Help the Captain support Glenn Grothman

The good Captain has put out a call for help.  I’m admittedly late in responding to this, but he assures me that it isn’t too late for our voices to be heard.  As the Captain explains:

Forbes writes an article about a Wisconsin legislator aiming to bring some semblance of shame and responsibility to single parents deeming it a form of abuse or neglect. I wouldn’t go so far as deem it “abuse” or “neglect” in today’s legal terms, but it is at least damaging and is one of the biggest problems facing the US. Even the wording used said it’s a “contributing factor” which I believe is quite accurate (and I believe statistically provable if we correlate divorce and single-parenting with crime, abuse, neglect, etc. etc. – but let’s not let facts get in the way).

Of course the author and his readers mocks the Wisconsin legislator, presumably because they’ve never been brought up in a single family household and write off the damaging effects of single parent households as “bogus” or “hilarious.” You know, all you latch-key kids, all you fatherless or motherless children who had to grow up in the 70’s and 80’s. You’re morons if you think divorce or single parents were bad. You should be thankful you were brought into this world by two people incapable of bringing you up under a stable household. How selfish you must be. You want BOTH a mother AND A FATHER? Selfish little brat.

As the Captain noted on a follow on post, even Heartiste has weighed in on the topic.

If you have a minute and want to help, please leave your comment on the original Forbes article.

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13 Responses to Help the Captain support Glenn Grothman

  1. Bwana Simba says:

    Will leaving comments on the Forbes website really change anything? Wouldn’t sending Senator Grothman support letters or something be a better means of supporting him? Does anyone really care what drivel the people commenting on the Forbes website are saying?

  2. Left a comment at the Forbes site.

    You have a good point Bwana. Anyone know the email to get to Grothman to show support?

  3. Ollie says:

    Hey Leap of Beta, here is his email:

    There you go. Now, show this man your support.
    He has earned it.

  4. jso says:

    reading the first page of comments under the article, it’s amazing how hate filled and irrational the left gets over any criticism of women

  5. Spin Doctor says:

    Great initiative Dalrock. I think the manosphere should get a lot better at coordinating comment supoort/comment attacks in the comment sections of relevant articles in larger publications. I think it is a great and efficient way of getting the word out and getting the arguments across. After the Athlantic piece mentioned hookingupsmart a substantial number of people came there for the first time and some have stayed to comment. Linking to manopshere blogs and relevant posts/articels in the manosphere when you comment on such blogs is a great way to get more people into the manosphere. FOr this particular article there are many Dalrock posts that can be linked to which efficiently argues important points and provides data.

  6. milchama says:

    As a veteran on the political world, I can tell you that letter writing and commenting will do hardly anything. If you really want change, you have to back up your cause with cash, and excellent messaging/advertising. The best thing you can do for Grothman is cut him a check for reelection – when the money flows in, other Senators will take notice. Most politicians are lead by the purse – actually all are to some degree, and if Grothman doesn’t get funds because of this, it’s unlikely any other politician will take up the cause again, because it would prove to be a career-destroyer, unlike supporting feminism which can enhance many politician’s careers.

    I worked as a campaign manager, for a lobbying firm, and in many other positions. Priority #1 has to be cash, and priority #2 has to be messaging. We need less preaching to the choir and more preaching to the masses. The feminists get their message out on TV, have “slut walks” and other events that spread awareness of their cause, and all the manosphere has is blogs and commenters. We’re going to get our a**es handed to us if this is all we’ve got. Unless we’re willing to at least post flyers, or start trying to hold some non-Internet based events, we’re doomed, because the feminists sure are doing a lot of both, and they have college campuses locked up too.

    The Tea Party was not effective until it moved offline, backed their candidates, spread awareness, honed their message, got plenty of attention, and plenty of cash to fuel its endeavors.

  7. Passer_By says:

    The thing is, those people who mock the idea that children of two parent families will be, on average, demonstrably better off are, in essence, telling me that I am a superflous waste of space and oxygen as a parent and that I add no material value to my children’s upbringing so long as their mother is around.

    That position should be viewed as far more offensive than Grothman’s.

  8. Well the other problem is that right now society is more than happy to throw any dissenting voices under the bus of misogyny that will ruin careers and lives. I know that as a young male at 26 I can’t risk being TOO outright and easy to find – and most of my writings and comments around the ‘Sphere aren’t even all that radical compared to others.

    Also, thanks for the email link to his email. I know its not the best option, but I’ll definitely show the support I can.

  9. Starets says:

    I had a look through the comments on the Forbes article. This Rick Ungar argues like a feminist; every point made contrary to his point is interpreted like a personal attack. He seems to be completely unable to process generalizations or abstractions based on statistical data, or even the experiences of others that don’t closely mirror his own. Everything for him boils down to personal anecdote. He uses the standard feminist argument technique of “You can’t say that, you’re hurting my feeeelings!”.

    I wonder if he actually thinks that way, or if it is just a rhetorical technique. Based on his position in the MSM, he is undoubtedly nothing more than a tool of the powers that be. He certainly seems to have a lot of time on his hands to respond to those who disagree with him.

    It seems to me amazing that someone with his apparent inability to reason abstractly, or argue a point based on anything other than personal anecdote and hysterical emotionalism, could have attained such a prominent position in the MSM. Unless he’s nothing more than a propagandist (LOL).

  10. Suz says:


    Tell me about it! That guy’s hamster moves faster than light! Whew!

  11. Starets says:


    For sure, definitely high speed hamster wheelin’.

    I do wonder though, is the hamster wheel innate, and therefore deluding himself, or deliberate, and therefore being used to delude his readership?

    Probably a combination of both, but based on his prominence in the MSM he has to be predominantly a propagandist. At the very least, he’s reinforcing PC groupthink among his fellow ideologues.

  12. walderschmidt says:

    I would rather not comment as doing so requires me to log in with facebook or my blogging account.

    I will say it is astounding how many comments say “This is must be an attack on women because most single parents are women.”

    The only true part of that statement? Most single parents are women.

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