What really happened to Lara Logan?

I found this post by blogger Témoris Grecko who claims to have witnessed the events in Tahir Square (H/T AshCairo on Reddit).  I obviously can’t vouch for his credibility, but it does strike me as far more credible than the mainstream news reports.

I witnessed part of the mob attack against CBS’s Lara Logan at Cairo’s Tahrir square on the evening of Friday, February 11th. I was struck when I read CBS’s February 15th communiqué describing the attack as a “brutal and sustained sexual attack”, and attributing her rescue to “a group of women and an estimated 20 Egyptian soldiers.” This account does not fit with what I, and others, witnessed.

A bit later he elaborates:

I was buying tea from a vendor in Tahrir with two friends, Amr Fekry, a 26 year old Egyptian call center agent, and Andi Walden, a San Francisco political science student. Then we heard the noise and saw the mob coming. A blonde woman, neatly dressed with a white coat, was being dragged and pushed. It didn’t seem to me she was panicking, but rather trying to control the situation. They passed us in an moment. They were yelling “agent!, agent!”

I tried to run to intervene, but some Egyptians I didn’t know prevented me from doing it.  There was nothing I could do and, as a foreign journalist, I’d surely end up being accused of being an agent too, and attacked. Fekry did go there and dissapeared into the crowd, 50 or 100 people strong.

Later I spoke with two young male activists who helped the person I later learned was Lara Logan (I didn’t know her before, I don’t usually follow US networks).  They were Omar El Shennawy, a 21 year old teacher of English, and Abdulrahman Elsayed, a 25 year old teacher of physical education. They said they had formed a human chain with other young men to protect Logan, and then delivered her to the Egyptian Museum military post.

When I read CBS’s story and it’s interpretation by other media outlets, I felt troubled.  It seemed misleading. “It didn’t make sense to me”, said Benjamin Starr, from Boston who arrived as a tourist on January 24th, and stayed to witness the uprising.  He also saw the mob pass by with Lara Logan. “I want to give her the benefit of the doubt, maybe something happened in another part of the square, but from what I saw, she was being taken by men to the soldiers, and her clothes were not torn off. There were no women, I didn’t see a single woman in the crowd around her.”

His full post is worth a read if nothing else.

Update:  Témoris Grecko has posted a response to Lara Logan’s interview on 60 Minutes.

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40 Responses to What really happened to Lara Logan?

  1. Gorbachev says:

    This is genuinely interesting.

    I suspect much of this was generated to give the network and Lara some publicity – perhaps not entirely with Lara’s enthusiastic consent.

    The media do this a lot.

    This might be why there’s a lot of silence as to what really happened.

  2. Simon Grey says:

    Well, if there’s one thing I’ve learned from reading your blog over the last two weeks, it’s that you can never trust a ho.

  3. Woman as hero/victim is the initial story.

    If there’s little or no media follow up, it’s likely true that the initial story was simply wrong or partially fabricated.

  4. Escarondito says:

    Thank you for this Dalrock. I’ve been wondering why no details have came out about her sexual assualt. Was she raped? Was she stripped bare? Or was she fondled? But to ask those questions is to be seen as some type of sicko at worst and to be thought of blaming the reaction to the victim at best. But, no one asks if this thing is being played up.

  5. Danman says:

    The account of Temoris Grecko is frought with inaccuracies and is highly suspect. Not to mention the fact that he is insinuating that the attack did not take place. Here is what a very highly respected Journolist says about Mr. Grecko report.


  6. Dalrock says:

    @ theprivateman
    Woman as hero/victim is the initial story.

    If there’s little or no media follow up, it’s likely true that the initial story was simply wrong or partially fabricated.

    Roger that

  7. Eric says:

    Thanks for the post, Dalrock. I figured the story was a fake from the start. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if turns out that the ‘evidence’ of a sexual assault really came from her getting it on with some of Mubarak’s thugs in the hotel the night before.

    Of course, there’s also nothing in the media about the evident (albeit typical) anglo feminist racism here. How easy it was to accuse a bunch of faceless brown-skinned Arabians for the rape of a white woman! These bitches will never be satisified until men everywhere are under their heel.

  8. slwerner says:

    Dan “Danman”Abrams – “Here is what a very highly respected Journolist says about Mr. Grecko report.”

    Gee Dan, aren’t you being just a bit too self-congratulatory, proclaiming yourself a respected journalist (your spelling not-withstanding)?

    Anyway, I see your piece offers little in the way of refutation, but merely seeks to disparage the message by disparaging the messenger. Is this what modern leftist “journalism” has sunk to?

    So, Dan, since you seem to know so much about it, since you say she was hospitalized with serious injuries, can you explain why she was transported all the way back to the US first? There are very good hospitals in Europe, if her need was actually “serious”.

    Also, Dan, why haven’t we heard anything from her news crew, nor from those who “saved” her. Surely, what they have to say would be very elucidating.

    To keep this short, your going to every site that picked up Témoris Grecko‘s account, and putting a link back to your “refutation” of him, in the end, does nothing to actually disprove his account, nor does it bolster the “official” account. It just serves to try to smear him.

  9. Terre Felle says:

    I have to laugh at the sheer irony of that article’s title about “yellow journalists”. Do these valiant white-knighting morons even know what “yellow journalism” means?

  10. Dalrock says:

    From the same mediaite website Danman linked to, the “Respected Journalist” Dan Abrams is the author of the book Man Down: Proof Beyond A Reasonable Doubt That Women Are Better Cops, Drivers, Gamblers, Spies, World Leaders, Beer Tasters, Hedge Fund Managers, and Just About Everything Else

    Good news ladies, per Wiki he’s still available.

    Edit: And he has a website dedicated to showing that women are superior to men.

    Edit2: And here is a page where he gets his legs waxed.

  11. Pingback: This is what a mangina looks like. | Dalrock

  12. namae nanka says:

    from dan the man’s link, one of the comments from a woman:

    “I tried to run to intervene, but some Egyptians I didn’t know prevented me from doing it. There was nothing I could do and, as a foreign journalist, I’d surely end up being accused of being an agent too, and attacked. Fekry did go there and dissapeared into the crowd, 50 or 100 people strong.”

    Sounds like a chickensh*t who is blaming her, because he did nothing to help.


  13. Uncle Elmer says:

    Coming soon to an airport bookstore near you :

    Rogured by a Mob by Lara Logan

    Tough, pretty war correspondent Lara Logan was just trying to do her job reporting about her and her augmented breasts being at the center of the biggest street riot in recent memory when she was set upon by a gang of Arab hooligans. This book rips the lid off the entire TV-Model-Spokesperson industry and makes hard-hitting calls for women’s right to do their job unmolested.

    For the male readers we have the action thriller Dick Storm by Ian McGina

    When a White Princess journalist was set upon by a mob of angry Muslim ruffians while she was just trying to do her job, former Navy Seal Ross McBain single-handledly assists a group of women who come to her rescue.

  14. Danman says:

    To slwerner.

    I wonder if you know what I posted was written by Dan Abrams. Who I am not. Dan Abrams is a highly respected Comentator, Reporter and Lawyer. Who has been widely seen on US TV for years.
    My alias just happens to be similar to his actual name. Sorry if you were confused.
    You are also, I am sure, in complete denial that the event happened. Maybe if it had been your girlfriend or wife, or sister or mother, you might be singing a different tune. But thats your problem not mine. And maybe, just as an after thought you can tell me just why Lara Logan spent 4 days in a New York City hospital? Thats a fact. Major surgery can be done in a day and out the next.

  15. namae nanka says:

    dan the man’s(abrams) exploits, gotta respect the MAN:

    “Maybe if it had been your girlfriend or wife, or sister or mother, you might be singing a different tune.”


  16. slwerner says:

    Dan(man?) – “I wonder if you know what I posted was written by Dan Abrams. Who I am not. “

    Yes, I know who wrote it. I did read the festering piece. Maybe you’re not Abrams, but given that pip-squeak, sub-par, pseudo-journalist is such a well -known self-promoter, well, it seemed likely.

    “Dan Abrams is a highly respected Comentator, Reporter and Lawyer. Who has been widely seen on US TV for years.”

    Really? You sure you are not him. There’s an awful lot of man-love in your little commercial for the sad hack, it would fit with his typical self-adoration.

    “You are also, I am sure, in complete denial that the event happened. Maybe if it had been your girlfriend or wife, or sister or mother, you might be singing a different tune.”

    Typical woman-worshiping mangina A-hole style assumption – if I don’t buy the Lame-stream media’s story hook, line, and sinker, you believe it tantamount to me being in denial, and not caring about woman. And typical feminist shaming language thrown in to complete the inanity. Nice work, Dan.

    My only “problem” is the curious lack of substantiation to Lara’s version of events, by way of corroboration from others who were there. Was Témoris Grecko there, and did it happen as he says? I don’t know, I wasn’t there myself.

    But your hero Abrams doesn’t provide anything to challenge his credibility (of course, has Abram’s ever written anything convincing?). What, exactly does Témoris Grecko have to gain by lying about his experience? Maybe some one is paying him off? But, then again, Lara Logan likely stands to get rich off her up-coming book about her experience, now that her plight has made her a household name. A cynic might thing it was the perfect publicity stunt.

    I’m not saying that Logan wasn’t attacked, and didn’t get beat. But, as to the nature of the alleged sexual assault, we are all in the dark. You, however, simply accept, without question, everything the media feeds you. But, to borrow your phrase, “that’s your problem, not mine”.

  17. Josh says:

    I’m almost certain Danman is a troll. Not even the actual Dan Abrams would be that obvious.

  18. Clarence says:

    Ok, how did her hospital stay go from two days to four?

    Where is this Danman character getting his information? Everything I’ve read that mentions a hospital stay agrees on two things:
    A. She was flown to the US, a trip that took hours at least. Clearly this wasn’t an “emergency major surgery” issue.
    B. She stayed in the hospital in the US for 2 days and was released home.

    That doesn’t sound like major injuries to me.I’ve left open the possibility the “big horror” was a gang-rape, but CBS says she wasn’t raped.

    I think what most likely happened was a grope attack (probably involving those augmented breasts) and maybe a minor beatdown with at the very worst a broken bone or two. It’s bad, but hardly the attempted murder gang bang it’s being played up to be.

    But who knows? No one who was there with the exception of the guy that Danman is attacking has said anything at all since she got back.

  19. Escarondito says:


    That’s my whole issue with this. Either you respect her privacy as it’s a private matter, or you treat it like a news story and give all the information.

    This isn’t an issue where people don’t know what happened? She must have stated it to the doctors and her journalism team and her family. Now, I doubt that anyone of them would say what happened without her permission but I guarantee more than those trusting groups knows.

    I’ve been running the gamut in my mind since it happened as to whether she was gang-raped or she was violently groped and beaten, or etc. Like, I almost feel at this point if she wasn’t brutally raped like that fat kid on youtube said we’ve been sold a bait and switch. I can understand playing down the severity by calling it a brutal sexual assualt for 30 minutes rather than a 3 hour gangbang like the fat kid says, but by just calling it a brutal sexual assualt peoples minds go off the deep end, and if they are playing it up….IDK

  20. Mr D says:

    I’d trust the blogger who posted this about as far as I could spit out a rat and those of you who do believe him are a pack of gullible turds, and a fucking disgrace to anything decent.

  21. Lol Fow says:

    Ridiculous, and shame on you for believing his account. Ridiculous.

  22. rala meda says:

    Why does everyone always blame the victim in a sexual assault?

  23. Ruth Caron says:

    bunch of mean people is all I can say

  24. Charles Reintzel says:

    After hearing from the lady herself, there are extreme differences between the reports made at the time, and Lara’s report.
    She was not raped, but she was viciously sexually assaulted. She was forcibly undressed, and was physically yanked, and pinched. Her private areas were violated by the Egyptian men looking for a kind of “good time”. When she was rescued, it was by Women, and an Army Patrol.
    To not credit such treatment as Sexual, is to deny the truth of the situation.
    A full apology would be provided by honorable men. I expect these attackers to have no honor.
    No women deserves this type of treatment. Not ever.

  25. jess says:

    rala- because this is a he-man women haters blog.

    [D: Who here blamed Lara Logan?]

  26. Témoris says:

    Thought you might be interested in my response to Lara Logan’s interview. Cheers:

    [D: Thanks. It is strange that my post came to be the conduit for so many people looking for more information. Even more strange are the comments condemning those who are said to have blamed the victim. I don’t see anyone blaming the victim here, just a discussion about what actually happened.]

  27. shantaylay says:

    wow kinda sounds like blaming the victim who is any1 to criticise about what happened? you must have all been there??? something terrible happens to some1 and every1 try’s to find excuses to make her look like the bad one absolutly terrible!!!! unless you were there to witness THE WHOLE THING not just a minute part of it how can you comment as to what really happened???

  28. scott says:

    Wow! This was written by a journalist and the first few comments on the page took it for fact with no problem. Take nothing for fact. Research, THINK! and then know that you may still be the victim of political propaganda.

  29. MajesticArt says:

    God knows what happened and if she was raped those men will meet Lucifer they never see God, all the people that have added pain to her with words of hate will follow those men, you better hope there as nice and kind as you make them out to be….dragging, beating…hey maybe your right and thats all they did, but if thats not all and they did rape her, its your crime for saying It didn’t happen not those mens crime… Its YOURS and you can’t change things now can you? thats why smart people put a lid on hate. I have a feeling she was raped and I hope she never tells and If she those tell i hope she lies and say’s she wasn’t raped….i hope u never know and your words be as they are.

  30. Geobin says:

    Questioning what happened is one thing, but to get so personal about this woman who was attacked along with a number of other women that night is disgusting. There is so much evidence on how quickly crowds get out of control and start behaving like savages so her account of events is plausable. This has nothing to do with race or religion. It is not acceptable that anyone should be subjected to this savagery or humilation. We are truly a sick society that so many feed and seem to thrive off other peoples misery.

  31. Tone says:

    Without calling the witnesses to the attack such as Témoris liars. It would seem to me that they saw another young blond woman being harrased. Lara Logan by her own words has described a very different and much more serious assault and was probably worse than even she made out. Where are the videos etc which were said to have been taken?

  32. Thumpy says:

    ehh.. being “sexually assaulted” is such a black mark for a woman that I doubt she would have made it up. She’ll forever be known as the reporter who was “raped by a mob of Egyptians” even if that’s not strictly the case. I doubt any professional woman would want that attached to her reputation unless she’s utterly depraved.

  33. YourWorstNightmare says:

    What a pathetic bunch of gutless, chest-thumping Neanderthal closet cases with deep (and no doubt justified) feelings of inadequacy you lot are, to make the victim in this case guilty of some sort of deception, as if Lara Logan (or any woman, for that matter) could somehow profit from a false claim of sexual assault. Misogyny in all its depraved essence lives and breathes on these unhallowed pages.

  34. ybm says:

    There was no sexual assault, and calling it “raype” as the pundits continue to do only makes “raype” as a concept even more laughable than an increasing number of men and women already see it as. When society is quickly declaring every one-sided physical exchange including a strong handshake as “raype” people quickly start tuning out.

    I couldn’t think of a more just reaction. Then again, according to the homophobe, anyone who doesn’t accept one-sided testimony is a clost-case. I guess our entire western judical tradition exists because of “dem gayz” right grrrrl!

  35. Michelle says:

    Dalrock. Really? How disgraceful, I’m so upset that I took the time to read your blog. It doesn’t matter if she was raped or sexually assaulted, she was attacked! How horrifying, and as a woman I applaud her for doing such a job, because I admittedly would never be able to put myself into such a situation. She should be applauded, not further assaulted by the media.

  36. So instead of trusting Lara Logan’s own account of what happened to her, we should trust some blogger’s account of what two of his friends told him. Nice. And I see that you have let your combox turn into an antiphonal chorus of a) deny the assault happened and b) call Logan a whore who deserved everything she got.

    Dalrock, this is low.

  37. You make plenty of sensible points about marriage and feminism, but until you apologize for this post I’ll never be able to endorse you fully to any of my friends or readers.

  38. Brendan says:

    I guess Dalrock will have to live without your most valuable endorsement.

  39. krauserpua says:

    Just read the comments. Haha, what a bunch of screeching harpies. Reminds me of the old joke – “Rape is such a despicable crime that innocence is no defense!”

  40. Terry Kappel says:

    Pathetic. You obviously cannot vouch for someone’s credibility, but you can offer smears of the integrity of someone who was raped? If someone claimed you were a child molester, would I be justified in posting it on a blog, just because it “seemed” more credible to me that your assertions that you’re not one?
    You are not less responsible for building evidence for your Imagined facts then anyone else? What about the people whom Logan says were actually witness to the crime? Did you make any effort to investigate their statements on what they saw? Did you bother to educate yourself on the routine bullying and violence that had occurred against other journalists in Egypt prior to Logan’s assault?
    It might have been more time consuming to actually find facts, and challenge the assertions of people you know nothing about, on claims that you haven’t gotten off your rear end to verify. But, that would have been more legitimate then a belief that you came up with during a day dream.
    Logan spent many years risking her life in very dangerous locations to bring knowledge to the world. She did so, despite a recent high profile mistake on 60 minutes, as a professional journalist who didn’t just air her assumptions, but investigated and double checked her facts, as you seem to feel is beyond your responsibility.
    Your opinions aren’t worth the paper their written on, because they are not based on verified facts. You merely state what you would prefer to believe. And, all that is is a wet dream that makes you feel full of yourself. It might be meaningful to people who do not question what they read (like you do), but people who think, aren’t likely to be as easily persuaded as you obviously are.

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