Betty Friedan on domestic violence.

If you can’t quite place the name, Betty Friedan is credited with launching the second wave of feminism with her 1963 book The Feminine Mystique.  She was a co-founder of NOW and the organization’s first president.

The following section from Wikipedia caught my attention (emphasis mine):

The couple divorced in May 1969. Betty claimed in her memoir, Life So Far (2000), that Carl had beaten her during their marriage; friends such as Dolores Alexander recalled having to cover up black eyes from Carl’s abuse in time for press conferences (Brownmiller 1999, p. 70). Carl Friedan denied abusing her in an interview with Time magazine shortly after the book was published, describing the claim as a “complete fabrication”.[49] She later said, on Good Morning America, “I almost wish I hadn’t even written about it, because it’s been sensationalized out of context. My husband was not a wife-beater, and I was no passive victim of a wife-beater. We fought a lot, and he was bigger than me.

Wasn’t this Paul Elam’s fundamental point in his debate on domestic violence with manboobz?

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  1. Phil says:

    David Horowitz wrote an article about Betty Friedan back in 1999, pointing out what phony she was. Her former husband Carl said she had a full time maid and “seldom was a wife and a mother.” She was a communist activist for over 20 years prior to the publication of her book. Friedan’s view of the relationship between men and women was seen thru the prism of marxist ideology- the husband as “oppressor” and wife as “oppressed”. So in order to “liberate” themselves, according to marxist feminist ideology, a woman must be a career woman. So Betty Friedan wasn’t just some bored housewife.

  2. Breeze says:

    Idiot should have known what the fuck he was getting into when he married her….how could you date something that batshit insane and not realise there was something wrong?

  3. Opus says:

    Freidan makes even a forty eight year old Lorraine Berry look hot ! (see I can be nice to Ms Berry) – I suspect that that is the truth behind feminism. There has never been a good -looking feminist and there never will be – it is just sour-grapes.

  4. Anonymus says:

    It never surprises me how literally ALL of the radical feminists of our time were complete man-hating whore-mongers using the “victim card” as a way of bullying a honest man out of lies. Stupid bitch. I’m glad she’s dead.

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