What blogs on the left have to do with sheep conventions.

I was accused of kicking the week off on an overly somber note with my Monday post The Willful Child.  With that in mind, I thought I would be less serious this Friday.

My wife and I used to love a cartoon called Sheep in the Big City.  For those not already familiar with it, it has a pretty standard plot.  General Specific the head of a Secret Military Organization, has teamed up with diabolical genius The Angry Scientist to create a sheep powered ray gun. Sheep learns of their plan to use him to power their ray-gun, and moves to the big city.  General Specific and his gang follow Sheep, and set up a Secret Military Bakery as their base of operations.

General Specific chasing Sheep.

General Specific chasing Sheep.

The Angry Scientist:  "I'm not mad!  I'm just angry!"

The Angry Scientist: "I'm not mad! I'm just angry!"

In one of the episodes, General Specific hatches the plan to lure Sheep in for capture by staging a fake convention for sheep.  They advertise the false convention across the city, and pack it with undercover agents dressed as sheep.  Sheep sees the advertisements for the convention and longs to reconnect with fellow sheep, having been away from the farm for some time.  He enters the convention and mingles with the crowd of military agents in sheep costumes.  The discussion of the other (false) sheep goes something like:

Are you guys talking about grazing?  I love grazing!

Suddenly Sheep gets the sense that something isn’t right.  And he comes to an essential conclusion about the agents dressed as sheep who surround him:

These sheep are boring!

So he leaves the convention without General Specific or his gang ever having the chance to notice that one of the sheep in the convention was actually a real sheep, and the only sheep in the world who can power their sheep powered ray gun.

Anyway, this all came to mind to me this week when reading Ferdinand’s request that we stop paying attention to one blogger, and OneSTDV’s post about an atheist blogger.  I’d tell you all about what was wrong with each of the blogs they mentioned and why you shouldn’t read them, but as it turns out I really don’t care.  Both blogs referenced suffered from the problem I find with nearly everything written from the left;  they were boring.  I’m not sure the exact reason why, but I’m pretty sure it has something to do with the left’s uncontrollable need for conformity.  Everyone has a point of view, but you also need a certain amount of slosh back and forth to keep the conversation fresh.  I just don’t see this on the left.

For example, earlier this week I nuked a premise sacred to many in the manosphere.  I’m sure it didn’t put me on the A Christmas card list of many in the manosphere, but I would say for the most part they accepted my argument like, well, men.  There were no temper tantrums, and the discussion eventually turned into a fascinating conversation about social class.  Ironically this might have been more interesting for a short period of time were I a blogger on the left who demolished a cherished idea there.  Watching the contests of who could call me an enemy of the people the loudest while stamping their feet would be good entertainment, at least for a while.  But then it would be back to the same old campy backslapping that all blogs on the left inevitably devolve into.

So instead of boring you with what is wrong with this or that blog on the left, I thought I’d share the delights of sheep in the big city.  No need to thank me.  This is a public service.

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3 Responses to What blogs on the left have to do with sheep conventions.

  1. Deansdale says:

    I don’t find them boring as much as unreadable. Their substance-less drivel makes my head spin after just a few sentences. I bet it’s because most of the time they talk about something which I know does not exist (like the dreaded patriarchy) or is a lie (like any and every feminist statistic). When I see things like “hegemonic masculinity” I tend to close the tab immediately because it’s evident there’s nothing in that writing which is actually worth reading. The killing blow is when they pile up the meaningless catchphrases and write page-long sentences without saying anything.

  2. dalrock says:

    I don’t think we are that far apart here. They are boring because they are operating under imaginary rules and generally have very little new to say.

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