My new reality show.

Evidently Lifetime learned about my new weekly series publicizing their channel, so they offered me my own show to demonstrate their gratitude.  The deal almost fell apart over the title (and my catchphrase).  They wanted to call it Maybe you should reconsider.  I held firm though.  Maybe you can find this in your area:

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5 Responses to My new reality show.

  1. Oh come on, what’s wrong with marrying a stripper if she’s hot, her cooking isn’t too bad, and her kid is cute? 🙂

  2. Retrenched says:

    Awesome. I’m definitely gonna Tivo this…

  3. Thag Jones says:

    Ha ha! Now that would be good to see. 😉

  4. dalrock says:

    Thanks Thag and Retrenched!

  5. Anonymous Reader says:

    Will Oxygen be picking up the reruns? Seems appropriate…

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