Crisis averted.

5 Year Old Drama Queen: Eeek!  There’s a moth!  On the floor!

[A dramatic performance ensues]

Mrs. Dalrock (AKA Drama Stopper): Oh no!  Where’s the phone?

5 Year Old Drama Queen: [Pauses dramatic performance] Why do you need the phone?

Mrs. Dalrock (AKA Drama Stopper): To call the school.  So I can tell them you were eaten by a moth.  And that I’ll have to come by later and pick up your homework.

5 Year Old Former Drama Queen: That’s silly.  They don’t eat people.  [Picks up her backpack and heads to the door for the ride to kindergarten.]

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2 Responses to Crisis averted.

  1. Thag Jones says:

    Ha Ha! I’m going to file that one away. Sometimes I use “oh no! Call the wahmbulance” on them and that usually gets a giggle out of the 7-year-old at least.

  2. dalrock says:

    Good one Thag. My wife said she will have to add it to her list. My personal favorite is “Oh. I guess we have to move then”. She doesn’t even think about it any more though, so we have to keep it mixed up.

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