Frat boys act like a bunch of frat boys, feds investigate.

Send in the feds!  A group of frat boys have been insensitive to women!  From the Yale Daily News:

The University is under investigation by the United States Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights for possible violation of Title IX stemming from an alleged mishandling of several instances of sexual misconduct in recent years.

It must be pretty bad to get the feds involved, right?

…public episodes of sexual misconduct on campus, such as the controversial Delta Kappa Epsilon chanting incident on Old Campus last fall.

Oh no!  Not the dreaded Delta Kappa Epsilon chanting incident! This is serious!

Wait, er what was the Delta Kappa Epsilon chanting incident again?

a group of DKE pledges chanted misogynist slogans such as “No means yes, yes means anal” on Old Campus in October, provoking campus outrage

Before you scoff, this isn’t the only instance of frat boys acting with less than total respect towards women.  There was another case of insensitivity two years ago, and yet another three years ago:

…a group of Zeta Psi pledges were photographed outside the Women’s Center holding up a sign that read “We Love Yale Sluts.”

[There was also the case of the] “Preseason Scouting Report,” an email circulated among several student panlists that ranked freshman women according to attractiveness

Tell me this is an April fools prank, please!

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14 Responses to Frat boys act like a bunch of frat boys, feds investigate.

  1. Paige says:

    Nice pic.

    [D: Pretty hard not to look cool holding a Tommy gun. I have a snapshot of my dad holding one from when he flew special forces guys around Laos and Thailand. Unfortunately he didn’t bring it home.]

  2. Anonymous says:

    ‘Fraid not… with the Justice Dept. finding nothing wrong with its own dropping of charges against the New Black Panthers for harrassing voters on camera, it’s left/liberals’ turn so straight/white/male people will pay.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Nice pic of Robert Stack with the Thompson, too.

  4. Days of Broken Arrows says:

    I can’t believe they actually chanted. Chanting is Demeaning To Women. Therefore, we must ban all Buddhists and Krishnas.

  5. Gorbachev says:

    Hyper-sensitivity is a feminist problem.

    Revolution! Revolution!

    Normal women thing these screeching tarts are insane.

    And they are. Wired up like crazy people.

  6. Gorbachev says:

    It’s like a brain disease.

  7. Hope says:

    Wow. The man in that picture actually looks a lot like an older version of my husband, the nose, the hair, the facial structure. Where did you get that picture, and who is it?

    He also got an AR15 recently. I should take a picture of him holding it.

  8. Hope says:

    Ah it’s Robert Stack. My mother-in-law recognized him and agreed with me that it looks like her son.

  9. Ecclesiastes says:

    President George H.W. Bush (41) was a DKE. I think the fully automatic weapon is appropriate.

  10. TDOM says:

    We must stamp out free speech on all college campuses and everywhere else that speech may be spoken freely, especially when it is rythmic and lyrical. And how silly of me. I actually thought we were supposed to stop shaming sluts and be more accepting of their sexual freedom. therefore proclaiming our love for them should be pc, shouldn’t it?


  11. My Name Is Jim says:

    There’s one and only one way for the women of yale to stop this behavior. Do not go to the frat parties and do not have sex with the frat brothers. Punish the behavior they don’t want with rejection. But they won’t, because they crave the attention of the most attractive brothers at the most exclusive frats. So instead they blame a third party (the administration) and then on Friday night head off to a frat party. Thus reinforcing the frat social structure by rewarding it with sex and their attention, and so more boys act like this to try to establish themselves in the frat heirarchy, and the cycle continues.

    One way and only one to stop it. But I’m not holding my breath.

  12. You might be interested in a slightly different take on Title IX posted at

    “Why Are American Men So Dumb?

  13. Bike Bubba says:

    I believe you can get a brand new one–semi-auto, sorry–for about $1200.

  14. Nutz says:

    If the “Preseason Scouting Report” is bad, by god just imagine how they feel about the Duke Fuck List what’s her name put together last year. Oh, right…

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