At least I’m banned in China.

I’m really ticked at the Southern Poverty Law Center.  They left me off a list of evil mean manosphere sites.  Congrats to Ferdinand, Roosh, A Voice For Men, The False Rape Society, and The Spearhead among others though.

Perhaps the most absurd part of their new report Misogyny: The Sites is that they hold out Manboobz as a voice of reason:

What follows are brief descriptions of a dozen of these sites. Another resource is the Man Boobz website (, a humorous pro-feminist blog (its tagline is “Misogyny: I Mock It”) that keeps a close eye on these and many other woman-hating sites.

With Manboobz as the official counterpoint of the manosphere, it really isn’t even sporting.  I almost feel bad for the SPLC.  Is he really the best opposing view they could come up with when exposing the dark danger and thought crimes of the manosphere?  If you haven’t read his site, take a few minutes to see what you have been missing.

While I’m disappointed that I didn’t make the cut, I at least can take solace in Greenlander’s report that this blog is banned in China.  Yeah, I know, it turns out that all blogs are banned in China, but you have to take solace where you can find it.  Maybe I can appeal to the SPLC and point out that all the other commies think I’m really dangerous and have them reconsider adding me to the list.

Edit:  I see that Paul Elam has written a thoughtful letter in response to the SPLC.  I would love to see them attempt to respond to it.

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34 Responses to At least I’m banned in China.

  1. Terse_man says:

    Just give them time, they will start to notice. This blog makes too much sense for them not to notice.

    [D: Thanks! And welcome.]

  2. Uncle Elmer says:

    Don’t feel bad Dalrock, ForbesWoman didn’t make the hate cut either.

  3. mgwk says:

    There’s a typographical error in the post. The organization’s correct spelling is $PLC.
    There is much amusing background available on the web, such as this 2010 piece at (Warning: thoughtcrime link!)

  4. ray says:

    that the Southern Poverty Law Center persecutes and de-humanizes the group living in the worst actual poverty (men) tells us everything about the hypocrisy of entrenched gyno-victimocracy in the u.s. and elsewhere

    wonder if Mr Cohen over there at his illegitimate Law Center is living in poverty? how about Ms and Mr Oblahma, our helpful and selfless ‘community organizers’?

    those champeens of the pore folk …. sleeves rolled up in the Community, Getting Down with it, liberating the oppressed, and living out of the back of a van… right?

    I’m really ticked at the Southern Poverty Law Center. They left me off a list of evil mean manosphere sites.

    wait’ll he finds out you believe in God that’ll fix it

    “Misogyny: The List” like drama-of-the -week on Lifetime Channel, the ideological diktat of these self-serving gulagists utterly rules government, media, education, corporations, law, but they cant stand that somebody, somewhere might resist, a few websites asking hard questions, cant have that

    sounds like you guys and your ‘men’s movement’ are infuriating your Betters

    good times!

    ps whats a “roosh”?

  5. Zorro says:

    Roissy/Chateau Heartiste didn’t get on the list.

    What is this fuckin’ world coming to?!

  6. Dave says:

    I was amused by the following bit of the SPLC:

    The site trumpets as a “key fact” that “[f]emale initiation of partner violence is the leading reason for the woman becoming a victim of subsequent violence,” even though a study shows that approximately twice as many women as men are injured during incidents of domestic violence.

    The “even though” bit has nothing to do with the actual claim.

    Add to the list of other stuff they seem to have missed out on and I have to wonder who they got to write this thing?

    (I would say though that some of the sites – e.g. RooshV’s – are rather misogynistic. That doesn’t make the entire movement such but there are some sites that are worth avoiding).

  7. CedarFever says:

    Very disappointed in you, Dalrock.

    I pay good money for my internet connection and for that I demand results. I was assured that in coming here I would be provided with grade AAA misogyny but, instead, it turns out that you can’t even make the cut.

    I have my eye on you, mister. Double secret probation. Man up. Get with the program.

    [D: I know I can do better. Don’t give up on me! Welcome to the blog.]

  8. CedarFever says:

    Oh, and *de-lurk*

  9. Passer_By says:


    “I notice that Heartiste is not among those chosen, even though he probably brought more people into this ‘sphere than anyone else.”

    They’re probably afraid to give Roissy the exposure.

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  11. Krakonos says:

    But SPLC’s black list is more important than readers might admit. Take SOPA, PIPA, NDAA and other acts (I cannot remember now) and their impact on internet freedom and you can simply deduce that all voices undermining current system are going to be banned. And this includes anti-misandry sides.

  12. Krakonos says:

    I beg anyone’s pardon for my grammar. It’s neverending battle.

  13. Twenty says:

    I think you wuz robbed, Dalrock. You’ve clearly and repeatedly pointed out that women respond to incentives, that they’re capable of wickedness, and that some of them have made very bad choices indeed. That sounds like misogyny to me!

  14. There is “misogyny” everywhere. If the bores at SPLC had a sense of humour between them, they would read the Memebase site, which is full of thoughtcrime about women. It is interesting too that they cite Reddit and its men’s rights section. Those are younger people than the old farts at SPLC, I’d bet.

  15. Furthermore, America is not the world. The SPLC has no influence outside the US.

  16. Wudang says:

    Dalrock, you should write an email to them and ask to be included on the list.

  17. deti says:


    My condolences on not making the cut. Hopefully, with time, the SPLC will see your efforts and brilliance. Until then, carry on, soldier!

  18. Professor Mentu says:

    There’s a list of evil bloggers and I’m not on it? I share your pain, Dalrock.

    I’ve never heard of this manboobz site. Thanks for the link. I’m going to try to get on the hate list as soon as possible.

  19. anonymous-1 says:

    Looks like one blog has already been pulled since the SPLC list came out. The blog by the name of “Alcuin” is no more as of this morning. I hope it is due to some other reason and not the one that is on all of our minds right now.

  20. FSK says:

    Those scum at the SPLC aren’t well intentioned but misguided. They are just plain evil.

    The SPLC “hate list” is really a “list of cool people”. The scary part is that they are well-connected with law enforcement. If you make their hate list, you can wind up under strict scrutiny by the police.

  21. MarkyMark says:


    I’m SURPRISED I made the list and you didn’t. Compared to you, my site is small potatoes. Your posts routinely get hundreds of comments, whereas mine do not. Now, if what holds true for me is true for you too; if we can say that only a small % of readers will comment; then you have to draw many times the traffic I do. I think you said that you routinely get 11,000 hits per day, whereas I get 1,000 on a good day. Again, I’m surprised I got listed and you didn’t; you’re a much bigger, more valuable fish than I’ll ever be. Thanks…


    [D: Thanks, and congratulations! I don’t get that kind of traffic normally. It varies based on how frequently I post and how popular the topic is, but it often is in the 5k range. Slow days drop to around 4k, sometimes down to 3k. The busiest day in the last few weeks was the day after I posted “A case for anger” with 70 hits shy of 7k. That isn’t normal though.]

  22. Mark Slater says:

    [sigh] I miss the days when the SPLC merely chased chased their own tail, finding skinheads and Klansmen under every rock.

    No telling why they decided to include in their focus “misandry”. Could their marketing department have discovered that going after misogyny blogs was the best way to raise much-coveted cash? Who knows?

    Zorro: “Roissy/Chateau Heartiste didn’t get on the list.”

    Pity that. Heartiste would have skewered them.

    Dalrock: Don’t feel too badly about not making the initial list. I’m sure your just what Morris Dees and the boys are looking for.

  23. @TFH
    “””Exposing Christian misandry will not get hate from the SLPC. It is a niche entirely outside of their understanding of who is on which side.”””
    Outstanding observation

    Anyone ever notice that the discourse from the left, and from feminists (so together its worse) is usually just too clever by half mocking and insults with no substance. Sadly I see that same thing from the left even in the manosphere when they attack Christians for no reason, smart ass remarks trying to make the most humorous and sarcastic one liners but void of substance.
    That man boobz post and then the comments that follow are prime examples. I pasted the last 10 or so comments into one post and asked if anyone can show me anything that is factual or even allegedly factual, versus the John Stewartisms said demographic seems to place so much rhetorical faith in.

    Its a harbinger folks, this is todays “smart”. What will tomorrow’s look like?

  24. My comments on the man boobz moron’s site:

    Indeed you guys chuckle. Its like a bad impromptu theatre here. But, thats it. There is no substance, no point by point rebuttals, not even an attempt to do so.

    Declaring someone who holds a different view to be stupid, no matter how clever and wry you think the wit is and how asymptotically close you approach John Stewart level of wry rhetoric, you aren’t saying anything really, you are like hecklers, or a contrived conversation in the living room on a sitcom with 4 unlikely room mates, the gay nun, the dread-locked designer, the nuclear physicist and maybe a female beach volleyball star.

    Yea, I just did it too didn’t I, even though unfunny (I didn’t really try because I prefer substantive discourse). But see, you made no remarks that are subject to rebuttal. This is how you stay cocooned in your self righteousness, by conflating mocking and insults and wry zingers with actual forensic discourse, you simply claim others are idiots, let your smug superior hang heavy in the air, and see the lack of challenge as a sign you’ve scored in the debate….meanwhile youve not even participated.

    Find some MRA statements that are asserted as facts , refute them with statistics, studies, empiricism, dry and clinical if credible, and go a few rounds as such and see if the stupidity that passes for argument is sufficient to cover for your intellectual laziness.

    I know, thats no fun is it. No fun at all. So, generation whatever you would call yourselves, perhaps best the adults stay in charge and you entertain yourselves with things like this website, and Huff Post, and Kos, and the main media, and NYT, and each other.

    Men posting here, guess what….that trick that, in high school when youd tell the girl with utmost sincerity, “Im not like other guys, they just want one thing”….and that would get you the one thing…..guess what, you are stuck with that single trick, only now its not necessarily sex you are after, just female approval, especially online, it FEELS good to be called courageous for standing against men, as a man, same way its courageous to slam whites if you are white, smal Americans if you are American, slam heterosexuals if you are heterosexual, etc. Self effacing gives the appearance, among shallow thinkers, of being edgy, and learned, while being no more than a micron deep and a universe wide.

  25. Roland3337 says:

    This one made me laugh out loud, only because it is so friggin’ true:

    “With Manboobz as the official counterpoint of the manosphere, it really isn’t even sporting.”

    I remember October of ’10, and he tried to engage Paul in a DV debate on AVfM. He is a mental midget that got his ass handed to him, of course.

  26. Just1X says:

    With Man Boobz as the ‘local alpha’ on his blog, standards for the betas who comment are at an all time low…

  27. Man boonz is the local alpha

    Its the heady version

  28. Haast's Eagle says:

    Krakonos says:
    March 10, 2012 at 3:52 am

    “But SPLC’s black list is more important than readers might admit. Take SOPA, PIPA, NDAA and other acts (I cannot remember now) and their impact on internet freedom and you can simply deduce that all voices undermining current system are going to be banned. And this includes anti-misandry sides.”

    There should be a pre-decided place online for everyone to gather to, if there’s a mass shut down of MRM sites.

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  31. farm boy says:

    Here is some information on what the Southern Poverty Law Center really is. It is a very good read. It shows what we are up against.

  32. farm boy says:

    The Family Research Center in Washington, the one that was attacked by the gunman, was on the SPLC hate list.

  33. MaxxWiskers says:

    SPLC Insists It’s Still Working With FBI After Christian Groups Protest ‘Inappropriate’ Relationship on Website

    There is something I have noticed about David Futrelle’s Manboobz site, it really reminds me of the kind of attacks the Church of Scientology engages in. I have no idea if David Futrelle is a Scientologist but its like you could switch the word feminism with Scientology and the style would fit right in. At times it seems so similar. With this in mind I can say with confidence in no way does Manboobz speak for women’s issues. Its an attack site against men. Perhaps if Futrelle had a son he would think differently. Karl Marx was Jewish yet he promoted anti-Semitism. Why Futrelle spreads malevolent misinformation on both women’s and men’s issues is unknown to me.

    For those of you not familiar with what Scientology is about you can look up Operation Clambake or The Underground Bunker. I have known some of the young victims from the Riverside Base. The abuse is very extreme.

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