Gone Fishin’

I’ll be taking a blogging break starting tomorrow (or late tonight), and returning Tuesday or Wednesday of next week.  When I do this I’ll turn moderation on for all comments, so any comments you leave will likely be held until next week.  I thought I would give a heads up now in case there is a topic you wanted to make sure you comment on.  I’ll edit this page once I turn comment moderation on.

Edit:  I’m back.  Moderation is now back to normal.

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4 Responses to Gone Fishin’

  1. Ulysses says:

    I’m goin’ fishing next week. Great minds do think alike.

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  3. krakonos says:

    Some great catches?

  4. Dalrock says:


    I only actually fished one of the days. We went down to Galveston for a short vacation. My daughter and I took a half day charter fishing trip out in the bay. It was really slow, and only a few of the other fishermen on the boat caught anything. Mostly small catfish and a few small sand trout. But that is how fishing is. Some days are great, others aren’t. Next time we go down there I really want to bring my fishing kayak. Reading the kayak fishing forums the locals like to fish in their kayaks beyond the breakers. They bring their kayaks to the beach and paddle past the surf to fish. In the meantime I can still fish the local lakes. They were talking about a newly opened kayaking spot on the news a few weeks ago which is supposed to be a good place to see alligators. We don’t have too many this far north so I’ve never seen one from a kayak.

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