Considering disabling comment threading.

We’ve had several posts recently with 100 or more comments.  With posts with fewer comments, the threading feature is really nice since it allows you to respond to a specific comment without always quoting it.  However, with more comments this seems not to be so helpful and it can make finding the latest comments much more difficult.

Unfortunately if I do decide to disable threaded comments it will get rid of the existing structure on old threads.  This will make it more difficult to understand the context of older comments because they will all be placed in line based on the date/time of the comment.

I haven’t made a decision on this but I thought I would let you know I’m considering a change.  Feel free to share your own thoughts on this.

Edit Oct 26: I decided to put the change into effect.

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6 Responses to Considering disabling comment threading.

  1. Eumaios says:

    Threads are the work of the devil.

  2. novaseeker says:

    It gets harder to read when the threads are long. If there are more long threads disabling makes sense. People will then need to transition to quoting or referring to the above post they are responding to in some way — pretty common on other blogs I think where there are a lot of comments.

  3. This is just shameless bragging! 🙂

  4. dalrock says:

    Fair point! It did occur to me that this was a fantastic problem to have!

  5. Get rid of it. I had threaded comments when I first started blogging and it got to be a pain in the ass when the comment threads started getting longer.

  6. dalrock says:

    Thanks all for the feedback.

    I’m done considering. Change implemented.

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