Cowboy boots and camo pants.

I’m not a big country music fan.  I do like some of it but this is probably best classified as country even people who don’t like country like.  So if you were to examine my mp3 player you would find some Johnny Cash alongside the classical music and classic rock, but it doesn’t take up much of my space.

Much of the country I like is of the pro fatherhood/pro family variety.  The Rodney Atkins video linked below is an excellent example of this.  Our son is still a baby, but the song pretty well depicts what I love about being a father to our 5 year old daughter.  Watching the video reminds me of the day shortly after her 5th birthday when I took her to Burger King for some father daughter time.  It had rained heavily for several days and I found a nice group of mud holes for us to drive through on the way there.  Once we got to Burger King I noticed that we had ripped off the front license plate holder when we bottomed out in one of the holes.  Given the kinds of places I’ve taken that truck through in the last 12 years I have to laugh that this is the first time something tore the plate off.  Good thing it has skid plates!  After we finished our meal we went back and found the plate right were we had left it.  And of course while we were there we decided to put the truck in 4wd have another go at it.  It really was a fun day, and seeing how much she loved it reminded me of how much I enjoyed riding in my dad’s truck as a kid.

Aside from the line I used for the title, I really love the lines:

We like fixin’ things and holding mama’s hand
Yeah, we’re just alike, hey, ain’t we dad?

A guest poster on Roosh’s blog writes in the post titled The Famous Sailor-Explorer Lifestyle Model that fatherhood is emasculating.  I have to say I have no idea where he got such an impression.  If anything, I would say it is just the opposite.

this model allows the two parent family structure to remain intact while allowing you to get release from the daily grind of stifling domestic boredom or the semi-castrating feeling of being seen as an asexual “daddy.”

All I would say is any man who finds fatherhood boring or emasculating simply isn’t doing it right.

Here’s another great pro fatherhood/pro family song, this one from Lonestar:

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  1. J says:

    Some comments:

    1) I love posts about you and your daughter.They bring back some happy memories of my late father.

    2) Roosh is no authority on fatherhood, especially having not done the father-son thing which I guarantee that you are going to love. Didn’t Roosh grow up without a father?

    3) When my husband was teenager he would fantasize about “the pull of the unknown frontier started tugging at [his] heart (and loins)” as he raised “the sails for a whole new voyage filled with freedom, sex, adventure, and discovery.”
    Then he actually met some real sailors. The reality is far less romantic than Roosh thinks. Commenter K-Man got it right when he said, “I read Captain Cook’s Voyages (reprinted from his ship journals) last year – there was a lot of exploring, charting unknown lands, hunger, scurvy, honor back home – but no pussy.” The hubs has friends in the modern US Navy who are generally really happy to come home. Even with modern amenities, a tour of duty is a misery.

  2. dalrock says:

    I love posts about you and your daughter.They bring back some happy memories of my late father.

    That is really cool. Made my day!

  3. OneSTDV says:

    Love the message, but I simply can’t stand the music.

  4. dalrock says:

    Pretty funny, and fair enough. Maybe I have a stronger stomach for Country than I realized. You have written several times about Taylor Swift; do you like her music?

  5. This one is good too:
    Montgomery Gentry – Something to be Proud of

    Lyrics here:

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