Message heard.

I’ve been deeply moved and humbled by the overwhelming response to my post announcing that I planned on shutting down the blog.  I’ve reconsidered and decided* to leave the blog up but shut down commenting in a few days.

Thank you again for your words of encouragement and your prayers.  Words cannot adequately express my gratitude.  Likewise, you have been and will continue to be in my prayers.

*I don’t know what the future holds so at some point I may have to revisit this question, but for now I plan on leaving the content up.

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Farewell (for now at least), and thank you.

As you have no doubt noticed, it has been several weeks since I have last posted, and over a month if you don’t count the Merry Christmas post.  I’ve decided that it is time to shut down the blog.  I don’t have a detailed explanation to share as to why I’ve decided this, aside from the fact that I think it is time.  I do want to clarify that:

  1. I haven’t suddenly changed my thinking and decided to embrace chivalry, feminism, etc.
  2. All is well in the Dalrock household, and no one is pressuring me to stop.

I’ve been blogging for just under ten years, and want to thank my readers for their prayers, words of encouragement, and what they have taught me.  I can’t say for certain what the future holds, but at present I don’t have any plans to return.

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Merry Christmas!

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Fake news: Women over 65 are in the SMP power position.

The Globe and Mail has a feminist boiler plate article up implying that women over 65 are in the SMP power position:  The new reality of dating over 65: Men want to live together; women don’t.

For more than a decade, D’Alfonso, a Montreal writer, has been dating a Toronto widow. The two see each other every couple of months. D’Alfonso wanted more: He proposed five times, only to be rebuffed with every try. The older woman refused to live with him, D’Alfonso said, because she wanted to travel and be free. “I have to ask, and I always ask, so what do you want from me?” he said.

The pair took a two-year hiatus, during which D’Alfonso tried dating other senior-age women only to find that they, too, were reluctant to share a home – this even as D’Alfonso said he cooks and keeps a tidy house.

“I really believe that women no longer need men, whatsoever,” D’Alfonso said. “I’m totally irrelevant.”

Subtly nested in this quote is evidence of the absurdity of the premise.  While D’Alfonso is no doubt a great guy, he is quite obviously very low in the sexual marketplace (SMP);  from the bit offered by the Globe and Mail, he clearly couldn’t generate a tingle with an electric chair.  Yet in the over 65 SMP, multiple women have been interested in claiming him as their boyfriend, so long as they don’t have to actually be around him.  These women aren’t rejecting him outright, they just want to avoid being around him (emphasis mine):

For more than a decade, D’Alfonso, a Montreal writer, has been dating a Toronto widow. The two see each other every couple of months.

Note that not only has she stayed with a man for ten years she only sees every couple of months, he broke it off with her for two years to date other women, and she took him back.  This isn’t proof that the women dating him have all the options, it is proof that they desperately want the status that comes with being part of a couple, even if that status is mostly or entirely fictional.  If they were really done with men, or at least with relationships, they wouldn’t be rooting around in the bottom of the SMP barrel.

The article offers up another hilarious anecdote, of 77 year old Rhoda Nadell who (in her mind) is surrounded by men who desperately want to marry her:

When a guy chats up 77-year-old Montrealer Rhoda Nadell at her tennis club, her brain quickly fast forwards: Dinner dates will turn into a relationship, which will inevitably find Nadell cooking, cleaning and eventually caregiving for the elderly gentleman.

For an idea of the kind of RPMs Nadell’s rationalization hamster is sustaining, see the picture of her at the top of the article.


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Pity the wife who doesn’t yearn to please her husband.

A number of conservative bloggers are terribly disturbed by an ad that shows a wife who wants to please her husband.  Stephen Kruiser wrote in his post titled Cops Should Do a Wellness Check on Woman in Peloton Christmas Ad:

A quick respite from the political news slog has been delivered unto us from the most unlikely of places. Peloton — the indoor workout bike that runs around fourteen and a half million dollars — has released a Christmas with a creep factor so high that it has people reaching across the aisle in agreement about its awfulness.

This fictional frightened woman’s yearlong journey to lose the 14 ounces of water weight that her husband the good Doctor Mengele insists she musts is the Christmas miracle that a news-weary world needs.

Kruiser’s reaction comes after reading Allapundit’s post on the ad:

The weird part is the … eagerness with which she shows her gratitude. It’s lovely to be grateful for an expensive gift, but she’s *really* grateful and *really, really* wants her husband to know it. It’s not just that she feels compelled to record herself using the bike repeatedly over a span of many months. She looks curiously anxious doing it, even when smiling into the camera. At the end of the clip, when she finally shows him the footage, her eyes are trained on his reaction, seemingly desperate for his approval.

Is, um… How do I put this?

Is everything okay between these two?

I feel like there’s a lost scene here right after he gives her the bike where he grabs her by the throat and growls, “And you’d better use it.” Real “Sleeping With the Enemy” vibe in her excessive need to please.

Stephen Green linked to Kruiser’s post with the note:

I just watched the ad, and the creep factor is off the charts.

What I find disturbing is that none of these men can imagine a wife wanting to please her husband, and feeling grateful for a much loved (not to mention expensive) gift.  I don’t know a kind way to put this, but I don’t think they understand what they are giving away here.  It is fully natural for a woman to want to look good for her man, and to yearn to please him.  When it happens it is a truly beautiful thing for both the man and the woman.  This isn’t to say that there aren’t some hard bitten ugly feminists who would never deign to please any man, but that such a woman is far more of a twisted outlier than these men can fathom.  This also isn’t to say that even in excellent marriages the wife will always be intent on pleasing her husband.  But what these men see as twisted is a truly wonderful thing when it occurs, for both the husband and the wife.


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