The best blogs you aren’t reading.

I have been struggling with my blog-roll lately.  I don’t know if the manosphere is just getting better lately, or I’m just slow to figure it out.  I’m guessing some of each. Either way, I’ve been holding off on announcing some additions to my blogroll while trying to come up with a credible story on how I make such decisions.

But I still don’t have one.

New additions:

If you find yourself still looking for more new sites, periodically check out the blogrolls of grerp, Elusive Wapiti, and Hawaiian Libertarian (after first reading their excellent content).  I really wish wordpress had the blogroll feature that blogspot does.  I’m assuming everyone already looks at Ferdinand’s weekly link roundup.  Ferdinand must be a voracious reader.  Also, feel free to list any blogs in the comments which you think I or my readership would enjoy.

The bad news: As you probably already know Solomon II is hanging it up.  Don’t blame me.  We convened a Council Of The Manosphere to try to stop him.  After a lengthy and heated debate over the proper way to execute the manosphere handshake, elders Zed and Anon 68 brought us to order.  We unanimously voted that Solomon should keep blogging.  However, he said something in Latin which (taking into account the hand gesture accompanying it) roughly translates to “pound sand”.  Since we can’t make him keep writing, you may as well enjoy his final posts.

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30 Responses to The best blogs you aren’t reading.

  1. Novaseeker says:

    Can’t see any of S2’s posts now as he had a snafu and has now deleted all of the content of S2.

  2. Chris says:

    Thanks for the addition: yes the blog is hard to describe!

  3. P says:

    Same here. It’s a shame everything had to be deleted from Solomon’s blog. He had a lot of great gems. Does anyone have an archive of his blog?

  4. Pittacus Myson says:

    S2 kill his blog, just like Seasons of Tumult and Discord. I get it if they don’t want to write but why delete the knowledge and truth nuggets? Everytime these guys take down their pages we have to rediscover truths again. It slows us down. Is anyone trying to backup these blogs?

  5. Simon Grey says:

    I just learned of Solomon II’s blog today, and only because it was shutting down. Some blog had a list of his best posts, and I managed to save Drive Thru Boyfriends, which I just reposted on my blog. I wish I had the rest of his posts.

  6. greenlander says:

    Hey Dalrock, it’s a great blog you have going here. Remember “Noli nothis permittere te terere,” which is Latin for “never let the bastards wear you down.”

  7. ExNewYorker says:

    Solomon’s II blog is/was one of the most painfully truthful blogs out there. Too bad the Manosphere Council couldn’t convince him to stick around. He had a way of telling guys the truth in a way that was hard to ignore, especially when it included a hot body shot of a preacher’s daughter 🙂

  8. Badger says:

    Deeply flattered by the plug, Dalrock, thank you.

    [D: I’m always happy to write the truth.]

    Solomon posted just hours before you did that the credentials to his blog had been compromised and unpublished media had been stolen. He’s deleted the blog. And I was all ready to write a post about how great it was that he was going out on his own terms and not in some Lady-Raine-stalking-Roissy kind of way. It’s our loss.

    On another note, it seems like manosphere blogs are converging to one of two WordPress themes. Weird.

  9. G.L. Piggy says:

    Thanks for the plug Dalrock.

  10. jack says:

    “On another note, it seems like manosphere blogs are converging to one of two WordPress themes. Weird.”

    Must be part of that prophesied singularity or something.

  11. Leonidas says:

    The link love is much appreciated.

  12. “On another note, it seems like manosphere blogs are converging to one of two WordPress themes. Weird.”

    It’s all about the branding?

  13. Frost says:

    I suggest the magnificent Freedom Twenty Five blog. You”ll laugh, you’ll cry, etc.

    Also, readers new to these parts should spent a day or two with the archives of Roosh and Roissy. If you want to get truly old-school, check out the original single-cell life forms of the proto-manosphere, Tucker Max and Maddox.

  14. Brendan says:

    S2 had to delete it, he had a security breach and he has a job. He didn’t intend to take the material down when he stopped posting but the security breach changed that, which is understandable, really.

  15. Squared says:

    Solomon II = Legendary blogging career, but short-lived. The Bobby Orr of the manosphere.

    I was really disappointed when I tried to get on his blog this morning, to find out everything had been deleted, especially as I was about to start saving his pearls of wisdom myself. May this serve as a lesson against the evils of procrastination. Perhaps there is a way of contacting him? I’m sure he still has copies of his stuff.

    Thanks to Simon for at least saving what was, IMO, his best piece.

  16. Thag Jones says:

    especially when it included a hot body shot of a preacher’s daughter

    I believe it was a Deacon’s daughter. 😛 But yeah, I enjoyed his blog; too bad he had to shut it down.

  17. Leonidas says:

    “On another note, it seems like manosphere blogs are converging to one of two WordPress themes. Weird.”

    I can’t speak for anybody else, but I use a free account on because I don’t feel like paying money for my blog. I also don’t feel like paying for a “premium” theme. Those two factors combined means that I have a choice between about 60 themes that all more or less suck, so I just did the best I could.

  18. Mormon Man says:

    Thanks for the heads up. I’m always looking for new blogs and I haven’t heard of a couple of these guys. You always screen your blogs well, so I’m looking forward to what I’ll find.

  19. Dalrock says:

    Like everyone else I’m very surprised and sorry to see that Solomon’s site is gone. He was easily the funniest blogger in the manosphere, and he used his humor to make critical points.

    Simon Grey has saved Drive Thru Boyfriends (see his comment above), and I fortunately have the original image from when I referenced it. The same is true for his Elevator Speech, which he posted on the spearhead. The image there still loads from Solomon’s site, but I have a copy anyway from when I linked to it.

    Maybe we will be able to salvage a bit more. Who knows.

  20. I’ve got the free account as well. I simply wasn’t too impressed with the free themes and selected one – Enterprise – for it’s relative simplicity and readability.

  21. Badger says:

    I agree that lots of the WordPress themes don’t do it for man-blogs. It’s no accident we all seem to like straight lines and simple layouts (and no funky colors all over the place).

  22. Just bumping all those blogs you mentioned as good. I am detestably behind on my blogroll and updating my site as well.

    Maybe this weekend….

  23. Hey Dalrock, muchas gracias for the mention!

  24. grerp says:

    Thanks again for all the support, Dalrock. 🙂

  25. Eric says:

    Two others worthy of mention: ‘Anglobitch’ and “Gynotheory’. The first has been around awhile, the second is a recent one.

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  28. John Rodemeyer says:

    Any chance for a 2016 best blogs?

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