Brown Eyed Girl

I included Van Morrison’s Brown Eyed Girl on the mp3 CD my wife and I listened to on our recent trip to/from Galveston.  It is still a great song, but neither of us can ever hear it again without thinking about Armand Assante dancing in Fatal Instinct:

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3 Responses to Brown Eyed Girl

  1. jakeman says:

    My wife and I think about it as the song that was playing when a 70-year-old lady keeled over on the dance floor about 20 minutes into a college friend’s wedding reception. Out of a sense of decorum, that song has been banned from all future playlists within our buddy pack—though we’re old enough now to be able to joke about it.

  2. jso says:

    You stay away from my wife, my life, my home, and my SKUNK!

  3. Anonymous age 69 says:

    For your information, some people are claiming Thomas Ball is the first self-immolation in protest of being treated badly as a man. Not true. I am sure there have been many such suicides by burning. One for sure was 1984, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, a man who was distraught at not being allowed his legally authorized visitation with his little girl. As in the present case, with total blackout by the MSM, and removal of an article by Wikipedia, in the facteof nearly 9 million Google hits, the Cedar Rapids Gazette absolutely refused to cover the reason for the suicide. WE all understood if it had been a woman protesting unpaid child support, it would have been front-page news for years.

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