A note on Solomon II’s lost blog.

I made an archive not too long ago of Solomon’s site.  I’ve been keeping this quiet while I tried to contact him and while I decided what I wanted to do with it.  I haven’t heard from him and based on the way his site went out I’m guessing I won’t.

I’ve decided that I’ll go through the archive and repost anything which doesn’t seem overly personal.  Some things I know upfront I won’t post, like any pictures, audio, etc with “real” people.  Since I don’t know the stories behind those files, I won’t post them without the owner’s permission.  However, I don’t see any problem in posting some of the stock/photoshop type images he created, like the pictures in Elevator Speech and Drive Thru Boyfriend.

I think the best way to do this will be for me to create a separate blog to post this on.  I’ll share the address to the site once I have it up, and I’ll link to it on my blogroll where the link is now to his old site.  It probably will take me a while to work my way through all of it, so please bear with me.  Also, for anyone else who might have saved copies or know a way to retrieve them, please take the concerns I mentioned above into consideration.  Part of my goal in publishing the core text of his writings is to ensure the manosphere doesn’t lose his brilliance while avoiding compounding whatever the situation was which prompted him to pull the blog in the first place.

Update: I have the site up, along with his first post: Solomon II’s Lost Gold

October 23rd 2012 Update:  When I created the new home for Solomon II’s content following the unexpected disappearance of his blog I didn’t consider the long term.  I was able to contact Solomon recently and asked him what he would like me to do;  we agreed that I should shut the site down.  Solomon has the archives of his original blog and will decide what he wants to do with it from here.

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7 Responses to A note on Solomon II’s lost blog.

  1. Phil says:

    Didn’t he write that when he reached 100,00 views that he would end his blog? Or something like that. I didn’t know he would just delete his entire site.

    [D: From what I understand, his original intent was to leave it up and stop posting, freeze comments, etc. Others commented on my last post that before he pulled it he posted that the account became compromised. Your guess is as good as mine on what that means, but it seems he is gone for good. Fortunately his work won’t be.]

  2. Doug1 says:


    Yeah I think you’re right.

    I’ve read his whole site. Came in halfway through more or less, but read it all.

    I’ve got it all on google reader, but sadly google reader doesn’t pick up comments unless you open a separate RSS feed for that, if the blog offers that. That’s rarely something that makes sense unless you know the blog’s going down and you like the commentariate.

    He’d promissed ca couple of interesting posts in the future we won’t get too.

  3. I have it in Google Reader as well.

    Obviously the replacement blog should be called “King Solomon’s Mines.”

    I dunno though. If he wants to hide out, maybe he should be left to.

  4. Thank you Dalrock!

    I will add this to my blogroll as “King Solomon’s Mines” as Athol recommended.

    And I’ve got two new posts today. Ah, the joys of relative unemployment.

  5. Solomon's Fan says:

    I presume that owner of this blog (Dalrock – right ?) can see my mail address.

    I have about 40 Solomon’s pages saved, together with comments.
    I may send them to person who will contact me by mail, that gives sort of security that he is legitimate person.

    If my email here is only for notifications – I don’t know what can i do.

    [D: Thanks, but I should have it covered with my own archive. I made a full copy with WebHTTrack not too long ago. And part of my goal in reposting the archive I have is to ensure that it is done with sensitivity to his privacy. This way the manosphere gets the content, and he hopefully isn’t put in any worse situation than he already is. For this reason I would request that you not post yours separately or email it to others. I already have the first 4 posts up, and should get more up over the weekend.]

  6. Carmo says:

    Just discovered and read through his entire archive. Got to say that it is very solid stuff. Reminds me of Roissy writing from a few years ago. It was bittersweat to read through knowing that there would be no future posts. Hope he writes again.

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