Thanks for getting the word out!

I wanted to thank all of the bloggers by name who assisted in getting the word out on the series Single in the Suburbs.  Even though google is now suppressing the page from likely search results, with your assistance we succeeded in getting the word out.  Sunday was the busiest single day this blog has ever had, with 3,539 hits.  As I said before, I truly am overwhelmed by the help other bloggers have offered here.  Given the number of people who now know about it, the information will undoubtedly spread regardless of google. The information we share in the manosphere has a way of trickling out to the wider web, and I have no question that the same will happen for this case.

If you linked to the page and I have left you off the list, please do me a favor and let me know so I can correct the omission.  To my readers I’ll ask the favor of checking out some of these blogs, especially if you aren’t already following them.  If you find you like one of these as a result, please leave a comment here as well.

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5 Responses to Thanks for getting the word out!

  1. The Truth says:

    Besides this, I encourage bloggers to post links and comment on reddit.

    [D: Great idea. I just created a login and posted a link.]

  2. Simon Grey says:

    Thanks for the linkage, Dalrock.

  3. 23:16 says:

    Ironically enough you can use google to find all the pages that link to that post.

    [D: Good link. I found one of the bloggers I had missed using that.]

  4. zhai2nan2 says:

    Whoops, I didn’t notice this entry.
    please do me a favor and let me know
    Darn it, now you’re ruined my facade of false modesty.

    I’m not planning on covering a lot of war-of-the-sexes issues, but if you enjoy gloom, doom, and heretical theology, you’re welcome at:

    [D: Thanks! I’ve added you to the list.]

  5. happy one says:

    I see that it is within the top three results now when you do a search for single in the suburbs. I added it to my signature in a site that gets indexed by google regularly so I’m hoping that might have also helped out a bit despite me not having a blog.

    –happy one

    [D: Thanks! I just tried it and received the same result. I wonder what changed. Either way good news.]

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