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Child support and the threat point.

In the discussion of a recent post the history of the term “threat point” came up.  While I’ve used the term and explained how the family courts are being deliberately used to destabilize marriages for feminist ends, I can’t take … Continue reading

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Why men are withdrawing from courtship.

One of the more common refrains in the “Where have all of the good men gone!” lament is men’s increasing unwillingness to court women the way women expect to be courted.  This is almost always framed as either a great … Continue reading

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Feminism would work if we didn’t have weak men screwing everything up.

Beta orbiting blogger James Russell Lingerfelt’s latest post is a republication of a post by Roger Sterling Jr titled 5 benefits of having a smart and successful wife.  Sterling was deeply troubled after reading a study which found that men took … Continue reading

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The sin of lacking moxie.

Reader aa asked for my thoughts on an article by JD Gunter at the Council of Biblical Manhood and Womanhood (CBMW) titled We’re Just “Talking”.  Gunter has misunderstood the increased ambiguity in the Sexual Marketplace (SMP);  where women have pushed to … Continue reading

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Limbaugh reacts to Dr. Helen’s Men On Strike.

Dr. Helen’s book Men On Strike continues to drive the conversation, especially among conservatives.  Unlike Tucker Carlson’s who cares? Rush Limbaugh’s response was far more receptive.  Rush plugged Dr. Helen’s book on his radio program, and interviewed Dr. Helen in his … Continue reading

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