I’m taking a bit of a blogging break.  I have several ideas for new posts but lack the time and focus to write them up.  I’m not sure how long I need, but I’m guessing a week should do it.  In the meantime, I hope you will enjoy Mischa Maisky performing the Prelude to Bach’s Cello Suite 6.

Feel free to note/link to posts you feel I or other readers may find of interest in the comments section.

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  2. thule222 says:

    You might enjoy this.

    I hope you’re back soon. I just found your site and am really loving it.

    [D: Thanks! I will be. Welcome.]

  3. greenlander says:

    From Elizabeth Duffy’s article:

    Neither can I get behind the manosphere. For feminism to have gained a foothold, men had to collude with it, and without doubt, it’s been in the interest of men to do so. So the message of the manosphere rings disingenuous. They would like for women to remain sexually available but to kindly shut up.

    Wow, another dumb Christian cunt who wants to make strawman arguments. Where have I seen this before? Oh yeah, paging Sheila Gregoire…

  4. Opus says:

    I am considering reading some of John Milton’s writing on Divorce (but not as easy to get hold of as Paradise Lost – where he blames Eve, rather than the Serpent, if I recall correctly). He married and his wife promptly ran back to her parents as I seem to recall. He was thus in favour of Divorce, but I’d like to get the full details, and think that Dalrock’s views on Milton’s views would be of interest. Milton was a Republican who approved of the execution of the King, so that should appeal to all Americans.

  5. I posted the following on her patheos article. For those who want to make everything about game, please know my comments to her about that were to get it off the table in my post, in my opinion when talking to a woman like this, if you leave game framed as PUA (her doing) in, she will glaze over….hell she likely glazes over anyway, but I tried.

    I will post more there one issue at a time, why bother? Im not sure.

    I will try and frame my response in such a way as to “earn” your engagement on it, but I would first point out that an article’s point isn’t defined solely by its wrap up, and allowing for it, even if it was, supposedly the first 2/3 of the article are germane to the point or why have it there at all? Im a little surprised you’d claim the point is so innocuous.

    First, set aside PUA, Im talking about MRA’s and Im framed specifically on Christian men who are MRA active. I dont give a wit about game and alpha and all that one way or the other. Its not the point at all, and as youve aptly shown, i think those things do a disservice to the MRM by their ability to be the shiny thing in the mix, distracting from the injustices.

    If I could see something good in the framework of thinking in the first 2/3, Id say my feeling would be one of nostalgia, because 7 years ago Id have written these same points. Im male by the way, and was steeped in my faith (still am that) and surrounded by what seem like good Christian men seeking to lead their families gently, hold one another accountable, honor the Lord, and fighting the sin fights that can be more uniquely male….with panache. Male self effacement was seen as high virtue, after all doesnt the Bible tell us she is the weaker vessel and we are to love unconditionally and serve in love as defining a type of leadership best represented by an image of foot washing.

    Guess what, there is still nothing wrong with any of that, and if stated as such, to/by men, about men, its still and always will be true and important.

    Comes the virus called modern divorce, to my door. As viruses do, it sweeps my street and acquaintances in church in parallel, a group of men left gape jawed what the heck happened, none of us were cheaters, beaters, addicts, porn addled….these wives convinced each other of such tripe as, they were so unhappy, emotions left so wanting in marriage, why they just prayed and “God released them”. HUH?

    Mine eventually worked out, and I thankfully ended up still married, the other guys, not. But walking that road for 1.5 years peeled the scales off my eyes that you clearly still have on yours. I dont blame you per se, because anytime something deviates from the norm, it seems extreme and unreasonable, especially in the church were we see the norm as defined by the Bible, and folks equally struggling along trying to live it out.

    But the norm in church is evangelical feminism, you yourself are now a self described evangelical feminist. The insidiousness is that you can, as a “conservative Christian” hide behind imagery called by the term *feminism*. OF COURSE Christian women cannot be feminists, they are traditional creatures, demure and all about serving and loving God and others right? they are not marching the streets and certainly not espousing uber loose sexual morals like modern feminists.

    So, we needed a different term for the churchy ladies, it is gynocentrism. All things lead back to one unbreakable belief, man bad woman good. I can be sure your thoughts will be but youve never thought that at all….right? No, not as such. It is however there in church in the contrasts, its there painfully obvious in the sermons and the celebrations, even the offering for mens outreach ministry compared to that for women, where mens are about accountability and womens are about fixing their (seeming bottomless) “low self esteem”

    Men in church are seen as needing women in church to keep us on the straight and narrow. Discuss any relational aspect of the Bible from Ephesians to 1 Peter etc etc. Listen to the womens discourse lead them into saying one thing succinctly (I dont feel superior) then going on t clearly rationalize female moral superiority.

    The FACT and this is irrefutable, women file 70% of divorces, and the vast majority of those are for emotional neediness and absurd emotional expectations reasons. Its there, in black and white in the numbers. How much time does the church spend on this issue, talking straight to and at women about this, being that its the single largest category in divorce?


    I anticipate your responses….”but she may file and not reveal the real reason, they may agree to divorce and that she file, etc etc. These have all been studied deeply enought and rigorously to dismiss, mathematically, any predictable question you can raise.

    fact…there is a divorce crisis in church (and out), the perps are MOSTLY women. These are not victimless, they are not “go with your heart sweety and we support you” which is what passes as inter-female accountability. A man is left laying in his own mucus from weeping and children left without a father. And this is the biggest non issue in the church.

    Sorry, you need to do some more investigation. You have the capacity to get this, but you have to recognize that defense of the norm is reflexive, not well considered and thoughful

  6. Rmaxd says:

    The manosphere isnt about game, it plays a small part, game is a genre in its own right, the manosphere is largely mens issues …

    Some1 needs to explain that distinction, she obviously hasnt got a clue …

  7. But its easy to see why someone would think that, frankly, when any article on any injustice done, Christians, athiests, socons, sound MRA’s whatever, there is a large subset, maybe the majority, whi frame things in terms of game.

    “Game theory says _____________________________________________”

    I get this in that the underlying observations which inform game are broad and deep psychological traits that , correct or not, are interesting and useful to the discourse. But there is a knejerk association of game to PUA hence credibility lost.

    One may ask, why care about credibility with a writer such as that? Well, unless my life is about complaining and seeing how I can out peacock the next guy with intellectualism or a zinger sacrcasm, Id better care about at least wiping the window so she can see inside whats really happening. I cant make her understand, but if there is a thin layer of PUA on us, our stuff gets blurred. This is true regardless how dedicated to game or how adamant against its validity.

    Go to an average group of reasonably intelligent well read men and women and mention game. IF they know anything at all, they have some vague association with PUA stuff in their mind. Ive recently experienced this on a forum where I post a lot. So I have to spend pages deconstructing it to give it a little seat at the table as NOT being about PUA.

    Im not sure how to fix this problem of outside looking in game seems to be what informs the MRM in some circles

  8. Suz says:

    Empathologicalism, I truly admire your restraint. You’re right about the perception of Game. What appeals to me about it is that it DOES go so far beyond PUA. Most people don’t see that, and are not open to it’s broader applications.

  9. Manosaurus says:

    This is the bulk of what I posted under the first article. My first paragraph there starts with a different tone, but this is the meat of it:

    What you say here is provocative, arrogant, and ill-informed:

    “For feminism to have gained a foothold, men had to collude with it, and without doubt, it’s been in the interest of men to do so. So the message of the manosphere rings disingenuous. They would like for women to remain sexually available but to kindly shut up.”

    Yes, some men collude with feminism. However, other men do not. Why should the latter men be responsible for the injustice caused by a few members of their own gender? Should every woman be held to blame when some of them commit crimes? Essentially, what you have done is passed the blame for feminism’s crimes from women to men. What a feminist thing to do. Those poor women, swept along by changes wrought by men! Ironically, without the responsibility, you also remove the power from women to affect change. Therefore, what you are saying is that women have no control over their own lives. That doesn’t seem fair to women.

    I agree that Christ should be man’s ultimate role-model. However, He should also be the role-model for women, too. Not in exactly the same ways, since there is a difference between men and women. But in Christian love, certainly. However, for men to be able to step up and act as truly Christian men in the church, women also need to fulfill their godly directives of submitting to their husbands and not being in authority over men. They also need to remember the scripture that says we are not to withhold sex from our spouse.

    So, it is somewhat ironic that God himself tells women to keep quiet (in church) and make themselves sexually available (not in church). Perhaps it really is what women need to hear.

  10. Rmaxd says:

    What most christian women complain about isnt game, its the fact they cant hate men as openly, & obviously they cant stand being crtiqued, as everything is hyper-feminised & an insult to their very existence as a woman

    Their sainthood & victimhood the ultimate cockblock for sanity … for a woman …

    Unrestrained hyper-feminity is the new norm, & unrestrained bitchy attitudes of how dare you the new form of repression, women choose to protect their puritan beliefs about their virginal christ-like existence

    A womans inability to see the need for criticism over protecting her hyper-feminised world, always leads to her getting reamed by the local alpha church thug …

    Multiple times …

    Its Lords will after all, god lead me to the hunky alpha church thug, how dare you question my purity … you must be bitter & cant get laid

    A small penis is the work of the devil … according to the bible in a christian womans head …

  11. Rmaxd says:


    “What appeals to me about it is that it DOES go so far beyond PUA. Most people don’t see that, and are not open to it’s broader applications.”

    The whole point of game is to go beyond pua … do you really think we enjoy partying 24/hours a day … when we could be reaming the housekeeper in our penthouse ? …

    Then theres the reaming the housekeeper in our batcave in marsailles …

    Most pua’s & gamers in fact run multiple relationships

    Or Soft Harem game …

    Its alot safer & less strange stds attached to strange vaginal holes …

    Game is ultimately about rewarding the hyper-sexual needs of men & women, not a relationship

    As sexual relationships are determined by the level of hyper-sexual norms in any given culture …

    A soft harem allows a gamer to fulfil those hyper-sexual norms, multiple times, increasing their attractiveness exponentially

    Until the inevitable threeway … every two or three weeks … or every week even, depending on his schedule of course …

    Hyper-sexuality allows a man to demonstrate his ability to fulfill a womans hyper-sexual expectations, as determined by their socio-biology

    Hyper-sexuality is a response to todays sick hyper-feminised society

    Women are hyper-feminised forcing men to be hyper-hypermasculine, forcing them to resort to displays of hyper-sexuality

  12. Rmaxd says:

    What these christian women are displaying are hyper-feminised traits … theyre hyper-feminised & require hyper-masculinity

    They simply dont realise theyre norm has changed, they dont realise their behaviour warrants a hyper-masculine response

    They still think theyre some 1950’s house wife, with feminine nonsense, but theyre environment has changed & theyre exhibiting hyper-feminine behaviour which in turn requires a hyper-masculine response

    Hence these hyper-feminine degenerates as causality to degrade themselves with hyper-masculine alphas

    Hyperfeminity has always been a plague to monogamous cultures like the west, ie the plague of literally ALL of the nunneries in lisbon in the 1800 century, were basically whorehouses disguised as virtuos pure nuns

    Hyperfeminity does not occur in polygamous society, as hypergamy doesnt require massive amounts of promiscuity & displays of hyper-masculinity to satisfy it, as it does in a monogamous society

  13. Suz says:

    Well said, Rmaxd, all of it.

    “partying 24/hours a day”
    is precisely how most people see the purpose of game. Both sexes. And the charming and delightful Ms. White perpetuates the myth…

  14. tacomaster says:

    Regarding the highly disproportionate levels of divorce initiated by women (70%) I’ve always theorized that a lot of it has to do with the “princess mentality” in our culture today. I can’t validate this with statistics but I sense a lot of females feel entitled (without doing any work whatsoever) to a certain lifestyle, husband, happiness that he must deliver, etc.Everything must be handed to them because they’re a “princess” and “special”. I think that’s why women are able to walk away from their marriages because real life isn’t playing out like the BS fairy tale they’ve been playing out over and over in their head since they were 5 years old. I would love to hear opinions and ideas on this.

    As far as PUA mentality/learning game goes, I think it’s helpful for males who lack courage to talk to women (which seems to be something a lot of guys have issues with). I also think a good amount of males in our society tend to be really feminized and “girly” (like they’ve decided to stop being guys). I think we’ve been told that being manly (taking charge, leading, sports, hunting, etc) and rugged is wrong and not appropriate. I theorize that in the next decade and beyond we’ll see a return to more gender distinctions and away from this wussy male syndrome so many of our brothers have been stricken with.

  15. ybm says:

    Why are so many major “gamersphere bloggers” in monogamous relationships? The only one I know of who isn’t is Roosh.

  16. Suz says:

    ybm, because game works, and apparently monogamous relationships are what those particular men want.

    tacomaster, I started on it a few weeks ago, right here in fact:

  17. Rmaxd says:


    Most major pua’s in particular gurus settle for monogamous relationships

    All eventual relationships are socially contextual, a male taught from birth to be in a monogamous relationship will always gravitate back to a monogamous relationship

    Also the women the PUA’s or gurus settle for, are in fact women theyve been seeing for years on the side, while theyve been satisfying their need for polygamy

    These are in fact open long term relationships, theyre simply making monogamous

    You’re always going to make a stronger bond with one of your chicks …

    Also theres considerable social stigma for long term polygamy in the west, as word gets out one man has power over multiple women, the families of the women tend to be not so happy … then theres the feminists, christians & frigid cat ladies …

  18. tacomaster says:

    Suz, read your posting and it was well written. Don’t be offended but I was surprised to hear that viewpoint coming from a woman. I wasn’t sure that women were aware they had that princess entitlement to them.

  19. tacomaster says:

    @rmaxd–re polygamy, that’s pretty much what I was doing. When my wife and I were dating I was seeing women on the side. She knew about it and I actually took her and another girl on a date together at the same time.I joked that it was like an episode of the bachelor. I didn’t care if they got mad (they didn’t). Alas, things don’t last forever and I chose to get married. I don’t think one person can be your “everything” and fulfill all of your needs, but they can come pretty close. I know this is pretty liberal thinking (im very conservative and Christian in the rest of my life beyond this aspect) but I think polygamy is an okay thing as long as everyone is okay with it.

  20. Mark says:

    I always look forward to your blog entries. Hurry back!

  21. Höllenhund says:

    “There is a corner of the internet known as the “manosphere.” In a backlash to perceived cultural bias against men due to the mainstreaming of feminist principles, some men, feeling oppressed and trampled into submission by strong women, are pushing back by schooling one another in masculinity. They write advice blogs on mastering the “Venusian arts” or the art of seducing women, by asserting their authority, physical strength, attractiveness, and intelligence, in order to acquire “Alpha” status in comparison to their male peers.”

    This woman is either ignorant of the Manosphere or is lying. These female journalists can safely be dismissed as either idiots or liars.

  22. No. She is just a journalist. And a female one at that. Superficial.

  23. That journalist is sneering. But she is also nervous. She knows that spoiled, privileged people like her get their comeuppance eventually.

  24. Anonymous Reader says:

    David, for what it’s worth, Elizabeth Duffy claims to be a Catholic. FYI.

  25. tspoon says:

    A very beautiful piece of music. I am interested in such, but know not where to start.

  26. Dalrock says:


    I’m glad you enjoyed it. You can buy the full set of Bach’s cello suites performed by Maria Kliegel for $12 on CD or $6.99 mp3. That is the version I have and I really enjoy it. I’m not an expert though, so others reading may have a different preference in cellist. You should be able to find the same set from any of the big names if you didn’t want to go with her.

    If you like Bach’s Cello Suites, you might also check out his Sonatas and Partitias for Solo Violin.

  27. tspoon says:

    Cheers. I’ll check that out. One piece of music I have found and would recommend for the beginner, a catholic choral piece from antiquity: Miserere mei, Deus. Apparently a piece dedicated to the glory of God. A transcendently beautiful musical piece, one that can form an alternative view of the Europe of those times.

  28. ray says:

    after the expiration of a week, i’m going to have to take one (1) hostage per day for each day that Dalrock fails to make a new post

    if necessary, this will continue up to seventy-eight (78) hostages (all that fits in my garage)

    i’m sorry it has come to this

  29. @ taco

    Yes princess mentality is a good term for labeling the basket of narcissistic dysfunction that is the operating system of the western Christian female. Heck there is even a ministry called something like “How to be a princess in a not so princess world”….how that for affirmation, Ive seen that book.

  30. I dont think in the context of that silly article and the discourse that follows it, asserting that gamesters are mainly monogamous is going to carry much forensic heft.

  31. Reading her responses is painful. She falls back on the soft word/concept of “balance”. The thinking is impenetrable because in her mind its the ultimate concession to suggest “balance”…, except where men are worse, you know, like in sex stuff and stuff.

  32. Anonymous Reader says:

    I think this guy plays Bach rather well in general, and the cello suites very well.

    He released a disk with the complete suites a while back, and has performed all 6 of them as a performance over the course of several hours.

  33. Brendan says:

    The “balance” argument is fallacious, because it essentially means accepting the status quo, even in theory. In effect, this approach cooperates with the feminist mindset and worldview because doing otherwise is “imbalanced” and may evince “hate”.

    What you see in that person is someone who critiques feminism about sexual morality issues but otherwise thoroughly enjoys living in a feminist world where women are empowered, liberated and independent.

  34. Anonymous Reader says:

    What you see in that person is someone who critiques feminism about sexual morality issues but otherwise thoroughly enjoys living in a feminist world where women are empowered, liberated and independent.

    In fewer words, a traditionalist conservative.

  35. Anthony says:

    This surprised the heck out of me, but it does fit with women initiating the majority of divorces.

  36. Eric says:

    It’s amazing to me that none of these Game/PUA ever want to discuss how many so-called ‘Alphas’ have been hit with false accusations, restraining orders, paternity suits, or STDs. Looking at numbers like that, it doesn’t seem like being an ‘Alpha’ counts for very much.

    Like I’ve mentioned before, women in our culture are following both their biological instincts and a false philosophy (feminism). That puts them in continual conflict. They have to fight and compete with men to validate their philosophy; while at the same time their biological needs pull them in the opposite direction. Men can’t please them in anything they do; the women resent and resist what is to their own benefit. They resent dominant men because they they threaten their Superiority Complexes; at the same time they’re drawn to weak men whom they despise for their weakness because they feel superior to them and can justify their own supposed victimhood. In other words, women want to submit to a strong man and yet dominate him; they want committed families while still having their independence and girl power; they want sex and to be attractive to men while they despise men for wanting them sexually, etc.

    It should be obvious that no ‘system’ is going to help any psychologically stable man in such an environment. The only males who can ‘succeed’ are dysfunctional ones who can feed off the corresponding dysfunction in today’s women. That’s another reason why only thugs, losers, and bums seem to have a never-ending supply of willing women at their disposal.

    In fact, the more I’ve read from Gamers like Remaxd; here and on the last thread—all these guys can come up with are sound-bites and pat-answers that they parrot as though they were self-evident facts. Not one legitimate objection to Game is ever answered; nor can they produce anything other than anecdotes of successes from Game. If this theory is such an infallible system; let’s see some science or statistics—even logical defenses— about it.

  37. Eric says:


    Liz Duffy, of course, is another frustrated Anglobitch who’s seeing the ‘franchise’ slip through her fingers as more and more men turn away from western women. The whole ‘Grrrl Power’ thing only works when men can’t go anywhere else. Well, they now they’re learning they can and Liz and her pals are the ones headed to the sidelines LOL!

  38. tacomaster says:

    @ empatho–
    Huh, I’ll have to look into that. Speaking of that, I heard a well known American pastor give a sermon last year and he mentioned how feminism is destroying Christianity. He said he felt like puking (his exact words) while singing a lot of the romantic almost love making songs in church today. I was blown away by his honesty because I sometimes feel like that too.

    @ Anthony–
    I had heard of that. I’m just wondering how they’re going to handle alimony and things like that in the future between lesbian and gay couples. Should be interesting. Another fun lesbian tidbit, have you ever heard of lesbian sex bed or death bed? Cant remember the exact term but its basically how two women get together and the sex pretty much becomes nonexistant in a matter of months to a year.

  39. Rmaxd says:


    So how was the threesome after the date … did your neighbours want in on the action? …

    Or was it a traditional threesome with seperate beds & steam powered appliances ..

  40. empathologicalism says:

    taco who is that pastor. I want to send him money

  41. Brendan says:

    Another fun lesbian tidbit, have you ever heard of lesbian sex bed or death bed? Cant remember the exact term but its basically how two women get together and the sex pretty much becomes nonexistant in a matter of months to a year.

    Lesbian bed death.

    Mating/relationship patterns of lesbians and gay men are interesting because they each represent the kind of sexuality that each sex would engage it were it not subject to the need to compromise with the ways of the opposite sex.

    For lesbians this often means serial monogamy (gee, what a surprise) with decreasing sexual intimacy (frequency/intensity) during the course of the relationship, starting with a lot of intensity and then tapering to little intensity –> hence the tropes of “U-Haul lesbian” (i.e., getting wrapped up in an emotional whirlwind at the very beginning of a relationship and moving really quickly) and “lesbian bed death” (i.e., patterns of decreasing physical intimacy once the initial rush and limerance period wears off). There are promiscuous lesbians, too, and open relationships and so on, but it tends to play out more like it does with straight people in this regard.

    For gay men, it’s very different — lots of very casual, even promiscuous, sexuality, lots of de facto “open relationships”, and lots of sex, period. No “gay man bed death” is spoken of, nor of over-commitment early in a relationship. Instead the tropes are all very much about promiscuity to the point of very anonymous sex and so on. There are committed gay make couples, too, but the percentage of these which have some kind of “open” character to them is quite high — much higher than among lesbians or straight relationships.

    Heterosexuality, which is obviously the norm, represents a compromise between these two kinds of sexualities, and, as such, there is friction between people in straight relationships based on the differences between male and female sexuality.

  42. Rmaxd says:


    “He said he felt like puking (his exact words) while singing a lot of the romantic almost love making songs in church today. I was blown away by his honesty because I sometimes feel like that too.”

    Ah yea, the air smooching all christians do, … the oustretched hands of & tears streaming down their cheeks, as they engage in some serious air smooching action …

  43. tacomaster says:

    @empatho–I’m not sure if you’ve heard of the Love & Respect book by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs but it was him during his conference I went to last year in Dallas. It was a marriage conference my church held. He talks a lot about gender roles in Christianity–good stuff

    @rmaxd–I sense sarcasm in your tone lol. No threesome that night. I wound up marrying one of them (recent marriage) and it’s been just okay. I started reading Roissy and Dalrock after I got married and I wish I would have read them beforehand. Like a lot of posters have already mentioned, I feel like I’ve become less manly/beta since marriage. I equate it to a caged animal at a zoo–losing the desire and ability to hunt, becoming pacified.

    @brenden–I have a few gay friends and they are openly having sex with everyone while in relationships. They hate when I tell them being gay is about sex and not about feelings and love. They deny it but their actions say otherwise.

  44. Yes I know Eggerich’s book, I actually think he is good on most things.

  45. Rmaxd says:


    Interesting you mention not feeling so manly, now imagine how much more manly youd feel if you had some hot strumpet on the side …

    Life is all about, optimising your being after all, be all that you can be … you know you want to …

    Of course social restraints & cultural norms, wont let you have the hot strumpet on the side, even though itd be great for your libido

    So is our definition of love & loyalty flawed, is it ok for a man to have a hot strumpet on the side for the sake of his needs,

    Isnt a mans happiness far more important to the marriage, then the womans, as hes the provider & the foundation for the marriage?

    If I pay for a marriage or a relationship, shouldnt the man set the rules for the marriage?

    Why allow a woman to absolve a relationship of your needs & rules of engagement?

  46. maxsnafu says:

    If you like music with a religious basis give Bach’s Mass in b minor a try. Here is the first part of the Kyrie Eleison containing a magnificent six part fugue.

  47. Legion says:

    RL says:
    February 6, 2012 at 6:19 pm

    Unbelievably delusional. She dodges any question infering female inferiority by stating it isn’t important in some respect. Assumes that men have nearly become obsolete. I might need a whole bucket of popcorn just to watch her fail when the worls economies go belly up.

  48. Suz says:

    Or you could read
    and see about having a hot strumpet at home. If you have one on the side, your wife will be one of those rare women with a good reason to divorce you. THEN you’ll be “paying for the relationship” all right, long after it’s over.

  49. Rmaxd says:

    I was just stating if men were allowed to have a hot strumpet on the side, he wouldnt be so unmanly or betaish

    Why does our society reward a woman, well past her fertility, her preferred form of monogamy, but not a mans fertility well into old age, & preferred form of sexuality polygamy …

    Im not suggesting taco get a hot strumpet, it all boils down to whos needs define the terms of the relationship

    Atm a mans needs are so marginalised, the woman basically starts whining mental abuse, if he tries to redefine the terms of the relationship … bleh

    & yea taco goto Athols site & turn your old banger into a hot strumpet … best move ever …

    Or you could introduce her to a hot strumpet, for some 1on1 hands on tuition …

    Im not saying married men cheat, you might as well learn some game & turn your wife into a slut in the bedroom … much cheaper then a divorce, nothing like a hot strumpet on demand …

  50. Carnivore says:

    @tspoon – it’s too early for the Miserere; that’s for Holy Week. Rather than the Glory of God, it’s about the great Mercy of God we all need. If you must, here’s a nice version, with an all MALE choir which is the way it should be sung:

    One of my favorites is the Dies Irae – I meditate on it when I get into a “my shit doesn’t stink” moment:

  51. tacomaster says:

    @ Suz and Rmaxd—
    ya, I normally read Roissy and someone mentioned Darlock last week so I’ve been on here quite a bit. Darlock has a lot of good information.Then someone mentioned in one of their comments so I checked that out. Ya, I’ve been trying to convert her and it’s definitely a work in progress. I’ve never been with someone with her low sex drive before. I’ve tried to analyze if it’s her or her upbringing or a little of both. It’s very mechanical and robotic every time–here, I know the steps: sex in our bed only (no desire for anything daring or adventurous), missonary only, she’s never lubricated (so I wonder if it’s hormonal or she’s not hydrated properly), tells me to “stick it in” (doesnt want foreplay). If we do foreplay it’s me getting her to orgasm. Apparently she think’s this is fine because she doesn’t ask for more and when I ask her if she has any fantasies or anything like that, she tells me she doesn’t.

    I was reading one of Darlock’s older blogs about how churches allow women to be non-sexual and that most places accept that. I actually went to counseling alone at my church because I thought about getting a divorce within the first three months of marriage. The church counselor said that if she wasnt willing to change there wasnt much I could do. He never suggested a divorce (I don’t think that they would). I told him my wife didnt want to go to counseling and he said our pastor would call her because being non-sexual as a Christian wife is a major no-no. I was kind of impressed because we go to a massive mega church. Anyway, just wanted to share that some churches out there truly emphasize Christians having a strong, healthy sex life.

  52. Rmaxd says:


    Did you read Athols post on his site about gradually turning a wife more sexually?

    Also I think you got Dalrocks article confused, his article was more about how the church doesnt hold women accountable, if they dont act sexually

    Ive got news for you tho taco, your wife isnt frigid, youre just not objectifying her outside the bedroom, the more you spank her ass & grope her & finger her outside the bedroom, the better she will be in the bedroom

    Ill have to get a list of links drawn up for Athols site of debauchery one of these days … The more Alpha & aggressively you treat her, the better she will be in bed

    Women are designed to be sexual with alphas, if you dont treat her as i stated above, theyll become frigid in bed

    Look up how to be an asshole at Athols site … & youll see a difference in her …

    Also start working out & dressing better, this always scares the crap out of a wife, into being better in bed …

    I personally dont even go near women who just lie there, they repulse me … ive only ever encountered one chick who just lied there, i was so revolted i walked out of the room …

    I dont understand how you can have sex with a limp fish … its just gross eww… lol

    I need alot of chemistry & fireworks, if theres no fireworks the thought of banging the chick doesnt even cross my mind …

    Interestingly men dont have a friendzone to put chicks into, they just put them in a corner, hoping the chick becomes sexier …

  53. wizardcorpse says:

    @taco with regards to fantasies here is one that I always use and is very effective: the nancy friday sexuall fantasies routine look it up at if you like the complete details but to sum it up you open with “you know i read a book in the 60s and it tells about how women have no capacity for sexuall fantasies, then of course she will negate: thats the hook right there then you tell her about by the counter by nancy friday by her book the secret garden which speaks about women’s very complex fantasies even more daring than that of a man tell her one of your friends had a fantasy of being tied up inthe operating table and doing it with an android male while a bunch of scientists are watching (preselectio strategy that you oppened another girl’s fantasies) you take it from there im sure she’ll open up after that. you can also check out my post on training her:
    as for
    I totally agree with your advice about staring an asshole game, asshole games trully lubes a girl

  54. Rmaxd says:

    Interestingly men dont have a friendzone to put chicks into, they just put them in a corner, hoping the chick becomes sexier …

    Of course this never happens, unless the guy start dressing better & flirting with other chicks in front of her ..

    You could try flirting with your daughters friends front of your wife, tell them you were in a boyband in the 1970s … & neg their braces & lunch boxes …

  55. Taco

    Your church is screwed up, you just havent figured it out yet. Please believe me on this. Most churches have a veneer of talking up sex.
    Wait for the “she is a slow cooker and he is a microwave” speech. Its there, again, trust me. And that speech is bunk. The idea that “women cant just do it ya know (head wag)” is bunk. Its the rot the church spews, and the women lap it up as another tool in the arsenal of pushing the beta aside. What it translates to in action is, YOU start in the morning and you coddle her every tiny whim, you call and leave notes and you offer to do this or that and you LISTEN TO HER prattle, and did I say you have to listen to her? And….listen too.
    You make the big move and get shot down. No way this over crap is true.
    Know why? Take that same women, see her behavior if she is having an affair….dude calls, he says hey, I have 30 minutes….”same place?”….”yep”… the time she gets there she cant stand waiting for him sexually another moment. The slow cooker just warmed up with a phone call and a 5 minute drive. Hence….it is NOT the nature of a woman to be a slow cooker and that is a church pander line.
    I was in a seminar at a mega church, it was one of these His Needs Her Needs things, 13 years ago must be…..goes need by need, 1 male, 1 female back and forth for top 5 needs of men and of women. So, last one was SEX, mens number one need. The air in the room crackled with bitter anger by the wives in there that last week. They were pissed to even acknowledge that sex belonged on a list with things like “talking, acts of service, non sexual affection”….etc. One women finally couldn’t stand it and had an angry outburst interrupting the instructor saying “but but but, sex isnt LIIIIIIKE these other things….its just NOT a NEEEEEED like that.

    It degraded into most of the women shouting over each other to denounce the whole program (in which they had basked for the prior 9 sessions)

  56. If a woman likes you, she will give you a quickie. And she will be lubricated.

    It is simple. Alpha up a bit. Turns wifey on. Wifey then wants affection. If you want sex, make affection dependant on sex.

    This works in my marriage.

    Women are not more complicated than men. That is feminine mystique nonsense.

  57. Joe Sheehy says:

    Any group that denies that wives owe the marriage debt, on demand, in normal circumstances (which are well-defined) is not a Christian group.

  58. tacomaster says:

    @rmaxd—you wrote “Also I think you got Dalrocks article confused, his article was more about how the church doesnt hold women accountable, if they dont act sexually”—I was trying to convey that in my posting but it came out slightly wrong. My brain was really fried when I wrote it–long day. Yes, having sex with a dead fish does suck and I was very alpha pre-marriage, which is why I wrote that I felt something has definitely changed with me. She has never really reciprocated when I grab her ass but I’ll keep it up. I’m confused because in my relationships pre-marriage, the sex was always amazing with those women and exciting. I’ll keep reading Athol’s posts. I’m glad I discovered it. He’s doing a big service for us. I flirt with her sister sometimes which pisses her off and that’s the only time she’s really forceful in bed.

    @wizard corpse—nice advice. i’ll check that out man. Where’d did you find out that information? Trial and error?

    @empat—yep, i’ve heard that “slowcooker vs microwave” propaganda several times in church and also in college (in a sex psychology course). Your point is spot on with the girl will get turned on if she’s cheating analogy. I’ve seen that first hand. I can’t believe that women got upset because sex was on that list. What a bunch of shriveled up hags.

    I’ll work on being more of my old self–cocky, alpha, confident–and report back.

  59. ybm says:

    Hey Dalrock I just wanted to stop by from a far away place to post this article I read at the airport while waiting for my flight to Geneva

    This nut is making an art of shaming men.

  60. Rmaxd says:


    Youre going have to cycle through what turns her on …

    The main traits turns a woman on ….

    1. Jealousy – social status & pre-selection, instant moistness

    2. Likes it rough & extra asshole – extreme dominance & push pull, pretend to do something pointless, wait for her to see you do it, with an evil grin i was kidding …. ahahaha … make fun of her underwear & nipple fuzz …

    3. Exhibitionist – Loves making out in front of her sisters, if lot of sisters … public displays of snogging & making out, & out door sex … a lot of hyper chipmunk chicks love this shit …

    For bonus points …

    4. Dont engage in proper conversations with her … this is the real sexual killer for women … dont engage women in a conversation, control the conversation at all times, tune out what she says & stick to what you want to say

    When you talk to a woman, youre there to give your opinion, thats what she expects, women expect gina tingles not a conversation …

    5. Make her do stuff … alot …. any pointless meaningless crap you can think of … make her do it … tell her to get you a plastic fork from the local newsagent …. why? cos you want a damn fork ….

    I always make my nieces clean my room & do my dishes when they visit …

    Be strong with the way of the alpha, itll make ppl do pointless crap … & do your laundry …

    Got testosterone? Use it …

  61. Rmaxd says:

    Some great cocky & funny examples … to use on a chick … women LOVE being tooled … they love it so much, they get annoyed when you dont tool them …

  62. Rmaxd says:

    Fast forward to 2:10 for the good stuff … for some reason the url desnt play on time …

  63. Rmaxd

    True. Works in marriage too. Keep them guessing.

  64. Rmaxd says:


    Women KNOW game … this is what all those anti-gamers dont recognise …

    Western womenve been pumped & dumped by so many men running asshole game, theyre literally starving for some asshole action

    Ive seen so many miserable looking chicks walking around, living in expensive houses with hot looking dudes, try telling them jokes & they might laugh, but you know theres something not there …

    Its only when you start tooling them & challenging them, theyre eyes start to light up & they revert back to being that slut flirting like crazy in high school ..

    So many housewives … so little time … lol … ok i dont do housewives … too easy … lol

  65. Rmaxd says:

    Looks like the MRA is going mainstream … I swear TFH wrote this news article …,0,5220854.story

  66. wizardcorpse says:

    @ taco
    thanks I hope my advice works for you and about the learning through trial and error yes but that Nancy friday routine luckily hasnt met much errors success rate iver 80% for me. ive learned that at the stage of my relationship with my wife (but not married yet) when we kept fighting all the time and she became such a pain in the ass I decided to research further since I already knew about john alanis before I ended up digging through the manosphere and aplied the routines and the techniques on my wife including that Nancy friday routine that I learned form Rules of the Game by neil straus (I suggest you look that up), then now I actually test routines on my wife first before using them in actual sarging, since I know that your wife will most likely give you an honest feedback.

  67. Rmaxd says:

    lol So how is sarging in a marriage? Do you use your wife as a pivot? …

  68. wizardcorpse says:

    good question RmaX. actually there is no marriage at all like I mentioned but a rose in any other name still smells as sweet. and dont tell me that you actually believe that once you are in a comited long term relationship mans you cannot have more or even have the chance to do so. marriage on (to think about it) will also not buy you out of the sexual market place in a man it may even increase your value the only disadvantage is that you cannot bring the chic directly to your house aside from that mariage and in my case a relatioship doesnt stop you at all which brings me to ask, since your question suggest that you are likely married aren’t you?

  69. stonelifter says:

    perhaps your post marriage sex life has died off because your wife likes illicit sex; now that you have the approval of God, sex with you is boring to her.

    you wouldn’t be the 1st man I know to experience it

  70. deti says:


    Show up unexpected at home when your wife is there. Take complete charge. Tell her to get undressed. Tell her to assume the position you want and rogur her. Don’t ask for anything. Just tell her what to do, and then do what you want.

    You should also use the dogstyle position more frequently. It requires her submission to you and trust in you. As she submits, you’ll find she will LOVE being in this position.

  71. MiGHOW says:

    More endless courtship fantasy movies incoming by the looks of it. This stuff must really sell well to the ladies.

  72. Rmaxd says:


    Youre right you can still flirt & go out & practise picking up chicks if youre married, keeps your libido up & makes for a much better marriage

    But Id rather shoot myself then get married … Marriage is the ultimate form of slavery, hand over my property & hypothetical children to some corrupt government, they can fuck off, including the women who enable them

    I dont need marriage, id rather die alone jerking off, then have to put up with an irrational woman

    Women are parasites, & with surrogacy & game, & pua, theres no need for them …

    Women had their chance for centuries to educate themselves, to advance the sciences & engineering, women are obsolete, they cant compete

    Ive never paid for a woman in any shape or form & never will …

    Western women are simply too hyper-feminised to bond with, except in short term

    & theres no way in hell im subjecting any children to a woman

    Having to put up with them, is abuse & the way women bring up children is pure child abuse, pure & simple,

    Children having to put up with the insane irrational bullshit of a woman, as she tries to bring them up, will all of her irrational entitlement & feminism is horrific

    Then theres all that emasculation & submissive, bow down to alpha, hate betas, bullshit she teaches the children

    Never underestimate the dysfunctia & degenerate western women

    Westernised women are basically degenerate deviants, their femininity warped & weaponised

  73. wizardcorpse says:


    I certaily understand your concern. you know I consider myself lucky my wife doesnt pressure me to marry although she is a mother to my child, I think im in one of the few good relationships. That is exactly why I prefer to call her wife, who needs the blessing of the court anyway? for all I know unmarried couples like us are more “married” in the sense of marriage itself and the most important thing is to keep your game in a relationship for I have proven that it certainly helps her keep the attraction for you (and you get side pussies its a win-win situation for both sides). I think a female can smell other girl’s vaj juice in i man even if you wash it off and that deepens her love for you. It may have something to do with pheromones and women’s competitive instincts toward other women, but were off topic here, God speed Rmaxd, and if you may I suggest you not to get too bitter, you must accep that majority of human-kind is made of ignorance and propaganda but that is exactly what can make thinking-people like us stand out and have our way, I do hope you see life that way. anyways no one has controll over your emotion always choose to be happy and choose consciously, life is short you know, and life is not meant to be fair but the beautiful thing about it is that, you always have a choice: hidden or otherwise, but choice nonetheless.

  74. wizardcorpse says:

    BTW i have created a website you can click my name and visit it if you like. the theme is about wisdom and its aplication to all areas of life including health and fitness, I know you’ll love it since all of the readers here are smart people to even take initiative to look for websites such as this to improve their lives.

  75. RL says:

    ‘Jess is working on a story about men settling for “Mrs. Good Enough” and would love to hear some thoughts from the fellas. Guys — what do you make of this?!’

  76. Rmaxd says:


    Ah youre in a cohabiting LTR

    Thats great, thats the only type of ltr i would consider, marriage no rings for women

    Btw Im not bitter lol … just overly realistic, cant afford to be anything less, nowadays

    I tend to believe most of the human race is still salvageable, but in order for it to be salvageable, we have to be realistic & push the extremes of opinion & boundaries

    I know my post sounds extreme, but it is valid, & I think an indication of where men will have to goto really make a difference

    You have to push for the extremes to make progress,the forefront of any movement will always sound extreme

    I think we have to target the mothers, while the feminists have alot to say, its the mothers & wives who do the real damage, theyre the ones we have to go for

    The feminists are alot easier to deal with, theyre idealists, attack their ideology, poke holes in their ideology, & you win easily, exactly what MRAs have been doing

    Its the mothers & wives, who really screw men over, the men who get screwed by these women, are the very real victims

    Once the truths in game & the red pill becomes more mainstream, the chicks are well & truly screwed …

    I think this is more a transition for women, we are seeing the beginning of the end of women as ladies & mothers & wives & it cant much better then seeing them get their come uppance …

    No more parasites, no more stealing the mans finances to stayathome, no more get out of life, sit on your ass all day passes for women …

  77. wizardcorpse says:

    @ Rmaxd

    You do have a point, I and we know the answer to these problems: GAME
    women are musculine because of propaganda but in the inside they hate it and they do not know they hate it and when they are dominated they are happy(most of the time they do not know it) but submission is their default state, and that is the reason why they are unstable because society has let them be, and you cant let them be (roam on their own) they need a dominating man, they need their oak tree these days in feminism gender roles reverse they teach boys to become kitchen-bitches and they teach women to be men and balance is ruined but dont worry my friend nature will surely work thing out and balance will once again be preserved in a nation wide scale and I estimate that it wil be completed in a period of 500 years or so, (we can wait right), well the good news is we dont have to wait for that. just use game to change youself and change the women in your life for the better and they will serve you hapilly till death

  78. Rmaxd says:


    While we wait for us to change the world, we can change the world of the people around us, while they may not listen to our ideology, theyll listen to our actions

    Its just a matter of how many ripples in the still rivers around us … use the known to your advantage

  79. wizardcorpse says:

    well said Rmaxd, well said

  80. Rmaxd says:


    I surprised the ladies havent had a holier then thou fit, about you picking up chicks while your cohabiting, with a kid … lol

  81. Rmaxd says:

    Great comment btw …

    Women suffer from PMS, Post-PMS, Pre PMS, pre Partum Depression, Post Partum Depression, Pre Menopausal Depression, Menopausal Depression, Post menopausal depression. Basically there is no point in their lives when they aren’t completely irrational sacks of self pitying hormonal insanity.

  82. Tacomaster says:

    Guys, took your advice and thinks have been a lot better the last few days—grabbing her ass in public, being dominating, telling her exactly what I want and my expectations and sexting. I think it might be easy for married men to become too lax. We must always remain vigilant.

  83. Suz says:

    @ Taco:
    If you want her to follow, keep leading…

  84. @taco

    Careful, its only under extremely specific circumstances that grabbing another woman’s ass has efficacy in your own relationship. Keep to the home front, er, rear, yea, home rear.

  85. Rmaxd says:


    Game saves another husbands sex life … did she comment on your change, did she play hard to tingle? … very unlikely … lol

    Welcome to the darkside … now game your daughter, mom … etc …. the world is your ass to grope …

  86. straightright says:

    I know you can’t comment on everything, though I wonder what your thoughts would be on the following two part article from Boundless:

    Where Have the Men Gone?
    by David Murrow

    How to Get the Men Back
    by David Murrow

    Boundless is deeply troubled, though these articles are against the grain for them. However, I think the author’s description of masculinity is limited and narrow. As described in the first article, I do admit that I fit into the category of the guy who comes to Christ in adulthood, not having grown up in the church. I’m curious to know if the reasons he mentioned are really the reasons, as you perceive them, that men avoid church. I know at this blog that reasons have been previously discussed as well, such as feminization and man-blaming/shaming.

    And thanks for Maisky. I didn’t know it was on youtube. I played it and had to watch some of the other videos as well. The music is amazing. I found it more moving than my Pierre Fournier rendition. And I love the simplicity of the video: a man, a room, his instrument, and a chair. No notes. The music owns him.

  87. wizard says:

    anyone can blame and shame us, the thinking people, but that doesnt change the fact that the advantage is already ours for we are not a part of the misserable herd so let us all rejoice

  88. Anthony says:

    Dalrock – here’s an interesting piece which says that divorce rates are much lower among frequent Christian church attendees than among less-frequent attendees – dropping 10% for mainline protestants and Catholics, and 20% among evangelicals.

  89. MiGHOW says:

    Female reporter injured in Syria but should be OK, she only needs a ceasefire and evacuation to the border.

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