Missing the point is hard work.

Trevin Wax of The Gospel Coalition (TGC) asks Are We Missing the Point of Frozen’s ‘Let It Go’? Wax took his family to the movie expecting it to teach them a toxic moral message:

We took the family to see the film on Thanksgiving weekend, fully expecting the common, tired storyline of a princess being true to herself and finding salvation through romantic love. It is the Disney dogma, after all.

Wax was then surprised to see that the movie instead taught a good moral message:

Suprisingly, the movie’s storyline takes us in the opposite direction. The princess who is “true to herself” wreaks havoc on the world and leaves shattered relationships in her wake. Her devoted sister pursues her, even at great personal cost. And when all seems to be lost and you hope a prince will save the day with romantic love, there is instead a stunning portrait of self-sacrifice, described as the only kind of love that can melt a frozen heart.

But then, much to Wax’s surprise, the audience seems to take away the same toxic message he expected when he took his family to see it:

“Let it Go” is the stand-out song on the soundtrack due to its beautiful melody and memorable lyric. The music video has been viewed more than 88 million times. But the success of this particular song leaves me scratching my head, especially when you consider its place in Frozen’s storyline.

If there ever was a song that summed up the Disney doctrine of “being true to yourself” and “following your feelings” no matter the consequences, it’s “Let it Go.”

Thousands of little girls across the country are singing this song – a manifesto of sorts, a call to cast off restraint, rebel against unrealistic expectations and instead be true to whatever you feel most deeply inside. What’s ironic is that the movie’s storyline goes against the message of this song. When the princess decides to “let it go,” she brings terrible evil into the world. The fallout from her actions is devastating. “No right, no wrong, no rules for me” is the sin that isolates the princess and freezes her kingdom.

Wax took his family to learn what he expected would be a toxic moral message, and then was surprised when the message was good after all.  But then, Wax is baffled as to why the audience took away the very toxic message he expected all along.  How could millions of women and girls miss the point, when Wax so clearly gets it?

This kind of mental gymnastics takes a great deal of effort, just like physical gymnastics.

HT Darwinian Arminian

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Courtesy of Vox Day:

Perhaps the concept is a little easier to grasp when it isn’t a pretty cartoon character warbling, but Leo Moracchioli doing what is a more aesthetically honest version of the song. The only thing that would really improve upon the song is a video full of tattooed strippers on poles doing drugs that ends with snow falling upon a grave with a woman’s name and dates indicating that she died in her 20s.


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Children understand.

Anonymous Reader notes that Let it go is well loved by modern Christians:

I have not yet encountered a single churchgoing person in my social circle who has a problem with “Frozen” the movie or with “Let it go” the song. Not one. That includes a couple of families that are part of leadership. Pointing out the “no rules” part is like describing the color “purple” to someone who is blind. They literally can’t see anything wrong – perhaps because “It’s DISNEY” or something. I’ve gotten blank stares from people over 40 but also parents under 30. It’s bizarre.

I don’t think the messenger makes the message palatable.  It is the message itself that is loved.  Women and girls learning how to throw off all rules and inhibition is core to our new morality.  The song isn’t loved as a guilty pleasure;  it is loved as a bold moral declaration.  Stop trying to be a good girl and learn to worship yourself is a moral exhortation.  As Vox pointed out in The devil that is Disney:

Disney is run by literal satanists preaching Alastair Crowley’s “do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law” to children. They are one of the primary engine’s of the West’s degeneracy and decline. It is not an accident that everything they touch, in every industry, turns into morally radioactive slime.

Children, including Christian children, understand this best of all.  They know what their parents worship, what their parents see as righteous (even if their parents fall short of living the ideal).  They know that Frozen and Let It Go is a morality tale that teaches them about our most sacred beliefs.

With this in mind, it shouldn’t be too surprising that when Baptist minister Ross Chandler* in Marble Falls, Texas asked children in his congregation to explain part of the Bible, their response very quickly devolved into the song Let It Go.  Even more telling, Chandler was so delighted with children confusing the words of the Bible with the words of Disney, he made it into youtube video.

As Today observed:

Who knew the New Testament had so much “Frozen” in it?


*Not to be confused with Pastor Matt Chandler, also in Texas.


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It must be exhausting.

A few weeks back Vox Day quoted the lyrics of “Let It Go”, the hit song from the Disney movie Frozen.  I hadn’t heard the song before but I knew it was extremely popular, especially with women and girls.  Not surprisingly, the message of the song is our standard message to women and girls.  The only way women can sin is to deny themselves what they desire*.  The song teaches girls and women to stop trying to be the good girl, and embrace a philosophy of No right, no wrong, no rules for me:

Don’t let them in,
don’t let them see
Be the good girl you always have to be
Conceal, don’t feel,
don’t let them know
Well now they know

And the fears that once controlled me
Can’t get to me at all
It’s time to see what I can do
To test the limits and break through
No right, no wrong, no rules for me,
I’m free!

As I noted, this is the message our culture is endlessly telling women and girls, and for obvious reasons it is a message women and girls can’t get enough of**.  What strikes me about all of this is how curious this will be to future historians trying to understand how our culture became so rapidly debased.  That progressive elites owned the commanding heights will be quite easy for future historians to observe, as songs like Let it go, aimed directly at young girls, will make clear.

What will no doubt puzzle future historians processing the mountain of digital data from our period is where were conservative Christians while all of this was happening?  It isn’t just that Christians are passively silent on the very overt feminist rebellion all around us.  Modern Christians are so afraid of confronting the rebellion that they aren’t merely silent, they are in active denial that any rebellion is taking place. When future historians look for the conservative Christian reaction to feminists putting women in all parts of our armed forces, something feminists achieved after working tirelessly for decades, they will find that conservative Christians were so terrified of confronting the feminist rebellion that they pretended that cowardly men were forcing noble kick-ass gals to fight in their place.

Likewise, future historians will see that conservative Christians like Pastor Chandler responded to the constant feminist agitation in the culture by assuring men that the agitation will have no impact on their wives and daughters, so long as the men are nice enough, and tired enough:

If the most secularized feminist in the world showed up in your home and began to kind of coach your wife toward freedom and liberation from your tyranny, our wives should be so well cared for, so nourished, so sowed into and loved, they would say, “What you’re describing is actually tyranny. I love where I am. I am honored. I am encouraged. My man sacrifices so that I might grow in my gifts. He will oftentimes lay down his own desires in order to serve me more. My husband goes to bed tired at night. He pours into our children. He encourages me. All that comes out of his mouth, sans a couple of little times here and there, is him building me up in love.

This level of denial takes constant effort, and it only gets harder as the denial becomes more and more absurd.  Moreover, it has to be demoralizing to know that one day historians will struggle to determine if their earnest denial of the feminist rebellion at the very height of the rebellion was merely satire.  I can only imagine how completely exhausted all of this denial leaves our conservative Christian leaders at the end of the day.  And yet, each day they manage to get up and do it all over again.

The alternative is simply too terrifying.

*Or alternately, to not have high enough self esteem, which in turn causes them to sin by denying themselves what they desire.

**The song has also been called an LGBT anthem.

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Marriage strike paradox.

Commenter astrapto asks in response to Percentage of U.S. women never married, by age, 1980 & 2015

3. Instead of showing men on a marriage “strike”, it is clear that there are plenty of thirsty men quite happy to wife up nearly all of the 30 something carouselers looking to marry.

Dalrock, doesn’t this undermine your conclusion that women delaying marriage won’t be able to find anyone?

Just for the record, I’ve been consistent on this point for the last 7 years, and the data has yet to change my mind. Nearly all women are still able to marry. If we could break this data out for just White women the percentage who marry by 45 would be even higher, around 90%!  Moreover, the change we are seeing is almost entirely a delay in the age of marriage. If men were driving this change, it would mean that men were refusing to marry young hot women, and insisting on marrying clapped out party girls instead. Even if you stipulated that this was indeed what was happening, insisting on an older, less hot, less chaste, more demanding wife doesn’t count as a “strike” in my book.

What we are seeing instead is women continuing to push out the age of marriage. As they are doing this, they are changing the signal young men receive regarding how to be sexually successful. Beta Bucks (BB) used to be a very effective strategy for an 18 year old young man. He might have to wait a few years, but he could see the plan working for his 3-5 year older bother and his friend’s older brother. Now a young man would have to look to men 10-15 years older to see examples of the BB model finally paying off. Meanwhile, they see the Alpha F**** (AF) model working all around them. AF gets rewarded, and BB is not only not rewarded for a decade or more, but our whole society (especially Christians) despises husbands and fathers,  the epitome of the BB model.  This is a very powerful message, and an unmistakable one.

Not surprisingly, we are starting to see fewer men working hard to signal BB status in their late teens and early 20s. When the party girls suddenly decide they aren’t that kind of girl, they still find nearly all of the would be BB men are willing to marry, but many of these men haven’t done the preparation needed to really fulfill the role. They can no more go back and spend their teens and 20s on education and career advancement than the 30 ish career gal can go back and dedicate her most attractive and fertile years to her husband. Many of the men they find have instead been working like women. Also, the men who did well in the AF paradigm and are eventually inclined (and prepared) to marry aren’t going to prefer aging career gals. They are the ones with options, and the prettiest marriage seekers have the best shot with them. This means the women who waited too long to marry are stuck with terrible prospects. Choosing last always sucks, but men’s rational response to women’s anti-BB signal means it sucks much more now than it did in the past.

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