Solomon II’s Lost Gold

As I mentioned in my last post, I made an archive not too long ago of Solomon’s site.  I’m going to repost the content with some restrictions (see my previous post for details).

Here is the blog I created to post this content.  I have the first post up, and will be adding more regularly:

Solomon II’s Lost Gold

March 12th 2011 Update: I tripped some sort of rule on wordpress by posting too many posts too quickly and they shut the site down yesterday.  I submitted a request for them to look at it, and they restored the site and sent me a nice email apologizing for the mistake.

October 23rd 2012 Update:  When I created the new home for Solomon II’s content following the unexpected disappearance of his blog I didn’t consider the long term.  I was able to contact Solomon recently and asked him what he would like me to do;  we agreed that I should shut the site down.  Solomon has the archives of his original blog and will decide what he wants to do with it from here.


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15 Responses to Solomon II’s Lost Gold

  1. Lovekraft says:

    Sad, yes, but the MRM has many other vibrant voices, notably found at The Spearhead among the comments to the posted articles. These are the seeds waiting to step up if and when the time is right.

    An evolving and dynamic corner of the internet, and really still in its infancy, considering the hurdles it has had to overcome, with biased media, academia and feminism’s reach.

  2. Blanchard says:

    Thank you very much Dalrock.

    It occurred to me last night when I was reading S2 that I should make a back up, but I put it off thinking I had more time. I am glad to see that the wisdom and insight from S2 was not lost.


  3. Guardial says:

    Good job Dalrock!

  4. greenlander says:

    His post “The Bright Side of Feminism” is spot-on and simply brilliant.

  5. dream puppy says:

    Not sure where to put this, but thought you’d find it interesting. Mr. Goldman has some interesting opinions about boys. (As in, we should throw rocks at them)

  6. Squared says:

    The manosphere owes you a great debt of gratitude. Three cheers for dalrock!

  7. Kate says:

    Am I the only one who found Soloman a tad bit misogynistic? I really like this site and MMSL because I get the sense that the writers actually love and care about the women in their lives.

    [D: I can understand why you might not enjoy his writing. Solomon clearly has a different message than I do. However, even a man looking to marry would benefit from reading his work. He will help them understand how to spot women who aren’t worthy of marriage, and will also help them with their game.]

  8. Steve says:

    Why did Solomon quit?

  9. Helvetica says:

    Wasn’t Solomon bitter because his father-in-law annulled his marriage while he was out of the country (or something like that).

    BTW, I am getting a WordPress error now – says the blog violated the terms of use.

    [D: I evidently posted too quickly, and triggered a spam/commercial use rule. I’ve requested that they reinstate the blog.]

  10. ElectricAngel says:

    Well done, sir! Can you post a link to the tool that you used to back up the whole Solomon site? I found him late, and have enjoyed going through the early posts.

    [D: I used a tool called HTTrack. I used the linux version, but there is a version for Windows too.]

  11. Igniss says:

    The site is now down again. The title is there, but there are no posts and clicking on anything leads to the “nothing found for this search” result. Do you know what happened?

  12. Dalrock says:


    The site is now down again. The title is there, but there are no posts and clicking on anything leads to the “nothing found for this search” result. Do you know what happened?

    I’ve added an update to the original post above.

  13. deti says:

    Please ask him if it is OK for you to put up “Drive Thru Boyfriends” again.

  14. 22to28 says:

    I’ve already commented on the recent removal of all posts at the University of Man, but this is one more nail in my happiness coffin. I can’t blame the writers for pulling the legs out from under the table…they own no one nothing and I’m sure that they most certainly have their reasons…but its still a shame.

  15. Trouble says:

    Very sad Solomon is no longer available. Of all the manosphere blogs i recommend, he is in the top 3. Of course Dalrock is in there along with Mentu.

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