Trapped working like a man!

Dr Helen has a new post out titled “Burnt-out” or just working like a man?  The evil patriarchy knows no bounds.  They have women trapped in yet another way!

Funny, feminists have always told women they “could have it all.” Now that they do, they are all a bunch of martyrs, no different than the way the 1950s housewives were described by feminists. Have you noticed that women are always portrayed as a bunch of martyrs who “never put themselves first,” no matter the circumstances? The solution to their woes always seems to be to get more “me time.”

I often watch men drag themselves to work or do things that call for sacrifice without complaining or sometimes, they have a heart attack or other health problem that no one really cares about and certainly, they get little sympathy.

Men are also adapting to new roles and doing much more in the home as well as working. People just call that “life” if you’re a man. If you are a woman who works too hard, you are “burnt-out” and need help. Maybe “burnt-out” is just another phrase that means “work like a man.” Feminists and their suck-ups are always saying that women are “superior” to men, but when I read articles like this one, I’m not so sure.

Will no one help these selfless martyrs?

Also, the bloggers at Traditional Christianity have been quite busy.  If you haven’t checked it out recently I highly recommend it.  There is something for everyone, including a post by THECOTTAGECHILD titled Are you tired of me, my darling? in response to my recent post on divorcée retirement.

Frequent commenter UncleFred has created a new blog with his first post on Game and being a man. Captain Capitalism has a new post up on Corporate Infidelity.   Hawaiian Libertarian has a new post discussing opportunity cost and parenting.  Also, Elusive Wapiti has a post up on women in the military.  Feel free to point out any other posts you think I or my readers would enjoy in the comments section.

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22 Responses to Trapped working like a man!

  1. Basil says:

    Traditional Christianity’s site design is hideous. And these nom de plumes are ridiculous. “THECOTTAGECHILD” IN ALL CAPS? UndleFred, Elusive Wapiti…

  2. Keoni Galt says:

    Thanks again, D!

  3. Eric says:

    Feminist culture teaches women that men aren’t necessary, and that being economically dependent on a man is degrading (notice, though, that they never apply this sentiment to things like alimony or child support). Lots of women willingly put this into further practice by working long hours to support a deadbeat, worthless male; all of which, of course, ‘proves’ her strength and superiority.

    What women never realize is that falling for all this garbage about ‘girl power’ and ‘having it all’ has enslaved them even worse than supposedly happened under so-called ‘patriarchy’. Now they voluntarily trap themselves in abusive relationships and work like drudges for no other reason than to ‘prove’ to themselves how little they need men for anything. They even run to abortion mills just to prove who-owns- what and that she doesn’t even need a ‘sperm donor’, if she doesn’t feel like it!

    This is another reason why relationships with women educated under feminist culture are untenable. Women see everything in terms of competition and rivalry with men; and love and affection (or genuine give-and-take) never enters into the equation. She sees a relationship as nothing but a power-play. What kind of male—aside from rubber-wristed metrosexuals, manginas, or degraded thugs—would tolerate a relationship on those terms? No men with self-respect would, though.

  4. terri says:

    Thanks for the link love, Dalrock. Much appreciated.

    (On behalf of “the bloggers at Traditional Christianity”)

  5. Thanks for the link-love, Dalrock!

    What the devil is a Basil, anyway?


  6. Eric says:

    Thanks for the link—I’m glad to see you’re blogging again! I first came to the MRM through reading ‘Remasculation’.
    Here in the US, bringing more women into the workplace (under the guise of ’empowerment’) has been a policy of the Wall Street looters for the last few decades. They profit from hyperinflation while their feminist/mangina puppets in government profit politically. Of course, like all such policies, male disempowerment and disenfranchisement are the primary motives.

  7. Anonymous says:

    The horror! After all, women should have income and a randy poolboy without having to work… is there no alimony or child support!

  8. dragnet says:

    @ Eric

    Agree with your post for the most part, but I must say that it’s not just feminism which teaches the disposability of men. The disposability of men has been the linchpin of patriarchal societies for eons. It’s not just women that regard men as disposable—men regard other men and themselves as disposable. Overcoming that is, in my view, the next great civil rights struggle—even if we don’t term it that.

    And the tone of the post is exactly right: all this complaining about “burn-out” and whatnot is really just women discovering what it’s really like to do what men do. And it’s only going to get worse. Women now comprise over 50 percent of the workforce. This means that for the first time in human history a national economy is going to rest on their slim, lovely shoulders.

    You wanted to run with the bulls…

    [D: “This sky is so uncomfortable! Hercules said. Hold it up for a minute while I put a pad on my shoulders. Then I’ll hold it up again. So Atlas took the sky from Hercules. But the minute Hercules was free, he ran away. So, Atlas had to keep holding up the sky forever.”]

  9. Adonis says:

    @Dragnet You killed it for me… Men see other men as disposable… Very interesting & alot of truth…

    The rich need the working class to work to hold them up…

    @Dalrock I love the fact that you are married & more objective than the others… And you are a faint parallel to Roissy (Or anti-thesis, whatever…)

    So, no woman can really attack you as some dirty player out to denigrate women because you take care of a wife…

    The analogy I can refer to… is Black women & their colorism issues…

    Dark skin Black women say that men like light skin women… (REALITY, men like beautiful women who come with 0.7 body ratios, for the most part…)…
    But when you put a dark skin woman who is a 9 in front of them, and she is getting the male attention they wish for… they have no way to attack that argument… NONE…

    So real talk… I am glad that a married man can see the same things that us unmarried men are going through when dealing with American women… And my thoughts are not a figment from fantasy island…

  10. Jennifer says:

    Nailed it again, Dalrock. I’m all for me-time, but come to think of it, when DO men get to ask for it? I think it was assumed they had it already; but regardless, you still see some women whining about working like men. You want equal pay, you do equal work, hon.

  11. alcestiseshtemoa says:

    Dark skin Black women say that men like light skin women…

    I never understood why dark brown African women call women of my complexion (which is kind of like Tatyana Ali) “light skin”. I mean compared to Asians, Latinas and Caucasians I’m dark. I like to think of myself as “golden brown” and of dark complexion, not “light skin”. When I think of light skin I think Nicole Kidman and Gong Li, not Kerry Washington nor Sanaa Lathan. “Light African woman” should be the correct term, not “light skin”.

  12. buck says:

    Quick story,
    A friend had the wife get a great corporate job with a huge national restaurant chain. The family economics dictated that he stay home with the kids, she became the bread winner. He was a bit ashamed at first, and we kidded him quite a bit…house-mouse…p-whipped…nice skirt etc etc. About a year later I see him at a gas station, midmorning, gassing up for a trip to the links for 18 holes, huge smile, tan, rested, great new sports car…he tells me with a wink he’s in heaven. He gets the kids off to school, 1 hour of vacuum/dust/scrub, then he’s free from 9-3. Pick up the kids, from school, cocktail while he makes dinner, clean up and everyone is watching tv by 7pm. Evenings to himself for poker night with the guys etc. Because she used to grumble, so does he, about how grueling it is to keep house. She apologizes and buys him trinkets, sents him on long weekends to “unwind” hahahahaha…. Because he is a guy, he thinks like a guy, so house work is nuts-and-bolts simple, and when structured, easy as hell.
    He just smiled and said ” I’m in hell buddy boy, pure hell”…another wink and off he went.
    Just thought I’d share….lol
    Oh, and no I’m not sick, that is an envy green complexion

  13. Oak says:

    @Buck: I can 100% confirm and agree with that story. For a blissfully short time, when my daughter was 6 months to 1 year old, I got to be the ‘stay at home dad’ and it totally changed my attitude on women who complained how hard it was.

    It was, in short, the easiest 6 months of my life. I got so bored I took on a babysitting job to care for a friends child while they worked. Sure, taking care of babies can be frustrating. They cry, they need lots of attention, but it felt nothing like actual work.

    I’ve noticed that there’s two parallel terms for people without jobs. If the person without a job has a penis, he’s called ‘a bum’ who’s ‘unemployed’. If the person does not have a penis, they are a ‘homemaker’ who is on a ‘career break’.

    My girlfriend’s sister became a ‘homemaker’ for 2 years. She got tired of working. No children. I’m sure the pressure to wash 2 sets of dishes and wash 2 sets of clothing was brutal. :-/ When I heard about it, my first question was ‘when is HE going to get 2 years off work.

    She laughed, and laughed.

  14. Dan in Philly says:

    Buck/Oak – Wifey stays at home with 3 kids under the age of 4. Not saying I couldn’t do it, but whenever I have a taste of it (on the weekends I sometimes take the kids for the morning), well, it’s not all what you might think it’s cracked up to be. Granted when the kids get older and they can get dropped off to school, she’ll have a chance to sit down, but since she takes her job as a SAHM seriously, she works her pretty little tail off.

    Another aspect which I would have a hard time with is how few grown ups she gets to talk to each day. Day after day after day, it gets lonely for a little adult companionship. At work at least I get to socialize. In our neighborhood there are few (really no) other SAHMs, and her family doesn’t live close.

  15. Kathy says:

    Dan In Philly.. You are a pretty switched on guy..
    Your wife is a lucky woman. 😀

  16. Oak says:

    @Dan in Philly: Well, 3 kids under the age of might be more of a challenge, and a particular temperament is needed. However, housework isn’t that big of a deal. I can clean a house spotless in two hours, and that’s provided I don’t do it everyday. With one, or even two kids, homemaking is at worst a part time job, with a nap in the middle. 😉

  17. Kathy says:

    Ha ha ha. You’re trying too hard Oak.. Don’t let the bitch make you do all the work 😀

  18. Oak says:

    @Kathy: You know, despite my decidedly pro-male, anti-misandry stands, I still never refer to women as ‘bitches’, at least online. I continue to be uncomfortable with terms like ‘amerobitch’ and even fouler things that are commonly uttered here. I think it undercuts people’s perceived credibility when they use words like that.

    But I get the joke. 🙂 Let’s just call the mother of my child what she is: A horrible person, and sorry excuse for a mother.

    But that time as a ‘homemaker’ was just a lovely 6 month stint, 20 years ago. By the time my daughter was 2, I had physical custody, and raised her myself while working full time, with not a penny of support coming from her mother.

    She’s graduating from college next year, and tells me it’s because I gave her a sense self-respect through hard work. I guess you might say, ‘the bitch made me do all the work’ and I loved every minute of it. Pride is a sin, but I’m one proud papa.

  19. Dan in Philly says:

    Kathy, thank you for the comment. I learned a long time ago the true meaning of a wife as relates to someone who looks at the world in the way that I do. As a Christian who is also an armchair philosopher, I recognize that every event in my life can shape me into the kind of man God wants me to be. When I chose a wife, she was of course imperfect, but I chose to view every challenge marriage has sent my way as an opportunity to learn what God is trying to say to me. Every conflict we had, even when I was right and she was wrong, was a chance for me to learn about myself and change who I am into someone better.

    In this way, I have (very) slowly transformed myself from the immature boy she married to the man she can be (and is) proud of. The process continues and will continue until the day I die. As MLK Jr. once said, I’m not the man I should be, I’m not the man I want to be, I’m not the man I will be, but thank God! I’m not the man I was.

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  21. Luke says:

    Dan, why would you quote a man who was a blatant philanderer, plaigiarist, and good friend with known Marxists? (He willingly associated closely with Jesse Jackson, and surely you know how that race-hustling crook turned out.) What’s next, quotes from the wisdom of Sandusky or the CEO of Enron?

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