Linkage: You know you want it.

I’ll share this first bit of linkage on the condition that you not tell anyone else about it.  I don’t want everyone knowing about Rebellion University, but I trust you so I’ll share the secret.  Professor Hale has an engaging writing style and an unusual combination of no nonsense seriousness and irreverence.  For example, in his post Arts and Crafts: Fixing the Oil leak he describes in detail the work he will do when repairing the transfer case on his 4Runner.  Included are the risks he will face when doing the job:

1. Dropping the TC may result in it falling on my head and killing me. More likely, it will just leave me in a vegetative state (as in coma, not Florida) trapped within my body, staring out at the world while an underpaid Medicare nurse blows smoke rings in my face for the next two or three decades until a government bureaucrat decides that my quality of life is insufficient to warrant my further care. Or I will die from infected rat bites. I suppose I could reduce this risk by wearing a safety helmet, but then I would look like a dork. I would rather take the risk. I will be wearing gloves and eye protection.

He follows up on this project here and here.  You may also like his post Stupid News.  The other thing I like about the professor is I never know what I’m going to get when I click on his blog.  The topics range far and wide, but I always know it will be some combination of entertaining, funny, and thought provoking.  I don’t always agree with him, but he often makes me reconsider what I thought I knew.

This next bit of linkage is one which I’m guessing Professor Hale would also like.  If you aren’t interested in guns, skip this one.  It is the age old debate between the fans of the M-16 and the AK-47, but done in the form of Dr Seuss on an internet forum and shared on the blog Huey’s GunsightClick for the whole thing, but here is an excerpt:

Would you use it in a pinch?
Will you not budge a single inch?
Will you set aside this dross,
and accept Eugene as boss?
I’m sure if you weren’t quite so crass,
you’d love to cook with DI gas.

And the reply:

I would not use it as a bat
I would not use it to shoot rats
I do not like your M16,
That will not shoot if not kept clean,
Plastic and alloy’s not as good
As rifle made of steel and wood.

I’d like to say that I knew Badger before he was cool, but that would be a lie.  Badger has always been cool.  Check out his post A Reply To Cadence on Sex, Commitment and Spinning Plates, including this insight:

As I see it, “spinning plates” is not about polyamory or cheating, it’s really about not committing until you’ve actually committed. This is a really key lesson for beta men to internalize. Sometimes it’s an active process of not allowing yourself to fall too hard. I can recall times in my life when I was pursuing someone as if they were my one and only, a do-or-die option, while they were fielding the advances of other men. And then I’d get butthurt about it, angry that I’d been more willing to forsake other options than they had been. But as I got older I realized how unfair that was on my part. I had not earned their commitment and we hadn’t discussed it; they had no obligation to me that restricted them from other people.

This is something that causes many beta men to get eaten alive in the SMP.  These men follow the advice that they should play by the woman’s rules, even with women who are so “openly flirty” with every man they meet that it is impossible to tell if she is truly interested.  When men are taught to play the strength of their own hand with flaky women, other women are often outraged.

Also don’t miss Badger’s Bizarre Encounter With A Married Over-Sharer.

Rapid fire linkage:

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32 Responses to Linkage: You know you want it.

  1. ybm says:

    Reb-U is a good one, I really only read 1-2 blogs every day (Dalrock you are one of them) but I periodically check in on Rebel University. I think I was directed there from Captain Capitalism when I used to read his blog. His rebel types are really well written as well.

    [D: Quite a compliment. Thanks!]

  2. mmack says:

    Darn it Dalrock! I was going to link to The Cap’n’s link on the Lost Art of Cocktailing in your Mark Driscoll posts and ask if the Cap’n should “Man Up” and marry the completely 100% mature and emotionally stable 42 year old “WOOO-HOOO!!!!!!!!” girl he went out with in that post. But nooooo, you beat me to it, for Patron Saint Frick’s Sake!

  3. The m16 vs ak47 quote was hillarious! Oh and yeah shooting rats is about all ak’s are good at. Take that!

  4. Hey! I have “The Patron Saint Name of Frick” trademarked! Nobody but me can use it!!! 😉

  5. key says:

    From the “you know you want it” department:

    Driscol says boys are no good.
    Says girls would marry if they could.
    Men are trucks that carry a load,
    like women’s baggage, all full told.
    Mark says men must step up to the plate
    without incentive, without good bait.

    A woman can do as she please,
    but a man must not even sneeze.
    Divorce laws in this age of “fair”
    mean men are kneed in their balls square.
    Mark says women are much more mature:
    At over 40, most men concur.

  6. greenlander says:

    lol key

  7. Keoni Galt says:

    Hey! I have “The Patron Saint Name of Frick” trademarked! Nobody but me can use it!!! 😉

    Gosh Darn You to HECK, Captain!

  8. Badger says:

    Thanks for the kind words.

  9. MiGHOW says:

    With the UK economy unlikely to pull out of the tailspin any time soon, I suspect I will be seeing more of these type of stories over the next few years.

  10. Opus says:


    Before I became a notorious (at least in the blogosphere) Family Lawyer, I practised (inter alia) what they now call Personal and Corporate Insolvency, and the liklelihood, if you are being made personally bankrupt is (at least in my experience) that you have a business where you are unable to pay the rent. I suspect therefore that the rise in female bankrupts is by reason thereof, but naturally it is spun as to make it look as if women are being unfairly targetted – and thus a ‘feminist’ issue. The Government is always trying to promote small businesses and thus small business loans, and everyone wants to be their own boss, but that entails considerable risk (and occasionally considerable reward). If those women are going bankrupt, it also suggests that they do not have a man to bail them out (single empowered woman fish/bicycle). Previously (19th century) a man was responsible for his wife’s debts, but no longer. At least, I can now think of something that feminism has succeeded in that benefits men.

  11. ybm says:

    Must be different in canada because debts become “communal” here if I recall, and part of almost ALL divorce settlements is unloading the wife’s debt ont the husband. If I’m wrong please correct me because I would love to be wrong about this, as my brother is walking down the *plank* quite soon.

    To a divorce lawyer no less.

  12. P Ray says:

    Badger is absolutely spot-on. Men need to treat relationships the way women treat most of theirs (past their first): replaceable, impermanent and fragile.
    Women only value commitment in a man they want. Every other guy is background scenery when his time in the limelight is done. She will always hold a candle for the guy she was with first.
    Too many men forget that lesson. I’m pretty sure it’s a painful one to learn. But observing what others go through is a handy reminder.

  13. Everyone, thanks for the love. My traffic doubled yesterday. I tracked it back here.

  14. Jennifer says:

    I’d be surprised, Dalrock, if you approve of Generation Nihilism’s advice to keep playing with loose sex.

  15. Dalrock says:


    I’d be surprised, Dalrock, if you approve of Generation Nihilism’s advice to keep playing with loose sex.

    Neither FFY nor Susan were offering Richard moral advice. Susan offered poor practical advice while FFY offered good practical advice. Do you object to Susan’s advice any less strenuously than FFY’s? If so, why?

  16. Jennifer says:

    No, I don’t object to her advice any less strenously, though she less often advises playing games. Either way, though, I haven’t returned for some time.

  17. Jimmy says:


    Are you the same Jennifer who comes here in a deprived state, and aggressively gets gina tingles from getting smacked down by YBM, TFH, and Rmaxd?

  18. Jennifer says:

    Actually, I enjoyed slamming the fools, though I can’t recall the first one you mentioned. Assholes like you rarely appreciate it, and if I had time to waste I’d invite you to join the list of pointless morons getting bashed on the head.

    See you later, Dalrock.

  19. YaBoymatt says:

    Sup girl

  20. Legion says:

    Jimmy says:
    January 20, 2012 at 6:10 pm

    You forgot the delusional part.

  21. Mark Slater says:

    “..Assholes like you rarely appreciate it..”

    The psalms of sweet, sensitive Jennifer are ended, it would seem.

  22. Anon2 says:

    It is funny how the ‘devout Christian’ women are the most vulgar, quickest to threaten with violence, and blatantly lustful of all.

    Atheist feminist women don’t behave nearly as badly as Jennifer does. May God have mercy on the soul of the poor man who was shamed by a misandric church into marrying this creature.

  23. Thanks Dalrock for the link-love. Appreciated as always, my friend.

  24. Anonymous Reader says:

    From people I know who have been to the sandboxes, some more than once, it’s only common sense to know how to run both the Stoner designed carbine and the Kalashnikov. Each has good and bad points, as all machines do. It also would be good to know how to run an M14 / M1A, since a whole bunch of those have been hauled out of deep storage and issued to squad riflemen / snipers in the sandbox and the Stans.

    I find the AK vs AR argument to be on a par with “9mm vs .45”, tell me what you intend to do and in what environment, then once the requirements are clear go ahead and evaluate the tools. Just randomly ranting about this or that gun or caliber is not serious discussion. So it’s not worth my time.

    Rather like responding to girls like Jennifer, in fact.

  25. Anonymous Reader says:

    Badger’s spinning plates reminded me of the prisoners dilemma, which increasingly is an accurate model for the modern SMP – and arguably describes more than a few marriages, too.

    Game Theory meets Game.

  26. Nara says:

    Hmm… that Prof Hale has some rather nauseating political beliefs.

    Would rather read this blog anyway!

  27. Thanks Nara.

    I find it interesting that liberty is now considered a “nauseating political belief”. But I cannot disagree with your preference that Dalrock’s blog is better than mine. In fact, I believe the world would be a better place if he would write my blog too.

  28. Aunt Haley says:

    Thanks for the linkage, Dalrock. It definitely resulted in a spike of hits for me.

  29. Wobs says:

    New link for Rebllion University:

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