Spotting the presence punisher in the wild.

Reader getalonghome asks regarding women who punish with their presence:

“Yet the concept is so illogical and foreign to men’s thinking that few men will recognize it.” I don’t recognize it, either. I know you don’t make things up, but I’m having a hard time with this. What kind of detestable creature is this?

…Again, what kind of woman is that? I know none like this!

Women who do this are all around us, you just have to know how to spot them.  The thing to keep in mind is very few women who do this are aware of it.  When my wife originally asked other women how they handled the impulse, every woman she asked said they had no idea what she was talking about. Yet my wife had witnessed many of these women doing exactly the same thing.

While the woman in smartphones ruin everything was surprisingly open about her desire to make her husband miserable, this isn’t what you will normally observe.  Such women almost never come out and state that they want to make their husbands miserable.  What they say is:

My husband never wants to spend any time with me!

When women complain to you in this way*, gently ask them if they make it a point to be sweet and nice to be around when they are with their husband.  The reaction you will get will either be a look of pure hatred for challenging a sacred birthright of the sisterhood, or a look of sudden perplexity, as the woman tries to understand not only why she expects her husband to want to be around her when she is being a bitch, but why something this obvious never dawned on her before**.  However, most women will fall into the former category, so be prepared for a look of unbridled hate.

Assuming the woman is interested in solving the problem, the solution my wife has found is to simply resist the urge and get busy doing something else for a short period of time, after which the urge tends to rapidly go away.  Even better, by doing this over time, the frequency and severity the urge will also diminish.

*There is a similar common complaint “My husband never has time for me!”  or  “My husband is so boring and lazy all he wants to do is sleep when he gets home from his third job!  He so selfish, he never has time for me!”  In that case the woman in question almost certainly spent the previous 30 min bragging about her conspicuous consumption in the form of automobiles, travel, housing, and name brands/fashion.  In this scenario the hate inspiring Titus 2 question is “Have you considered trading down in house/car/fashion/etc, or getting a job so your husband doesn’t have to work so many hours?”

**This isn’t logical, but when the desire to drive the husband away is accomplished the wife tends to feel a deep sense of loss/abandonment.  The complaint is as heartfelt as it is absurd.

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The Other McCain nailed it (yet again).

In my previous post I quoted Jezebel Managing Editor Joanna Rothkopf.  From her Bio at Bustle, she is a walking, breathing, men’s sphere cliché:

Joanna is a New York-based writer and performer. Her work has appeared in Vanity Fair, The Atlantic, Foreign Policy, The Huffington Post, and, among others, and her body has performed at UCB, Standup NY and the Secret Theater, among others. She is currently a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Fellow in Science and Health Journalism at Columbia University and holds degrees in Literary Studies and French from Middlebury College. She loves her cat like a son.

More specifically, Rothkopf is what The Other McCain calls The Writer, in ‘Broken People,’ Cats and Prozac:

Cats. Of course, she’s got cats. Did I mention she’s 29? And an alumna of New School University (2014-15 tuition $41,836)? Also, you may not be surprised to learn, Ms. Stokes lives in Brooklyn.

See, this is the thing with young feminist writer types nowadays. They can’t go to Podunk State University. No, they must attend one of those private schools where annual tuition is at or near the median U.S. household income. This is the only way to become that glorious being, The Writer. And, probably because as girls dreaming of becoming The Writer, they watched a sitcom or movie about the lives of quirky bachelorettes in Brooklyn, they simply must live there after graduation.

Well, you may ask, what does The Writer write about?

Herself, of course!  Do these elite colleges offer a major in Solipsism Studies nowadays?

Going through the list for official scoring:

  • Cats?  Check!
  • Went to an expensive private university?  Check!
  • Lives in Brooklyn?  Here Rothkopf only gets partial credit, but NYC is the next best thing for The Writer.
  • Writes about herself?  Check! Check! Check!

From Rothkopf’s Teen Diary: ‘I Get a Little Teenage Girl Privalege Right Now’:

Growing up, I had upwards of 15 diaries—none of them finished, or even really given a chance to thrive. I’d buy one at the beginning of camp or if I was in a bookstore, sit on my bed, write six pages about how I wanted to be a writer, and then immediately forget about my diary and never return to it.

This is the solipsism Hat Trick, with Rothkopf writing about herself writing about how she wanted to write (about herself).

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Smartphones ruin everything.

The other day a woman mentioned her frustration with smartphones to my wife.  The woman’s complaint was that her husband would play or read on his smartphone while she browses through stores.  My wife asked why that was bad, and the woman explained:

Because now he isn’t miserable.

This is an example of what I’ve termed punishing with her presence, and a Game lesson that should be easy for men to grasp if they can make it past their own denial.  If it seems like your wife wants to spend time with you for no other reason than to make you miserable, that is almost certainly what is going on.  Yet the concept is so illogical and foreign to men’s thinking that few men will recognize it.

If you can get past your own denial, the appropriate response is to calmly and lovingly call out what she is doing.  You aren’t doing your wife any favors by signing up for the role of henpecked husband, and in fact putting up with this will only frustrate your wife.

For another example of this kind of thinking, see the recent post by Jezebel Managing Editor Joanna Rothkopf:  Chinese Mall Installs ‘Husband Pods’ for Husbands Too Lazy to Accompany Their Wives for 1 Freaking Afternoon!!!

The Telegraph, translating from state-run site the Paper, reports that the Global Harbour mall in Shanghai, China is testing this new pilot program of baby bouncers for stupid adults, in the form of four glass pods where men (or theoretically women) can go to play video games while their wives shop. God forbid they spend one minute participating in an activity that doesn’t specifically revolve around feeding them sexually, emotionally, or spiritually!!!

I bet Rothkopf is fun at parties!

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Bombing Damage Assessment

Many thanks to all who joined in Monday to make the book bombing run a huge success.

At the link above Vox Day offers an excerpt from the book, titled:

FILE 8: The Six-Foot Chickens

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LawDog Book Bomb underway!

Larry Correia is calling for a book bomb for new Castalia House offering The Lawdog Files:

As a small town Texas cop he used to post these funny true life stories, and they were hilarious. Seriously, the guy has a gift. Some of these stories have become internet legend, like the amorous armadillo, the pink gorilla suit, and the shootout with Santa.

After nearly two decades of us bugging him, Lawdog has finally written a book!

Sounds like a fun read!  If you want in on the run, you can do as I just did and click on the Amazon link and buy the kindle version for only $4.99.

The purpose of a BOOK BOMB is to get as many people as possible to buy the same book on the same day. That gets it to go up in the sales rankings on Amazon as much as possible. The higher it gets, the more eyes see it, the more new readers check it out. Success breeds success, and the most important thing is that the author GETS PAID. So please check it out, and if you like it, tell your friends and spread the word.

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