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Fragging Christian Headship

Lord God, as well, I pray for those men who are here that are cowards.  They are silent passive impish worthless men.  They are making a mess of everything in their life.  And they are such sweet little boys that … Continue reading

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How to undermine your parents’ marriage for fun and drama.

Very often the whispers come from within your own family.  Sometimes they come from mothers to daughters, and other times they come from daughters to mothers.  “She” at Yahoo Answers Marriage and Divorce shows us how it is done with … Continue reading

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Two lists every woman should make before frivolously divorcing

This will be a short post, but may well be the most important thing you take away from my blog.  Every woman considering divorce without serious cause should make up two lists, a sort of pros and cons: List #1:  … Continue reading

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