Farewell Mr. Bardamu

After nearly three years Ferdinand is hanging it up.  He has been an organizing force in the manosphere and the larger sphere which he describes as the “alternative blogosphere”.  As with most bloggers in the sphere, I am grateful to Ferdinand for the crucial help he provided driving awareness of my blog in the early stages.  Just as I was starting to hit my stride Ferdinand graciously began prominently linking to my best posts each week.  Sundays were something I looked forward to, wondering which posts Ferdinand would link and how much traffic would follow.  As my blog grew he continued to modify his rotation, doing the same for other promising bloggers who needed the awareness more than I did.

I have no idea how he managed to read all of the blogs on such diverse topics as he did.  If you have ever reviewed his weekly link roundups, you know what I mean.  Given the inherent contradictions, Ferdinand didn’t focus on blogs he agreed with, but on blogs which he thought were making interesting and valuable points.

Ferdinand was also willing to help upstarts such as myself when we asked for help.  He has been in my eyes the unofficial godfather of the manosphere.  Both times I asked for his help he provided the visibility that only he could deliver.  The first time I asked was for help exposing Match.com’s sale of divorce to middle aged women.  The second time I asked was for help exposing the Christian tendency to excuse wife initiated divorce.

Thank you Ferdinand, and good luck on your future ventures.

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11 Responses to Farewell Mr. Bardamu

  1. Ferd really helped me get my start in the blogging world as well. Awesome dude, he’ll be greatly missed.

  2. Ian Ironwood says:

    He’s a giant, and his influence will be felt in the Manosphere for years. But we all must grow, and while I’ll miss his dry wit and exquisite writing, I have no doubt that he has found the masculine maturity he needs to make his personal dreams come true — and for that, I can fault no man.

    Best of luck, Ferd. You will be missed.

  3. JHJ says:

    Ave atque vale, Ferd.

  4. cybro says:

    There is only so much you can say about this crap and you wouldn’t argue with a feminist anymore than you would argue with a five year old child so after a while it’s like either men get it or they don’t.

  5. Badger says:

    It’s sad, I miss him already. He has been a big part of my Manosphere journey, with the Linkage posts introducing me to untold wonders around the blogosphere.

    This happens every now and then; Seasons of Tumult and Discord shut it down, Roissy got outed, Solomon got hacked, grerp got skittish, Johnny Milfquest vanished and lots of other people just say what they need to say and go on to other pursuits. They’ll be another Ferd-like impresario to take the mantle of literary leadership in our corner of the Internet, but the fire and passion of In Mala Fide can’t be replaced.

  6. Young mghow says:

    Sigh, I’m currently 20, and I can proudly say one day that I grew up with the manosphere. I hope you will continue posting for a long time Dalrock.

  7. Rivelino says:

    yeah wtf happened to johnny milfquest? i am still baffled.

    dalrock, this was a great quote:

    “He has been in my eyes the unofficial godfather of the manosphere.”

    i tweeted it just now

  8. Höllenhund says:

    This is no surprise, Badger. By all accounts, blogging is rather time-consuming, because one needs to finish at least two posts a week to keep the blog relevant. It’s not for anyone, and some people just get tired of it for one reason or another.

  9. Badger says:

    Young mghow,

    Good to hear. If only I’d had these kind of sources when I was your age.

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