Default user snubs this blog and all of its readers!

I just learned from Hawaiian Libertarian’s blog that war has erupted in the manosphere.  This is deadly serious business, as Keoni Galt explains in his post THIS IS FARGIN WAR!!!:

Default User called me a conspiracy nut once…


I’ve no choice but to declare FARGIN WAR….

This of course means war for Dalrock as well. I’m not talking about him insulting Hawaiian Libertarian. That part I get. I mean, who doesn’t?

But by declaring war on a whole host of other bloggers, including In Mala Fide, One STDV, Sibling of Daedalus, and Hope, while deliberately leaving me off the list?

This must not stand!

BTW: Who is this Default User fellow?  And when did he get a blog?

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8 Responses to Default user snubs this blog and all of its readers!

  1. Default User says:

    Dalrock, you raise an interesting question: is it more insulting to be attacked in a blog war or ignored.

    Perhaps I should have declared a blog war on . . . nobody.

  2. dalrock says:

    I won’t rest until you make right the insult of not insulting me!

    Edit: BTW, is your banner image a Linux or Unix login screen? Or something else entirely?

  3. Marcellus says:

    I love the first picture. Is it from a movie? Which one?

  4. dalrock says:

    That first one really is pretty funny. I stole that section with the two pics from Hawaiian Libertarian’s post. He said it is from Johnny Dangerously.

  5. Default User says:

    I am not sure. I just made up something that looked like a generic old-school operating system.

    I am currently more Windows based, it has been a while since I saw a (non MS-DOS) command line.

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  7. Zammo says:

    You are all fargin iceholes.

  8. Marcellus says:


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