I’m back.

Well, sort of. I was away for a family vacation for the past few weeks. I thought I would have more regular internet access during the trip but that didn’t work out as expected. I’m seriously looking into a mifi unit for my netbook. Either way, the break was good for me. I’ll be writing new posts as time permits. I’m still in the middle of a large work project, so I will probably continue to be sporadic in my posting and participation in the discussions. However, I’ve returned the comment policy to normal. Only those who are listed in one of the filters, flagged by askimet as spam, and new commenters will have their comments held for moderation.

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14 Responses to I’m back.

  1. Samuel says:

    welcome back, Sir. You have been missed.

  2. slwerner says:

    I was starting to get worried…

  3. Brendan says:

    Good stuff. And also good to have had a break.

  4. Alarm says:

    Yeah, these days have been kind of vagrant. My favourite Swedish blogger, Pär Ström (Genusnytt) has taken a time out as well, but undefinite in his case.

  5. Anonymous Reader says:

    Once upon a time I went on a trip and was asked what sort of email access I would have. The assumption was that while on vacation I naturally would just want to be accessable to all the people and problems I was trying to take a holiday from. So it was arranged that trip went to an area of the Rocky Mountains that had crummy cell service – Crackberries didn’t work there. That was my excuse.

    There are a few companies out there that offer month-to-month contracts on cell modems, 3G’s typically. $60 / month is typical so one has to want it pretty badly. But if I had such a dongle, I sure would not let my employer know…

    PS: Good you got a break. Good to see you back.

  6. Dalrock says:

    Thanks Anon Reader and all. I gave my manager my cell phone number to call in case of a true work emergency. This was fitting given the nature of our current project. It never fails that the launch dates get moved to when I schedule my vacation once I’ve finalized my plans… He didn’t need to call, and I didn’t worry that he would call if not absolutely needed.

    The mifi I’m looking at is from truconnect. They claim it is $5 per month plus usage. It looks like a good deal to me, but if anyone knows of a better one I’d love to hear their thoughts. Either way if I get it I won’t be using it to check work email while on vacation. I will likely still decide to declare a blogging vacation at the same time as well. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should feel obligated.

  7. deti says:

    Man am I glad you’re back…..

  8. driversuz says:

    Whew! I’m glad you got a break, but I’m glad you’re back!

    …and I think you can officially consider me an obsessive stalker; I checked for comments several times a day.

  9. Brendan says:

    OT, but a nice example of why the now nearly constant chest-thumping by some women journalists about women’s achievements in higher education can ring hollow at times: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2120860/Sarah-Tressler-Controversy-conservative-Houston-Chronicle-writer-stripper.html

    h/t: Cappy Cap.

  10. Legion says:


    But family is impostant enough to leave us adults on our own.

  11. doug1111 says:

    Glad you had a break and I’m rather sure that spotty internet access was also a bit of a blessing on your break. Rather imagine you wife thought so.

  12. doug1111 says:

    What I’m not a frequent commentator????


    Faux pissed. Well kinda. And kinda real.

  13. doug1111 says:

    Meaning my immediately prior comment as innocuous as it was was held for “moderation”.

    [D: I think you changed your user name. Either that or the email address. The system didn’t recognize you as having already being approved. I assume it will now though.]

  14. doug1111 says:

    D: WordPress made me do it. Since I have a (dummy for a reason I don’t remember) wordpress account, WordPress is very recently requiring all such as I to sign in to them and assume such identity when commenting on any wordpress blog.

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