Programming note.

I have a large high profile project at work and a number of things I need to focus on outside of work which will limit my focus on blogging for at least the next month.  I’m guessing this will mean some combination of shorter/lighter posts and less frequent posting.  It will also mean (as you may have already noticed) me only participating in the discussion section sporadically.

Luckily in the meantime there are plenty of interesting bloggers in the manosphere, many of whom are listed on my blogroll.  In fact, I’ve added two new blogs to the blogroll:  Patriactionary, and Suz’s blog Shining Pearls of Something.

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10 Responses to Programming note.

  1. Will S. says:

    Thanks Dalrock! Much appreciated.

  2. jso says:

    I’m getting the shakes already

    I NEED to read new posts here

    [D: Funny! Thanks.]

  3. Suz says:

    Thanks for the link!

  4. Suz says:

    Thanks for the link!
    I could swear I just said that, but it disappeared.

  5. Well, I can help. Your readers might like this little distraction to tide them over in your absence:

    I have more like that. I’m not a big fan of Mark Driscoll’s views on women never being responsible for their own choices, either.

  6. Joe Sheehy says:

    “Sorry Wintery. Where I come from the man leads and is, therefore, responsible.”

    Wow, that is insane. A woman who decides to fornicate and then decides to have an abortion is responsible regardless of what any choices, good or bad, a man makes.

    No man is obligated to enter into an unwise marriage because a pregnant slattern holds the threat of killing his baby (or someone else’s baby) over his head. This is where we are now: where child murder extortion is considered understandable if a man doesn’t marry a woman he gets pregnant.

  7. Joe Sheehy says:

    ” I think the problem we have today is that men who are pro-life are unwilling to hold women accountable for their own poor decisions about sex and marriage. ”

    Yes indeed, the logical basis for claiming to be against decriminalized abortion is fundamentally undercut if people who claim to be against abortion do not believe women deserve to be punished for it. If the responsibility for a woman killing a child is to be foisted off on the fathers (or reputed fathers) of babies, if there is no willingness to actually punish women who have abortions, then it undercuts fundamentally the logic behind attempts to criminalize abortion.

  8. Mike says:

    Patriactionary will make you drop a few IQ points but there are some laughs. Wintery Knight’s has some good stuff though.

  9. Joe Sheehy says:

    Look at this tailor-made feminist/white knight propaganda piece:

    Of course there’s no criticism of the young woman or of her mother, or of the schools. The admittedly deplorable behavior of the teacher is the focus of hatred and outrage. Associating going with a younger woman with adultery and family abandonment. A perfect propaganda piece.

    Of course if this girl were entering the porn industry instead, no one would bat an eyelash. The hatred directed against the man is not because he’s morally bad or because of harm to the girl, but because he has what the feminists and white knights can’t stand to see him have.

    Yes, they will double-down on all men, and exploit the most extreme examples of older men going with younger women to make existing penalties ever harsher and to create more and more hatred and stigma for men who try to get around the strictures of this feminist society.

  10. Joe Sheehy says:

    Rationalization hamster psychology about the fact that older men like younger women.–abc-news.html

    “James is pathologically immature,” Marshall later told ABC News. “And this is what we see with teachers who have inappropriate relationships with their students. They imagine themselves to be age mates or peers with the students.
    “Like most sex predators, he is identified age-wise with the victim. This is what you see with pedophilia, with offending patterns, with teachers who have sex with students. They always talk about the student as if they and the student are the exact same age,” she added. “James does what sex offenders often do. He disavows culpability while doing the same actions he’s saying he’s not responsible for.”

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