thanks for the mention and link!

  7. Thanks BenElazar, very interesting.

  8. pugsfugly says:

    Fascinating work all around. CMDN is particularly interesting. Thanks.

  9. GKChesterton says:

    I hadn’t heard that story about Phineas before Ben Elazar. What branch of Judaism teaches this or is it universal?

  10. Universal – it is in the the OT. It is when Balam suggested to suggested to send out the Moabite dancing girls to entice the soliders to sin. They strapped their swords on their sides and struck their fellow Hebrew brothers. Phinehas was noted because he pierced a prince and Moabite girl through with a spear who were openly lewd. He was commended for being zealous and the Lord granted him and his descendants the Levitical priesthood.

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