The Private Man to the rescue!

The Private Man recounts the dramatic rescue of an ailing hamster in A Woman Visits The Veterinarian…

You also won’t want to miss his take on Haley’s Can I get him? table titled Can I Get HimTo Commit?

Mike at Crime and Federalism has an instructional video on why it is a bad idea to punch a woman in the face while she is walking arm in arm with her boyfriend the boxer.  I saw this on one of those “worlds dumbest” programs a while back but at the time couldn’t find it on youtube.

On a more serious note, Badger has an excellent post up titled:  150 Years of the Civil War

As always, feel free to add your own links in the comment section.

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8 Responses to The Private Man to the rescue!

  1. Badger says:

    Thanks for the link!

  2. Anon says:

    “why it is a bad idea to punch a woman in the face while she is walking arm in arm with her boyfriend the boxer”

    I dunno, he punched those guys a bunch of times but they didn’t stay down. They looked like they might have still been physically capable of fighting — the boxer knocked the fight out of them psychologically more than physically.

  3. Linkage be a good thing.


  4. Joe Blow says:

    Interesting article here. Not sure I agree with all his conclusions but some make some sense.

  5. Anonymous says:

    A little old, but interesting…

    “Infidelity: Being Unfaithful Makes Me Happy,” by Kelly Mac

    “Woman, you can have it all! Isn’t that what they tell us? Who cares if you don’t qualify? We’ll lower the entrance standards. Who cares if it hurts someone else? Who cares if you only see your children on weekends because you are working so many hours pursuing your “fulfilling career”. It’s the quality of the time that counts, not the quantity, right? They’ll understand. Don’t they want Mommy to be happy? Who cares if your husband is getting your boyfriend’s sloppy seconds? Doesn’t he want Goddess…erm…Wife to be happy? After all, if she’s happy, she’ll be a better wife and mother, right? Wrong! What a complete and utter crock. The only thing happening here is that feminism has set up an excuse for women in our society to act like self-absorbed, narcissistic, spoiled-rotten princesses with the patience and maturity of a 2 year old. …”

    Obviously, she ain’t a supporter of it. She rips on an article about such:

  6. My Name Is Jim says:

    Joe, the guy’s website is titled The Problem Is Men (but just selling cookware). And the tango site seems suspiciously Shine/Frisky-like. What’s this guy’s schtick, is he another hugo schwyzer type? Take with a kilo of salt.

  7. My Name Is Jim says:

    And the phone number on the site is (212) 000-0000. This thing looks pretty fishy.

  8. My Name Is Jim says:

    Anonymous, I love a woman who can tear a cheater a new one. Especially the ones who do it with equal parts bitch and comedienne. Renews my faith.

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