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A rebuke for Yohami

Yohami requested a rebuke for himself and others in his lifestyle, and it would be unloving of me to not provide one.  This started as a comment but it was suggested that it deserves its own post, and I agree: … Continue reading

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The new Red Guards.

Vox succinctly describes Social Justice Warriors: Social Justice Enforcers would be a more apt term. The SJWs are nothing less than the mutaween of the godless West, the self-appointed enforcers of the would-be globalist elite’s hellish parody of morality.

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Stepping away

I’m turning on moderation so I can step away for a week or two.

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Taking a break.

It will most likely be several more days before I can get another post out.  In the meantime I’m turning on comment moderation and will free held comments early next week. March 25th:  Turning off blanket moderation.  I’m not sure … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas

I’m shutting down comments for the next few days.  Have a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

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